Things to do in Birmingham

About Birmingham

Popular museums include the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, and the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, each showcasing different facets of Birmingham's rich history and innovative spirit.
Birmingham's must-see attractions include the historic Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the evocative Birmingham Back to Backs, and the tranquil Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Discover the innovation at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum or stroll through the iconic Jewellery Quarter for a touch of local craftsmanship.
Family-friendly fun in Birmingham includes a visit to Cadbury World for a sweet treat, engaging with interactive exhibits at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, and getting up close with wildlife at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.
Birmingham offers wonderful outdoor activities such as exploring the extensive network of canals by foot or bike, enjoying the playgrounds and green spaces of Cannon Hill Park, and wildlife spotting at the Lickey Hills Country Park.
For indoor exploration, guests can enjoy the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, take a deep dive into sea life at the National SEA LIFE Centre, or catch a performance at the Birmingham Hippodrome.
The best tours in Birmingham range from the self-guided audio tours of the city's landmarks and canals to the guided historical tours of the Jewellery Quarter and Birmingham's notorious Peaky Blinders Tours.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy indoor guided tours of the historic Birmingham Back to Backs, dive into marine adventures at the National SEA LIFE Centre, or explore the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.
For those short on time, the 1-hour or less tours include a quick stroll through Birmingham's market areas with an audio guide or the condensed, yet informative, gallery tours available at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Best Things to Do in Birmingham

Discover the vibrant culture and rich history of Birmingham through our immersive self-guided audio tours.

Birmingham: Victoria Square and The River of Life

What is it?
The civic heart of Birmingham boasting the "River of Life" water feature and impressive sculptures.
Why you should go?
Located at the center of Birmingham’s bustling metropolis, Victoria Square is an essential visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. The "River of Life" fountain provides a stunning centerpiece, while the surrounding area features notable sculptures including "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi." It's a picturesque spot that hosts many public events and markets, perfect for getting a sense of the city's social pulse.

Birmingham: Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

What is it?
An innovative science museum filled with interactive exhibits and an engaging planetarium.
Why you should go?
Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, redefines the conventional museum experience with hands-on exhibits that are both educational and exciting. It's a place where curiosity is rewarded with discovery. Visitors can explore everything from transportation history to medical advancements, making it an ideal destination for families and anyone interested in the marvels of science and technology.

Birmingham: Jewellery Quarter

What is it?
A historic area with a rich heritage in jewelry making, also known for its creative businesses.
Why you should go?
The Jewellery Quarter remains an active hub of craftsmanship and industry, representing centuries of Birmingham's manufacturing prowess. With museums, galleries, and countless artisan workshops, it's a place where you can watch skilled jewelers at work or purchase a handcrafted piece to take home. The Quarter's vibrancy extends beyond shops, boasting a thriving food and drink scene.

Birmingham: Aston Hall

What is it?
A stunning Jacobean mansion set in idyllic grounds, revealing a slice of English history.
Why you should go?
For a voyage back in time, Aston Hall offers an unparalleled glimpse into the life of the aristocracy in the 17th century. The grandeur of the hall, with its period furnishings and intricate architecture, is complemented by stories of its former inhabitants. The grounds themselves provide a peaceful retreat from the city's buzz, ideal for picnics or strolls along the gardens.

Birmingham: Barber Institute of Fine Arts

What is it?
A prestigious art gallery and concert hall housing notable European artworks from the Renaissance to the 20th century.
Why you should go?
Art admirers will revel in the collections of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, where masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso are displayed. The intimate concert hall hosts regular performances, offering a blend of visual and auditory experiences. As a center for learning and culture, it's a key part of what to see in Birmingham for those with an appetite for the arts.

Birmingham: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

What is it?
A prestigious museum showcasing a vast collection of art, artifacts, and exhibitions.
Why you should go?
For those seeking cultural enrichment, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery presents the best Birmingham tours of timeless artistry and historical exhibits. With its world-renowned Pre-Raphaelite paintings and compelling ancient Egyptian collections, this museum is a treasure trove for art lovers and history buffs. The array of masterpieces on display provides an insightful experience into artistic evolution and the narratives that shaped our world.

