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The Historic Dockyard Chatham is a standout attraction, offering a deep dive into maritime history. Fort Amherst is another must-see, boasting extensive underground tunnels and panoramic views. The Royal Engineers Museum provides a fascinating insight into military engineering feats over the centuries.
Family fun abounds at the Historic Dockyard Chatham with its interactive exhibits and ships. The Buckmore Park Karting Circuit is perfect for young thrill-seekers, and Capstone Farm Country Park offers a nature-filled escape with plenty of space for play and exploration.
Embarking on the Chatham Maritime self-guided walk offers picturesque landscapes and naval history. Hiking in the rural surrounds of Capstone Farm Country Park, or enjoying the historical and natural beauty of Fort Amherst, are also top outdoor activities.
Chatham’s indoor offerings include learning at the Royal Engineers Museum and viewing contemporary art at the Nucleus Arts Centre, or enjoying ice-skating and other events at the Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre.
The best Chatham tours include the self-guided audio tour of the Historic Dockyard, offering an in-depth narrated history, and the Fort Amherst ghost tour for those who enjoy a little spookiness with their history.
The most celebrated museums are the Historic Dockyard Chatham, showcasing maritime history, and the Royal Engineers Museum, detailing the Corps's achievements and contributions to engineering and military history.
Rainy days are perfect for the Royal Engineers Museum, which is entirely indoors, and the Chatham Dockyard's indoor attractions such as the Steam, Steel and Submarines gallery, which are all covered and ideal for wet weather exploring.
Short tours in Chatham, such as a self-guided tour around Fort Amherst’s grounds or a quick visit to the Nucleus Arts Centre, can be comfortably done in under an hour and offer a swift yet satisfying experience of Chatham’s cultural offerings.

Best Things to Do In Chatham

Discover the array of things to do in Chatham with our immersive audio tours guiding you through maritime history and scenic landscapes.

Chatham: The Guildhall Museum

What is it?
A local history museum showcasing Chatham’s rich heritage with interactive displays.
Why you should go?
Positioned in the heart of the city, The Guildhall Museum is an essential stop for understanding Chatham's local history. This attraction delves into the social, industrial, and maritime narratives that have shaped the town through the centuries. An array of exhibits, from meticulously recreated Victorian parlors to the dramatic tales of the Medway Queen paddle steamer, elucidate Chatham's past and present. Engaging for all ages, it stands as one of the best things to do in Chatham for culturally curious visitors.

Chatham: Capstone Farm Country Park

What is it?
A sprawling green space with trails, a children's play area, and diverse wildlife.
Why you should go?
Capstone Farm Country Park offers a respite from the urban environment, making it a prime example of the places to visit in Chatham for nature lovers. The park's rolling hills and scenic woodlands provide miles of walking and cycling trails, making it ideal for outdoor Chatham activities. The tranquil atmosphere, opportunities for picnics, and sightings of local fauna ensure that the park is a delightful destination for families and anyone looking to unwind amidst natural beauty.

Chatham: Sun Pier House Gallery

What is it?
An artistic hub located on the riverfront, offering exhibitions and creative workshops.
Why you should go?
As the cultural landscape of Chatham flourishes, the Sun Pier House Gallery serves as a testament to the town's thriving art scene. This waterfront venue provides a platform for contemporary artists, showcasing a diverse range of mediums and styles. Visitors can immerse themselves in cutting-edge exhibits, engage with the creators during special events, and even participate in artistic workshops. For those curious about the burgeoning creative community, this gallery is a vibrant centerpiece among fun things to do in Chatham.

Chatham: Medway Queen Paddle Steamer Preservation Society

What is it?
A maritime project focused on preserving the historic Medway Queen paddle steamer.
Why you should go?
The Medway Queen Paddle Steamer Preservation Society not only preserves a piece of local history but brings it to life for visitors. As a hero of Dunkirk and a beloved Thames estuary excursion steamer, the Medway Queen's story resonates deeply. This preservation society allows visitors to get an up-close look at restoration efforts, learn about the vessel's storied past, and understand the importance of maritime conservation, adding a unique dimension to what to see in Chatham.

