Things to do in Cirencester

About Cirencester

The best tours in Cirencester cover the rich Roman history, the town's architecture, and the Cirencester Heritage Trail, highlighting key historic points of interest.
The must-see attractions in Cirencester include the Corinium Museum, known for its extensive Roman collection, the impressive Parish Church of St. John Baptist with its beautiful Gothic architecture, and the Cirencester Park, perfect for a scenic walk.
For kids, visiting the Cirencester Amphitheatre for a historical adventure, playing at the Cirencester Abbey Grounds, and enjoying interactive learning at the Corinium Museum are all excellent choices.
The best outdoor activities include walking or cycling in the Cotswold Water Park, exploring Cirencester Park, and participating in seasonal festivals and markets in the town center.
Indoor enthusiasts can relish the exhibits at the Corinium Museum, enjoy craft workshops at New Brewery Arts, or take in a performance at The Sundial Theatre.
The most popular museum is the Corinium Museum, which brings Cirencester's ancient Roman past vividly to life with its remarkable archaeological collections.
For rainy days, tours focusing on indoor attractions like the Corinium Museum and the art and craft sessions at New Brewery Arts are the best to keep dry and engaged.
Short tours, such as a guided walk through Cirencester's historic center or a quick visit to the Parish Church of St. John Baptist, can be completed in an hour or less.

Best Things to Do In Cirencester

Explore the rich history and pastoral charm of Cirencester with our range of immersive audio tours.

Cirencester: New Brewery Arts

What is it?
A vibrant arts and crafts hub showcasing the talents of local and national artists.
Why you should go?
New Brewery Arts is a creative sanctuary where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of contemporary craft and design. The centre hosts workshops, galleries, and a shop featuring unique handcrafted items. It is a testimony to Cirencester's artistic community, often cited as one of the engaging things to do in Cirencester for those with an appreciation for craftsmanship. With ever-changing exhibitions and the opportunity to see artists at work, New Brewery Arts offers a dynamic and inspiring excursion into the arts.

Cirencester: The Cirencester Lock-Up

What is it?
A historic two-cell jail providing a glimpse into the town's law and order past.
Why you should go?
The Cirencester Lock-Up stands as a unique relic of the town's historical approach to crime and punishment. This compact attraction, dating back to the 18th century, gives insight into the penal conditions of bygone eras. While it might not be among the typical fun things to do in Cirencester, it is a fascinating stop for anyone with a keen interest in local history or criminology. Its preserved condition allows visitors to step back in time for a brief, thought-provoking experience.

Cirencester: Abbey House Gardens

What is it?
Lush gardens situated on the grounds of a historic Abbey, offering floral beauty and tranquility.
Why you should go?
Abbey House Gardens present visitors with beautifully manicured landscapes, brimming with colourful blooms and exotic plant species. The gardens, best visited during the spring and summer months, provide a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts. With its variety of themed gardens and historic significance, it's considered one of the best places to visit in Cirencester for a serene and sensory outdoor experience. The gardens offer a picturesque backdrop for leisurely walks and relaxation amidst nature's bounty.

Cirencester: Cotswold Water Park

What is it?
An extensive wetland area offering a myriad of outdoor activities and wildlife observation.
Why you should go?
Cotswold Water Park, with its plethora of lakes and waterways, serves as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is a prime example of Cirencester activities available for those seeking adventure or a simple escape into the wild. From birdwatching and fishing to water sports and cycling, the park has something for every age and preference. The park's commitment to conservation and education about the local ecosystem also makes it a worthwhile visit for learning and exploration.

Cirencester: The Sundial Theatre

What is it?
A modern and intimate theatre offering a diverse range of live entertainment and performances.
Why you should go?
For those looking into what to do in Cirencester during the evening, The Sundial Theatre offers an array of cultural experiences. From local plays and musical performances to lectures and community events, the theatre prides itself on being a hub for the arts. The compact size ensures an up-close and personal experience with the performers, making every event memorable. Patrons can enjoy the best of local and touring talent, making The Sundial Theatre a key player in Cirencester's vibrant cultural scene.

Cirencester: The Corinium Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to Cirencester's Roman past and its vast array of historical treasures.
Why you should go?
Embark on a journey back to Roman Britain at The Corinium Museum, where interactive displays and a stunning collection of mosaics provide a window into ancient life. With artifacts that tell the story of Cirencester—from its days as a bustling Roman town to its medieval prosperity—visitors are treated to an educational and eye-opening experience. Engaging exhibitions make it one of the most informative and captivating places to visit in Cirencester, perfect for history buffs and curious minds alike.

