Things to do in Braga

About Braga

The must-see attractions in Braga include the awe-inspiring Bom Jesus do Monte, the historic Braga Cathedral, and the serene Garden of Santa Barbara. Visitors should not miss the chance to explore the grand arches of the Arco da Porta Nova and the ancient ruins of Bracara Augusta.
Engage your kids with a visit to the interactive exhibits at the Braga Science Center, enjoy the outdoor adventure at Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês and explore the playful surroundings of Parque da Ponte, complete with its mini-zoo and play areas.
Among the best outdoor activities are strolling through Bom Jesus do Monte's sprawling gardens, hiking up to the Sameiro Sanctuary, and enjoying the lush beauty of Parque da Ponte. For nature lovers, the nearby Peneda-Gerês National Park offers exceptional hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities.
Top indoor activities include touring the richly decorated Biscainhos Museum, experiencing the sacred art and history within Braga Cathedral, and indulging in a cultural performance at Theatro Circo. Rainy days can be spent delving into the ancient world at the D. Diogo de Sousa Archaeology Museum.
The best Braga tours include guided visits of Braga's Historical Center, Bom Jesus do Monte, and Sameiro Sanctuary. Specialized tours focus on the city's Roman past or its Baroque legacies, and for a uniquely personal experience, try out one of the self-guided audio tours.
The most popular museums in Braga are the D. Diogo de Sousa Archaeology Museum, known for its Roman artifacts, and the Biscainhos Museum, which displays decorative arts within a Baroque palace. The interactive installations at the Braga Science Center are also a draw for visitors.
For rainy days, opt for indoor tours such as the Biscainhos Museum, the Braga Cathedral treasure tour, or the rich cultural experience at the Raio Palace. These tours are sheltered from the weather and abound with historical and artistic insights.
Quick tours in Braga that are 1 hour or less include a concise audio-guided tour of the historic center, a visit to the Tibaes Monastery and its church, or a fast-paced exploration of the Braga Municipal Stadium, perfect for sports enthusiasts.

Best Things to Do In Braga

Discover the richness of Braga through engaging audio tours, unlocking the city's vibrant history and culture.

Braga: Sameiro Sanctuary

What is it?
One of the most important Marian shrines in the world with stunning neo-Byzantine architecture.
Why you should go?
Perched on a hilltop overlooking Braga, the grandiose Sameiro Sanctuary is a testament to religious devotion and architectural brilliance. Visitors are drawn not only to its spiritual significance but also to its artistic decorations and panoramic views. The interior is adorned with intricate frescoes, gilded carvings, and serene ambience. The sprawling plaza outside invites you to marvel at the impressive statue of Pope Pius IX on your self-guided audio tour, providing context and enriching your visit to this sacred place.

Braga: Tibaes Monastery

What is it?
A historic Baroque monastery with remarkable architecture and tranquil surrounding gardens.
Why you should go?
Tibaes Monastery stands as a monument of Portugal's religious heritage. This former home of the Benedictine order beckons visitors with its ornate church, cloisters, and an impressive staircase flagged by statues. The audio tour breathes life into the artistry of the gilded altars and azulejos tiles, while the peaceful gardens offer a contemplative escape. Exploring the restoration efforts, visitors gain insight into monastic life, making it one of the essential things to do in Braga.

Braga: D. Diogo de Sousa Museum

What is it?
A fascinating museum dedicated to archaeology, chronicling the city's ancient Roman history.
Why you should go?
The D. Diogo de Sousa Museum is a treasure trove for those keen on Braga's Roman roots. The museum's collections intricately unfold the city's story from prehistory through Roman occupation. Audio guides enhance the experience, detailing the significance of artifacts, mosaics, and other excavated relics. Visiting this museum offers an in-depth understanding of Braga’s historical importance, making it integral to any Braga excursions that focus on the layers of the city's past.

Braga: Biscainhos Museum

What is it?
A decorative arts museum set within a 17th-century palace, showcasing period furnishings and ornate gardens.
Why you should go?
Nestled in the heart of the city, Biscainhos Museum encapsulates the opulence of the Baroque lifestyle. Visitors can peruse rooms filled with antique furnishings, ceramics, and textiles, all set within the palace's original layout. The audio tour illuminates the historical context of each piece, providing a narrative that connects visitors to the daily lives of past Portuguese aristocrats. The magnificently preserved gardens, with their fountains and statuary, offer a scenic complement to the cultural exploration inside.