Chatham: Great Lines Heritage Park

What is it?
A vast expanse of open space with historical military significance and public art.
Why you should go?
Bordering the town centre, Great Lines Heritage Park stands as a green oasis interspersed with remnants of Chatham's military history. The striking installations and memorials throughout the park offer insight into the area's past while providing a contemplative space for visitors. Its sweeping views across Medway make it a prime spot for leisurely walks, kite flying, and participating in community events. The park is not only a haven for relaxation but also a place to engage with Chatham's legacy, ranking high among the things to do in Chatham.

Chatham: Historic Dockyard Chatham

What is it?
A maritime museum on the site of a former Royal Navy shipbuilding dockyard.
Why you should go?
Embark on a voyage through time at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, where history is anchored in every corner. As one of the most prominent things to see in Chatham, the dockyard offers a unique glimpse into Britain’s illustrious naval past. Visitors can explore warships, admire Victorian Ropery, and participate in hands-on activities. This extensive museum complex is a must for those interested in maritime heritage and is a staple among the best Chatham tours.

Chatham: Fort Amherst

What is it?
An 18th-century fortress and Britain's largest Napoleonic defense complex.
Why you should go?
Fort Amherst stands as a testament to Chatham’s military significance. This bastion is one of the key Chatham excursions for history buffs seeking to explore subterranean tunnels and panoramic vistas of the River Medway. Visitors can witness reenactments, access hidden chambers and understand the military strategies employed centuries ago. The fort not only offers an intriguing what to do in Chatham, but also boasts beautiful walking trails with sweeping views of the surrounding area.

Chatham: Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre

What is it?
An all-year-round indoor ski and snowboard facility offering adventurous activities.
Why you should go?
For an unexpected twist on fun things to do in Chatham, the Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre offers a thrilling escape to the slopes, no matter the season. Ideal for families and individuals seeking adventure, it presents an excellent opportunity for beginners and seasoned skiers or snowboarders to enjoy the sport. With professional instructors and varying slope difficulties, this attraction adds dynamic excitement to the usual roster of Chatham activities, invigorating visitors with its alpine allure.

Chatham: Royal Engineers Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the history of the Royal Engineers and military engineering.
Why you should go?
The Royal Engineers Museum is a cornerstone amongst the educational tours in Chatham, offering insight into Britain's engineering triumphs. The museum's extensive collection includes military vehicles, weapons, and medals, encapsulating over three centuries of ingenuity and bravery. Exhibits highlight global projects and the evolution of military technology, making it one of the what to see in Chatham sites for anyone interested in the interplay between engineering and history's pivotal moments.

Chatham: Buckmore Park Karting Circuit

What is it?
A premier kart racing circuit that has seen the early careers of many Formula One drivers.
Why you should go?
Buckmore Park Karting Circuit offers speed and competition, standing out among Chatham activities for adrenaline seekers. This famed circuit is where F1 champions like Lewis Hamilton honed their skills. With options for all ages and experience levels, it's not just one of the fun things to do in Chatham but also a chance to walk in the tracks of racing legends. Comprehensive facilities and professional-grade karts provide a top-notch racing experience, making it a highlight for visitors looking for an action-packed day out.

TOP-5 Tours in Chatham for First Time Visitors

  • Explore the historic Dockyard on a journey that unveils the best things to do in Chatham for maritime enthusiasts and highlights key naval stories.
  • Stroll through the charming high street and uncover places to visit in Chatham, where local anecdotes bring historic buildings to life.
  • Uncover fun things to do in Chatham with a tour that meanders through its lush parks, perfect for families seeking a blend of education and recreation.
  • Delve into the cultural heart with Chatham activities that showcase modern art installations juxtaposed with Victorian architecture.
  • Embark on a tour showcasing the things to see in Chatham, featuring the town's significant monuments and lesser-known treasures.