Birmingham: Symphony Hall

What is it?
An acoustically refined concert venue home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.
Why you should go?
If exploring Birmingham's melodies is on your list of things to do in Birmingham, then a visit to Symphony Hall is a must. Acclaimed for its remarkable acoustics, it plays host to an array of performances, from classical to contemporary. Immerse yourself in the rich tones of world-class musicianship and experience the vibrancy of live music. Symphony Hall represents an auditory journey through elegance and excellence.

Birmingham: Cadbury World

What is it?
A self-guided exhibition tour in the historic Bournville village offering a sweet adventure.
Why you should go?
For an irresistible treat among fun things to do in Birmingham, Cadbury World invites you on a journey through the delicious history of chocolate. Discover the origins, the manufacturing process, and sample the tastes that have made Cadbury a household name. It's a delightful excursion for the young and the young-at-heart, making it one of the most popular Birmingham excursions. A world of confectionery magic awaits to enchant your senses.

Birmingham: The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

What is it?
Lush gardens featuring a range of exotic and native plants in a picturesque setting.
Why you should go?
As an oasis of tranquility, The Birmingham Botanical Gardens offer serene surroundings where nature's beauty is in full bloom. With four spectacular glasshouses reflecting different climatic conditions and an array of themed gardens, it is a botanical paradise for enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. This verdant escape from urban life demonstrates why it is one of the places to visit in Birmingham, promising a restorative and educational experience.

Birmingham: National SEA LIFE Centre

What is it?
An aquatic wonderland that showcases a diverse range of marine life in engaging displays.
Why you should go?
The National SEA LIFE Centre provides an under-the-sea voyage where visitors can marvel at the wonders of oceanic life. Featuring a walkthrough tunnel, over 60 displays of freshwater and marine habitats, and interactive talks, it is an educational and entertaining destination. Among Birmingham activities, it stands out for its conservation efforts and the opportunity to witness rare sea creatures up close, making it a unique and memorable attraction.

TOP-5 Tours in Birmingham for First Time Visitors

  • Explore the iconic landmarks and uncover the things to see in Birmingham with the "Historic Highlights" audio tour, taking you through tales of the city's past.
  • Delve into the creative arts scene on the "Cultural Canvas" tour, featuring must-visit places to visit in Birmingham for art enthusiasts.
  • Find out what to do in Birmingham with our "Birmingham Backstreets" audio adventure, guiding you through the lesser-known alleys and eateries.
  • The "Canal-side Wonders" tour showcases fun things to do in Birmingham, focusing on the picturesque waterways and their significance.
  • "Innovation and Industry" is dedicated to Birmingham activities that celebrate the city's industrial heritage and its contributions to modern society.

Fun Things to Do in Birmingham with Kids

Embarking on a family adventure? Birmingham brims with attractions guaranteed to captivate children's imaginations and provide educationally rich experiences. Take your little ones on a whimsical journey at Cadbury World, where they can learn about chocolate-making in a playful setting; it's a sweet treat that's both tasty and interactive. For inquisitive minds, Thinktank, Birmingham's award-winning science museum, offers a galaxy of explorations with its hands-on exhibits and captivating planetarium. It's a place where science comes to life in the most amusing ways. Meanwhile, the National SEA LIFE Centre is a gateway to the ocean's depths. Here, families can stroll through an underwater tunnel, marveling at the colorful ballet of marine life, from clownfish to sharks, making it not only entertaining but also a profound learning opportunity for children. These top-rated Birmingham activities provide an unforgettable experience for families seeking joy and knowledge.

