Things to do in Amman

About Amman

The must-see attractions in Amman include the ancient Citadel perched atop the highest hill, offering panoramic views and historical sites like the Umayyad Palace. The Roman Theater, another significant landmark, sits in the city's heart alongside the bustling markets of downtown. The King Abdullah I Mosque, with its blue dome, is also a renowned site showcasing Islamic architecture.
For families, the Children's Museum is a wonderland of interactive fun, while the Amman Waves Aqua Park promises a splashing good time. The lush spaces of King Hussein Park make for perfect family picnics and outdoor play.
Outdoor lovers can trek through the historical trails of the Citadel, enjoy the greenery at King Hussein Park, or engage in evening strolls along Rainbow Street, savoring the local atmosphere and artisanal shops.
For indoor pursuits, explore the Jordan Museum or Royal Automobile Museum's vast collections. Indulge in a spa day at one of the city’s luxurious hotels, or enjoy a culinary class to learn traditional Jordanian recipes.
The best tours in Amman cater to history buffs and cultural connoisseurs alike, with popular options including guided tours of the Citadel and the downtown area, culinary tours sampling Jordanian delicacies, and art tours exploring local galleries and street art.
Popular museums in Amman are the Jordan Museum, which covers the breadth of the country's history, the Royal Automobile Museum for car enthusiasts, and the Jordan Folklore Museum, showcasing traditional Jordanian life.
On rainy days, tours within the Jordan Museum or the Royal Automobile Museum provide sheltered educational experiences, while covered market tours in downtown Amman offer a taste of local life without the need for an umbrella.
Short tours in Amman include a quick guided visit to the Roman Theater, an express tour through the vibrant crafts and food of the Souk, or a concise art tour in the trendy Jabal Al-Weibdeh district.

Best Things to Do In Amman

Explore Amman's enchanting mix of ancient sites and cultural vibrance with our curated audio tours.

Amman: Duke's Diwan

What is it?
A historical home turned into a public cultural space, reflecting early 20th-century Amman.
Why you should go?
Set along the old streets of Amman, Duke's Diwan is a window to the past and a testament to the preservation of Jordanian culture. This exquisitely maintained house-turned-museum invites visitors to step through time and experience the ambiance of a bygone era. Complimentary entrance and self-guided audio tours underscore the artistic and historical narratives that permeate the walls, inviting guests to linger among antique furnishings and faded photographs.

Amman: Jordan Museum

What is it?
The largest museum in Jordan, showcasing the country’s valuable historical treasures and artifacts.
Why you should go?
The Jordan Museum is a centerpiece for history buffs and curious travelers. It houses some of the most significant archaeological finds in the region, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and Neolithic statuary. The comprehensive collections lead visitors on a journey through Jordan’s long and diverse history. Audio tours narrate the stories behind the artifacts, knitting together the fabric of human civilization found here.

Amman: Jabal Al Qal'a (Amman Citadel)

What is it?
An ancient historical site featuring the ruins of past civilizations perched atop one of the seven hills of Amman.
Why you should go?
Jabal Al Qal'a—or the Amman Citadel—is one of the city’s oldest inhabited places presenting a tapestry of Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic history. Audio tours bring alive tales of the past as you stand amongst the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace. Offering stunning views over the urban sprawl below, it's among the essential places to visit in Amman, where history and horizon meld spectacularly.

Amman: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

What is it?
A world-class art museum housing an impressive collection of contemporary works from the Islamic and developing world.
Why you should go?
With rotating exhibitions and a permanent collection that spans regional and international boundaries, the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is a must for anyone interested in the pulse of contemporary art. This is a place where audio tours do more than just inform—they spark dialogue and introspection on art’s impact on society and culture.

