Things to do in Antrim

About Antrim

Giant’s Causeway is an iconic natural wonder that tops the list of must-see attractions in Antrim, along with the historic Dunluce Castle, perched dramatically on the cliff's edge, and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, which offers awe-inspiring coastal views.
With kids, a visit to the interactive and engaging W5 science center, the enchanting Antrim Castle Gardens, and the fun-filled Barry's Amusements offers entertainment and learning experiences for the whole family.
Exploring the stunning coastline along the Causeway Coastal Route, hiking in the Glenariff Forest Park, and visiting the scenic Ballintoy Harbour are some of the best outdoor activities in Antrim that nature enthusiasts can enjoy.
Indulge in a whiskey tasting at Old Bushmills Distillery, uncover local history at The Braid Ballymena Town Hall, Museum, and Arts Centre or enjoy a relaxing day at the Junction Retail and Leisure Park.
The best tours in Antrim include audio-guided explorations of the Giant’s Causeway, historical town tours of Ballymena, and the immersive coast to countryside experiences that showcase Antrim's natural beauty.
The most popular museums include the Ulster Transport Museum for history buffs, the Titanic Belfast for maritime enthusiasts, and the Ballymena Museum for those interested in local cultural heritage.
On rainy days, the best tours in Antrim are those that combine indoor attractions, including a visit to the Old Bushmills Distillery, the charming indoors of Castle Coole, and the interactive displays at Titanic Belfast.
Short and sweet tours in Antrim suitable for under an hour include a brisk self-guided walk through the Antrim Castle Gardens, a quick historical tour of the Antrim Town Centre, and an audio-guided stroll along the marina at Ballycastle.

Best Things to Do In Antrim

Discover the myriad of things to do in Antrim with our comprehensive audio tours, guiding you through this historic gem.

Antrim: Dunluce Castle

What is it?
The dramatic, ruined remains of a medieval castle perched on a cliff edge.
Why you should go?
Dunluce Castle offers a peek into the past, where the ruins tell tales of medieval grandeur and clan battles. Apparitions of a bygone era linger at every turn, inviting visitors to unearth the castle's storied history. Standing as a testament to Northern Ireland's cultural heritage, those seeking things to do in Antrim will find that the castle's evocative location atop a craggy outcrop offers stunning seaside vistas, amplified by our narrative-rich audio guides that enhance the already captivating exploration.

Antrim: Ballintoy Harbour

What is it?
A quaint and picturesque coastal nook with fishing boats and rugged scenery.
Why you should go?
Ballintoy Harbour is a hidden treasure nestled along the coast, a must for forming a list of fun things to do in Antrim. Its charm lies in its simplicity and the timeless way of life it represents. Suitable for those who admire the raw beauty of the Northern Irish coastline, the harbor provides striking photographic opportunities and a peaceful setting. Our audio tour enhances the experience by providing enlightening narratives about the local maritime culture and nearby natural attractions.

Antrim: Glenariff Forest Park

What is it?
A natural haven featuring waterfalls, woodland, and scenic trails.
Why you should go?
Within the lush valleys of the Glens of Antrim, Glenariff Forest Park stands as an inviting retreat for nature lovers. Among Antrim activities, meander through trails that lead to enchanting waterfalls and lookout points offering sweeping views of the park's serene beauty. Ideal for a moment of tranquility or an adventurous hike, our audio guides provide context, enhancing the journey with tales of the local ecosystem and the park's development over the years.

Antrim: Old Bushmills Railway

What is it?
A historic steam locomotive experience running through stunning countryside.
Why you should go?
Travelling by the Old Bushmills Railway is akin to stepping back in time. An integral part of the local heritage, this railway adventure ranks high among what to see in Antrim, offering a unique perspective of the landscape. Passengers can enjoy the picturesque journey between Bushmills and the Giant's Causeway, all the while soaking in the captivating tales and background provided by our immersive audio guide, which richly details the railway's history and significance.