Cirencester: Cirencester Park

What is it?
An expansive landscaped park, part of the Bathurst Estate, offering wide open spaces and woodland walks.
Why you should go?
Cirencester Park is a verdant retreat, boasting a harmonious blend of natural beauty and landscaped elegance. The park's sweeping avenues and hidden paths offer the quintessential English countryside experience. As a haven for picnickers, joggers, and families alike, it ranks high among the fun things to do in Cirencester. Visitors can immerse themselves in the splendor of the Bathurst Estate, enveloped by centuries-old trees and picturesque landscapes that beckon a leisurely exploration or a restful pause in nature's embrace.

Cirencester: The Parish Church of St. John Baptist

What is it?
A historic and architectural marvel, this church stands as a testament to Cirencester's rich ecclesiastical heritage.
Why you should go?
A majestic centerpiece in the heart of Cirencester, The Parish Church of St. John Baptist is not just a place of worship but an architectural masterpiece. With its striking façade and ornate interiors, the church invites visitors to admire its craftsmanship and delve into liturgical history. It's among the best things to do in Cirencester for those who appreciate art, history, and spirituality. Regular events and concerts within the church further enrich the cultural fabric of this storied community.

Cirencester: Cirencester Amphitheatre

What is it?
The remains of a large Roman amphitheatre, now an evocative historical site embedded in the English landscape.
Why you should go?
Visitors stepping into the Cirencester Amphitheatre are transported to a time when gladiators and spectators filled the arena. Now an atmospheric ruin, the site provides a unique backdrop for contemplation and discovery. Ancient history enthusiasts considering Cirencester activities should not miss this opportunity to tread where Romans once gathered for entertainment. The amphitheatre stands as a poignant reminder of Cirencester's important role in ancient history and offers a distinctive, tranquil space for modern-day visitors to explore.

Cirencester: Black Jack Street

What is it?
A charming historic street in the heart of Cirencester, known for its eclectic boutiques and eateries.
Why you should go?
Black Jack Street encapsulates the essence of Cirencester's quaint character, with its range of independent shops, cafés, and restaurants. It's an ideal destination for those wondering what to do in Cirencester when they wish to leisurely browse, shop, or enjoy a tasty treat. The street's unique atmosphere, coupled with its artisanal offerings, makes it a place to indulge in local culture and cuisine. Visitors will find that Black Jack Street offers a vibrant slice of life in this picturesque market town.

TOP-5 tours in Cirencester for first time visitors

  • Discover the Roman roots of the town and explore ancient artifacts with the "Cirencester's Roman Heritage" tour, offering insights into historical what to see in Cirencester.
  • Stroll through the scenic Abbey Grounds and grasp the serene beauty on the "Green Spaces of Cirencester" tour, featuring fun things to do in Cirencester.
  • Unravel the stories behind the impressive parish church on the "Magnificent Churches of Cirencester" tour, a must for uncovering awe-inspiring things to see in Cirencester.
  • Indulge in the local flavors and crafts on the "Cirencester Market Experience" tour, highlighting the best Cirencester tours for culinary enthusiasts.
  • Navigate through the charming streets and uncover hidden gems with the "Cirencester Hidden Corners" excursion, ideal for those seeking off-the-beaten-path what to do in Cirencester.

Fun things to do in Cirencester with kids

Finding activities that are enjoyable for the whole family is essential when traveling with children, and Cirencester does not disappoint. The Cotswold Water Park offers a splash of adventure with its array of water-based activities, making it a firm favorite for energetic youngsters who love to kayak, swim, and paddleboard. It's also a haven for wildlife spotting and picnicking by the lake. For a touch of history that will captivate children's imaginations, the Cirencester Amphitheatre is a remarkable site to explore. Kids can run up and down the grassy banks and stand in the center of the ancient arena, pondering the lives of the gladiators who once stood there. When it's time for a quieter pace, the Cirencester Treasure Trail presents an exciting way to discover the town's landmarks and hidden corners through clues and puzzles – perfect for family bonding and injecting a sense of adventure into Cirencester sightseeing. Each of these delightful Cirencester activities ensures that family memories will be cherished for years to come.

