Things to do in Belfast

About Belfast

The must-see attractions in Belfast include the Belfast Historical Society Museum offering insights into local history, the resplendent Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve, and the enchanting Dullstroom Birds of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre for an up-close look at majestic raptors.
Visiting the Dullstroom Birds of Prey Centre, exploring natural wonders at the Belfast Dam, and enjoying interactive history lessons at the Lydenburg Heads and Cultural Village are some of the best activities for kids in Belfast.
Outdoor enthusiasts in Belfast can revel in fly-fishing adventures at Frontier Fly Fishing, take hikes within the Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve, or enjoy picnics and bird watching at the serene Belfast Dam.
For indoor entertainment, one can browse the extensive collection at the Belfast Public Library, learn about local history at the Belfast Historical Society Museum, or indulge in chocolate tasting at Shautany Chocolatiers.
Among the best tours in Belfast are historical walking tours of the city, guided wildlife and bird watching excursions, and self-guided tours of the area's notable landmarks and natural beauty spots.
The most popular museum is the Belfast Historical Society Museum, a central hub for those interested in the rich past and evolving story of the area.
On rainy days, the best tours include indoor historical exhibitions, chocolate-making experiences at a local chocolatier, and exploring the town's library with its vast collection of literature and historical documents.
Short tours in Belfast that fit within an hour or less include quick guided visits to local heritage sites, condensed versions of city walking tours, and brief but informative sessions at the Dullstroom Birds of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre.

Best Things to Do In Belfast

Discover the wealth of places to visit in Belfast with immersive self-guided audio tours that bring the city's history and culture to life.

Belfast: Bill's Best Boeries

What is it?
A culinary institution known for its delightful boerewors rolls.
Why you should go?
Bill's Best Boeries solidifies Belfast's reputation as a foodie destination. Not just a meal, but a cultural experience, this spot offers the finest boerewors rolls, combining succulent sausage with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each bite is a testament to the town's rich agricultural heritage, invoking all the flavors of South Africa in a single roll. Food enthusiasts should not miss savoring this authentic taste of the region, celebrated among locals and visitors alike for its mouthwatering excellence.

Belfast: Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve

What is it?
A pristine nature reserve offering spectacular biodiversity.
Why you should go?
Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve stands as a sanctuary for wildlife, featuring rolling grasslands, wetlands, and an array of endemic species. It is a designated Ramsar site, highlighting its global importance for conservation. Birdwatchers and nature photographers will find themselves in paradise, with rare crane sightings and a tapestry of wildflowers during bloom season. Hiking through this serene reserve, one truly connects with the tranquility and untouched beauty of the Highveld.

Belfast: Belfast Golf Club

What is it?
An inviting golf course with a scenic backdrop for enthusiasts and amateurs.
Why you should go?
The Belfast Golf Club offers a delightful challenge to golfers of all levels, set against the picturesque scenes of the Highlands meander. The well-kept fairways and greens blend seamlessly with the natural terrain, providing a calming yet invigorating round of golf. Whether aiming for a personal best or simply enjoying the sport, visitors can relish the crisp mountain air and stunning views that surround every hole, making for an unforgettable golfing experience.

Belfast: Shautany Chocolatiers

What is it?
An artisanal chocolate shop handcrafting exquisite confections.
Why you should go?
Indulgence takes on a new meaning at Shautany Chocolatiers, where the art of chocolate-making is celebrated. With an array of handcrafted delicacies, visitors can watch the chocolatiers at work and sample the luxurious tastes of finely made sweets. A stop at this chocolatier is more than a treat; it’s an exploration of flavor and craftsmanship, perfect for those looking to spoil themselves or find a unique gift representing the delectable comforts of Belfast.

Belfast: Lakenvlei Forest Lodge

What is it?
A peaceful lodge retreat amidst a private forest and wetland area.
Why you should go?
Nestled in a breathtaking pine forest, Lakenvlei Forest Lodge offers an escape to tranquility. With cozy accommodations and a serene atmosphere, this secluded haven is ideal for visitors seeking to unwind. The lodge serves as a gateway to nature exploration or simply a place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the forest environment. The crossing paths of wilderness and comfort provide an exceptional lodging experience catering to peace-seekers and outdoor adventurers alike.

