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The Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Atomium for panoramic city views, Manneken Pis for its playful history, Royal Palace of Brussels for its regal architecture, and the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula for its gothic magnificence are must-see attractions in Brussels.
Atomium's interactive exhibits, Mini-Europe's miniature cityscapes, and the Natural Sciences Museum's dinosaur gallery are fantastic for kids. Adventure-seekers will enjoy the Scientific Adventure Park at Parc de Bruxelles.
Touring the Parc de Bruxelles, exploring the forest trails at Bois de la Cambre, and strolling through the opulent Gardens of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are among the best outdoor activities in Brussels.
Enjoying fine art at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, uncovering comic history at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, and savoring a chocolate workshop are top indoor activities. Visiting the immersive planetarium shows offers educational fun.
The Brussels Historical City Center Walking Tour, Art Nouveau Architecture Tour, and the Brussels Beer Tasting Tour are highly acclaimed. The Royal Palace audio tour offers rich historical insights during its summer opening.
Prominent museums like the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Magritte Museum, and the Museum of Natural Sciences rank high in popularity. The Horta Museum and Belgian Comic Strip Center also attract a significant number of visitors.
Engaging museum tours, such as those available at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, and the immersive Chocolate Museum tour provide refuge and learning opportunities on rainy days.
The Manneken Pis and surrounding historical streets guided tour and a concise exploration of the Magritte Museum are perfect for a quick dive into Brussels culture.

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Best Things to Do In Brussels

Dive into the heart of Belgium with our curated selection of Brussels' top attractions.

Brussels: Parc du Cinquantenaire

What is it?
An expansive public park with a triumphant arch, museums, and ample green space.
Why you should go?
The Parc du Cinquantenaire is a perfect blend of majestic architecture, museums, and leisure areas. The cornerstone of the park is the impressive Triumphal Arch, through which you can access the Royal Military Museum and Autoworld. It's an ideal place for history buffs and families to enjoy a relaxed day, learn something new, and indulge in a peaceful picnic on the lawns. Visiting this park is among the top things to do in Brussels for a memorable day out.

Brussels: Matonge

What is it?
A vibrant neighborhood known for its African shops, restaurants, and cultural influence.
Why you should go?
In the heart of Brussels, Matonge beckons with colors, flavors, and sounds reflective of its Congolese roots. This lively district is teeming with ethnic stores, international eateries, and cultural venues that bring a piece of Africa to Europe. Visitors looking for a multicultural experience will savor the food, music, and atmosphere. It's a hub for those eager to discover the global soul of Brussels.

Brussels: Place Sainte-Catherine

What is it?
A historic square surrounded by seafood restaurants and charming buildings.
Why you should go?
Place Sainte-Catherine, once a hub for the city's fishmongers, now stands as a social and culinary hotspot. The area is particularly famous for its exquisite selection of seafood restaurants that line the old market square. The church of Sainte-Catherine offers a haven of serenity, just steps away from the bustling terraces. It's a perfect spot for couples and friends to enjoy fresh mussels or a glass of Belgian beer.

Brussels: Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

What is it?
A lavish shopping arcade housing luxury shops, cafes, and theaters under a glass roof.
Why you should go?
As one of the oldest shopping arcades in Europe, Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert exudes elegance and historic charm. A stroll here leads visitors through an array of high-end boutiques, chocolate shops, and bookstores. Whether to snap up exclusive Belgian chocolates, enjoy a performance at the Vaudeville Theatre, or simply wander under the stunning glass ceiling, this gallery is a must for those seeking the refined side of Brussels.

Brussels: Bois de la Cambre

What is it?
An urban oasis at the edge of the Forêt de Soignes with a lake and chalets.
Why you should go?
Bois de la Cambre offers a verdant getaway, perfect for those looking to unwind in nature. People of all ages enjoy its paths for running and leisurely strolls, its lake for boating, and the Chalet Robinson for dining in an idyllic setting. It’s a breath of fresh air for city dwellers and visitors alike and an excellent way to recharge away from the city center.

Brussels: The Atomium

What is it?
An architectural wonder, the Atomium is a symbol of innovation and progress.
Why you should go?
This impressive steel structure, consisting of nine interconnected spheres, offers not only a unique view of the Brussels skyline but also houses permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its top sphere is home to a restaurant with stunning panoramic views. A visit here is a journey through mid-20th-century ambition, mixed with contemporary art and culture, making it one of the essential Brussels activities for any traveler.

Brussels: Manneken Pis

What is it?
Brussels' famous sculpture and mascot, the small bronze fountain figure of a boy.
Why you should go?
Just a short walk from the Grand Place, Manneken Pis is more than just a statue; it's a cultural phenomenon renowned worldwide. The figure's wardrobe features over a thousand costumes, symbolizing many different occasions and countries, epitomizing Brussels’ quirky sense of humor and its residents' playful spirit. This peculiar landmark is a must-see for an authentic slice of the city's folklore.

Brussels: Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

What is it?
A collection of greenhouse complexes featuring a vast array of flora.
Why you should go?
The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are an architectural and botanical spectacle, available to the public during select times in spring, showcasing a wide range of plants in a historical 19th-century setting. Its stunning ironwork and rare plant collections offer a unique experience that stands out among the places to visit in Brussels for nature enthusiasts and architecture admirers alike.

