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The must-see attractions in Ancón include Panoramic Ancón Views from Ancon Hill, the biodiversity wonders of the Biomuseo, and the historic Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal. Additionally, the Amador Causeway and the Goethals Memorial enrich any visit.
The best things to do in Ancón with kids involve interactive learning at the Biomuseo, spotting wildlife at the Metropolitan Natural Park, and discovering the Panama Canal at the Miraflores Visitor Center, where history becomes an adventure.
Best outdoor activities in Ancón include hiking up Ancon Hill for its stunning views, biking or walking the Amador Causeway, and exploring the Metropolitan Natural Park for a close encounter with the region's lush biodiversity.
The best indoor activities are a visit to the engaging Biomuseo, exploring the Panama Canal Museum for a historical perspective, and the art-filled halls of the Canal Administration Building with its storied murals.
The best Ancón tours encompass the "Historical Ancón Highlights," "Art & Culture of Ancón," and the immersive "Panoramic Ancón Views" which are among the top-rated experiences for visitors.
The most popular museums include the Biomuseo with its focus on biodiversity and the Panama Canal Museum, which offers insights into the engineering achievement of the canal.
For rainy days in Ancón, the indoor tours within the Panama Canal Museum and Biomuseo offer rich educational experiences away from the elements.
Short tours in Ancón that are 1 hour or less include a guided walk through the historic Casco Viejo district and quick, informative visits to the Goethals Memorial or the Canal Administration Building Murals.

Best Things to Do In Ancón

Embark on a captivating journey through Ancón and discover a treasure trove of cultural highlights and scenic beauty.

Ancón: Canal Administration Building Murals

What is it?
Artistic murals depicting the history of the Panama Canal.
Why you should go?
Located within the Panama Canal Administration Building, these murals are a visual storytelling masterpiece. Painted by William B. Van Ingen, they offer a glimpse into the epic construction of the canal. Visitors to Ancón should not miss these artworks; they're a cultural treasure that encapsulates the determination and spirit of the country. The detailed artistry makes the murals a highly recommended place to visit in Ancón for art and history enthusiasts.

Ancón: Metropolitan Natural Park

What is it?
A lush urban park preserving tropical flora and fauna.
Why you should go?
As a tranquil escape within the city, Metropolitan Natural Park offers a variety of trails leading through dense tropical forest. Visitors can enjoy bird-watching, nature photography, and the chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Educational signage throughout enhances the experience. Among the best Ancón tours for nature lovers, this park demonstrates the impressive biodiversity of Panama just minutes from the urban landscape.

Ancón: Goethals Memorial

What is it?
A landmark monument honoring Panama Canal builders.
Why you should go?
The Goethals Memorial stands as a tribute to George W. Goethals and other engineers who played a pivotal role in the creation of the Panama Canal. For visitors pondering what to see in Ancón, this significant monument is a piece of the region's rich history. It's an important stop for those wishing to pay respect to the visionaries behind one of the world's greatest engineering feats.

Ancón: Frank Gehry’s Biodiversity Bridge

What is it?
An architectural landmark connecting the Biomuseo to the Amador Causeway.
Why you should go?
The Biodiversity Bridge, designed by Frank Gehry as part of the Biomuseo complex, stands as an icon of sustainability and design. It serves as a physical and symbolic link between Panama's urban development and its commitment to preserving natural history. This vibrant structure is a testament to the creative fusion of form and function, illustrating why Gehry's works are internationally acclaimed and why it's one of the things to do in Ancón.

Ancón: The Old Ancón Quarry

What is it?
An historical site that played a part in Panama Canal construction.
Why you should go?
The Old Ancón Quarry is a testament to the enormous undertaking of the Panama Canal construction. Now a point of historical interest, it allows visitors to step back in time and envision the scale of work involved. Guided tours and educational signs enrich the visitor experience, making it a significant spot among places to visit in Ancón for those captivated by industrial heritage and the Canal's storied past.

