Common questions

Yes, our online payment system is secure. In fact it encrypts your payment information to protect you against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Your credit card will be charged once you book. However, if the operator of attraction does not accept your booking, the amount will be credited to the original account it was taken from.
Once you book, you will receive confirmation email and SMS with the link to access to the tour . You will need to install WeGoTrip mobile app to use audio tour, it’s easy, just tap a link from confirmation SMS.
Multimedia tours are filled with handy directions for museum, attraction or city walk along with stories from locals, pictures, audio guides, riddles and augmented reality – you will have a great time! With WeGoTrip app, you can explore and appreciate the best the city has to offer while always confident in knowing where you are, where you’re off to, and why!
The price includes an interactive audio tour plus a small booking fee to cover the cost of payment processing and customer support.

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