Brussels: Belgian Comic Strip Center

What is it?
A museum celebrating Belgium's rich history in the comic strip industry.
Why you should go?
Housed in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, the Belgian Comic Strip Center pays tribute to the masters and their comic creations, such as Tintin and The Smurfs. With extensive galleries and original artwork, it provides an immersive look into this vibrant and cherished aspect of Belgian culture. For pop culture fans and art lovers, this is a joyful and informative foray into one of the country's most famous exports.

Brussels: Mont des Arts

What is it?
An urban complex blending green space with cultural institutions.
Why you should go?
Mont des Arts offers one of Brussels' best views, overlooking the central part of the city. It is a cultural hub featuring historic gardens, the Royal Library of Belgium, and the Center for Fine Arts (BOZAR). Visitors can enjoy the beautifully landscaped garden, take in the stunning architecture, and partake in the myriad of cultural offerings. For those looking to experience the artistic heart of Brussels, Mont des Arts is a destination that cannot be missed.

TOP-5 tours in Brussels for first time visitors

  • Immerse in the enchanting history at the Grand Place, experiencing its architectural wonder and vibrant past through an expertly narrated audio tour.
  • Embark on the Royal Palace tour, learning the secrets and stories of the monarchy amidst the opulence of this historic residence.
  • Unravel the art and aesthetics of Art Nouveau through the Horta Museum tour, celebrating the genius of Victor Horta in his own home.
  • Delve into the heart of European history with a self-guided journey around the Parliamentarium, the European Parliament's Visitors' Centre.
  • Stroll through the charming streets with the Brussels Comic Strip tour, discovering the city's love affair with comic art featuring beloved characters.

Fun things to do in Brussels with kids

Adventures await for families in Brussels, where attractions for kids abound with fun and education. The Atomium sparkles as a futuristic beacon, inviting the young (and young at heart) to explore its spheres and internal exhibits. Mini-Europe offers an adventure across a continent, where children can see and learn about iconic European landmarks in miniature. For a day of interactive play and discovery, the Children's Museum engages kids with hands-on activities designed to educate while they have fun. These popular attractions not only cater to the curious minds of children but ensure a delightful day out for the entire family, making Brussels a cherished destination for family travel.

Things to do in Brussels with family

Brussels brims with family-friendly offerings that fuse fun with cultural enrichment. The Atomium, a marvel of mid-century architecture, provides an engaging experience with its science exhibits and impressive city views. Just a stone's throw away, families can wander through the miniature continent at Mini-Europe, where the charmingly detailed reproductions offer a playful geography lesson. For a natural escape within the urban landscape, the Parc de Bruxelles is an ideal locale for family picnics, casual strolls, and enjoying the outdoors. Each of these attractions presents a unique facet of Brussels and is sure to delight visitors of all ages, making the city an excellent destination for travelers with children.

Free things to do in Brussels

Visitors to Brussels can delight in a wealth of activities that don’t cost a dime, enriching their experience of the city’s culture and beauty. A stroll around the illustrious Grand Place allows travelers to absorb the grandeur of its historic buildings, which showcase the finest of European architecture. Art enthusiasts can follow the Brussels Comic Book Route, an open-air gallery showcasing vibrant murals dedicated to famous comic characters – a testament to Belgium’s rich comic heritage. Nature lovers are not left out, with the expansive and serene Bois de la Cambre offering a perfect setting for picnics, walks, and relaxation. These attractions provide a glimpse into the diverse experiences available in Brussels that are both accessible and inviting to all.

Cheap things to do in Brussels

Exploring Brussels on a budget is a delightful experience, with numerous affordable attractions that provide rich cultural insight. Dive into the city's historical legacy by visiting the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, a stunning example of Gothic architecture, where you can appreciate its splendor without an entrance fee. Relish the iconic flavors of Belgium with a visit to one of the many public markets, like the Marché du Midi, where you can sample and savor Belgian delicacies and fresh produce for just a few euros. Additionally, the Parc du Cinquantenaire is not only a feast for the eyes with its impressive arch and museums but also a venue for free events and festivals throughout the year. These cost-effective options stand out as some of the best things to do in Brussels, allowing you to immerse in the local scene while keeping expenses low.

Things to do in Brussels for couples

Brussels sets the scene for romance with a variety of attractions perfect for couples. The serene ambiance of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken can be a backdrop for a romantic stroll, as these glass domes house a stunning array of flora. Couples can also enjoy the charm of the historic Place du Grand Sablon, browsing through its weekend antique markets and indulging in some of the finest Belgian chocolates from luxury boutiques. For an intimate evening, take in the panorama of Brussels with a visit to The Dome of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, offering breathtaking views at sunset. Each of these spots offers a shared experience in this city known for its allure and historical elegance, making them not-to-miss activities for couples visiting Brussels.

Things to do in Brussels at night

Brussels' nighttime glow offers an array of thrilling experiences for visitors. The Grand Place, with its stunning architecture, becomes even more spectacular under the stars, providing a romantic and free night-time attraction. For live entertainment seekers, the Ancienne Belgique concert hall spotlights a diverse lineup of international and local musicians, offering unforgettable show-going experiences. Lastly, no evening in Brussels is complete without savoring the rich flavors of Belgian beer at Delirium Café, known for its Guinness World Record for the number of beers offered. This nighttime exploration of Brussels serves up the perfect mix of beauty, entertainment, and local taste that is sure to enrich any visitor's travel itinerary.