Belfast: Belfast Public Library

What is it?
An iconic building housing a wealth of knowledge and local history.
Why you should go?
Stepping into the Belfast Public Library is not just about the books; it's an immersion into the town's heritage. With its classic architectural design, the library serves as a cultural hub, offering a window into local literature and historical records. Visitors can spend a quiet afternoon exploring its extensive collection, participating in community events, and perhaps uncovering fascinating stories about Belfast. It's a serene retreat for book lovers and history buffs alike, highlighting the town's intellectual pursuits.

Belfast: Belfast Historical Society Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to preserving and presenting Belfast's history.
Why you should go?
The Belfast Historical Society Museum is a treasure trove of the past, capturing the essence of the town's societal evolution. Here, artifacts, photographs, and documents are meticulously curated to narrate Belfast's unique story. It offers a profound insight into the lives of settlers and the development of local industries. For those intrigued by the rich tapestry of history, this museum provides an enlightening perspective on the chronicles of the community and its contribution to the wider region.

Belfast: Frontier Fly Fishing

What is it?
An outdoor experience offering guided fly-fishing excursions.
Why you should go?
Whether a seasoned angler or a novice, Frontier Fly Fishing introduces participants to the serene beauty of local water bodies teeming with fish. With expert guides to lead the way, visitors will experience the thrill of the catch and the tranquility of unspoiled nature. It's not just about the sport; it's a chance to connect with the environment and perhaps even master the graceful art of fly-fishing, all within the scenic vistas of Belfast's countryside.

Belfast: Dullstroom Birds of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre

What is it?
A sanctuary and rehabilitation facility for various birds of prey.
Why you should go?
The Dullstroom Birds of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre offers an insightful glance into the world of raptors. Visitors are treated to flying displays, given the chance to learn about the rehabilitation efforts for injured and orphaned birds, and interact with these magnificent creatures up close. It's an educational and thrilling experience, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife conservation efforts. This center is a highlight for nature enthusiasts and families alike, ensuring an unforgettable encounter with the avian world.

Belfast: Belfast Dam

What is it?
A scenic dam that offers a variety of recreational activities.
Why you should go?
The Belfast Dam is not just a source of water; it's a focal point for leisure and adventure. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, visitors can indulge in picnics, bird watching, and fishing. It's a place where tranquility and activity coexist, allowing for reflective moments as well as exhilaration and fun. The dam is an ideal spot for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle, offering a peaceful environment to recharge whilst enjoying the panoramic beauty of Belfast.

TOP-5 tours in Belfast for first time visitors

  • Explore the historical architecture and vibrant street art in a single sweep with the "what to see in Belfast" tour, a journey through the soul of the city.
  • Dive into tales of the Titanic at the renowned shipyard where it was built, a key highlight on the list of what to do in Belfast for history enthusiasts.
  • The "best things to do in Belfast" tour takes you to iconic landmarks, including City Hall and the Botanic Gardens, essential for any newcomer's itinerary.
  • If looking for fun things to do in Belfast, the quirky pub crawl audio guide mixes local legends with the best spots to experience Belfast's nightlife.
  • For a holistic view of the city, the "Belfast activities" tour encompasses the must-visit markets, theaters, and culinary hotspots favored by locals.

Fun things to do in Belfast with kids

Exploring Belfast with kids is an enriching experience thanks to a host of family-friendly attractions that cater to youthful curiosity and energy. The Dullstroom Birds of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre stands out as an educational and interactive experience, where children can marvel at the flight displays and learn about wildlife conservation. For little adventurers, the Belfast Dam offers ample opportunities for outdoor fun, from fishing to exploring nature trails teeming with local flora and fauna. Additionally, the Lydenburg Heads and Cultural Village provides a fantastic cultural excursion, where families can step back in time and explore ancient African civilizations, inspiring kids with engaging stories and fascinating archeological finds. These attractions not only entertain but educate, making them invaluable additions to any family vacation in Belfast, South Africa.

