Things to do in Alberobello

About Alberobello

The must-see attractions in Alberobello include the Rione Monti district and its enchanting trulli houses, the Trullo Sovrano, and the Siamese Trulli for their unique architectural charm. Don't miss the Church of Sant'Antonio and the panoramic view from Belvedere Santa Lucia for breathtaking scenery.
Engaging kids in Alberobello is easy with interactive tours of the trulli houses, hands-on experiences at the local craft workshops, and delightful tastes of Italian gelato from the town's ice cream shops. The Trullo Sovrano with its museum setup is especially interesting for children.
Best outdoor activities include wandering the trulli-lined streets, enjoying the natural beauty of the Valle d'Itria on a bike or walking tour, and visiting the local markets or vineyards surrounding Alberobello.
The best indoor activities involve visiting museums like the Museo del Territorio or Casa Pezzolla Territory Museum, wine tasting in historic cellars, savoring authentic Pugliese cuisine in a traditional trullo restaurant, and attending cooking classes to learn about local gastronomy.
Best tours in Alberobello encompass guided walks through the historic center, audio-guided tours that delve into the history of the trulli, culinary tours sampling local delicacies, and countryside excursions exploring the surrounding landscapes and artisanal trulli.
The most popular museums include Trullo Sovrano Museum, showcasing the interior of a traditional trullo, and the Museo del Territorio "Casa d'Amore", offering historical insights into the town's independence and culture.
On rainy days, the best tours are those that visit the Trullo Sovrano Museum, the indoor craft workshops, and the local churches or indoor culinary experiences that allow one to enjoy Apulian flavors while staying dry.
Short tours ideal for less than an hour visit include the audio-guided tours of Rione Monti district or Aia Piccola, quick historical tours of the town's major landmarks, and tasting sessions at local wine bars or olive oil producers.

Best Things to Do In Alberobello

Discover the enchanting town of Alberobello, with its unique trulli houses and captivating history, through immersive audio tours.

Alberobello: The Trulli Siamese

What is it?
An intriguing architectural curiosity, the Siamese Trulli are known for their conjoined structure and folklore.
Why you should go?
Steeped in legend, the Trulli Siamese captivates visitors with its tale of brotherly strife leading to the splitting of a household. This unique dwelling among the multitude of trulli stands out for its peculiar design and the story it carries. Embarking on an Alberobello tour to visit this structure offers a deep dive into the local lore and an understanding of the area's socio-cultural nuances. It's an essential addition to the list of things to do in Alberobello for anyone fascinated by the region's rich traditions.

Alberobello: Zoosafari Fasanolandia

What is it?
The Zoosafari Fasanolandia is a thrilling safari park and amusement complex near Alberobello.
Why you should go?
For an exciting break from the traditional trulli tours, Zoosafari Fasanolandia offers a wild adventure with a safari park that's home to various animal species. Nestled close to Alberobello, it provides an entertaining day out for families and nature enthusiasts. Between the exhilarating drives among free-roaming animals and the various theme park attractions, it's a place where fun things to do in Alberobello merge with wildlife conservation education and outdoor recreation.

Alberobello: Museo del Territorio "Casa d'Amore"

What is it?
A museum that showcases Alberobello’s journey to becoming a sovereign city through historical documents and artifacts.
Why you should go?
The Museo del Territorio "Casa d'Amore" holds significance as the site where Alberobello was granted its royal town status by King Ferdinand IV in 1797. The museum offers a window into the town's evolutionary journey with exhibits that illuminate its fight for self-governance and identity. Visitors interested in what to see in Alberobello will find this museum's in-depth historical insights to be a profound reflection of Alberobello's social and political heritage.

Alberobello: Parrocchia Santuario Basilica S.S. Cosma E Damiano

What is it?
A stunning basilica dedicated to Alberobello’s patron saints, showcasing masterful religious art and architecture.
Why you should go?
The Parrocchia Santuario Basilica is a central figure in the spiritual fabric of Alberobello, drawing in visitors with its beautiful depictions of Saints Cosma and Damiano. Renowned for its artistry, peace-filled ambiance, and liturgical celebrations, this basilica is a rich tapestry of faith and culture. It remains a pivotal stop for Alberobello activities, both for the devout and those looking to appreciate the beauty and serenity offered by this sacred space.

Alberobello: Trulli e Puglia Wine Bar

What is it?
An inviting wine bar that offers an extensive selection of local wines housed within a traditional trullo.
Why you should go?
For oenophiles exploring things to do in Alberobello, the Trulli e Puglia Wine Bar provides a warm, rustic environment to taste regional vintages. This enogastronomic journey is wrapped up in the charm of its trulli setting, creating a memorable experience for tourists and locals alike. As part of Alberobello excursions, it's a place where one can unwind, savor fine wines, and engage with the convivial side of Italian culture.

