Things to do in Hurghada

About Hurghada

Must-see attractions in Hurghada include the stunning Giftun Islands, perfect for a day trip, and the Hurghada Grand Aquarium that reveals the Red Sea's marine biodiversity. For cultural enthusiasts, El Dahar Square in Hurghada's old town offers a taste of local life and traditions.
Hurghada is a family paradise with attractions like Makadi Water World offering exciting water slides, the Mini Egypt Park for a fun history lesson, and the Hurghada Grand Aquarium for an engaging underwater adventure.
The best outdoor activities include snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea's coral reefs, desert quad biking for a thrilling experience, and sailing or kite surfing for watersports aficionados looking for adventure on the sea.
Indoor enthusiasts can visit the Sand City Hurghada to admire sand sculptures, escape to Senzo Mall for shopping and entertainment, or enjoy the marine shows at Dolphin World, providing fun away from the sun.
The best Hurghada tours include boat trips to the alluring Giftun Islands, guided desert safaris to witness the Bedouin lifestyle, and historical excursions to Luxor to explore ancient Egyptian temples and tombs.
Popular museums attracting visitors are the Sand City Hurghada, an open-air museum with intricate sand sculptures, and the Hurghada Grand Aquarium that doubles as a living museum of sea life.
For the rare rainy day, indoor experiences like a visit to the Hurghada Grand Aquarium or the Sand City Hurghada offer an escape with engaging tours that celebrate art and nature indoors.
Short tours in Hurghada ideal for those with limited time include a scenic ride on the Hurghada Cable Car, a quick submarine trip with Sindbad Submarines, and a whirlwind tour of the Mini Egypt Park.

Best Things to Do In Hurghada

Discover the vibrant heart of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera with a compilation of places to visit in Hurghada.

Hurghada: Jungle Aqua Park

What is it?
An expansive, jungle-themed water park with numerous slides, pools, and activities.
Why you should go?
Jungle Aqua Park offers an unforgettable adventure with its expansive collection of water attractions, including wave pools, a lazy river, and multiple slides that cater to both the bravest thrill-seekers and those looking for more tranquil entertainment. Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, this park provides a refreshing escape from the city's buzz and heat. Attractions like the children's area ensure that younger guests are just as entertained, making it one of the fun things to do in Hurghada.

Hurghada: Mini Egypt Park

What is it?
A park offering detailed miniature replicas of Egypt's most famous historical sites.
Why you should go?
Mini Egypt Park is a unique cultural jaunt where visitors can explore the essence of Egypt's rich history in miniature. The park features expertly crafted replicas of the nation's most iconic landmarks, from the Pyramids of Giza to the temples of Luxor, allowing guests to behold the grandeur of Egypt in just a few steps. Educational and enchanting, this experience is ideal for families and captures the imagination, making it a delightful addition to the best Hurghada tours.

Hurghada: Senzo Mall

What is it?
A modern shopping center offering a variety of international brands and local shops.
Why you should go?
For those seeking retail therapy or a leisurely break from the sun, Senzo Mall is the go-to destination. With its wide selection of stores, entertainment facilities, and dining options, visitors can enjoy a day of shopping, catch the latest movies or indulge in delicious cuisines. The mall's blend of convenience, variety, and comfort makes it a favored choice for those looking at what to do in Hurghada beyond the beach and historical sites.

Hurghada: Dolphin World

What is it?
A marine attraction featuring dolphin shows, seal performances, and opportunities for up-close encounters.
Why you should go?
Dolphin World is a treat for marine lovers, offering the chance to see playful dolphins and other sea mammals perform in a well-maintained facility. The shows are a delightful experience for all ages, and the opportunity for interactive swimming sessions with dolphins adds a personal touch to the Hurghada activities on offer. Advocating for marine life education and preservation, the attraction provides a mix of fun and learning.

Hurghada: Desert Breath

What is it?
A striking land art project in the desert, known for its spiral forms and massive cones.
Why you should go?
Desert Breath stands as an awe-inspiring testament to creativity and the scale of human ambition. This extraordinary installation, visible from the sky, plays with the senses and perception, creating a surreal landscape in the sands just outside Hurghada. The abstract beauty and ephemeral nature of the artwork make it one of the more esoteric and captivating things to see in Hurghada, appealing to those with a love for art and the enigmatic beauty of the desert.

