Things to do in Fes

About Fes

Must-see attractions in Fès include the enthralling Fès el Bali Medina with its labyrinthine alleys, the historic Al Quaraouiyine Mosque and University, and the renowned Chouara Tannery. The vibrant streets, architectural grandeur, and cultural immersion on offer are truly unparalleled.
Engaging children in Fès is delightful with visits to the Parc Jnan Sbil for peaceful walks and playtime, exploring the Bou Inania Madrasa for a touch of history, and experiencing the various interactive workshops offered by local artisans within the Medina.
Outdoor enthusiasts can relish in the lush Jnan Sbil Gardens, embark on a guided walk through the Medina to discover the city's heritage, and enjoy the striking views from the Fort Borj Nord. These activities provide both tranquility and historical insight.
Indoor pursuits include exploring the Nejjarine Museum of Wood Arts and Crafts, marveling at the craftsmanship at the Dar Batha Museum, and attending a cultural performance at the Royal Palace. Each location offers a unique glimpse into the spirit of Fès.
The best Fès tours include guided walks through the Medina, excursions to the city ramparts for captivating views, culinary tours sampling traditional delicacies, and artisanal explorations observing local craftsmen. These tours present comprehensive insights into the city's many facets.
The Dar Batha Museum and the Nejjarine Museum are among the most popular in Fès, showcasing Moroccan arts, crafts, and woodworking heritage. They both provide visitors with a deep understanding of the region's cultural richness.
Rainy days are perfect for indoor tours of the city's renowned museums, such as the Dar Batha Museum, or indulging in a traditional hammam experience. These activities are ideal for enjoying Fès without exposure to the elements.
For those tight on time, the Bou Inania Madrasa provides a brief yet enriching tour within an hour, offering a glimpse into the city's Islamic architectural marvels and educational heritage.

Best Things to Do In Fès

Embark on a journey of discovery through the cultural heart of Morocco with our guide on Fès activities and attractions.

Fès: Bou Inania Madrasa

What is it?
A historical Islamic college renowned for its exquisite Marinid architecture.
Why you should go?
Bou Inania Madrasa stands as a testament to Morocco's Golden Age, showcasing intricate wood carvings, zellige tilework, and arabesque patterns. Visitors are enveloped in an atmosphere of reverence and beauty, with a chance to admire the harmonious interplay between education and craftsmanship. This Madrasa is not only a religious site but also a cultural jewel that offers an introspective view into the intellectual pursuits of historical Fès.

Fès: Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the woodworking heritage of Morocco, set in a restored caravanserai.
Why you should go?
The Nejjarine Museum is a cultural hub that preserves and presents the rich woodworking traditions of Moroccan artisans. Its curated display of tools, furniture, and musical instruments provides an immersive experience. The museum's rooftop terrace also offers breathtaking views of the Medina, making it a compelling combination of cultural enrichment and visual pleasure.

Fès: Zaouia Moulay Idriss II

What is it?
A religious shrine devoted to the founder of the city of Fès, sited at the heart of the Medina.
Why you should go?
Zaouia Moulay Idriss II is a spiritual heart within Fès, drawing both the faithful and the culturally curious. While non-Muslims cannot enter the inner sanctuary, everyone can appreciate the surrounding area's vibrancy and significance. The zaouia is a center for festivals and a space that radiates the devotional fabric of the city, offering an intimate glimpse into local beliefs and practices.

Fès: Fès Pottery and Zellige Factory

What is it?
A workshop and showroom where visitors can witness the art of pottery and zellige tile making.
Why you should go?
The artistry of Fès' pottery and zellige tiles is world-renowned, and no visit to the city is complete without seeing these crafts in action. Here, visitors can learn about the laborious processes behind each uniquely designed piece, appreciate the skillful craftsmanship, and take home a tangible piece of Moroccan artistry. This experience connects visitors directly with the city's longstanding artisan culture.

Fès: Royal Palace of Fès

What is it?
The historic palace complex known for its grandeur and intricately designed brass doors.
Why you should go?
Although the inner palace remains off-limits, the grand entrance of the Royal Palace of Fès is an undeniable masterpiece of Moroccan design. Visitors are awed by the imposing golden doors and the royal grandeur they suggest. The surrounding area of the Mechouar adds to the experience, providing a stately ambiance and a sense of the city’s regal past.

