Tickets to the St Giles' Cathedral

About St Giles' Cathedral

Opening hours at St. Giles' Cathedral are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sunday.

The best time to visit St Giles' Cathedral and avoid crowds is in the morning on weekdays.

  • Dive into Scottish history

Learn more about the Scottish Reformation in the 16th century while exploring the most important church of Edinburgh. Discover the statue of John Knox, the leader of the movement and the minister, and find out why St Giles' Cathedral is not actually a cathedral.

  • Admire the architecture and beautiful details of the building

As a true jewel of Edinburgh, St Giles' dramatic Gothic architecture makes the cathedral different from other Presbyterian and Protestant churches in the city. Marvel at the incredible interiors, original central pillars from the 12th century, and magnificent stained glass windows. Explore the Thistle Chapel of the highest Scottish order of chivalry, and find curious details, such as the angel playing the bagpipes.

Explore the dark mysteries connected to St Giles' Cathedral with the self-guided audio tour Edinburgh: Darkside Horror Adventure. Discover the modern city's horrid and brutal past in the company of the Edinburgh-based journalist and tour guide who will lead you from the Royal Mile to the Grassmarket and down through Greyfriars Cemetery. Listen to stories about witch burning, grave robbing, body snatching, and mysterious killings.

Admission to St Giles' Cathedral is free. However, visitors are encouraged to make a regular or one-time donation on the website or in person.

St Giles' Cathedral also hosts events that range from celebrity organ recitals to concert series. While some are free, others require a ticket that you can book online.

FAQ about St Giles' Cathedral

Admission to St. Giles' Cathedral is free, and tickets are not required. St Giles' Cathedral also hosts different events — often requiring tickets you can book online.

Admission to St. Giles' Cathedral is free, and tickets are not required. Tickets for events at St. Giles' Cathedral can be reserved up to two months in advance, depending on the schedule.