Things to do in Cirencester with family

Cirencester, often known as the 'Capital of the Cotswolds', is a fantastic destination for families looking to enjoy quality time together. Among the top attractions is the Corinium Museum, where families can delve into the town's rich Roman history with interactive exhibits that fascinate both adults and children alike. Engage with the past through hands-on activities and explore the life-sized reconstructions that bring history to life. Outdoor enthusiasts will find an escape at Cirencester Park, a splendidly landscaped area that's part of the historic Bathurst Estate. Walking through the vast expanse of lush greenery, families can play games, enjoy a picnic, and marvel at the grandeur of the park's centuries-old trees and gorgeous landscapes. For a dose of creativity and fun, New Brewery Arts provides an array of workshops where families can try their hands at crafting something unique together. From pottery to jewellery making, it's an excellent spot for unleashing everyone's artistic side. These attractions offer a blend of educational, engaging, and relaxing Cirencester activities, ensuring a memorable family visit.

Free things to do in Cirencester

Cirencester, a historic gem nestled in the Cotswolds, offers an array of complimentary experiences for visitors. A stroll through the charming streets can lead you to the iconic Cirencester Amphitheatre. Here, families, history enthusiasts, or solitary wanderers can explore the remnants of what was once a grand Roman spectacle, capturing imaginations without any cost. Another delightful free activity is visiting the Cirencester Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. Not only can visitors appreciate the stunning Gothic architecture and intricate stonework, but also they can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that invites reflection amidst the town's bustle. Completing the trio of free attractions is the Cirencester Town Walk. Embark on a self-guided journey through the town's rich history, from medieval streets to the legacy of its wool trade, showcased in picturesque buildings and quaint courtyards. These sites represent just a few of the many things to see in Cirencester that don't require a ticket, ensuring a culturally rich visit that respects your budget.

Cheap things to do in Cirencester

Exploring Cirencester doesn’t have to break the bank, thanks to a variety of low-cost attractions that are steeped in charm and history. The Cirencester Market, held in the iconic Market Place, offers an immersive experience without a hefty price tag. Visitors can browse the stalls filled with local produce, artisanal goods, and unique crafts, providing a taste of Cotswold culture and the opportunity to pick up affordable souvenirs. The Abbey Grounds is another gem for those seeking budget-friendly Cirencester activities. This picturesque park, once the site of a grand abbey, now offers a tranquil space for picnics, leisurely walks, and a chance for kids to play freely amidst historic ruins. For an affordable journey through time, the Cirencester Heritage Trail can be followed at one’s own pace. With informative plaques dotted throughout the town, it takes you past significant landmarks such as the Roman walls and medieval wool merchants' houses, making for an enriching, low-cost day out. These attractions highlight the best things to do in Cirencester that are accessible and enjoyable for all.

Things to do in Cirencester for couples

Cirencester offers an array of romantic activities for couples looking to enjoy time together. A visit to the tranquil waters and nature trails of the Cotswold Water Park presents an opportunity for a romantic walk or a serene picnic by the lakeside, making it a top choice for those who love the great outdoors. For an intimate cultural experience, couples can head to the Sundial Theatre. With a diverse range of performances from plays to music concerts, it's a perfect evening out where partners can share the joy of live entertainment. Another must-visit is the Black Jack Street, known for its quaint boutiques, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Couples can stroll hand-in-hand, explore one-of-a-kind shops, and indulge in some lovely local food and coffee, making for an idyllic day of leisure and discovery. Together, these experiences deliver the essence of things to do in Cirencester for couples seeking both relaxation and enchantment.

Things to do in Cirencester at night

When the sun sets, Cirencester's evening charm comes to life, offering visitors a different perspective of this Cotswold market town. A night of entertainment awaits at The Sundial Theatre, where an array of performances, from drama to comedy, lights up the stage and creates memorable experiences for night owls seeking culture. For a truly unique nocturnal activity, the Cirencester Ghost Walk reveals a spine-tingling side of the town. Couples and groups of friends can marvel at historical tales and local legends, exploring the town's dimly-lit alleys and learning about its haunted past, which stirs the imagination and provides an alternative way to experience the town after dusk. Additionally, a visit to one of Cirencester's traditional pubs or modern bars allows visitors to unwind, sample local ciders or ales, and mingle with locals. It is here that one can truly soak in the lively yet relaxed Cotswold atmosphere, encapsulating the essence of things to do in Cirencester at night.