Things to do in Buenos Aires

About Buenos Aires

Visitors to Buenos Aires should not miss the majestic Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, and the historic Plaza de Mayo. The city's famous Recoleta Cemetery, the colorful Caminito in La Boca, and the grand Opera House Teatro Colón are also essential sights. Exploring these landmarks offers a deep dive into the cultural heart of Buenos Aires.
For a family-friendly adventure, the Buenos Aires Planetarium offers educational shows, the Buenos Aires Eco-Park provides interactive animal experiences, and the Children's Museum brings fun and learning together. These venues ensure a memorable visit for the young and the young at heart.
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Rosedal for picturesque gardens and boating, the San Telmo market on Sundays for artisan browsing, and the Reserva Ecológica for nature walks and bird-watching in a tranquil city escape.
For indoors entertainment, Tango dance shows, exploring the richly stocked El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, or enjoying the latest exhibitions at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes come highly recommended for a deep cultural immersion.
Tours that capture the essence of Buenos Aires include the historic city walks, foodie tours for sampling local cuisine, and tango tours where visitors can learn about this passionate dance or attend milongas.
The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, MALBA, and Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires stand out for their extensive collections of classic and contemporary art, offering insight into both the city's and Latin America's artistic heritage.
For rainy days, indoor tours such as the cultural Palacio Barolo tour, a visit to the iconic El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, and guided visits of historical theaters and museums fit perfectly into a day away from the rain.
Quick tours including the city's core historical landmarks, such as Plaza de Mayo and Teatro Colón, provide a speedy yet thorough insight into Buenos Aires' past and present within a short timeframe.

Best Things to Do In Buenos Aires

Unearth the magic of Buenos Aires through top-rated attractions. Embrace history, culture, and the arts in one vibrant city.

Buenos Aires: Colonia Express

What is it?
A scenic ferry ride connecting Buenos Aires with the charming town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.
Why you should go?
For a mini escapade from the city, the Colonia Express ferry transports visitors on a delightful journey across the Rio de la Plata to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia del Sacramento. With its cobbled streets and colonial architecture, a day trip to this Uruguayan gem offers a quaint contrast to the hustle of Buenos Aires. The leisurely boat ride itself presents an opportunity to relax and enjoy stunning waterfront views, making it a popular choice among the best Buenos Aires tours.

Buenos Aires: Galerías Pacífico

What is it?
A historic shopping center adorned with exquisite murals, upscale retailers, and a central cultural space.
Why you should go?
Not just a shopping destination, Galerías Pacífico stands as an art gallery with its stunning dome and frescoes by famous Argentine painters. Situated along the bustling Florida Street, this elegant mall intertwines shopping with cultural indulgence. A stroll inside reveals not only top brands but also an art center and the chance to witness live tango performances. It's a shopping experience elevated to an art form and a showcase of what to do in Buenos Aires for an elegant outing.

Buenos Aires: Paseo de la Historieta

What is it?
A whimsical walkway featuring sculptures of beloved Argentine comic strip characters, creating a lively street art trail.
Why you should go?
Stroll down Paseo de la Historieta and step into the world of Argentine comic legends, where statues of characters like Mafalda and Isidoro invite playful interaction. Winding through the San Telmo district, this unique open-air museum pays homage to the nation’s cartoonists and their creations. It's a perfect outing for families or anyone with a fondness for art and pop culture, offering fun things to do in Buenos Aires that connect visitors with local storytelling traditions.

Buenos Aires: The Obelisco

What is it?
An iconic landmark and monument situated on the bustling Avenida 9 de Julio, known as the widest avenue in the world.
Why you should go?
The Obelisco is an unmistakable symbol of Buenos Aires, rising high above the cityscape. Erected in 1936, it commemorates the quadricentennial of the first founding of the city. Its central location and historical significance make it a popular meeting point and a must-visit for photo opportunities. Surrounding the monument, Avenida 9 de Julio vibrates with energy, showcasing the best Buenos Aires tours that offer insight into the cosmopolitan nature of the Argentine capital.