Antrim: Rathlin Island

What is it?
An idyllic island known for its wildlife and rustic charm.
Why you should go?
Rathlin Island is not just another place to visit in Antrim; it is an escape, a haven of wildlife and natural landscapes. As Northern Ireland's northernmost point, the island is a sanctuary for bird watchers and seekers of solitude alike. With the audio guide's vivid descriptions, guests can wander the rocky shores and grassy knolls while learning about the island's unique biosphere and storied past. A journey to Rathlin is truly one of the best Antrim excursions for a peaceful, immersive experience.

Antrim: Giant's Causeway

What is it?
A spectacular geological formation on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland.
Why you should go?
Embrace the myths and geology at Giant's Causeway, an area steeped in legend and scientific intrigue. As one of the most compelling places to visit in Antrim, the Causeway captivates visitors with its interlocking basalt columns that have inspired artists and storytellers. Whether exploring for its natural wonder or its mythical associations, this World Heritage Site is an absolute must-see, offering a truly immersive experience when paired with our insightful audio guide.

Antrim: Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

What is it?
An exhilarating rope bridge experience above a chasm.
Why you should go?
Brave the swaying Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, a thrilling Antrim activity suspended nearly 100 feet above the rocks and sea below. For those pondering what to see in Antrim, this attraction offers unparallel views of the coastline and an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Visitors seeking a unique vantage point will find the surrounding landscape teeming with wildlife, making for an unforgettable excursion accompanied by our knowledgeable audio commentary.

Antrim: The Dark Hedges

What is it?
A hauntingly beautiful avenue of beech trees.
Why you should go?
Walk beneath the intertwined canopies of The Dark Hedges, immortalized by photographers and TV series alike. In the quest to discover things to see in Antrim, this atmospheric tunnel of trees presents a journey into a realm of fantasy and natural beauty. Visitors under our audio guide's spell will uncover the stories and cinematic history that shroud this avenue, ensuring a memorable stroll through one of Antrim's most photographed locations.

Antrim: Antrim Castle Gardens

What is it?
A pristine historical garden complex spanning over 400 years.
Why you should go?
Antrim Castle Gardens are a verdant retreat from the hustle and bustle, offering a tranquil environment among the ruins of bygone splendor. Those looking for serene Antrim excursions will delight in the meticulously landscaped gardens and water features. With our descriptive audio tour, visitors engage with the site's heritage and embrace the botanical beauty while walking the same paths as nobility once did, a true gem among Antrim tours.

Antrim: Bushmills Whiskey Distillery

What is it?
Ireland's oldest working whiskey distillery, founded in 1608.
Why you should go?
A visit to the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery is an exploration of both taste and time, making it one of the best things to do in Antrim for enthusiasts of spirit history. Discover the craft behind Ireland's renowned whiskey through our engaging audio narrative. Guests will learn about the traditional distilling techniques that have shaped the Bushmills legacy, culminating in a sensory-rich experience that is as educational as it is delightful.

TOP-5 tours in Antrim for first time visitors

  • Explore the iconic castles and rugged coastline that constitute the best things to do in Antrim with our Castle & Coastline tour, offering rich historical narratives.
  • Delving into fun things to do in Antrim, our Family-Friendly Adventure tour brings parks and ruins to life, ensuring entertainment for every age.
  • Find out what to do in Antrim with our City Highlights tour, weaving through top urban sites complete with insider tips and cultural anecdotes.
  • For active travellers, Antrim activities are abundant on our Nature & Trails excursion, highlighting the lush landscapes and outdoor splendor.
  • Cultural enthusiasts will relish our Heritage & Folklore journey, detailing the best Antrim tours for a deep dive into local tradition and stories.

Fun things to do in Antrim with kids

Encouraging curiosity and imagination, Antrim offers numerous activities that families can enjoy together. Take the adventure to the sea at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, where brave kids can conquer their fears and adults can revel in breathtaking coastal landscapes. For an enchanted walk, venture to The Dark Hedges, which provides a mystical setting where children can feel like characters in a fairytale. And, no family trip to Antrim would be complete without exploring the Giant's Causeway. With its intriguing rock formations and legends of giants, it’s an outdoor classroom for young minds eager to learn through our engaging audio tour stories. Each of these attractions melds the beauty of Antrim's natural wonders with the thrill of discovery, perfect for a fun-filled family day out.