Amman: Souk Jara

What is it?
A seasonal Friday market offering a lively mix of crafts, antiques, and local food.
Why you should go?
Souk Jara is a can't-miss experience where Amman’s community spirit shines. Open during summer months, it's a spot where locals and tourists flock for handcrafted goods, vintage finds, and tasty street food. This bustling outdoor bazaar captures the essence of Amman's sociable soul, making it one of the most genuine places to see in Amman, with an intimate neighborhood charm underscored by the rich narratives of audio guides.

Amman: King Abdullah Mosque

What is it?
A prominent Islamic landmark with a striking blue dome and minaret.
Why you should go?
The King Abdullah Mosque stands as an emblem of Islamic architecture in Jordan. The mosque's inviting policy for visitors of all faiths offers a valuable opportunity to understand Islamic traditions and Jordanian culture. Inside, the exquisite decoration and grandeur evoke peace and reflection, and is particularly captivating when bathed in the soft light of the setting sun. An audio tour can enhance this visit with insights into the mosque’s design and significance, making it a must-see for cultural travelers.

Amman: Hejaz Railway Station

What is it?
A historical rail station that once served as a pivotal part of the Hejaz Railway.
Why you should go?
Rich in history, the Hejaz Railway Station is a time capsule that transports visitors back to the era of the Ottoman Empire. With its restored trains and railway equipment, it offers a unique glimpse into the past transportation methods that shaped the region. Audio tours recount the tales of pilgrims and travelers who passed through its platforms, making it an exciting stop for history buffs and inquisitive visitors alike.

Amman: Jordan Folklore Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the preservation of Jordan's traditional and cultural heritage.
Why you should go?
Lovingly curated, the Jordan Folklore Museum offers an authentic expression of the country's deep-rooted traditions and lifestyles. Exhibits of costumes, handicrafts, and household items paint a colorful picture of life in earlier times. Audio tours provide a narrative that bridges the past with the present, resonating with those seeking a deeper connection with the cultures they explore.

Amman: The Boulevard

What is it?
A modern, upscale outdoor avenue lined with shops, restaurants, and entertainment spaces.
Why you should go?
The Boulevard is a vibrant slice of modern Amman life, boasting a cosmopolitan feel. Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience, high-end shopping, or simply want to enjoy an evening walk in a lively urban setting, this energetic strip has something for everyone. The Boulevard comes alive at night, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, captured beautifully through audio tours that detail its role in Amman's contemporary scene.

Amman: Wadi Abdoun Bridge

What is it?
Modern engineering marvel that offers breathtaking views of Amman's cityscape.
Why you should go?
The Wadi Abdoun Bridge is not only a functional piece of Amman’s infrastructure but also an icon of contemporary design. Linking the old city with new neighborhoods, it's the perfect spot for a scenic walk, especially at night when the bridge is lit up against the dark sky. The audio tour complements the visit by illuminating the bridge’s engineering feats and its significance in Amman's rapid development.

TOP-5 tours in Amman for first time visitors

  • Delve into the Amman Citadel tour, unveiling the historical splendor of the city's ancient hilltop ruins and panoramic city views.
  • Stroll through the Roman Theater and the surrounding cultural complex to relive the grandeur of the Roman Empire in the heart of Amman.
  • Savor the flavors and aromas with a culinary expedition of Amman's traditional markets and food stalls, a feast for the senses.
  • Immerse in local customs and crafts on a walking tour through the vibrant Rainbow Street and the creative district of Jabal Lweibdeh.
  • Embark on an artful journey with a guided tour through Amman's modern galleries, uncovering the city's burgeoning contemporary art scene.

Fun things to do in Amman with kids

Amman, with its unique blend of ancient history and lively culture, offers plenty of family-friendly adventures. Let the little ones experience a thrill at Al Hussain Park, where abundant green spaces and playgrounds provide a fantastic outlet for boundless energy. For a dive into interactive learning, the Children’s Museum Jordan stands out with its hands-on exhibits that spark curiosity and creativity in science, technology, and arts. Finish off your day at the Amman Waves Aqua Park and Resort, where water slides, a lazy river, and pools promise cool relief and fun for kids and adults alike. These attractions not only provide a sense of wonder and entertainment but also engage the entire family with enriching experiences, enhanced by intuitive audio tours that offer insights and fascinate young minds.