Braga: Braga Municipal Stadium

What is it?
A contemporary sports stadium, ingeniously integrated into the natural landscape of Monte Castro quarry.
Why you should go?
Braga Municipal Stadium, also known as Estádio Municipal de Braga, is not only a venue for thrilling sporting events but also a remarkable example of modern architecture. Carved into the side of a quarry, the design merges nature and engineering, creating a unique football experience. Audio tours available during non-match days reveal the stadium's history and offer a glimpse behind the scenes. The stadium's distinct feel and spectacular views make it a worthy stop for those looking to round out their list of what to do in Braga.

Braga: Bom Jesus do Monte

What is it?
A revered pilgrimage site with a monumental Baroque stairway leading to a hilltop sanctuary.
Why you should go?
The iconic pilgrimage site of Bom Jesus do Monte offers a unique blend of spirituality, art, and breathtaking views. Ascending the ornate zigzagging stairs, visitors are taken on a journey through beautifully landscaped gardens and chapels that depict various religious scenes. As you reach the top, the sanctuary emerges as a testament to Baroque grandeur, with the added reward of panoramic views over the city. Completing the experience is the oldest water-powered funicular in the world, offering a historic and charming ascent for those seeking a less strenuous route.

Braga: Braga Cathedral

What is it?
The oldest cathedral in Portugal, imbued with a plethora of architectural styles and history.
Why you should go?
Visiting Braga Cathedral is akin to stepping into a time capsule of ecclesiastic art and architecture. With its origins dating back to the 11th century, this storied monument offers an insight into the evolution of styles from Romanesque to Gothic to Baroque. Inside, you will encounter ornate chapels, historical organs, and elaborate tombs, including those of notable Portuguese figures. The majesty of the cathedral coupled with the rich historical narrative presented through your audio guide creates an immersive cultural experience in the heart of Braga.

Braga: Garden of Santa Barbara

What is it?
A picturesque medieval garden adorned with vibrant flowers and historical structures.
Why you should go?
The Garden of Santa Barbara presents a serene and scenic retreat amid the urban landscape of Braga. Flourishing with colorful blooms and meticulously landscaped greenery, the garden is bordered by the medieval wing of the former Archbishop's Palace. The intertwining of nature with the architectural elegance of bygone eras provides an idyllic setting for leisure and contemplation. This enchanting spot, often alive with the fluttering of birds and soft whisper of fountains, is a must-visit attraction for a tranquil pause during your exploration of Braga.

Braga: Raio Palace

What is it?
An 18th-century Baroque palace that stands as a prime example of urban Portuguese nobility.
Why you should go?
Raio Palace, with its striking blue façade, ornamental features, and historical significance, offers a captivating insight into the lives of the Portuguese aristocracy. Designed by architect André Soares, the palace showcases the luxurious tastes and wealth of its former inhabitants. Presently housing the Interpretive Center of the Memory of the City, the palace provides an interactive experience for visitors to learn about Braga's urban and social development. The opulent ballrooms and impressive staircases also make Raio Palace a favorite among architecture enthusiasts and cultural travelers alike.

Braga: Braga's Historic Centre

What is it?
The beating heart of Braga, filled with ancient structures, narrow lanes, and lively squares.
Why you should go?
The Historic Centre of Braga is where the city's rich tapestry of history and modernity is beautifully woven together. Wandering through its meandering streets, each corner turned is a discovery of charming cafés, unique boutiques, and landmarks with impressive façades. Audio guides bring to life the stories behind centuries-old churches, buildings, and monuments, such as the Arco da Porta Nova. The area seamlessly blends its Roman legacy with contemporary culture, making it an essential experience for any visitor curious about Braga's past and its present vibrancy.

TOP-5 tours in Braga for first time visitors

  • Explore historic sanctuaries and delve into sacred traditions with the "Things to see in Braga" audio guide, encompassing spiritual landmarks.
  • Embark on the "Braga Activities & Highlights" tour, a mosaic of fun things to do in Braga, from bustling markets to serene gardens.
  • Dive into the past with "What to see in Braga", an audio experience guiding you through ancient ruins and celebrated museums.
  • Enjoy the "Braga Excursions", an enthralling journey to the most important monuments and the stories behind them.
  • The "Places to visit in Braga" tour showcases the finest architectural treasures and picturesque streets, perfect for culture aficionados.

