Things to do in Brno

About Brno

The must-see attractions in Brno include the historic Špilberk Castle, the architecturally renowned Villa Tugendhat, the gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, and the bustling Zelný trh (Vegetable Market) with its Parnassus Fountain. The Moravian Karst with its stunning caves is a natural wonder not to be missed.
The best things to do in Brno with kids are visiting the Brno Zoo for its wide variety of animals, spending an interactive and educational day at the VIDA Science Center, and enjoying outdoor playtime in Lužánky Park, which is Brno’s largest park with playgrounds and ample green space.
The best outdoor activities in Brno include hiking through the scenic trails of the Moravian Karst, enjoying the panoramic city views from the Špilberk Castle grounds, and relaxing or cycling in the expansive Lužánky Park. The Brno Reservoir also offers boating and water-centric activities.
The best indoor activities in Brno include exploring the Mendel Museum, discovering the wonders of science at the VIDA Science Center, enjoying performances at the National Theatre Brno, and appreciating art at the Moravian Gallery, which houses an extensive collection of visual arts.
The best Brno tours include guided visits to the UNESCO-listed Villa Tugendhat, a comprehensive exploration of the Moravian Karst cave systems, and historical walking tours through Brno's city center highlighting its architectural and cultural landmarks.
The most popular museums in Brno are the Technical Museum, which showcases technology and engineering through the ages, the Mendel Museum for its insights into genetics, and the Moravian Gallery for its vast collection of art ranging from medieval to contemporary pieces.
The best tours in Brno for rainy days include indoor options such as the guided tour of Villa Tugendhat, the historical explorations within the Špilberk Castle, and museum tours like those at the Technical Museum which offer informative indoor experiences regardless of the weather.
Short tours in Brno suitable for 1 hour or less include a quick walking tour of the city's historic center, a brief visit to the Capuchin Crypt with its well-preserved mummies, and a compact tour of the Old Town Hall with its panoramic viewing tower.

Best Things to Do In Brno

Discover the vibrant city of Brno with its unique blend of history, culture, and modernity waiting to be explored.

Brno: Mendel Museum

What is it?
An innovative museum dedicated to the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel.
Why you should go?
Located in the Augustinian Abbey where Mendel lived and worked, the Mendel Museum is a pilgrimage site for science enthusiasts. It offers a unique insight into the life and work of the father of genetics, including his groundbreaking experiments on pea plants. The museum's interactive exhibits and period instruments highlight his meticulous methods and profound impact on modern science. Visitors can also wander through the very greenhouse where Mendel conducted his experiments, making this a truly immersive educational experience targeting the intersection of history, science, and heritage.

Brno: Zelný trh

What is it?
A bustling market place in the heart of Brno offering local produce and crafts.
Why you should go?
Zelný trh, or the Cabbage Market, is the culinary epicenter of Brno, inviting visitors to indulge in the authentic local flavors and lifestyle. This historic square is not only about fresh vegetables and fruits; it's a hub for gourmet food stalls, artisanal products, and flowers. With a fountain dating back to the 17th century at its center, Zelný trh is also a place steeped in history. Regular fairs and seasonal events add to the vibrancy, making it one of the most engaging things to do in Brno for those wanting to connect with the city's daily rhythm.

Brno: Technical Museum

What is it?
A comprehensive display of engineering and technology advancements through history.
Why you should go?
The Technical Museum in Brno is a celebration of human ingenuity, offering a journey through technological achievements from the past to the present. With exhibits ranging from historical vehicles and machines to interactive science displays, it caters to curious minds of all ages. The museum features unique collections, including a preserved mine and a hall of astronomical instruments, making it one of the most intriguing Brno activities for those fascinated by the evolution of technology and its applications in everyday life.

Brno: Moravian Karst

What is it?
A geological phenomenon with a network of caves and gorges north of Brno.
Why you should go?
Just a short trip from Brno, the Moravian Karst offers an adventure into the subterranean world of limestone formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. The naturally sculpted landscape is accessible through guided tours of its caves, including the famous Punkva Caves with its underground river and Masaryk's Cave known for its large caverns. A cable car ride to the Abyss of Macocha reveals a dramatic gorge, providing not only an exhilarating experience but also stunning photographic opportunities. This natural wonder is one of the best Brno excursions for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Brno: Capuchin Crypt

What is it?
A crypt beneath the Capuchin Monastery, housing the mummified remains of monks and nobles.
Why you should go?
The Capuchin Crypt is a somber yet fascinating site that provides a unique window into the burial customs of the past. The naturally mummified bodies of the Capuchin monks and local aristocracy, thanks to the unique microclimate of the crypt, offer a poignant reflection on life and death. The simplicity of the Capuchins' lives is evident in the modesty of their final resting place, and their crypt remains an educational and moving place to visit while contemplating the rich religious and cultural history of Brno.