Things to do in Amman with family

Families venturing to Amman will find a city ripe with experiences conducive to creating lifelong memories. Begin at the Citadel, where history unfurls at every turn. This historical site captivates with its ancient artifacts and provides an educational backdrop for family photos. After soaking in the history, head to the Amman Panoramic Art Gallery, where a visual feast of local artistry invites all ages to appreciate Jordan's vibrant cultural scene. Lastly, the expansive King Hussein Park offers a reprieve from the urban hustle, featuring lush gardens, walking paths, and the Children’s Museum, making it an ideal location for a leisurely afternoon outing. Together, these attractions offer a diverse Amman itinerary complemented by descriptive audio tours that enrich the story of this dynamic city for visitors of every age.

Free things to do in Amman

In Amman, unforgettable experiences don't have to come with a price tag. Wander through the historic center of Amman, taking in sights and sounds that reveal the layers of the city's rich culture, from local artisans to historic architecture. The Jordan National Gallery Park is a serene spot for art enthusiasts, offering not only sculptures within its verdant landscape but also free entry on particular days. Moreover, enjoy the spectacle of the city from one of its many panoramic viewpoints, such as the Raghadan Flagpole. Here, the breathtaking views are especially impressive at sunset, offering the perfect photo opportunity. With no admission fees, these spots provide a captivating look at Amman’s treasures and are ideally complemented by informative audio tours, enhancing the visitor experience without impacting the budget.

Cheap things to do in Amman

For the budget-conscious traveler, Amman offers a variety of experiences that are light on the wallet but rich in cultural value. Step back in time as you explore the ancient Roman Theater for a nominal fee, offering an insight into the city's storied past. Make your way to the bustling Souk Al-Sukar in the heart of downtown, where you can witness the daily life of locals and sample Jordan’s delicious street foods at very affordable prices. Lastly, no trip to Amman would be complete without visiting the vibrant and artistic hub of Jabal Al-Weibdeh, where walking around this neighborhood's galleries and cafes costs nothing but offers a true sense of the contemporary Jordanian lifestyle. Each of these attractions provides an authentic flavor of Amman, paired beautifully with informative audio tours that enhance the sightseeing experience without breaking the bank.

Things to do in Amman for couples

Romance blooms in Amman, where couples can embark on memorable experiences together. Begin with a visit to the majestic King Abdullah I Mosque, where you can marvel at its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere, creating a shared moment of peace and reflection. For a more active pursuit, delight in the exuberance of Rainbow Street, lined with quaint cafes, artisan boutiques, and lively bookshops, perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll. As dusk falls, retreat to one of Amman’s rooftop restaurants or bars, such as those in Abdoun, and indulge in an intimate dining experience with panoramic city views. These destinations not only offer a romantic backdrop but also engage couples with their unique charm and history, easily enhanced by self-guided audio tours that add depth to every site you visit.

Things to do in Amman at night

When the sun sets, Amman's starlit canvas invites nighttime explorers to discover its nocturnal charms. For a chill evening, the cool, energy-filled cafes and restaurants in the Jabal Amman district buzz with local music and conversation. Couples and groups alike can share Middle Eastern delicacies or sip mint tea under the stars. The Amman Citadel, illuminated against the night sky, offers a mystical glimpse into the past, with its ancient structures casting shadows and creating an ambiance of old-world mystique. Meanwhile, the vibrant pulse of Amman can truly be felt strolling down Rainbow Street as it comes alive with street performers, local artisans, and vendors selling treats and trinkets by night. These attractions enrich the experience for visitors, with audio tours available to provide context and stories that light up the imagination as the city does the same under the moonlit sky.