Fun things to do in Braga with kids

Braga, known for its historical splendor, also offers delightful experiences for the little ones. Start with a visit to the enchanting Bom Jesus do Monte, where a funicular ride presents both an adventure and a history lesson. Its panoramic views and expansive grounds are a perfect playground for curious minds. Next, the Parque da Ponte provides families with lush picnic areas, and its mini-zoo and playgrounds are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Last but not least, the Braga Science Center captivates young scientists with interactive exhibits that make learning about technology, physics, and nature an exhilarating discovery. These family-friendly attractions ensure that Braga delivers memorable moments for every visitor, combining education with excitement in the heart of Portugal.

Things to do in Braga with family

Braga's blend of ancient history and family-friendly entertainment makes it an exceptional destination for travelers with children. One of the best things to do in Braga with family is to take a leisurely stroll around the majestic Bom Jesus do Monte, featuring funicular rides that fascinate both young and old with panoramic views. The lush Parque da Ponte is another gem where families can enjoy peaceful picnics, interact with animals at the mini-zoo, and let children play to their hearts' content in the playgrounds. For a more educational venture, the Braga Science Center offers interactive exhibits, fostering a sense of wonder and discovery in the fields of science and natural history. Each of these top attractions encapsulates the essence of Braga excursions, providing engaging, family-oriented activities complemented by enriching self-guided audio tours.

Free things to do in Braga

Braga, a city rich with history and culture, offers a variety of engaging experiences that won't cost a dime. A must-visit is Braga's historic centre, where wandering through the charming cobblestone streets and admiring the intricate architecture provides a delightful journey through time. Next, the picturesque Garden of Santa Barbara, with its vibrant floral displays and medieval remnants, serves as a perfect spot for relaxation and recreation. Additionally, visitors can immerse in the spiritual atmosphere of the Braga Cathedral and explore its impressive exterior. These free attractions are complemented by self-guided audio tours, which reveal Braga's secrets and stories, making the visit all the more enriching and memorable. Each site offers insight into the heart and soul of Braga, presenting travelers with the best things to see in Braga at no cost.

Cheap things to do in Braga

In the historic city of Braga, visitors can enjoy a wealth of affordable experiences. The iconic Bom Jesus do Monte offers an inexpensive funicular railway ride, coupled with free entry to the church and surrounding gardens, providing breathtaking views ideal for a budget-friendly excursion. Another economical must-see is the Biscainhos Museum, where a modest entrance fee allows exploration of a residence turned museum with its verdant gardens and ornate Baroque interiors. For a nominal charge, the Braga Municipal Stadium opens its doors to those interested in architecture, giving access to one of Portugal's most uniquely designed sports venues. These budget-conscious activities balance cost with cultural value, ensuring that tours in Braga remain accessible and engaging for all travelers.

Things to do in Braga for couples

Braga, with its romantic landscapes and historical charm, is an idyllic destination for couples. An unmissable experience is a visit to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, where intertwined paths lead to serene spots perfect for cherishing shared moments while enjoying the view. A stroll through Braga's historic centre can also spark the flames of romance, as couples meander past ancient buildings and cozy cafes, offering the chance to create intimate memories within the city's vibrant ambiance. For a tranquil retreat, the Garden of Santa Barbara stands out as a lovers' oasis, inviting couples to relax amidst the colorful floral displays and the backdrop of medieval architecture. Each of these places to visit in Braga offers an opportunity for couples to connect and create lasting memories against the backdrop of this captivating city.

Things to do in Braga at night

Braga transforms as the sun sets, offering nocturnal experiences that blend heritage with vibrant nightlife. The evening begins with a visit to Braga's beautifully illuminated historic centre, where the glowing facades of ancient buildings and the Arco da Porta Nova create a mesmerizing backdrop for a romantic stroll or a relaxed night out, ideal for those pondering what to do in Braga after dark. Gastronomy enthusiasts can indulge in traditional Portuguese cuisine at one of the city's many charming restaurants, followed by sipping local Vinho Verde wine at a cozy bar. For those seeking entertainment, Theatro Circo presents a nightly lineup of cultural performances, from concerts to plays, within its century-old auditorium. These attractions ensure that things to see in Braga extend well beyond daylight hours, promising memorable nights steeped in culture and conviviality.