Buenos Aires: Argentine National Congress Building

What is it?
A grand governmental palace with impressive architecture, functioning as the legislative branch of the Argentine government.
Why you should go?
The Argentine National Congress Building impresses with its neoclassical façade and grandiose interiors. Visitors are drawn by its imposing dome and the rich political history encapsulated within its walls. Tours of the Congress offer a deeper understanding of the Argentine legislative process and the chance to witness the ornate legislative chambers. This foundational pillar of Argentine democracy is an educational and awe-inspiring addition to any Buenos Aires itinerary.

Buenos Aires: Malba – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

What is it?
A contemporary museum showcasing modern Latin American art within an architecturally striking building.
Why you should go?
For art lovers and the culturally curious, Malba stands as a beacon of Latin America's vibrant art scene. Home to an impressive collection that includes works from Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Tarsila do Amaral, the museum also offers temporary exhibitions that are as dynamic as they are thought-provoking. Its cutting-edge design and innovative curatorial approach make it a leading destination for contemporary art, reflecting the avant-garde spirit of Buenos Aires and providing insight into the region’s diverse cultural tapestry.

Buenos Aires: El Rosedal de Palermo

What is it?
An enchanting rose garden situated within the Palermo Woods, featuring a variety of blooms and peaceful lake views.
Why you should go?
El Rosedal is the heart of Palermo Woods and a serene getaway from the city's hustle. This garden oasis offers an array of roses in every shade, alongside charming bridges, pergolas, and a poet's garden adorned with busts of literary figures. Visitors can paddle-boat on the lake or simply unwind amidst the flora. Coupling nature with tranquility, El Rosedal is an ideal sojourn for those seeking a romantic stroll or a picturesque family picnic, embodying the gentle side of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires: Café Tortoni

What is it?
An iconic café that has served as a meeting place for renowned intellectuals, artists, and writers since 1858.
Why you should go?
Step into Café Tortoni and travel through time to the golden age of Buenos Aires cafés. With its classical ambiance, Tiffany lamps, and wood-paneling, this historic establishment invites visitors to savor a traditional café experience. Indulge in rich coffee, decadent churros, and live tango or jazz shows in the evening. Café Tortoni encapsulates the city's European influence and bohemian spirit, offering a slice of local history with every sip.

Buenos Aires: Puerto Madero Waterfront

What is it?
A revitalized dockside district now renowned for its chic restaurants, modern high-rises, and tranquil green spaces.
Why you should go?
Puerto Madero represents Buenos Aires's transformation from a historical port to a trendy waterfront haven. Walk along the boardwalk, relishing the contemporary architecture and views of the Puente de la Mujer, an iconic rotating footbridge. The area teems with culinary experiences ranging from upscale eateries to casual terraces, all with a panoramic backdrop of the city. Living testimonials of its maritime history, the converted red-brick warehouses enhance the charm of this district as an essential stop for visitors.

Buenos Aires: San Telmo Market

What is it?
An indoor market known for its antiques, artisan goods, and vibrant atmosphere, nestled in the historic San Telmo barrio.
Why you should go?
San Telmo Market, or Mercado de San Telmo, is a treasure trove for those hunting for unique finds, from vintage clothing to rare collectibles. The market's rustic stalls and cobblestone surroundings offer a palpable sense of Buenos Aires's past. On Sundays, the market spills into the streets with the Feria de San Telmo, where the neighborhood transforms into a lively outdoor bazaar with performances and local crafts. It is an immersive cultural experience where visitors shop, eat, and dance their way through local traditions.

TOP-5 tours in Buenos Aires for first time visitors

  • Discover the rich European architecture and local folklore in the 'Paris of South America' with the "Recoleta Cemetery & Cultural Heritage" audio tour.
  • Soak in artistic flair and indulge in retail therapy on the "Palermo Soho & Street Art Exploration", a journey through trendy boutiques and bohemian vibes.
  • "San Telmo's Historical Journey" will take you back in time through cobblestoned streets, colonial buildings, and lively marketplaces.
  • Experience the soulful rhythms and atmosphere of "La Boca & Tango Culture Walk", where the essence of tango dance and Argentinian football thrives.
  • Engage with political and architectural grandeur during the "Plaza de Mayo & Downtown Landmarks" tour, the nexus of history and urban bustle.