Things to do in Belfast with family

Embark on a family adventure in Belfast and delve into activities that are as enjoyable as they are enriching. At the Belfast Historical Society Museum, families can discover the town’s fascinating past, from its early settlement to its growth into the charming destination it is today. Engage with interactive exhibits and recount the tales that have shaped the local community. Outdoorsy clans will adore the natural wonders at the Verloren Vallei Nature Reserve. Here, picnicking, birdwatching, and short hikes promise a delightful day amidst the majestic biodiversity. And for those seeking serenity and play, the Belfast Dam is a picturesque locale ideal for a leisurely fishing expedition or simply soaking in the scenic beauty. Each stop on your Belfast journey offers a unique touchstone to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Free things to do in Belfast

Belfast is a treasure trove of activities that won't cost you a cent but are rich in experiences. Immerse in the town's heritage with a visit to the Belfast Public Library. Its grand old structure is not only a domicile of books but a silent narrator of times gone by. Families, history buffs, and literature enthusiasts will find solace among the literary treasures housed here. For nature lovers, the verdant escape provided by the public walking trails around the town is a breath of fresh air. Revel in the bliss of a leisurely walk, taking in the scenic beauty of local flora and wildlife. Additionally, the town's historical landmarks, such as the War Memorial, can be appreciated with a self-guided walking tour, which allows visitors to soak in the history that has shaped Belfast. These attractions provide an enjoyable and insightful peek into the local culture and natural splendor without the need for a ticket.

Cheap things to do in Belfast

Visitors to Belfast seeking budget-friendly attractions will find an array of inexpensive options that promise memorable experiences. Begin with a tour of the Belfast Historical Society Museum, where a nominal entrance fee allows you to delve into the rich tapestry of the town's past. The museum is a must-see for those with a penchant for history and culture. For the nature enthusiasts, the Lakenvlei Forest Lodge provides tranquil forest walks, bird watching, and the chance to spot local wildlife at a low cost, offering a peaceful retreat from bustling city life. Additionally, the local markets in Belfast offer an authentic shopping experience without breaking the bank. Wander through the stalls to find affordable handicrafts, sample homemade treats, and soak in the vibrant community atmosphere. These cost-effective attractions ensure a delightful exploration of Belfast's heritage, natural beauty, and local color.

Things to do in Belfast for couples

Couples looking for a romantic escapade in Belfast will find the town brimming with intimate and charming attractions. Begin your journey at the enchanting Lakenvlei Forest Lodge, where secluded walks through whispering pines and private picnics by the dam create the perfect setting for quality time together. For those with a penchant for history and art, a visit to the Belfast Historical Society Museum offers a chance to stroll hand in hand while uncovering the narratives that have shaped this quaint town. Finally, no couple's trip to Belfast is complete without a foray into the world of fine chocolates at Shautany Chocolatiers. Discovering the artistry behind these handcrafted sweets and savoring them together is sure to add a touch of indulgence to your shared experience. These destinations provide the ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories and celebrating love in Belfast.

Things to do in Belfast at night

As dusk falls over Belfast, the night-time atmosphere provides a different perspective on this charming South African town. One of the best evening activities is to find a cozy spot at a local restaurant or pub, where you can indulge in regional cuisine, enjoy the warm hospitality, and potentially catch live music performances. On clear evenings, stargazing at the outskirts of town becomes a mesmerizing pastime. With minimal light pollution, couples and families alike can gaze upon the vast Southern Hemisphere sky, spotting constellations and marveling at the milky way. For night owls, the occasional night market offers a festive experience, where you can browse craft stalls under the starlit sky, taste home-made local delicacies, and enjoy the communal vibe unique to the town. These nocturnal attractions provide a delightful end to your days exploring Belfast, allowing visitors to soak up the local ambience and enjoy the tranquil nights that this area is known for.