Things to do in Antrim with family

For families traveling to Antrim, the region is a treasure trove of shared experiences and delightful discoveries. Embark on a journey to the Giant's Causeway, where the geological marvels serve as a spectacular outdoor playground and a testament to nature’s majesty. Aspiring young historians will adore the tales woven through the ruins of Dunluce Castle, standing dramatically atop the cliffs, providing a fascinating peek into Ireland's medieval past. No less enchanting is a visit to Glenariff Forest Park. Here, parents and children alike can soak in the tranquil beauty of cascading waterfalls and the vibrant hues of wildflowers along the forest trails. These standout attractions fuse educational content, scenic beauty, and fun, all easily navigated with our informative and engaging audio tours, ensuring that family time is not just spent but cherished in Antrim.

Free things to do in Antrim

Antrim's captivating landscape offers a plethora of free attractions, blending nature and history for an unforgettable experience. Step into a scene from a storybook with a visit to The Dark Hedges, a stunning natural corridor of intertwined beech trees that provide a magical backdrop for photographs and leisurely strolls. History enthusiasts can explore the ancient ruins of Antrim Castle Gardens, wandering through its verdant grounds and reflecting on the grandeur of eras past under the watchful eye of historic sculptures and structures. For lovers of the great outdoors, Glenariff Forest Park, known as the "Queen of the Glens," offers a myriad of walking trails that meander past waterfalls and offer panoramic views of the Glens of Antrim, making for an exceptional day out immersed in Northern Ireland's natural beauty. Each of these sites promises an enriching experience without the need for tickets or fees, complemented by a wealth of information available through our insightful self-guided audio tours.

Cheap things to do in Antrim

Travelers to Antrim will find that adventure doesn't have to break the bank, with a variety of affordable attractions available. Dive into local history with a trip to the Old Bushmills Railway, where a minimal fare allows you to chug alongside lush landscapes and rolling fields, connecting you from the historic Bushmills village to the iconic Giant's Causeway. The picturesque and peaceful Portrush Whiterocks Beach offers a cost-effective day out where families can engage in sandy fun, surf the waves, or simply enjoy a picnic while soaking in the scenery. A visit to the eco-friendly Antrim Lough Shore Park provides a perfect setting for cycling, walking, or watching the sunset, all without spending much at all. These attractions provide a rich experience for those looking for engaging, low-cost Antrim activities, with the added value of self-guided audio tours to enhance the educational and exploratory elements of your visit.

Things to do in Antrim for couples

Antrim is brimming with romantic possibilities for couples looking to create special memories. Stroll hand in hand along the Ballintoy Harbour, where captivating sunsets and the gentle sounds of waves create a picturesque backdrop for an evening of romance. For the adventurous duo, meandering through the intertwined beech trees at The Dark Hedges offers a touch of magic and intimacy, perfect for those shared selfies and moments of wonder. And no couple should miss the chance to explore the Giant's Causeway at dusk. The interlocking basalt columns and mythic atmosphere present an ideal location for couples to marvel at nature's beauty and experience the calm of twilight together. These attractions provide not just scenic views but a chance for couples to bond over the enchanting history and natural splendor that Antrim has to offer, enhanced by the stories and insights from our self-guided audio tours.

Things to do in Antrim at night

Twilight brings a different kind of charm to Antrim, with a variety of activities that flourish under the stars. Experience the enchanting aura of The Dark Hedges by night, where the interlacing branches create a surreal atmosphere that is both mysterious and romantic, perfect for an evening walk. For a memorable night, witness the ruins of Dunluce Castle illuminated against the night sky, offering a hauntingly beautiful spectacle that tells tales of history long after the sun has set. Couples and night-owls alike can cap off the evening at one of Bushmills' cozy pubs, where they can enjoy local music and a dram of fine Irish whiskey. These nocturnal experiences provide a unique perspective on Antrim's attractions and are best accompanied by our insightful audio tours, enriching the night with stories and legends.