Things to do in Al Ain

About Al Ain

Must-see attractions in Al Ain City include the lush Al Ain Oasis, the historic Al Jahili Fort, and the panoramic Jebel Hafeet. Don't miss the Al Ain Zoo for its wildlife and the Al Ain National Museum for cultural treasures.
The best things to do with kids are visiting the Al Ain Zoo, enjoying the rides at Hili Fun City, or exploring the interactive exhibits at the Al Ain Palace Museum.
Enjoy hiking or driving up Jebel Hafeet, relaxing in Al Ain Oasis, or experiencing thrills at Wadi Adventure Park for the best outdoor activities.
Explore the Al Ain National Museum, savor the exhibits at the Qasr Al Muwaiji, or shop and dine at Al Ain Mall for the top indoor activities.
The best tours include the Al Ain Oasis audio tour, the cultural Al Jahili Fort exploration, and the scenic Jebel Hafeet summit tour.
The most popular museums are the Al Ain National Museum, the Al Ain Palace Museum, and the Qasr Al Muwaiji.
For rainy days, indoor tours like the Qasr Al Muwaiji and Al Ain National Museum tours are perfect for staying dry while exploring.
Short tours include the Al Ain Oasis audio tour, which provides a concise yet informative exploration of this heritage site.

Best Things to Do In Al Ain City

Immerse in the cultural and natural beauty of Al Ain City through a range of engaging and enriching activities.

Al Ain City: Hili Fun City

What is it?
Thrilling amusement park with rides and attractions suitable for all ages.
Why you should go?
Hili Fun City is known as a wonderland of thrills and fun, packed with more than 30 attractions ranging from adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to gentle rides for younger visitors. As the first theme park in the Gulf region, it holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Seasonal events add to the park's allure, ensuring that there's always something fresh and exciting to experience. It's an ideal spot for families to bond and create lasting memories.

Al Ain City: Al Ain Raceway

What is it?
A state-of-the-art international kart circuit offering a high-octane racing experience.
Why you should go?
Speed enthusiasts will find their adrenaline fix at Al Ain Raceway, a top-notch facility providing an authentic racing experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced karter, the track offers a thrilling ride with options for all skill levels. Expert staff are on hand to ensure safety and provide tips, making this an exciting activity for couples, friends, or solo visitors looking to test their racing mettle.

Al Ain City: Wadi Adventure Park

What is it?
The Middle East's first man-made whitewater rafting, kayaking, and surfing facility.
Why you should go?
For adventure lovers, Wadi Adventure Park is an unbeatable destination. Besides the whitewater activities, it offers air park obstacles, zip lining, and a giant swing. It's a place where the excitement of nature meets human ingenuity. After a thrilling day of water sports, visitors can unwind in the park's restaurants and enjoy the splendid views of Jebel Hafeet mountain. The park's unique combination of activities makes it an ideal spot for active travelers.

Al Ain City: Al Masoudi Park

What is it?
A lush, family-friendly park featuring beautifully landscaped gardens and recreational areas.
Why you should go?
Al Masoudi Park is a well-loved green space in Al Ain City, offering a tranquil environment where visitors can relax and engage in outdoor activities. The park has well-maintained pathways for walking or jogging, children's playgrounds, and areas for barbecues and family picnics. It's a refreshing escape from the city's urban landscape and provides a peaceful setting for visitors to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with loved ones.

Al Ain City: Al Ain Classic Car Museum

What is it?
An impressive collection of beautifully restored vintage cars and motor memorabilia.
Why you should go?
Automobile aficionados will revel in the Al Ain Classic Car Museum, which showcases an eclectic array of vehicles, each with a story to tell. The museum celebrates the evolution of automotive engineering and design. Visitors can admire the craftsmanship of bygone eras and delve into the stories behind these classic beauties. This attraction is an excellent conversation starter and a delightful way to spend an afternoon immersed in automotive history.

