Things to do in Bath

About Bath

Bath's must-see attractions include the Roman Baths, the stunning Bath Abbey, and the majestic Royal Crescent. Each site boasts a wealth of history and architectural wonder, making them essential stops for any visit to the city.
For families with kids, visiting the Bath Sports and Leisure Centre with its interactive pools, exploring the hands-on exhibits at the Bath Science Centre, and venturing through the storybook scenery of Sydney Gardens are sensational choices.
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Bath Skyline Walk, picnicking at Royal Victoria Park, or rowing down the Avon River. These activities provide ample opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and heritage of Bath.
Indoor adventure seekers can indulge in a session at the Thermae Bath Spa, enjoy an afternoon at the Victoria Art Gallery, or experience a theatrical production at the Theatre Royal Bath.
The best Bath tours include the comprehensive audio tours of the Roman Baths, historical walking tours that unveil the city's Georgian charms, and the insightful Jane Austen-themed tours for literature lovers.
Popular museums in Bath comprise the interactive Roman Baths Museum, the fashion-centric Bath Costume Museum, and the Jane Austen Centre, which delves into the author’s life and time spent in Bath.
For rainy days, visitors can take shelter and entertainment from the Bath Abbey Tower Tour, enjoy a guided tour of the Fashion Museum, or embark on the Bizarre Bath comedy walking tour for laughs even on the dreariest days.
Quick Bath tours, which last an hour or less, include the informative Mayor of Bath's Honorary Guides walking tour, a concise yet captivating visit to the Bath Abbey, or a self-guided tour of the Victoria Art Gallery's permanent collections.

Best Things to Do In Bath

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Bath, where historic sites and modern delights fuse seamlessly for an unforgettable experience.

Bath: Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House & Museum

What is it?
One of the oldest houses in Bath, offering a taste of culinary history.
Why you should go?
A delectable slice of Bath's history is served at Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House. This charming establishment is famed for the Sally Lunn bun—a delightful confection that's become a gastronomic symbol of the city. Visitors can sample this treat and other period dishes while exploring the museum below, which reveals layers of Bath's past through the lens of its food culture. This unique experience combines historical education with the joy of traditional English fare, making it a key ingredient in Bath's visitor attractions.

Bath: The Circus

What is it?
A historic circle of majestic townhouses by renowned architect John Wood, the Elder.
Why you should go?
Architecture aficionados revel in the elegance of The Circus, a grand example of Georgian design meticulously crafted to represent a unified facade. As you partake in Bath excursions, The Circus stands out with its layered history and eye-catching stone work that whispers tales of the city's affluent past. This structural marvel, influenced by classical Roman architecture, forms a full circle that is perfectly observed from within, offering a 360-degree immersive architectural experience. The Circus is more than a street; it's a living gallery of Bath's urban creativity.

Bath: Thermae Bath Spa

What is it?
A luxurious spa complex utilizing the city's natural thermal waters.
Why you should go?
For those compiling a list of things to do in Bath, no visit is complete without indulging in its historic thermal waters. The Thermae Bath Spa is the perfect synthesis of ancient tradition and modern wellness techniques. Guests can bathe as the Romans did with a contemporary twist. The spa's highlight is its rooftop pool, which affords panoramic views of the cityscape—serenity meets spectacle. The healing waters promise rejuvenation for the body and soul, inviting a pause from the rush of tourism to embrace the city's relaxing essence.

Bath: Victoria Art Gallery

What is it?
An acclaimed public art museum home to a vast collection of paintings and sculptures.
Why you should go?
The Victoria Art Gallery stands as a beacon for art lovers questioning what to do in Bath. Free to the public, this gallery houses a rich tapestry of artworks, ranging from historic pieces to contemporary wonders, including works by Gainsborough and Turner. The collections unfold in a series of engaging exhibitions, offering a stimulating visual feast. A visit to the Victoria Art Gallery is an opportunity to connect with the artistic pulse of the city, stimulating both intellect and imagination.