Hurghada: Hurghada Marina

What is it?
A bustling harbor and a luxury promenade lined with shops and restaurants.
Why you should go?
As evening sets in, Hurghada Marina transitions into a lively hub of activity, offering visitors the ambiance for a leisurely stroll, dining by the sea, or shopping for local souvenirs. A fusion of relaxation and entertainment, the marina presents a perfect snapshot of the cosmopolitan aspect of Hurghada activities. On any given night, one might encounter live music or traditional dance, making it one of the must-see destinations for every traveler.

Hurghada: Sand City Hurghada

What is it?
An open-air sand sculpture museum displaying historical and mythical figures.
Why you should go?
Engage with art in a unique form at Sand City Hurghada, where talented sculptors have transformed the desert's primary resource into astonishingly detailed works. This attraction shines as one of the fun things to do in Hurghada, where visitors can appreciate the mixture of grand-scale artistry and educational elements through depictions of ancient civilizations and iconic legends, making it a cultural highlight and a feast for the senses.

Hurghada: Hurghada Grand Aquarium

What is it?
An immersive underwater zoo offering a glimpse of the Red Sea's biodiversity.
Why you should go?
The Hurghada Grand Aquarium is an ecological marvel, housing an extensive variety of marine life. This attraction is among the essential things to see in Hurghada for families and marine enthusiasts alike. Walking through the tunnel, with aquatic creatures all around, is akin to diving without ever getting wet. The aquarium not only entertains but also educates patrons on the importance of marine conservation.

Hurghada: El Dahar Square

What is it?
The heart of Hurghada's old town, embodying the city's traditional culture.
Why you should go?
For an authentic Egyptian experience, El Dahar Square is a focal point among the places to visit in Hurghada. Visitors will find themselves enveloped in the local lifestyle, with small coffee shops, bustling markets, and the ever-present hum of daily life. It's a marvelous opportunity to observe the blend of modern energy and time-honored traditions, presenting what to do in Hurghada for a taste of the real Egypt.

Hurghada: Makadi Water World

What is it?
Hurghada's largest water park, featuring an array of slides and family-friendly pools.
Why you should go?
Bringing together fun, excitement, and a reprieve from the heat, Makadi Water World stands out as one of the best things to do in Hurghada for travelers with children or those simply young at heart. Adrenaline-pumping slides, a lazy river, and themed pools ensure a day filled with joy and laughter, all in a secure and well-maintained environment, offering a welcome break from the more traditional Hurghada excursions.

TOP-5 tours in Hurghada for first-time visitors

  • Embark on a journey to Giftun Islands, where the crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches create a slice of paradise, showcasing the best things to do in Hurghada.
  • Explore the underwater wonders with a snorkeling tour at Hurghada reefs. Marine life and vibrant corals offer compelling things to see in Hurghada.
  • Take a step back in time while wandering through the El Dahar district, where traditional markets reflect the authentic fun things to do in Hurghada.
  • Experience the thrills of the desert with a quad bike safari excursion, an invigorating addition to what to do in Hurghada for adventure seekers.
  • Dive into the tranquil sea for a scuba diving tour, encountering exotic fish and coral formations, underlining the Hurghada activities that cannot be missed.

Fun things to do in Hurghada with kids

Hurghada presents an array of adventures that cater perfectly to families traveling with children. Dive into excitement at Makadi Water World. As Hurghada's largest water park, it offers a splash-tastic time with its various slides, kid-friendly pools, and play areas, all under the attentive supervision of lifeguards. For an educational yet equally thrilling experience, visit the Hurghada Grand Aquarium. Children can marvel at the diverse sea life, walk through an underwater tunnel, and learn about the importance of ocean conservation. Lastly, Sindbad Submarines provide a magical journey beneath the waves without getting wet. The comfortable and safe submersible takes families to observe colorful coral reefs and schools of fish, making it a serene undersea escapade. These adventures rank high among the best things to do in Hurghada, ensuring memorable experiences for young travelers and their guardians alike.