Ancón: Amador Causeway

What is it?
A bustling boardwalk offering leisure, dining, and panoramic views.
Why you should go?
Stretching into the Pacific, the Amador Causeway is a hub of Ancón activities, lined with palm trees, restaurants, and shops. Ideal for a leisurely walk or bike ride, visitors can enjoy the cool sea breeze while marveling at the cityscape and the ships queuing to enter the Panama Canal. The causeway is also a gateway to the biodiversity-rich islands of Naos, Perico, and Flamenco, making it a multifaceted excursion within Ancón.

Ancón: Miraflores Locks

What is it?
An iconic set of locks within the Panama Canal.
Why you should go?
Witness the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal at the Miraflores Locks, where visitors gain an up-close view of ships transiting the canal. The on-site museum and theater provide educational insights into the canal's history and operations. Adding to Ancón tours' variety, the Miraflores Locks combine technological wonder with historical significance, offering a must-see experience for engineering and maritime enthusiasts.

Ancón: Biomuseo

What is it?
A museum dedicated to Panama's biodiversity and ecosystems.
Why you should go?
Designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry, the Biomuseo stands out with its colorful structure that captures the essence of Panama's rich ecological heritage. Exhibits span geological history, mega biodiversity, and environmental consciousness. This interactive museum provides a thought-provoking journey for those seeking to understand Panama's role in the biodiversity of the Americas and is one of the best things to do in Ancón for families and curious minds alike.

Ancón: Ancon Hill

What is it?
A prominent hill offering spectacular views and natural trails.
Why you should go?
Ancon Hill towers over the surrounding landscape, providing panoramic views of Panama City and the Canal Zone. A hike to the summit is among the top Ancón excursions, inviting visitors to spot wildlife along forested paths that lead to a historic flagpole at the peak. The hill once served as an administration site for the Panama Canal, and today, it's a peaceful retreat famed for its vistas and significance to the city.

Ancón: Panama Canal Administration Building

What is it?
The administrative and historical cornerstone of the Panama Canal.
Why you should go?
Boasting neoclassical style and historic importance, the Panama Canal Administration Building stands as a symbol of the monumental efforts in the canal’s construction and operation. The murals recounting the canal's history, created by artist William B. Van Ingen, convey the significant events and challenges overcome. While part of the building remains in official use, its grandeur and historical exhibits make it a commendable inclusion for what to do in Ancón for history buffs and those seeking a deeper understanding of the canal’s legacy.

TOP-5 tours in Ancón for first time visitors

  • Explore the rich biodiversity and serene trails with the "Ancón Nature Walk" audio guide, revealing the best spots for wildlife observation.
  • "Historical Ancón Highlights" delves into the district's past, guiding visitors to monumental sites and sharing intriguing historical anecdotes.
  • "Art & Culture of Ancón" presents a curated path through vibrant street art scenes and cultural institutions, celebrating the local artistic spirit.
  • For those interested in what to see in Ancón, "Panoramic Ancón Views" offers an immersive experience at vantage points showcasing the stunning skyline.
  • "Ancón Coastal Charms" audio tour leads guests along the picturesque coast, highlighting fun things to do in Ancón by the sea.

Fun things to do in Ancón with kids

Setting out on a family adventure in Ancón, Panama, opens up a world where historical wonders meet natural beauty. Begin with a trek to the fascinating Biomuseo, where children can engage with interactive exhibits that bring Panama's rich biodiversity to life. The vibrant design by Frank Gehry itself is enough to spark the imagination of young minds. Following the educational excitement, a visit to the Metropolitan Natural Park provides an outdoor classroom where kids can hear the calls of tropical birds and search for wildlife on a family-friendly trail. Last but not least, embrace the joy of learning and play at the Panama Canal Administration Building. Here, the history of this epic waterway is brought to life in a way that's accessible for visitors of all ages, ensuring that what to do in Ancón is not just educational but entirely enjoyable for the whole family.