Bath: Alexandra Park

What is it?
A picturesque park perched on a hillside, providing stunning views over Bath.
Why you should go?
Alexandra Park, named for the Queen, serves as an urban oasis amongst the best things to see in Bath. A haven for picnickers, leisurely walkers, and those seeking a moment's respite, the park's elevated position offers a tranquil escape with the reward of breathtaking, panoramic vistas of the cityscape below. Whether it's the vibrant autumnal hues or the fresh verdant bursts of spring, the park is a hub of natural beauty throughout the year. It's not just a walk in the park—it's a gateway to the skies of Bath.

Bath: The Roman Baths

What is it?
An impeccably preserved Roman site for public bathing.
Why you should go?
Delve into the thermal springs that have made Bath an epicenter of wellness since Roman times. The remarkably preserved Roman Baths provide an unrivaled glimpse into ancient life. This complex with its steaming pools and historical artifacts offers a unique journey through Britain's historical layers, informing visitors of the ingenuity of Roman engineering. Their whispers seem to echo off the stone, offering a truly immersive experience into the past no history enthusiast should miss.

Bath: Royal Crescent

What is it?
A masterpiece of Georgian architecture featuring a curved row of townhouses.
Why you should go?
When considering fun things to do in Bath, the iconic Royal Crescent stands out. It's an architectural triumph, offering a picturesque panorama of curving elegance that epitomizes the sophistication of the Georgian era. A visit to this location isn't just about enjoying the view; it offers an understanding of how the elite of yesteryears lived and interacted with their spaces. Not to mention, it's a spectacular backdrop for memorable photographs!

Bath: Bath Abbey

What is it?
The last of the great medieval churches of England.
Why you should go?
Standing as a testament to gothic grandeur, Bath Abbey is not merely a place of worship but a historical tapestry. Guests are treated to stunning fan vaulting and stained glass windows while engaging with the abbey's rich past through audio narratives that detail its role from the coronation of the first King of all England to the present day. It serves as a peaceful retreat that offers an enduring spiritual dialogue with the ages. Bath excursions often highlight this marquee attraction.

Bath: Pulteney Bridge

What is it?
A beautiful, shop-lined bridge crossing the River Avon.
Why you should go?
Among the best Bath tours includes the chance to experience Pulteney Bridge, likened to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. This bridge stands unique with shops built across its full span on both sides. It's a charming locale that couples the tranquil sounds of the Avon River with the quaint, bustling nature of the commerce above. Visitors not only capture stunning images but also partake in an archaic market experience that can only be found in a few places worldwide.

Bath: The Jane Austen Centre

What is it?
A museum dedicated to Bath's most famous resident and author, Jane Austen.
Why you should go?
Literary buffs searching for things to do in Bath will find the Jane Austen Centre a delightful homage to the novelist's connection with the city. The centre offers an intimate portrayal of her life and the impact Bath had on her writing. With costumed guides, contemporary exhibits, and even a traditional tea room, visitors can indulge in the regency world Austen depicted, understanding why the city features so prominently in her works.

TOP-5 Tours in Bath for First Time Visitors

  • Explore the Roman Baths, one of the most remarkable places to visit in Bath, and discover the ancient heart of the city through narratives that bring history to life.
  • Stroll through the Royal Crescent, a defining landmark when looking for things to see in Bath, and gain insights into Georgian architecture with illustrative commentary.
  • Delight in the Bath Abbey, a pinnacle of what to see in Bath, where its Gothic splendor is revealed in stories echoing the stone's history.
  • Discover the vibrant Pulteney Bridge as part of your Bath activities, combining scenic views with anecdotes of its unique shops and historical background.
  • Engage with the Jane Austen Centre, a must for what to do in Bath, offering an intimate look at the writer's life and Bath's influence on her work.

Fun things to do in Bath with kids

Encouraging curiosity and creating fond family memories is effortless with the kid-friendly attractions Bath has to offer. Embark on a wondrous journey back in time at the Bath’s historic Roman Baths where interactive exhibits bring ancient history to life for young explorers. Follow the costumed characters and try the free children's audioguide to make learning fun. Next, the Bath Sports and Leisure Centre presents a splash-tastic time for the little ones with an indoor pool and slides, balancing excitement with activities that keep the children active. Lastly, let their imaginations soar at the play areas of Royal Victoria Park. Beyond a playground, this green haven includes a skateboard ramp and mini-golf, ensuring there's variety for all ages. Uniting the charm of the past with the joys of the present, Bath's family attractions promise engaging experiences that every young adventurer will cherish.