Things to do in Hurghada with family

Hurghada is a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions, ensuring that visitors of all ages have an unforgettable holiday. The Red Sea's aquatic splendor is on full display at Hurghada Grand Aquarium, where families can immerse themselves in marine exploration without getting wet. An educational journey awaits as they witness the diversity of underwater life in meticulously recreated habitats. For those seeking fun in the sun, Jungle Aqua Park boasts an impressive array of water slides, pools, and play areas set within a tropical-themed oasis, providing safe, supervised excitement for the whole family. Moreover, a visit to Mini Egypt Park delivers a cultural and historical tour in miniature, offering insights into Egypt’s vast heritage with its detailed scale models of the country's most iconic landmarks. These attractions are cornerstones of things to do in Hurghada with family, each offering its unique blend of education, entertainment, and the joy of shared experiences.

Free things to do in Hurghada

Exploring Hurghada doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag; there are plenty of free activities that promise adventure and relaxation for all. Stroll along the Hurghada Marina promenade at sunset to soak in the beautiful vistas of bobbing yachts against the fiery sky. Here, the ambience is perfect for leisurely walks and photo opportunities. Continue the pursuit of serene experiences by taking a trip to one of the public beaches, such as Old Vic Village, where sunbathing, swimming, and people-watching cost nothing at all. For a cultural diversion, meander through the bustling streets of El Dahar, Hurghada’s old town. The aromas from street vendors, the vivid colors of local produce, and the charm of day-to-day Egyptian life are all free to experience and essential for understanding the heart of the city. These attractions offer a deeper glimpse into what to see in Hurghada without the need for tickets or tour fees.

Cheap things to do in Hurghada

Hurghada serves as a fantastic destination for those seeking to experience its splendors on a budget. Spend a day exploring the colorful alleys and shops of the El Dahar district, the old bazaar buzzing with life; it's a place where haggling is part of the fun, and the sights and smells are free to enjoy. Another excellent choice for budget-friendly Hurghada activities is taking a trip to one of the public beaches, such as Dream Beach, offering pristine sands and clear waters for a minimal entrance fee. And for a small cost, visitors can relish the gorgeous views of the Red Sea and surrounding mountains by taking a ride on the Hurghada Cable Car, experiencing a unique perspective of the city’s landscape. These are amongst the most recommended cheap things to do in Hurghada, perfect for adventurers looking to stretch their pounds without missing out on authentic experiences.

Things to do in Hurghada for couples

Hurghada beckons couples with its blend of romantic vistas, intimate experiences, and shared adventures. An idyllic start to a day for couples is watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon ride, offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea and the surrounding desert landscapes. It's a serene moment that captures the beauty of Hurghada from above. For an atmospheric evening, a dinner cruise along the Red Sea coast is perfect for savoring delectable cuisine while being enveloped by the marine tranquility and starlit skies. Adding to the romance, a stroll through the Marina at dusk provides couples with a picturesque setting, where they can enjoy the waterfront vibe and bond over artisanal ice cream or a cup of aromatic Egyptian coffee. Each of these attractions creates a memorable backdrop for love, earning their place among the top things to do in Hurghada for couples.

Things to do in Hurghada at night

As the sun sets, the vibrant city of Hurghada lights up with activities that cater to night owls and entertainment seekers. A must-visit is the New Marina, where the glittering lights reflect on the water, and lively bars and restaurants offer a mix of local and international flavors, coupled with live music and dance performances. For a unique nocturnal experience, take a guided night dive into the Red Sea and be enchanted by the underwater world that's just as active after dark. The nocturnal sea creatures and the serene silence beneath the waves make for an unforgettable adventure. Lastly, no night in Hurghada is complete without experiencing the local culture. The Alf Leila Wa Leila show dazzles with its colorful depiction of Egyptian history through music, dance, and light effects, making it a popular nighttime activity. Each attraction presents a different taste of Hurghada’s after-dark allure, promising an evening full of excitement and discovery.