Al Ain City: Al Ain Oasis

What is it?
A UNESCO World Heritage site and a peaceful expanse of palm plantations.
Why you should go?
Al Ain Oasis represents the historic agricultural practices of the region and provides a verdant escape into nature. As you wander the shaded walkways, you're walking the same paths caretakers have tread for centuries. The traditional falaj irrigation system used here is a marvel of ancient engineering. The quiet and the rustle of the palm leaves make the oasis a tranquil retreat perfect for reflecting and escaping the rush of city life.

Al Ain City: Al Jahili Fort

What is it?
A historic fort that's a centrepiece of UAE cultural heritage.
Why you should go?
Explore the towers and courtyards of Al Jahili Fort and discover the period exhibits within its walls. The fort artistically blends defensive architecture with the cultural narratives of the region. It provides an insight into the emirate's military history and pays tribute to Arabian explorers. This well-preserved fortress, amidst picturesque gardens, is perfect for a cultural excursion combined with a leisurely walk.

Al Ain City: Jebel Hafeet

What is it?
A stunning mountain offering sweeping vistas of Al Ain and beyond.
Why you should go?
Jebel Hafeet rises majestically over Al Ain and merits a visit for its breathtaking natural beauty and the panoramic views from its peak. A drive up this mountain reveals striking geological formations and ancient tombs. At the summit, gaze out over the vast desert and enjoy the cooler air and sunset views. It's an ideal adventure for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts alike.

Al Ain City: Al Ain Zoo

What is it?
A vast wildlife park and conservation center with a wide variety of species.
Why you should go?
Al Ain Zoo offers an up-close experience with animals from around the world, in a setting that mirrors their natural habitats. Engage with wildlife through interactive experiences, such as giraffe feeding, and educational programs that spotlight conservation efforts. The zoo's spacious and well-maintained enclosures ensure a pleasant visit while contributing to vital animal welfare and preservation work.

Al Ain City: Al Qattara Arts Centre

What is it?
A historical centre for arts, culture, and community workshops.
Why you should go?
Set in a beautifully restored fort, Al Qattara Arts Centre is the cornerstone of Al Ain's cultural scene. It plays host to a variety of workshops, art classes, and exhibitions, fostering creativity and learning. For those looking to immerse in local culture and perhaps pick up a new skill, the centre provides a vibrant environment to do just that, surrounded by history and artistry.

TOP-5 tours in Al Ain City for first time visitors

  • Embark on the "Al Ain Oasis Tour" to explore ancient irrigation systems and gain insight into the city's agricultural heritage amongst verdant palm groves.
  • Experience the "Al Jahili Fort Audio Guide" to uncover the fortress's history, architecture, and the tales of the region's explorers and rulers.
  • "Jebel Hafeet Mountain Summit" audio tour leads you through a dramatic ascent, offering geological insights and breathtaking views at the peak.
  • The "Al Ain Zoo Safari" provides an auditory journey among diverse wildlife, educational talks, and the natural beauty of the animal kingdom.
  • "Al Qattara Arts Centre Cultural Walk" audio tour delves into the city's vibrant arts scene within restored historic buildings, making it a must-do for culture enthusiasts.

Fun things to do in Al Ain City with kids

Al Ain City overflows with child-friendly attractions that make every family visit memorable. Start with the Al Ain Zoo, a wildlife haven that transcends the typical zoo experience with opportunities for kids to interact with animals through feeding and petting sessions. It's a fun-filled educational setting where children can learn about conservation. Add a dash of excitement at Hili Fun City, boasting over 30 rides that range from gently spinning carousels to adrenaline-inducing roller coasters. The park, often considered the Gulf's first theme park, offers an amusement extravaganza for all ages. For an adventurous day out, the Wadi Adventure Park awaits with activities like white-water rafting, surfing, and an aerial obstacle course. It's a place where kids can challenge themselves and parents can join in or cheer from the sidelines, all in the shadow of the majestic Jebel Hafeet.