Brno: Spilberk Castle

What is it?
An imposing fortress and former royal castle perched on a hill in Brno.
Why you should go?
Overlooking the skyline of Brno, Spilberk Castle offers not only panoramic views but also a deep dive into local history. Initially constructed in the 13th century, this castle boasts a rich past as a royal residence, fortress, and even a prison. Today, visitors can explore historical exhibitions, stroll around the immaculately kept gardens, and attend various cultural events hosted within its ancient walls. The castle's atmosphere, embracing both grandeur and solemnity, is a profound testament to the city's evolution through time.

Brno: Villa Tugendhat

What is it?
A UNESCO-listed icon of modernist architecture by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Why you should go?
Villa Tugendhat is an architectural masterpiece that stands as a testament to functionalist design. Built in the 1930s, this villa captures the pioneering spirit of modern architecture. Its innovative use of space, materials, and technology makes it a must-visit for architecture aficionados and anyone interested in 20th-century design. The villa’s interior is remarkably preserved, offering insights into the lifestyle of the era and showcasing original furniture. Tours provide an educational glimpse into the visionary work of van der Rohe.

Brno: Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

What is it?
A stunning example of Gothic architecture, this cathedral is a key part of Brno's skyline.
Why you should go?
The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul on Petrov hill is not just a spiritual center but also a historical monument that dominates the city's panorama. Renowned for its two soaring spires and intricate stonework, the cathedral embodies a blend of Gothic and Baroque elements. Visit to marvel at its elaborate interiors, stained glass windows, and crypts. Besides its architectural splendor, the cathedral holds a special place in local lore with a legend tied to the city's successful defense against Swedish forces. Its bell tower offers a panoramic vista of the city, making it a photogenic spot for visitors.

Brno: Moravian Gallery

What is it?
The second-largest art museum in the Czech Republic with an impressive collection.
Why you should go?
For art lovers, the Moravian Gallery in Brno is a treasure trove showcasing diverse art from the region and beyond. Stretching across several historic buildings, the gallery's extensive compilation includes Gothic to 20th-century art, photography, and design. Its exhibitions are thoughtfully curated to represent both Czech and international artists, ensuring an enriching experience. The gallery also frequently hosts temporary exhibitions, lectures, and educational programs, making it a dynamic hub of artistic activity and a pivotal Brno activity for culture enthusiasts.

Brno: Špilberk Park

What is it?
A sprawling green space surrounding the Spilberk Castle, offering peaceful respite.
Why you should go?
Špilberk Park is a lush oasis enveloping the historic Spilberk Castle, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation amidst nature. The park serves as the perfect place for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply to enjoy the outdoors. Tranquil pathways wind through the well-manicured gardens, with frequent benches to stop and appreciate the surrounding beauty. The park is not only a haven for plant lovers but also a spot beloved by fitness enthusiasts and families alike, offering diverse Brno activities within a serene environment.

TOP-5 Tours in Brno for First Time Visitors

  • Delve into the heart of the city's history with a tour that highlights the best things to do in Brno, from medieval architecture to lively squares.
  • Explore fun things to do in Brno with a tour showcasing vibrant cultural spaces and contemporary art scenes for an immersive experience.
  • Uncover the top places to visit in Brno with a journey through its iconic landmarks, perfect for capturing the essence of the city's charm.
  • Considered some of the best Brno tours, these experiences offer a deep dive into the local cuisine and bustling market life.
  • For those intrigued by what to see in Brno, these excursions reveal hidden gems and storytelling nooks around every corner.

