Things to do in Adelaide

About Adelaide

Visitors should not miss exploring the lush Adelaide Botanic Garden, the lively Adelaide Central Market for a taste of local flavours, and the historic cultural treasure, the Adelaide Oval. The Art Gallery of South Australia is a must-see for art aficionados.
Adelaide offers wonderful experiences for families, from seeing the pandas at Adelaide Zoo to spending a day at the interactive Science Centre at the South Australian Museum, and enjoying beachfront fun at Glenelg with its waterslides and games.
The Heysen Trail and Waterfall Gully offer great hiking opportunities, while the city's numerous parks, like Elder Park, provide scenic spots for picnics and casual strolls. Cycling along the River Torrens is another popular outdoor activity.
Discovering South Australia's history at the Migration Museum, engaging with scientific exhibits at MOD., and enjoying a tasting session at a local winery are some of Adelaide's best indoor activities.
Highlights include the Adelaide Oval tour, where visitors can walk the stadium’s iconic roofline, guided walks through the historic Port Adelaide, and cruises on the River Torrens that provide picturesque city views.
The South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia are highly visited for their extensive collections. The Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide is another favorite for history enthusiasts.
Indoor tours such as those offered by Haigh's Chocolates and the National Wine Centre are excellent activities for rainy days, combining education and indulgence.
A quick visit to the Adelaide Arcade, a self-guided walking tour of the street art in the CBD, or a brief guided tour of the iconic Adelaide Oval can be accomplished in less than an hour.

Best Things to Do In Adelaide

Explore the vibrant city of Adelaide at your own pace with our immersive audio tours, unveiling the city's rich tapestry of attractions.

Adelaide: North Terrace Cultural Precinct

What is it?
A vibrant boulevard of museums, galleries, and historical sites.
Why you should go?
The North Terrace Cultural Precinct is a celebration of heritage and arts. Eminent institutions like the South Australian Museum and the National Wine Centre are juxtaposed with the verdant greenery of adjacent botanic gardens. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Australia's indigenous and colonial history, while also enjoying interactive displays and formidable collections of art. This melting pot of intellectual and cultural experiences makes for one of the most enlightening Adelaide activities, perfect for those seeking a dose of culture.

Adelaide: Cleland Wildlife Park

What is it?
An interactive natural habitat providing close encounters with Australian wildlife.
Why you should go?
Visiting Cleland Wildlife Park is among the best things to do in Adelaide for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Here, you can hand-feed kangaroos, hold a koala, and observe a plethora of native species in spacious, natural enclosures. The park offers immersive walks and educational talks, highlighting the importance of biodiversity conservation. It's not merely an attraction; it's an educational adventure where visitors come face-to-face with the unique animals that call Australia home.

Adelaide: The Art Gallery of South Australia

What is it?
A premier art institution home to a vast collection of Australian and international works.
Why you should go?
Featuring over 38,000 artworks, The Art Gallery of South Australia is a haven for art aficionados. The gallery offers a journey through Australian, indigenous, and European art. It's a place where historical narratives and contemporary issues interweave through the language of visual art. With a roster of rotating exhibitions and public programs, the gallery remains one of the prime things to do in Adelaide for those looking to indulge in creative expression and thought-provoking art.

Adelaide: Haigh's Chocolates Visitor Centre

What is it?
An iconic Adelaide chocolatier offering tours and tastings.
Why you should go?
For those pondering what to do in Adelaide that indulges the sweet tooth, Haigh's Chocolates Visitor Centre is a perfect choice. Visitors can watch master chocolatiers create confections and enjoy tastings of the famed delicacies that have been part of Adelaide's history since 1915. The experience is both educational and delightful, providing an in-depth look into the art of fine chocolate making. A visit here adds a touch of indulgence to any Adelaide excursion.

Adelaide: Migration Museum

What is it?
An informative center dedicated to preserving the history of immigration in South Australia.
Why you should go?
The Migration Museum in Adelaide stands as a testimony to the diverse cultural heritage that shaped the region. Explore personal stories of immigrants, interactive exhibits, and historical artifacts that paint a complex portrait of migration. This institution provides a poignant and educational perspective of the prolific migration history and its impact on Australian culture. It's among the places to visit in Adelaide that offer a profound understanding of the social fabric woven by generations of settlers.

