Things to do in Freiburg

About Freiburg

The must-see attractions in Freiburg include the Freiburg Minster with its towering spire and exquisite stained glass, the historic Merchants' Hall (Kaufhaus), and the charming, cobblestoned streets of the Altstadt. Don't miss the views from Schlossberg, and take a moment to appreciate the unique Bächle gutters that line the old town's streets.
For families, the Mundenhof, a large outdoor zoo, is perfect for a day out. Young explorers will love the interactive exhibitions at the Science Ship 'MS Wissenschaft'. Europa-Park, a short drive away, offers thrilling rides and attractions suitable for the whole family.
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the trails of Schauinsland Mountain, relax in the City Garden or Seepark, or cycle through the scenic routes around the city. Seasonal hiking and vineyard tours are also popular, showcasing the natural splendor of the region.
Indoor activities in Freiburg range from exploring the Augustiner Museum's art and exhibits, to enjoying performances at the E-Werk Freiburg. For those intrigued by history, the Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum offers fascinating insights into the region's past.
The best tours in Freiburg include guided walks through the old town, the Freiburg Minster Tower tour for splendid city views, and thematic cultural walks delving into the city's history and traditions. Excursions into the Black Forest also come highly recommended.
Popular museums include the Augustiner Museum for art enthusiasts, the Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum for those fascinated with ancient cultures, and the Museum Natur und Mensch for natural history aficionados.
On rainy days, try the guided tours of the Freiburg Minster and its tower, which remain covered. The museums of Freiburg, including the Augustiner Museum and Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum, offer sheltered educational experiences enriched with local heritage and art.
Short tours in Freiburg might include a quick, guided highlight tour of the historical old town or self-guided visits to landmarks such as the Freiburg Minster or the Swabian Gate (Schwabentor). The Historical Merchants' Hall can also be explored relatively quickly.

Best Things to Do In Freiburg

Discover the enchanting city of Freiburg with its myriad attractions catering to every type of traveler.

Freiburg: Bächle Gutters

What is it?
Charming small streams (Bächle) running through many of Freiburg's old town streets.
Why you should go?
The quaint Bächle gutters are an iconic feature of Freiburg, believed to be dating back to the middle ages. Originally designed to fight fires and feed livestock, these waterways are now loved for adding a unique picturesque charm to the city. Visitors can delight in the simple pleasure of following the Bächle along the cobblestone streets, a whimsical activity that is among the unique things to do in Freiburg. Legend says that if you accidentally step into one, you will marry a local!

Freiburg: Münstermarkt

What is it?
A bustling weekly market located around the Freiburg Minster, filled with local vendors and produce.
Why you should go?
Münstermarkt is a culinary and cultural treat, where the colors, scents, and sounds create a lively atmosphere. Visitors can sample the regional specialties like Black Forest ham, local cheeses, and the famous Freiburger Lange Rote sausage. Exploring the market stands is a sensory journey and an authentic way to experience the local way of life, making it a must-visit amongst the places to visit in Freiburg.

Freiburg: University of Freiburg Botanical Garden

What is it?
A serene botanical garden showcasing an extensive variety of plants and educational exhibits.
Why you should go?
The University of Freiburg Botanical Garden acts as a living library of the plant kingdom, offering peace and natural beauty. Those keen on botany or seeking a green escape will find the diverse array of exotic and local species fascinating. Educational signs provide insight into plant biology and ecology, making this one of the educational and best things to do in Freiburg for nature lovers.

Freiburg: Schwabentor

What is it?
A medieval city gate, part of Freiburg’s old fortifications, complete with a storybook tower.
Why you should go?
Standing as a sentinel over Freiburg, the Schwabentor is one of two remaining city gates from the original medieval wall. Its tower, adorned with historical murals, provides insight into the past and role in the city's defense system. Beyond its historical significance, the tower offers an elevated outlook on Freiburg, inviting history buffs and photographers to capture a glimpse of the past blended with panoramic urban scenery.