Fun things to do in Brno with kids

Known for its vibrant culture and historical significance, Brno is also a city brimming with activities for families with children. First, the Brno Zoo, located on the outskirts of the city, offers a fun-filled day with its wide range of animals, interactive exhibits, and playgrounds. The zoo's layout is designed for easy navigation, ensuring a stress-free experience for parents and an educational adventure for the kids. Secondly, the VIDA Science Center sparks curiosity and learning through its hands-on science exhibits. Kids can engage in experiments, explore the principles of physics, and marvel at the wonders of the universe, making science both accessible and enjoyable. Lastly, Lužánky Park, the largest park in Brno, is a perfect spot for a leisurely family picnic or letting the kids loose on the playgrounds. The park's expansive green spaces, sport facilities, and seasonal events provide ample opportunities for outdoor enjoyment and some of the most relaxing Brno activities tailored for young visitors.

Things to do in Brno with family

Venturing into Brno with family unveils a world of engaging and enriching attractions suited for all ages. A prominent destination is the Brno Zoo, where the animal kingdom comes alive amidst the verdant backdrop of Mniší hora. It’s a place where children can form a bond with nature, learn about wildlife conservation, and play in the dedicated areas designed just for them. The VIDA Science Center, on the other hand, ignites imagination and inquisitiveness through interactive science exhibits. Offering a hands-on approach to learning, it encourages children to discover the laws of science in a fun and stimulating environment. Meanwhile, the historic Špilberk Park, surrounding the namesake castle, offers endless space for quality family time. Impeccable views of the city skyline, strolling paths, and open-air events create a perfect setting for a leisurely day out. These attractions represent the finest Brno activities for families seeking to blend education with entertainment in this charming Czech city.

Free things to do in Brno

Brno is a city that offers a wealth of attractions that won't cost a thing, making it perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. One of the best free activities is visiting the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, an architectural marvel that provides a glimpse into Brno's rich religious history and an unbeatable view of the city from the cathedral's hilltop position. For a peaceful escape, strolling around the lush pathways of Lužánky Park presents an idyllic setting. It's the city's oldest public park, where local life unfolds, and the tranquility of green spaces provides a perfect picnic spot. Lastly, the bustling atmosphere of Brno's Vegetable Market (Zelný trh) is open to all. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant market life, admire the historic Parnassus Fountain, and even sample some fresh local produce for free. These activities not only showcase the best things to do in Brno without spending a penny but also provide enriching experiences in this fascinating Czech city.

Cheap things to do in Brno

Exploring Brno doesn't require a lavish budget; the city is peppered with affordable attractions combining cultural richness with light expenses. Indulge in the city's history at Špilberk Castle, where for a small fee, one can wander through centuries-old chambers and soak in panoramic views from its ramparts. For those fascinated by natural wonders, the Moravian Karst offers an inexpensive option to marvel at dramatic landscapes with cavernous gorges and intricate cave systems; a minimal entry fee grants access to this natural masterpiece. Additionally, the Mendel Museum provides a budget-friendly educational experience where visitors uncover the life and discoveries of the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, within the historic grounds of the Augustinian Abbey where he conducted his famous experiments. These attractions stand out among the cheap things to do in Brno, offering memorable experiences without straining your wallet.

Things to do in Brno for couples

For couples visiting Brno, the city presents a multitude of romantic activities to enjoy together. A serene walk through the picturesque grounds of the Arboretum at the Mendel University offers a colorful palette of flora—an ideal setting for a peaceful afternoon together. As evening approaches, couples can ascend to the top of the Old Town Hall tower, where a modest entrance fee allows them to witness a breathtaking sunset backdrop against the city's rooftops, offering a moment of shared tranquility above the urban rush. For those interested in a cultural night out, catching a performance at the Janáček Theatre provides a high-class experience at an affordable price. The theater offers a rich program of operas and ballets, allowing partners to immerse themselves in the dramatic arts. These attractions perfectly cater to couples seeking to create memorable experiences in Brno's charming and romantic ambience.

Things to do in Brno at night

Brno transforms as the sun sets, offering an array of nocturnal activities for night owls. Kicking off the evening, visitors can savor the vibrant Brno nightlife with a visit to the bustling bars and pubs of Jakubské náměstí, a square full of character and lively ambiance. Here, couples and friends alike can enjoy local Czech beers and unique cocktails, mingling with both locals and travelers. For a more serene night-time experience, a stroll around the illuminated Špilberk Castle grounds provides a historical backdrop paired with stunning city lights views, perfect for late-evening contemplation or a romantic walk. Those with a taste for the dramatic may opt for a night at the National Theatre Brno, where opera, drama, and ballet grace the stages, offering a culturally enriching cap to the day. These attractions make Brno a city that truly caters to diverse preferences when the stars come out.