Things to do in Birmingham with Family

In the quest for memorable family activities, Birmingham stands out with its diverse offerings. Immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of chocolate at Cadbury World, an interactive attraction where the history and magic of Cadbury chocolate comes alive. Engage with science and technology in fun, accessible ways at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, offering a variety of hands-on experiences that will spark curiosity across all ages. Don't miss the live demonstrations and the digital planetarium for an out-of-this-world adventure. If you're seeking an aquatic odyssey, the National SEA LIFE Centre will transport you into the depths of the ocean. Be mesmerized by the diverse sea creatures, interactive pools, and a 360-degree ocean tunnel. Each of these top attractions in Birmingham offer unique experiences bound to create lasting memories for the entire family—educational, entertaining, and enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Free Things to Do in Birmingham

Birmingham offers a plethora of free attractions that promise engaging experiences without the ticket price. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a cultural jewel with no admission fee, where families can admire an extensive collection of artworks, including famous Pre-Raphaelite paintings and historical artifacts. The museum regularly updates its exhibitions, ensuring there's always something new to discover. For nature enthusiasts, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens open their doors for free during certain times of the year. Explore the beautiful landscapes, Victorian glasshouses, and educational programs—it's an ideal setting for a leisurely day out. Additionally, the stunning Lickey Hills Country Park is a must-visit for lovers of the great outdoors. Offering panoramic views of the city basin, it's perfect for picnics, hiking, and bird-watching, providing a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle. Revel in the beauty, history, and natural wonders Birmingham has to offer without spending a pound.

Cheap Things to Do in Birmingham

Birmingham teems with affordable attractions, offering plenty of enjoyment for those on a budget. Spend a day exploring the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where for a small donation, you can witness an astonishing array of artworks and historical exhibits, providing both a cultural insight and an educational outing. For a modest fee, step into the past at the Sarehole Mill, a charming 250-year-old mill most noted for its association with author J.R.R. Tolkien. This idyllic spot not only educates visitors on Birmingham's industrial heritage but also serves as a tranquil natural haven. The Thinktank Science Garden is another low-cost option, offering an outdoor discovery space replete with interactive exhibits and scientific wonders that will engage both children and adults. This is an excellent way for families to experience science in an open-air setting, where learning and fun intersect at an accessible price point.

Things to do in Birmingham for Couples

Romantic experiences flourish in Birmingham, offering couples a trove of delightful activities. For art aficionados or simply lovers seeking a tranquil reprieve, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery offers quiet corridors adorned with masterpieces, creating the perfect backdrop for a shared cultural exploration. Couples interested in Birmingham’s illustrious past can meander through the storied halls of Aston Hall, a grandiose Jacobean mansion, which casts a window into the city’s history with its lush gardens and architectural splendor. Alternatively, for those wishing to indulge in a leisurely escape, a stroll through the idyllic canals of Birmingham provides serene waterway views, reminiscent of Venice, and is lined with intimate cafes and eateries. This provides a unique perspective of the city and an opportunity for tranquil reflection or a peaceful canal-side meal. Each attraction offers its own blend of enchantment, setting the stage for memorable moments together.

Things to do in Birmingham at Night

As the sun sets, Birmingham's nightlife scene comes alive, offering an array of nocturnal activities. For music and performance enthusiasts, the Symphony Hall, renowned for its exceptional acoustics and grandeur, is the perfect venue to indulge in a night of classical concerts or contemporary performances. Alternatively, the bustling streets of Broad Street present a vibrant array of clubs, bars, and restaurants, providing endless entertainment for those seeking to experience Birmingham's dynamic social scene. Revel in lively atmospheres, dance the night away, or enjoy a cocktail overlooking the canal. For a more laid-back evening, the Electric Cinema, one of the oldest working cinemas in the UK, offers a unique blend of mainstream, indie, and classic films. Couples and friends alike can unwind in this nostalgic setting, complete with plush sofas and an eclectic mix of refreshments. Each spot casts a different light on Birmingham's diverse after-dark offerings and promises an unforgettable night in the city.