Fun things to do in Chatham with kids

Discover a treasure trove of family-friendly entertainment with the top attractions that Chatham has to offer. The Historic Dockyard Chatham offers a hands-on approach to history, where children can climb aboard historic warships and even try their hand at rope making. For those seeking a combination of thrills and education, the Buckmore Park Karting Circuit provides a safe, exciting environment where the next generation of racers can put their driving skills to the test. A trip to Chatham wouldn't be complete without visiting the Capstone Farm Country Park, a verdant paradise where kids have ample space to play, engage with nature, and explore walking trails. Each of these attractions encapsulates the spirit of fun things to do in Chatham, ensuring that every family outing is packed with both joy and discovery.

Things to do in Chatham with family

Chatham presents families with a myriad of engaging activities that cater to all ages, ensuring a memorable experience for both the young and the young at heart. The Historic Dockyard Chatham stands out as a premier destination, where interactive exhibitions, historical ships, and the chance to learn about Britain's naval past make for a fascinating day out. Adventure is never far away with Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre, offering year-round winter sports experiences. Whether beginners or seasoned pros, every family member can enjoy the thrill of the slopes here. For a touch of nature and tranquility, Capstone Farm Country Park is the perfect locale for a family picnic, a leisurely walk, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. These three top attractions exemplify the variety of Chatham activities available, blending education, excitement, and relaxation to create an ideal itinerary for any family visit.

Free things to do in Chatham

For those exploring Chatham on a budget, the locale offers an abundance of sights and experiences free of charge, brimming with cultural enrichment and natural splendor. A top draw for visitors is the Great Lines Heritage Park. This expansive parkland, intertwining nature with naval history, provides panoramic views, historical monuments, and ample space for leisurely pursuits. The Fort Amherst, another treasured landmark, also invites exploration without a fee. Visitors can roam through the outdoor areas, marvel at the impressive fortifications, and hike along nature trails that offer stunning river views. Art enthusiasts will find joy at the Nucleus Arts Centre, where Chatham's creative pulse is ever-present. With free access to view the works of local artists, the centre serves as a hub of inspiration and community engagement. These diverse attractions showcase the best of what to see in Chatham, proving that unforgettable experiences need not come with a price tag.

Cheap things to do in Chatham

Chatham offers a wealth of attractions that promise affordability without compromising on quality and fun. For those seeking an educational yet budget-friendly day, the Royal Engineers Museum displays a marvelous collection while maintaining a modest entry fee. It's a place where history buffs can delve into military engineering feats and the proud heritage of the Royal Engineers. For fresh air and outdoor activities, the Riverside Country Park, with its picturesque trails and salt marshes, is open to all without charge and is perfect for hiking, bird-watching, and soaking in the scenic views of the Medway estuary. Capstone Farm Country Park also stands out as an inexpensive option, offering a playground, farm animals, and expansive green spaces for a small parking fare. These top three affordable Chatham activities guarantee a full day of discovery and delight, highlighting that exploring Chatham can be both economical and exciting.

Things to do in Chatham for couples

Couples will find Chatham replete with romantic and enchanting activities. Begin with a serene walk in the historic Rochester Castle Gardens, just a short distance from Chatham. The picturesque gardens and sweeping views of the River Medway set the stage for a memorable, intimate outing. Continuing with the theme of tranquility, the Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre offers couples an exhilarating opportunity to bond over an activity filled with laughter and cheer, suitable for any skill level. To immerse fully in cultural charm, an afternoon at the Nucleus Arts Centre provides a gentle ambiance for enjoying art exhibitions and often, live music. Here, creativity and connection combine to forge an inspiring experience. These are merely a few of the engaging things to do in Chatham that cater to couples looking for shared experiences that blend adventure, culture, and peacefulness.

Things to do in Chatham at night

When the sun sets, Chatham comes alive with an array of nocturnal attractions. For those who appreciate nightlife, The Brook Theatre presents an eclectic mix of live performances ranging from drama to comedy – providing an entertaining and sophisticated evening out. Film buffs can enjoy the latest blockbusters or indie flicks at the Odeon Cinema, which offers a relaxed and modern viewing experience. If a more active nightlife suits the mood, the Casino Rooms nightclub is a key destination, boasting one of the largest dance floors in Kent and a variety of music genres to dance the night away. These venues are among the best places to visit in Chatham when the stars are out, offering diverse entertainment options that cater to different tastes and ensuring an enjoyable end to the day.