Alberobello: Trullo Sovrano

What is it?
The Trullo Sovrano stands as a two-story trulli masterpiece, a unique architectural phenomenon in Alberobello.
Why you should go?
As the only trullo to be built on two floors, the Trullo Sovrano presents a rare opportunity to glimpse the zenith of trulli construction, a symbol of ingenuity in 18th-century Apulian architecture. Visitors to this historical dwelling, now a museum, can experience the evocative atmosphere of a traditional trulli home, marvel at its ingenious building techniques, and learn about the lifestyle of Alberobello's past inhabitants, making it a cornerstone among the things to see in Alberobello.

Alberobello: Casa Pezzolla Territory Museum

What is it?
A complex of 15 interconnected trulli, the museum portrays the Alberobellian culture and local handcrafts.
Why you should go?
In unraveling what to do in Alberobello for those with a passion for history and ethnography, the Casa Pezzolla Territory Museum provides an extensive depiction of the region's culture. Visitors can delve into various exhibitions showcasing agriculture, artisan crafts, and the historical development of trulli homes. This insightful experience ranks as one of the best things to do in Alberobello for anyone keen on understanding the unique blend of tradition and culture that defines this region.

Alberobello: Rione Monti District

What is it?
The picturesque Rione Monti district, famous for its quaint streets lined with over 1,000 trulli houses.
Why you should go?
Navigating the maze of narrow cobblestone alleyways in the Rione Monti District is unquestionably among the top places to visit in Alberobello. This postcard-worthy setting captures the essence of the town's charismatic beauty. With a plethora of shops, restaurants, and trulli, visitors can enjoy fun things to do in Alberobello, such as shopping for local crafts, tasting Apulian delicacies or simply soaking up the remarkable atmosphere of an ancient, living neighborhood.

Alberobello: Belvedere Santa Lucia

What is it?
A panoramic viewpoint, offering breathtaking views over Alberobello’s trulli-dotted landscape.
Why you should go?
Belvedere Santa Lucia presents visitors with one of the most stunning things to see in Alberobello - a full panoramic view of the trulli scattered across the town. For photographers and nature lovers alike, this vantage point is a dream, providing a picturesque scene especially enchanting at sunset. It’s a perfect pause in a busy itinerary of Alberobello activities, a moment where time stands still in the face of unrivaled natural beauty and architectural wonder.

Alberobello: Festa di San Cosma e Damiano

What is it?
An annual festival celebrating Alberobello’s patron saints with traditional music, parades, and fireworks.
Why you should go?
For a truly immersive experience, the Festa di San Cosma e Damiano is one the most vibrant Alberobello excursions, attracting both locals and visitors in a joyous cultural celebration every September. The event is an explosion of colors, sounds, and flavors, with parades proudly weaving through the streets and fireworks illuminating the night sky. For culturally curious travelers, participating in this festival is among the best Alberobello tours of tradition and festivity.

TOP-5 tours in Alberobello for first time visitors

  • Explore the iconic Trulli of Alberobello, delving into their conical-roofed charm while uncovering the history behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Embark on a historical journey to the Church of Sant'Antonio, experiencing the architectural splendor and spiritual serenity through an engaging narrative.
  • Indulge in local flavors with a culinary-focused tour around Alberobello's traditional eateries, blending cultural insights with tempting taste tests.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the Rione Monti district, where the audio guide reveals the intricacies of Alberobello's urban landscape and community life.
  • Discover the less-trodden paths with an excursion into the verdant countryside surrounding Alberobello, accompanied by stories of rural traditions and nature's beauty.

Fun things to do in Alberobello with kids

Alberobello is a delightful playground for families, offering enchanting attractions guaranteed to amuse visitors of all ages. Embark on a fairy-tale adventure by exploring the whimsical trulli homes that look like they sprang from a storybook – an absolute delight for children's vivid imaginations. The town itself becomes a scenic backdrop for a game of 'spot the most interesting trullo,' engaging kids as they wander through the cobblestone streets. For a blend of education and entertainment, the Museo del Territorio adds interactive learning to sightseeing. Children can discover the historical significance of the trulli through educational exhibits tailored to pique young minds. Another must-do is visiting the local artisan shops, where kids can watch the magic of Apulian craftsmanship. These moments of discovery add extra joy to Alberobello activities. No visit with kids would be complete without indulging in the delectable gelato offered by the local ice cream shops. It's the perfect sweet treat to end a day of adventure in Alberobello, and a fun moment as a family.