Fès: Medina of Fès

What is it?
A UNESCO-listed warren of centuries-old streets teeming with history and culture.
Why you should go?
The Medina of Fès, also known as Fès el-Bali, is a captivating labyrinth of narrow streets lined with artisan workshops, vibrant souks, and historic landmarks. This medieval complex is one of the largest urban car-free zones in the world, where visitors can witness time-honored craftmanship, from tanneries to pottery. The sensory overload, architectural marvels, and buzzing atmosphere make it a quintessential experience for tracing the soul of the city.

Fès: Al-Attarine Souk

What is it?
A bustling market place known for its spices, perfumes, and traditional Moroccan goods.
Why you should go?
Al-Attarine Souk, nestled near the Al-Quaraouiyine Mosque, is a feast for the senses, renowned for its array of aromatic spices and meticulously crafted woodwork. The souk, named after the perfume and spice sellers, is an excellent spot for those seeking to discover the flavors of Moroccan cuisine or find authentic local handicrafts. The harmonious blend of scents, colors, and sounds in this market encapsulates the vibrancy of Fès.

Fès: Dar Batha Museum

What is it?
An erstwhile royal palace now functioning as a museum showcasing Moroccan arts.
Why you should go?
Once a regal residence, Dar Batha Museum offers a deep dive into Moroccan cultural heritage, displaying fine examples of traditional Fès craftsmanship. Its collections include ornate ceramics, carved wood, and metalwork, as well as textiles and embroidery. The museum's Andalusian-style garden adds a tranquil oasis to the historical exploration, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts of art and architecture.

Fès: Chouara Tannery

What is it?
The largest tannery in the city offering a unique view into the leather-making process.
Why you should go?
Visiting the Chouara Tannery is a journey through a tradition that has remained largely unchanged since medieval times. Overlooking the tannery from neighboring terraces, observers can marvel at the vivid spectacle of dye-filled vats and artisans at work. Though the smell can be potent, the tannery is an incredible window into the painstaking craft that produces some of the finest leather in the world, and a testament to Fès' enduring artisanal spirit.

Fès: Bab Boujloud

What is it?
The iconic blue gate acting as the ceremonial entrance to Fès' historic Medina.
Why you should go?
Bab Boujloud, with its striking blue frontage, represents an impressive gateway to the old city. Framed by intricate tile work and bustling with activity, it serves as both a landmark and a meeting place, leading visitors into the heart of the Medina. By night, the gate is dramatically illuminated, highlighting its architectural details, while by day, it serves as the threshold to countless Fès adventures and cultural exploration.

TOP-5 tours in Fès for first-time visitors

  • Immerse yourself in the ancient allure of the Medina, where timeless trades flourish, uncovering the most intriguing things to see in Fès.
  • Delve into historical riches at Al Quaraouiyine University, one of the pivotal places to visit in Fès, offering layers of intellectual legacy.
  • Stroll the Jnan Sbil Gardens, offering serene respite and a picturesque setting for fun things to do in Fès amongst nature and tranquility.
  • Explore the iconic tanneries, where centuries-old methods reveal what to do in Fès for an authentic insight into local craft and color.
  • Marvel at the architectural splendor of Bou Inania Madrasa, a zenith of spiritual and artistic expression, representing the best Fès excursions.

Fun things to do in Fès with kids

Families visiting Fès will find an array of engaging activities that fuse entertainment with cultural discovery. A visit to the Jnan Sbil Gardens is a must, providing kids with vast space to explore and play among fountains, lakes, and a diverse collection of plants. It's a picturesque retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, perfect for a leisurely afternoon. Another highlight is the Borj Nord Arms Museum, set in a historic fortress overlooking the Medina. Children delight in the displays of old weapons and armor, imagining a time of knights and battles, while also gaining an educational insight into Morocco's military history. The panoramic views from the ramparts are an added bonus. The third must-see spot is the Medina Children's Library. Tucked away in the old city, this welcoming space encourages kids to immerse themselves in a world of stories and books, including English-language options. It serves as a cultural exchange platform, ideal for interactive learning and an authentic cultural encounter for the whole family.