Things to do in Al Ain City with family

Al Ain City provides a diverse array of attractions that cater to families looking for a blend of education, fun, and relaxation. A visit to the Al Ain Oasis offers a journey through ancient pathways and provides a lesson in traditional falaj irrigation methods, set amid a serene landscape of palm groves. Engage the entire family in cultural discovery at Al Jahili Fort, where historical walls narrate tales of the past, and beautifully landscaped gardens invite leisurely picnics. Adventure awaits at Jebel Hafeet, the city’s crowning natural wonder, where families can drive up to enjoy the stunning views or spend time at Green Mubazzarah Park at the base, with its therapeutic hot springs and recreational facilities suitable for all ages. Each site embodies a facet of Al Ain City's unique heritage and charm, offering a comprehensive experience for family members to enjoy together.

Free things to do in Al Ain City

Visitors to Al Ain City can delight in a selection of attractions that offer memorable experiences at no cost. Meander through the lush landscapes of Al Ain Oasis, where ancient water channels meander among countless date palm trees, offering a picturesque and educational stroll. History buffs will appreciate the Al Jahili Fort, a beautifully restored symbol of the UAE's rich past, open to the public with no entrance fee, showcasing traditional Emirati architecture and museum exhibits. Moreover, spend an evening at the thriving Al Ain Souq, where the essence of local life comes alive. It's a perfect venue for those who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional marketplace, featuring crafts, spices, and the intricate art of bargaining. Each of these free offerings provides a unique facet of Al Ain City's culture and natural beauty, ensuring that every visitor can enjoy the emirate's hospitality.

Cheap things to do in Al Ain City

Al Ain City is a treasure trove of budget-friendly attractions, ensuring that visitors can enjoy a rich cultural and adventurous experience without overspending. One of the most cost-effective destinations is the Al Ain National Museum. For a minimal entrance fee, it offers an extensive look into the emirate’s history, culture, and archeological findings. Those seeking an outdoor experience can head to the Al Ain Camel Market. Although free to enter, a small outlay for a guided tour gives an insider's perspective of the traditional trade and significance of camels in the region. For nature lovers, the Mubazzarah Park at Jebel Hafeet's foothills provides lush green landscapes perfect for picnics, gentle hikes, or relaxing in natural hot springs, with parking and entry at no cost. These attractions not only suit frugal travelers but also provide genuine experiences that depict the essence and heart of Al Ain City.

Things to do in Al Ain City for couples

Al Ain City, known for its romantic and serene landscapes, presents couples with unforgettable moments to cherish. The secluded Al Ain Oasis, with its tranquil pathways lined with palm trees, creates an intimate ambience perfect for leisurely walks and heartfelt conversations. For a truly majestic experience, visiting Jebel Hafeet at dusk allows couples to watch the sunset paint the sky from the mountain's peak, providing a picturesque setting for a romantic evening. Beyond nature's allure, the Al Qattara Arts Centre offers a cultured outing with art exhibitions, workshops, and historic architecture, inspiring creativity and shared experiences in a quiet, reflective space. These attractions demonstrate the city's range of activities that cater to romance, adventure, and the arts, ensuring that couples can find their ideal escape within the charm of Al Ain.

Things to do in Al Ain City at night

Al Ain City unfurls a tapestry of nocturnal activities that come to life after the sun sets. The Al Ain Night Souk is a bustling marketplace where visitors can find traditional wares and absorb the energetic evening atmosphere—a charming venue for both shopping and cultural immersion. For a more serene experience, the evening ascent to Jebel Hafeet provides a dramatic night sky backdrop against the city lights below. It's a prime spot for stargazing or simply enjoying the cooler night air with sweeping views. Meanwhile, the Al Ain Classic Car Museum extends its hours into the early night, allowing motor enthusiasts to explore the gleam of vintage automobiles under the lights, adding a touch of elegance to the nighttime adventure. Each of these attractions captures a unique aspect of Al Ain City’s evening charm, perfect for those seeking to explore beyond the daylight hours.