Freiburg: Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to archaeology housed in a 19th-century palace, surrounded by a beautiful park.
Why you should go?
The Colombischlössle Archaeological Museum invites visitors to step back in time and explore artifacts that trace the region's history from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. The museum's elegant neoclassical architecture is equally impressive, housing a rich collection that includes ancient tools, jewelry, and weaponry. It's a fascinating excursion for those interested in the ancient history of Freiburg and the Upper Rhine valley.

Freiburg: Freiburg Minster

What is it?
A stunning example of Gothic architecture, the Freiburg Minster is the city's famous cathedral.
Why you should go?
This emblematic building, with its intricate spire piercing the skyline, stands as the centerpiece of Freiburg. Visitors are drawn to its remarkable construction, which survived the devastation of World War II almost unscathed. The Minster offers a glimpse into medieval craftsmanship, with its beautifully stained glass windows and ornate detailing. Climbing the tower rewards travelers with panoramic views of the city and the surrounding Black Forest, making it one of the best things to do in Freiburg.

Freiburg: Schlossberg

What is it?
A scenic hill offering trails, lookouts, and remnants of fortifications overlooking Freiburg.
Why you should go?
Schlossberg serves as an urban retreat for both locals and visitors. These trails, easily accessible from the city center, lead to the best vantage points for breathtaking vistas of Freiburg and beyond. The hill is not only a place for tranquility and nature but also a historical site, where the ruins of ancient castles can be explored. Engaging in a Schlossberg excursion remains a staple among Freiburg excursions, providing a perfect blend of nature, exercise, and history.

Freiburg: Altes Kaufhaus

What is it?
A striking historical building once serving as Freiburg's merchant's hall.
Why you should go?
Located alongside the Münsterplatz, Altes Kaufhaus charms visitors with its vivid red facade and Renaissance architecture. Today, this monument not only stands as a testament to Freiburg's rich commercial history but also houses cultural events and concerts. Walking through its grand halls, one can imagine the bustling trade activities that once took place here, making it an essential stop for those interested in things to see in Freiburg.

Freiburg: Augustiner Museum

What is it?
An art and historical museum set within the walls of a former monastery.
Why you should go?
Experience Freiburg's artistic treasures at the Augustiner Museum, home to an impressive collection of art ranging from the middle ages to the Baroque period. With its contemporary presentation, the museum invites its patrons to delve into the city's history and its creative legacy. Original sculptures from Freiburg Minster, along with paintings by renowned artists, are displayed in a serene setting, establishing it as one of the best Freiburg tours for culture enthusiasts.

Freiburg: Seepark

What is it?
A large recreational park centered around a tranquil lake, west of the city center.
Why you should go?
Seepark, once part of a state garden show, now provides a respite from the city's hustle. This lush area is perfect for an assortment of Freiburg activities, including walking, paddle boating, and birdwatching. Families can enjoy the playgrounds and mini-golf, while those seeking relaxation can bask in the peaceful surroundings. The park's Japanese garden adds a touch of international flair, making this site a multifaceted jewel and one of the fun things to do in Freiburg.

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Fun things to do in Freiburg with kids

Freiburg not only boasts a rich history and beautiful landscapes but also offers a host of exciting activities perfect for the younger visitors. Families can head to the playful Europa-Park, located nearby, which is the largest theme park in Germany. This fantasy-filled world dazzles with thrilling rides, fairy-tale realms, and engaging shows that are sure to captivate children and adults alike. Within the city itself, the Mundenhof, Freiburg’s vast animal enclosure, allows kids to get up close with both local and exotic animals in spacious, natural settings. It's the largest of its kind in Baden-Württemberg, and a day there is both fun and educational. For a hands-on science experience, the Science Ship 'MS Wissenschaft' moored along the Rhine during its summer tour sparks curiosity with interactive exhibits focusing on different themes each year. This combination of fun, education, and adventure ensures that Freiburg remains high on the list for family-friendly destinations.