Things to do in Ancón with family

When traveling to Ancón with family, the itinerary brims with engaging activities suitable for all ages. A highly recommended stop is the Amador Causeway, where families can cycle along the scenic route, dine at waterfront restaurants, and delve into the wonders of marine life at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Punta Culebra Nature Center. Another gem is the enchanted grounds of the Miraflores Visitor Center where the marvels of the Panama Canal unfold before their eyes through interactive exhibits and the live spectacle of ships navigating the locks. Adding a touch of adventure is the canopy tour within the Metropolitan Natural Park, offering a bird’s eye view of the lush forest and the city skyline – a harmonious blend of nature and urban life. Each attraction is a memorable entry into the compendium of best things to do in Ancón, promising a delightful experience for families seeking a blend of education and recreation.

Free things to do in Ancón

Discovering Ancón doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag, thanks to a selection of enriching free activities. Set off on a hike up Ancon Hill, a natural beacon in the city that rewards trekkers with stunning panoramic views of the Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas, and the sprawling cityscape. History enthusiasts can find solace at the impressive Goethals Memorial, which offers an insightful look into the engineering prowess that made the Panama Canal possible, all at no cost. Lastly, immerse yourself in the local art scene by taking a leisurely stroll to admire the colorful street murals that brighten the neighborhoods of Ancón. This creative display adds a vivid chapter to the best Ancón tours, encapsulating the spirit and cultural richness of the region in each brushstroke.

Cheap things to do in Ancón

Thrifty travelers rejoice—Ancón offers a wealth of cost-effective experiences that promise adventure without the expense. Begin by exploring the local flora and fauna at the Metropolitan Natural Park; with a small entrance fee, it's a haven for nature lovers and budding environmentalists. Next, delve into the region's past with a visit to the Panama Canal murals in the Administration Building. While it's an operating government site, glimpses of the artistic tapestry are available during certain hours for a minimal cost. Don't miss the authentic slice of Panamanian life at the bustling Mercado de Mariscos, where you can witness the lively fish market and savor fresh ceviche for a fraction of restaurant prices. Each of these Ancón excursions presents a priceless opportunity to absorb the local culture and natural beauty while keeping spending to a minimum.

Things to do in Ancón for couples

Ancón offers an array of romantic activities for couples looking to create memorable experiences. Begin with a leisurely stroll along the Amador Causeway, where the serene ocean views and gentle breezes set the stage for moments of intimacy. As the pathway illuminates at dusk, the vibrant hues of sunset provide a picturesque backdrop for a tranquil evening walk. For a deeper connection with nature and each other, the verdant trails of Ancon Hill await. Couples can hike to the summit for a panoramic view that captures the essence of the city—a perfect spot for a shared selfie to capture the memory. To add an element of cultural engagement, couples can participate in best Ancón tours by visiting the historic Casco Viejo district, where colonial architecture and cobblestone streets offer a quaint backdrop to explore quirky shops, charming cafés, and art galleries. Each destination beckons with its unique charm, ensuring that places to visit in Ancón are imbued with opportunities for love and discovery.

Things to do in Ancón at night

As the sun sets on Ancón, the night breathes new life into the city's attractions, offering visitors a variety of nocturnal activities. Experience the vibrant energy of the Amador Causeway, where the nightlife shines with an assortment of waterfront dining options, bars, and live music venues, setting the scene for an evening of entertainment and relaxation under the stars. For a more subdued evening, consider a romantic walk through the historic district of Casco Viejo, illuminated by the soft glow of street lamps that accentuate its colonial architecture, offering a tranquil blend of history and intimacy. Additionally, the Bridge of the Americas is a glowing beacon of Panama's connectivity and a splendid sight to behold after dark; viewing this iconic structure in the evening light adds a dramatic touch to Ancón tours. Ancient sights, sounds, and tastes come alive at night in Ancón, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for adventures after dusk.