Adelaide: Adelaide Central Market

What is it?
A bustling hub of food and culture central to Adelaide's community.
Why you should go?
Boasting over 70 traders, Adelaide Central Market is a paradise for the senses, offering locally sourced produce and gourmet delights. Engage with local vendors, sample artisanal foods, and experience the vibrant atmosphere that makes this one of the essential places to visit in Adelaide. Revel in the communal atmosphere and take part in the rich culinary heritage that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Whether you're a foodie or simply looking for a lively cultural experience, the market serves as a linchpin of Adelaide's social and gastronomic scene.

Adelaide: Botanic Gardens

What is it?
An oasis of flora and serene landscapes nestled within the city.
Why you should go?
Step into the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and enter a world of tranquillity. Stroll through diverse plant collections, heritage-listed buildings, and glasshouses that date back to the 19th century. With an emphasis on education and conservation, these gardens offer not only beauty but an important look at biodiversity. Escape the city's bustle and immerse yourself in nature; whether it's to learn, relax, or simply enjoy the lush surroundings, these gardens rank high on the list of best Adelaide tours for any nature enthusiast or those seeking reprieve in the beauty of nature.

Adelaide: Adelaide Oval

What is it?
A historic and iconic sports venue known worldwide.
Why you should go?
Adelaide Oval is not just a venue for sports aficionados; it's a keystone of Adelaide's heritage. Take a behind-the-scenes tour to experience the roar of the crowd and the rush of the games through virtual recreations and expert storytelling. For the adventurous, the Oval's roof climb offers breathtaking views of the Adelaide skyline. Incorporating both the excitement of live sports and the history of the games played here, the Adelaide Oval experience is undeniably one of the top things to do in Adelaide for visitors of all interests.

Adelaide: Adelaide Zoo

What is it?
A conservation-focused zoo home to over 2,500 animals.
Why you should go?
Adelaide Zoo is a sanctuary for many species and one of the Adelaide excursions that touches the hearts of animal lovers. Here, you can meet the famous Giant Pandas, wander through immersive exhibits, and learn about conservation efforts. It's not only an entertaining outing but also an educational excursion that highlights the importance of wildlife preservation. The respect for biodiversity and the opportunity to view rare and exotic animals up close are what make Adelaide Zoo one of the unmissable things to see in Adelaide.

Adelaide: State Library of South Australia

What is it?
An archival gem and literary paradise in the heart of the city.
Why you should go?
Delve into South Australia's rich past at the State Library. Whether it's for research, appreciation of architecture, or simply the love of books, the library's collections span centuries of knowledge and stories. It's a peaceful retreat for curious minds and those seeking a quiet place to reflect. Apart from its vast resources, the stunning Mortlock Wing is itself a spectacle, often compared to the great libraries of the world, making it a highlight for anyone pondering what to see in Adelaide.

TOP-5 Tours in Adelaide for First Time Visitors

  • Discover the heart of the city with the 'Essential Adelaide' tour. Walk through lush parks, historical buildings, and bustling markets, revealing what to do in Adelaide for an authentic experience.
  • The 'Cultural Highlights' tour showcases the best things to do in Adelaide for art lovers, featuring visits to iconic institutions like the Art Gallery of South Australia and Adelaide Festival Centre.
  • Indulge in the 'Gastronomic Adelaide' journey, which guides you through the finest culinary spots. It's one of the most fun things to do in Adelaide, tantalizing your taste buds at each stop.
  • 'Adelaide's Coastal Walk' offers a refreshing escape with an audio guide along the stunning shoreline, making it one of the most serene Adelaide activities suitable for nature enthusiasts.
  • The 'Heritage Treasures of Adelaide' excursion leads explorers to the things to see in Adelaide that resonate with history and legacy, perfect for those wanting a deep dive into the past.