Fun things to do in Buenos Aires with kids

Embracing family-friendly fun, Buenos Aires presents an array of attractions sure to capture the imagination of children. Begin your adventure at the Museo de los Niños, a unique interactive museum designed specifically for kids to learn through play, replicating a child-sized city where they can role-play various adult jobs. Adventure seekers can head to Parque de la Costa, an amusement park on the city’s outskirts, with thrilling rides, entertaining shows, and games suited for all ages. For a touch of nature, the Bosques de Palermo beckons families with its beautiful lakes, where you can rent paddleboats, and the Planetary, offering fascinating space-themed explorations. Each location is not just a place to visit; it’s a playground of discovery, ensuring that Buenos Aires stays in the hearts of families long after the vacation ends.

Things to do in Buenos Aires with family

Buenos Aires bursts with attractions ideal for family outings, ensuring that visitors of all ages have an unforgettable experience. First on the must-see list is the interactive and immersive Tierra Santa, the world's first religious theme park, offering educational insights and entertainment. Families can explore recreations of historic scenes and enjoy thematic performances. Secondly, the vast Parque Tres de Febrero, known as Bosques de Palermo, is perfect for outdoor activities: boating on its lakes, visiting the Planetario Galileo Galilei, or simply enjoying a picnic amidst its lush gardens. Lastly, the City's Eco-Park, previously the Buenos Aires Zoo, now focuses on conservation and education, where children and adults alike can learn about wildlife preservation. These engaging experiences capture the essence of Buenos Aires activities for families, blending culture, education, and fun in a city that's alive with vibrancy.

Free things to do in Buenos Aires

Exploring Buenos Aires doesn't have to come with a steep price tag. The city is teeming with free attractions that delve into its rich culture and natural beauty. Deepen your understanding of the city's history with a visit to Plaza de Mayo, the site of many pivotal events in Argentine history, now surrounded by significant buildings like the Casa Rosada. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the numerous public art displays and street murals that adorn the neighborhood of Palermo, turning a simple stroll into a vibrant gallery walk. Nature lovers, meanwhile, will find peace at the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, an urban ecological reserve offering serene trails, diverse bird-watching, and a quiet respite from the downtown bustle. These free activities showcase the diverse offerings of Buenos Aires, proving that the best experiences don't always have an admission fee.

Cheap things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, a city brimming with cultural offerings, also provides visitors with affordable experiences that are rich in character. The iconic San Telmo Market is a haven for bargain hunters, offering a variety of vintage goods, local crafts, and antiques—perfect for finding unique souvenirs without overspending. For those enthusiastic about literature and architecture, the historic El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore invites book lovers to waltz through its ornate, theater-turned-store with no cost to browse and soak up the splendor. And for a taste of local life, join in the tradition of mate sharing in one of the city's many lush parks, like Parque Centenario, where socializing and relaxation come free of charge with a small outlay for a cup of Argentina's beloved herbal drink. These attractions allow for an immersive experience that is both economical and authentically Porteño.

Things to do in Buenos Aires for couples

Couples will find that Buenos Aires ignites romance with its selection of enchanting activities. Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Palermo Soho, known for its boutique shops, art galleries, and trendy cafes—it's the perfect setting for a day of relaxed exploration and cozy coffee breaks. As the sun sets, experience an intimate dinner at one of Puerto Madero's waterfront restaurants, where gourmet cuisine can be enjoyed with views of the beautifully illuminated Puente de la Mujer. To truly connect with the heart and soul of Argentine culture, take a tango lesson together; the city's many milongas offer a chance to learn the dance that embodies Buenos Aires's passion. These experiences offer not only memorable things to do but also weave together the cultural threads that make the city an ideal destination for couples.

Things to do in Buenos Aires at night

When the sun sets, Buenos Aires transforms into a city of illuminated streets and lively nocturnal energy. Indulge in the culinary scene by embarking on a Parrilla Tour, where sizzling Argentine steaks and mouthwatering empanadas provide a feast not just for your taste buds but also for a glimpse into local customs. After dinner, the nightlife beckons at the city's boliche clubs, offering a spectrum of music and dance where you can salsa until the early hours. For a dash of culture, an evening visit to the iconic Teatro Colón offers opera, ballet, and orchestral performances in one of the world's most acoustically perfect venues. These attractions are among the best things to do in Buenos Aires at night, each providing a unique way to experience the city's never-sleeping charm.