Things to do in Bath with family

When traveling to Bath with family, an array of attractions awaits, offering enjoyment and education for all ages. The iconic Roman Baths not only offer a glimpse into the ancient world but also feature family-friendly activities and hands-on exhibits to captivate the interest of children and adults alike. Continuously ranked among the best things to do in Bath, these historic baths are a gateway to the past. For a breath of fresh air and outdoor fun, Sydney Gardens provides a lush landscape with ample space for children to play and families to picnic under the shade of mature trees. As a plus, it's one of Jane Austen's favorite Bath spots! For an inventive fusion of learning and play, the Bath Science Centre engages young minds with interactive displays and experiments that make science palpable and exciting. These family-friendly Bath activities promise a blend of entertainment, learning, and timeless memories.

Free things to do in Bath

Bath, an enclave of culture and history, offers enriching experiences that don't demand a ticket. Visitors can meander through the cobbled streets to Pulteney Bridge, reminiscent of Florence's Ponte Vecchio, and admire the picturesque Avon River — a perfect setting for a family photo or a solitary moment of reflection. Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Victoria Art Gallery, which welcomes all to its permanent exhibitions showcasing everything from classic oil paintings to modern sculptures. Here, the engaging works of historic and contemporary artists are displayed in an eloquent dialogue of visual expression. Lastly, a stroll through the sweeping landscapes of Prior Park Landscape Garden — a National Trust site — reveals a stunning Palladian bridge and offers serene valley views. This location is ideal for nature lovers and those who find solace in the beauty of English gardens. Bath, rich in history and beauty, ensures that the best things to see often come without a price.

Cheap things to do in Bath

A visit to Bath need not strain the wallet, as a wealth of low-cost attractions await. The historic Bath Abbey invites guests for a minimal fee to marvel at its architectural grandeur and absorb centuries of spiritual and social history within its walls. Climbing the Abbey's Tower provides a panoramic vista of the cityscape for a small charge, making it a must-do experience. For those with literary leanings, The Jane Austen Centre offers affordable insight into the author's life in Bath, transporting visitors back to the Regency era through exhibitions and costumed guides. Additionally, the Bath Skyline Walk, a delightful trail just outside the city, presents six miles of breathtaking views and enchanting woodlands. This renowned walking route is freely accessible and perfect for families seeking active adventure amid nature's splendor. These economical Bath activities prove that enriching experiences don't have to come at a high cost.

Things to do in Bath for couples

Romantic moments abound in Bath, offering couples a trove of memorable experiences. The Thermae Bath Spa provides a serene escape where pairs can unwind in Britain's only natural thermal waters. Rooftop pools with stunning cityscape views and therapeutic spa treatments create an atmosphere of luxury and intimacy. For a stroll through history and beauty, the Georgian Garden — a tucked-away 18th-century recreated garden — offers a tranquil space for contemplative conversations and connection amidst lush greenery. As day turns to dusk, the allure of the illuminated Bath streets invites amorous wanders, particularly down the iconic Royal Crescent, where the grandeur of the city's architecture under soft evening light sparks an undeniable romantic charm. These enticing Bath locations are just a sampling of the intimate activities that make the city a perfect retreat for couples in love.

Things to do in Bath at night

As the sun sets on the historic city, the nocturnal allure of Bath comes alive with activities for nighttime adventurers. Begin the evening with a visit to the Theatre Royal Bath, one of the oldest and most beautiful theatres in Britain, offering a range of performances from classic plays to modern musicals. Enjoy an immersive cultural experience that promises to entertain and inspire. Stargazers and romantics alike can next ascend to Alexandra Park, where the elevated vantage point offers breathtaking views of the city lights below. It's an ideal spot for a quiet evening picnic or a reflective moment under the starlit sky. For those looking to cap the night with a touch of spirited socialization, the cozy pubs and bars that line the cobbled streets of the city provide a warm, vibrant atmosphere to sample local ales and ciders, converse with locals, and toast to the experiences that make Bath at night a time to treasure.