Fun things to do in Adelaide with kids

Adelaide abounds with family-friendly activities that promise fun for all ages. At the top of every family's list should be the Adelaide Zoo, where the enchanting Giant Pandas captivate both young and old. The zoo specializes in interactive and educational experiences, ensuring that your visit is engaging and memorable. Next, the Adelaide Botanic Garden offers a wonderful space for children to explore and learn about plants and ecology. With its sprawling lawns, it's also perfect for a picturesque picnic. Finally, The Beachouse in Glenelg is a treasure trove of fun, boasting waterslides, bumper boats, and a historic carousel to thrill and entertain. These top attractions not only highlight the best Adelaide activities for families, but they also make the city an incredibly welcoming destination for visitors travelling with children.

Things to do in Adelaide with family

Adelaide welcomes families with a variety of attractions that cater to visitors of all ages. Begin with a leisurely day at the Adelaide Zoo, a favorite for animal-loving families. Children can marvel at the diverse species and partake in educational programs that bring wildlife conservation to the forefront. For an engaging cultural experience, the South Australian Museum offers interactive exhibits that foster curiosity and learning in kids, making it one of the most enriching places to visit in Adelaide. Add a splash of excitement at The Beachouse, an amusement complex in Glenelg with mini-golf, waterslides, and arcade games that are certain to be a hit with the youngsters. These attractions stand out as key Adelaide activities, ensuring your family's trip is filled with moments of discovery, joy, and lasting memories.

Free things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide's charm includes a wealth of attractions that won't cost a cent, providing delightful options for travelers on a budget. The city's Botanic Gardens are a verdant retreat in the heart of the urban landscape, offering a tapestry of themed gardens and historical conservatories where one can spend hours meandering and relaxing. For those interested in the arts, the Art Gallery of South Australia presents an impressive collection of works, and its free admission allows for repeated visits to soak in the culture. Additionally, the captivating Adelaide Central Market is a feast for the senses, where the colors, smells, and sounds produce an unmatched atmosphere - it's bustling energy and window-shopping are entirely free. Each of these locations epitomizes the best Adelaide activities that provide enriching experiences without a price tag.

Cheap things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide is a city that proves you don't have to spend a lot to have a good time. Take, for instance, the iconic Glenelg Beach, where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea for a perfect day out without spending more than a few coins for a tram ride. Exploring the historic Adelaide Central Market is another cost-effective way to immerse in local culture and sample some of the local treats without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, art enthusiasts can revel in the contemporary exhibitions at the Samstag Museum of Art, which offers free admission to its thought-provoking galleries. These three stand as prime examples of enjoyable and economical Adelaide activities that ensure travelers can experience the city's diverse offerings affordably.

Things to do in Adelaide for couples

Couples seeking romance and adventure will find Adelaide brimming with intimate and exciting activities. A sunset stroll along the picturesque Henley Beach promises a serene and beautiful setting for shared moments, capped off by the culinary delights at beachside restaurants. For a taste of culture and sophistication, the Adelaide Art Gallery offers lovers the chance to meander through awe-inspiring collections and exhibitions – it's an opportunity to share reflections and inspiration. Furthermore, the Adelaide Hills afford couples a tranquil escape with their boutique wineries and stunning landscapes. Sipping on fine wines while overlooking the verdant vineyards, makes for an unforgettable experience that embodies the very essence of Adelaide's allure for romance-seeking travelers.

Things to do in Adelaide at night

Adelaide transforms as the sun sets, revealing a night scene vibrant with possibilities for nocturnal adventures. A popular choice is catching a show at the Adelaide Festival Centre, where a plethora of performances from theatre to concerts unfold in this premier arts venue. Another evening activity is exploring the buzzing nightlife of Peel Street, where trendy bars and eateries offer sublime cocktails and gourmet experiences in an endearingly eclectic setting. For those who enjoy a touch of mystery, the Adelaide Gaol Historical Tours provide an eerie step back in time, with ghost tours that tell tales of the city’s darker past. These attractions effortlessly blend entertainment, culture, and history, ensuring varied options for things to do in Adelaide at night.