Things to do in Alberobello with family

Venturing to Alberobello with family presents a treasure trove of activities set within a landscape of unmistakable conical-roofed trulli. Embark on a picturesque exploration of the Trulli of Alberobello, the universally recognized symbols of the town, where audio guides offer captivating tales perfect for family members of all ages. As an educational yet fun thing to do in Alberobello, children and adults alike can be fascinated by the history and architectural uniqueness of these stone huts. Adjacent to the world of ancient trulli is the opportunity to bond over local culinary treats. Families can enjoy interactive workshops in pasta-making, or savor traditional Pugliese dishes in family-friendly eateries - a savory diversion from the usual Alberobello excursions. Lastly, the town's weekly market is a lively scene not to be missed. Stalls brimming with colorful local produce, crafts, and souvenirs provide a wonderful atmosphere for families to immerse themselves in local culture, making for a memorable day of things to do in Alberobello with family.

Free things to do in Alberobello

Journeying through Alberobello doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Visitors can embrace the charm of this UNESCO World Heritage site while discovering a variety of free attractions. A stroll through the Rione Monti district offers an immersive experience amidst the iconic trulli, allowing families to snap memorable photos and soak in the town's storied ambience without spending a cent. The Belvedere Trulli lookout is next on the list for panoramic vistas at no cost. Perched at a high point, this spot presents an unobstructed view of Alberobello’s trulli landscape, ideal for sunset watchers and photographers. Lastly, the evocative Casa D'Amore attracts history enthusiasts interested in the region's past. The exterior of this notable building, where Alberobello’s independence was proclaimed, tells a story of resilience and is accessible to everyone, making historical exploration one of the enriching free things to do in Alberobello.

Cheap things to do in Alberobello

Escaping the bustle without draining the wallet is comfortably possible in Alberobello. Marvel at the town's iconic skyline bristling with trulli by wandering the Rione Aia Piccola district. It's less crowded than its counterpart, Rione Monti, providing a serene experience with numerous opportunities to photograph these traditional structures, and it's completely free. For those with a penchant for craftsmanship, attending a live demonstration at a local potter’s workshop is a thrifty way to engage with Alberobello's artisanal heritage. Often, these showcases are free, or available for a nominal fee, allowing visitors to witness the creation of earthenwares and perhaps try their hand at the craft. Additionally, tantalizing the taste buds with Puglia’s local flavors becomes an affordable reality at Alberobello's street food vendors. Savoring a panzerotto, a fried turnover filled with tomato and mozzarella, offers a delicious and low-cost way to immerse oneself in the local cuisine and round out a day of inexpensive Alberobello activities.

Things to do in Alberobello for couples

Alberobello's romantic allure is undeniable, making it the perfect retreat for couples. Begin with a sunset stroll through the ancient trulli-lined walkways of Rione Monti, where the golden hour bathes the streets in a warm ambiance, creating a picture-perfect setting for an intimate walk hand in hand. Wine enthusiasts can share the love of vino at a wine tasting session in one of Alberobello's traditional wine bars. These cozy establishments often nest inside historic trulli, providing an authentic atmosphere to sample regional wines and indulge in the flavors of Puglia together. For an unforgettable experience, couples can enjoy a gourmet picnic in the verdant countryside surrounding Alberobello. Local markets offer fresh produce and specialties—ideal ingredients for a romantic meal amidst olive groves, under the Pugliese sky. This simple yet delightful activity encapsulates the essence of what to do in Alberobello for couples seeking to create lasting memories.

Things to do in Alberobello at night

When the sun sets, Alberobello transforms, offering a serene and enchanting night-time atmosphere. A tranquil walk under the moonlit sky among the illuminated trulli becomes an ethereal experience. The gentle glow of lights accentuates the conical shapes of the trulli, crafting a setting conducive to romantic strolls or peaceful contemplation in the cool evening air. For those looking to immerse in local culture, an evening of live music at a traditional Pugliese restaurant provides the perfect soundtrack to a night in Alberobello. Couples and families alike can dine al fresco, enjoying the local fare while being serenaded by folk musicians, embodying the soul of the region. Adventurous night owls can partake in a night photography tour of the town's historic landmarks. The contrast of ancient stone against the velvet night sky offers a unique opportunity for photographers and sightseers to capture the timeless beauty of Alberobello, making it a compelling option for those pondering what to do in Alberobello after dark.