Things to do in Freiburg with family

Engaging family excursions abound in Freiburg, catering to various interests and ages. The city's iconic Schauinslandbahn, a cable car ride to the summit of Schauinsland mountain, offers mesmerizing views and a touch of adventure as families soar above the Black Forest. At the top, numerous hiking paths and a mountain-top playground await, as well as a mines museum for an underground exploration experience. Freiburg's City Garden (Stadtgarten) is another gem, with its beautifully manicured flowerbeds and a duck pond, ideal for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing picnic. Concerts and puppet shows are regularly hosted here, adding to the charming ambiance. Lastly, the Waldkurbad am Möslepark is a forest swimming pool with natural waters, providing a refreshing and natural setting for swimming and sunbathing during the warmer months. Each offers a unique way to enjoy Freiburg's natural beauty and engaging things to do that families can cherish together.

Free things to do in Freiburg

Freiburg is a wonderland for those seeking to immerse themselves in culture and nature without spending a cent. One of the most enjoyable free things to do in Freiburg is meandering through the picturesque old town with its distinctive Bächle gutters, where the historical charm is palpable in every cobblestone. Another cost-free delight is visiting the city’s local parks such as the Seepark, an idyllic place to unwind, watch ducks glide by on the lake, or admire the Japanese garden. For breathtaking panoramic views, a hike up to the Schlossberg is a must; the trails are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Rising above the city, it's the perfect spot for picnics and sunsets, showcasing the Black Forest in all its glory. Each of these attractions encapsulates the spirit of Freiburg, showcasing its beauty and vibrant atmosphere, making it a memorable destination that's kind to your wallet.

Cheap things to do in Freiburg

Thrifty travelers will find Freiburg brimming with budget-friendly options that don't skimp on experience. For a nominal fee, the iconic Freiburg Minster offers access to its tower, where history buffs and enthusiasts can soak in centuries-old architecture and sweeping city views. Not too far from the Minster, the vibrant and weekly-held Münstermarkt invites visitors to browse through stalls teeming with local crafts and delicious street foods at pocket-friendly prices. Another economical choice for visitors is the interactive city history museum 'Haus der Graphischen Sammlung.' It provides affordable tickets and a chance to dive deep into the intriguing past of Freiburg with engaging exhibits and artworks. These sites prove that exploring Freiburg can be rich in culture and enjoyment without the need for lavish spending.

Things to do in Freiburg for couples

Freiburg offers a romantic backdrop for couples looking to explore and create memories together. Stroll through the serene and picturesque streets of the Altstadt (Old Town), with its beautiful architecture and the famous Freiburg Bächle – the small water-filled runnels lining the streets. For nature-loving duos, a hike through the enchanting Black Forest or a walk up to the Schlossberg with its stunning vistas of the city and beyond can be the highlight of a romantic day. As evening falls, the Augustinerplatz becomes a cozy spot for couples to savor a glass of local wine and people-watch in one of the lively squares in Freiburg. Each of these places offers a unique blend of beauty, intimacy, and the charm of Freiburg, making them perfect for couples seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Things to do in Freiburg at night

When the sun sets in Freiburg, the city lights up with possibilities for night-time activities. Start with a leisurely evening stroll through the illuminated streets of the Altstadt, soaking in the medieval ambiance. For those seeking a convivial atmosphere, Freiburg’s beer gardens offer a lively and traditional German experience; the Feierling Brewery’s Biergarten, in particular, is a local favorite for sipping brews under the stars. Music and performance enthusiasts can check out the program at the E-Werk Freiburg, where a dynamic range of events from concerts to theater can cap off the evening with a cultural touch. Whether it's enjoying the nightlife with a local pilsner in hand, attending a live show, or simply wandering the enchanting old town, night-time in Freiburg offers an array of experiences for all nocturnal adventurers.