Things to do in Fès with family

When traveling to Fès with family, there are numerous experiences that cater to all ages. The vibrant and educational Les Jardins des Biehn is one such destination. The gardens provide a lush, tranquil spot to unwind and enjoy the fragrances and colors of a variety of plants that offer a peaceful respite from the city's lively pace. For a bit of adventure and learning, the Fès Medina offers a maze of history where family members can embark on a treasure hunt of sorts. Exploring the narrow alleys, discovering hidden squares, and shopping for unique trinkets will captivate both children and adults alike, making for memorable Fès activities that combine fun and culture. Completing the family-friendly trilogy, the Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts, located within the Medina, showcases the artistic heritage of the city. Interactive and visually rich, this museum provides an educational journey through the craft of Moroccan woodwork, brimming with fascinating exhibits that will stimulate curious minds and provide a unique learning opportunity for the entire family.

Free things to do in Fès

Explorers of Fès can indulge in a variety of enriching experiences that require no entrance fee. Topping the list is a stroll around the Mellah, the historic Jewish quarter. Amidst its silent stories and enduring structures, visitors can immerse themselves in the cross-cultural narratives that have shaped Fès. The panoramic views from the Marinid Tombs, nestled on a hillside, offer a cost-free visual feast. Gaze upon the sprawling medina, minarets, and surrounding hills at sunset to capture a moment that truly encapsulates the essence of the city. Lastly, no visit to Fès is complete without experiencing the bustling atmosphere of the pottery quarter. Watching artisans shape and decorate ceramics provides a glimpse into the traditional crafts that continue to flourish in the city’s ancient heartbeat. This lively spectacle of culture and artisanship is a true Fès highlight, available to all without spending a dirham.

Cheap things to do in Fès

Discovering Fès on a budget is easily achievable with an array of affordable attractions. Embark on a sensory adventure at the local souks, where the only cost is perhaps the temptation to purchase spices or handcrafted souvenirs. A wander through the markets is an essential Fès activity, giving visitors a taste of local life and culture. For a nominal fee, travelers can visit the spectacular Bou Inania Madrasa. Admire the detailed Islamic architecture and intricate tile work, all for less than the price of a traditional Moroccan tea. This is one of the few religious buildings in Morocco accessible to non-Muslim visitors, offering an intimate look at the city's spiritual heritage. Another economical option is a walk through the historic Fès Medina. While simply traversing this UNESCO World Heritage site is free, hiring a local guide for a small charge can enhance the experience, revealing hidden nooks, stories of the past, and cultural significance that might otherwise be missed.

Things to do in Fès for couples

For couples seeking romance in Fès, the enchanting city offers an array of experiences perfect for two. Begin with a heavenly escape to Les Jardins de La Medina, where secluded walkways lead through lush landscapes, offering tranquil spots for intimate conversations amidst the beauty of nature. Adventure-loving pairs can venture into the heart of the Medina to uncover the many treasures of the ancient city. Winding alleys, historic façades, and the alluring aroma of street food create a dynamic environment for shared exploration and discovery, nurturing a closer bond. For a truly romantic evening, couples can dine on a rooftop terrace overlooking the dazzling Fès skyline. As the sun sets, the call to prayer echoes, and the city lights up, the ambiance provides a perfect backdrop to clink glasses to love and adventure, immortalizing their time in this magical Moroccan city.

Things to do in Fès at night

When the sun sets over Fès, the city lights up with nocturnal activities ideal for night owls. An evening stroll through the illuminated Medina reveals a different side to the ancient city. The streets buzz with life, with markets and eateries welcoming visitors to indulge in local cuisines and shop for crafts under the Moroccan stars. Music and entertainment enthusiasts can experience the vibrant night scene by attending a traditional Moroccan concert or show. The sacred music of Fès, often performed in historic venues, makes for an unforgettable cultural immersion and a divine auditory experience. For those seeking tranquility, the hilltop views from the Merenid Tombs present a serene, starlit panorama of Fès. Couples and solo travelers alike can bask in the peaceful atmosphere, witnessing the spellbinding transition of the cityscape from dusk till dawn.