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Visitors to Jerusalem should not miss the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Via Dolorosa. The view from the Mount of Olives, shopping in the Old City bazaars, and the experience at Yad Vashem are also key attractions.
Children will enjoy the interactive exhibits at the Bloomfield Science Museum, the biblical animals at the Tisch Family Zoological Garden (Biblical Zoo), and the archaeological discoveries at the City of David.
For outdoor experiences, stroll through the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, walk the ancient city walls on the Ramparts Walk, or explore the Ein Yael Living Museum.
Indoor enthusiasts will treasure the Israel Museum, the vibrant exhibits at The Museum on the Seam, and the immersive Hezekiah's Tunnel experience for historical explorations beneath the city.
The best Jerusalem tours include guided visits through the Old City, exploring the ancient tunnels beneath the Western Wall, and partaking in the culinary tours at Mahane Yehuda Market.
The most frequented museums are the Israel Museum, featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls, Yad Vashem for its poignant Holocaust remembrance, and the Tower of David Museum with its vivid presentations of Jerusalem's history.
Rainy days are perfect for exploring the Western Wall Tunnels, the Hurva Synagogue, or enjoying the immersive experiential exhibits at the Friends of Zion Museum.
Short tours fit for 60 minutes or less include the City of David's 3D film about ancient Jerusalem, a quick tour of the Cardo, and a self-guided visit to the Mahane Yehuda Market.

Best Things to Do In Jerusalem

Discover the ancient allure of Jerusalem with a compelling selection of cultural landmarks and vibrant marketplaces awaiting your exploration.

Jerusalem: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

What is it?
A revered Christian shrine that marks the crucifixion and burial site of Jesus Christ.
Why you should go?
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a cornerstone of Christian heritage and one of the ultimate things to do in Jerusalem for those seeking spiritual depth. This ancient church is a mosaic of architectural styles, reflecting its long and tumultuous history. Pilgrims and tourists alike are awestruck by the solemnity and beauty found within its walls. Visitors can touch the Stone of Anointing and climb Golgotha, offering an experience transcending time and belief.

Jerusalem: Yad Vashem

What is it?
The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust victims.
Why you should go?
Yad Vashem offers a powerful and essential look into human history, with exhibits that document the Holocaust through artifacts, personal stories, and art. The museum’s sobering narrative and its poignant Hall of Names make it a profoundly moving experience, ranking amongst the most significant Jerusalem activities. This is not just a museum but a place of memory and reflection, vital for all who visit Jerusalem to understand the past and the resilience of the human spirit.

Jerusalem: The Cardo

What is it?
An impressively well-preserved Roman and Byzantine main street within the Jewish Quarter.
Why you should go?
Visiting The Cardo means walking along the same stones that ancient Jerusalemites did over a millennium ago. The site juxtaposes artifacts from a bygone civilization with modern shops and galleries. Best things to do in Jerusalem often include a sense of time travel, and The Cardo delivers on this by uniting the layers of the city's past with today's vibrant culture. This attraction is a must-visit for history buffs and curious explorers alike.

Jerusalem: The City of David National Park

What is it?
An archaeological park housing the ancient city of Jerusalem, rich with biblical history.
Why you should go?
The City of David National Park provides an evocative experience for visitors keen on uncovering the biblical and historical roots of Jerusalem. The area is an active excavation site, revealing artifacts and insights into ancient life. Engaging in tours in Jerusalem often includes venturing through subterranean tunnels and witnessing millennia-old ruins here. This visit will captivate imagination and offer a tangible link between the past narratives and the present.

Jerusalem: The Garden Tomb

What is it?
An alternative site outside the city walls that many consider to be the Biblical Golgotha and tomb of Jesus.
Why you should go?
The tranquil oasis of The Garden Tomb offers a peaceful retreat and an opportunity for reflection. Many visitors find this spot particularly moving, and it serves as a compelling Christian pilgrimage site. Its serene gardens and the stark simplicity of the tomb itself provide a stark contrast to the busy Old City. The Garden Tomb is an essential addition to the list of things to see in Jerusalem, inviting guests to ponder the narratives of old in a serene environment.

Jerusalem: Western Wall

What is it?
One of the most sacred sites in Judaism, offering a poignant experience.
Why you should go?
As the remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple, the Western Wall stands as a testament to Jerusalem's rich religious history. Visitors from around the world come to witness the enduring faith and traditions, including the practice of placing prayer notes between the ancient stones. A visit to the Western Wall is not only one of the best things to do in Jerusalem, but it is also a powerful connection to the city's enduring spirit and an unforgettable encounter with living history.

Jerusalem: The Israel Museum

What is it?
The largest cultural institution in Israel and one of the world’s leading art and archaeology museums.
Why you should go?
Jerusalem activities must include the Israel Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts, fine art, and antiquities from across millennia. Visitors can explore diverse exhibitions, including the famed Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book. With a sculpture garden, state-of-the-art wing hosting contemporary works, and a child-friendly section, the museum encapsulates things to do in Jerusalem for all interests and ages, making it a pinnacle of cultural journey in the city.

Jerusalem: Mahane Yehuda Market

What is it?
A bustling marketplace pulsating with life, color, and Middle Eastern flavors.
Why you should go?
Mahane Yehuda Market, often called 'The Shuk,' is where gastronomy and culture collide, offering a kaleidoscope of scents, tastes, and sounds. It's a paradise for foodies and anyone curious about local life. Jerusalem tours aren’t complete without a stroll through this vibrant spot, tasting exotic foods, and engaging with friendly vendors. By night, the market transforms into a trendy scene with lively bars and music, proving to be a versatile highlight in Jerusalem excursions.

Jerusalem: Tower of David

What is it?
An ancient citadel located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City.
Why you should go?
At the Tower of David lies the magnificently preserved narrative of Jerusalem's past. The citadel houses the Tower of David Museum, where visitors experience an in-depth journey through the city’s timeline. With its panoramic views from the ramparts and captivating night show, the Tower of David is unquestionably one of the best Jerusalem tours for understanding the city’s milieu. This site enriches one's perspective, revealing what makes Jerusalem an unmissable destination.

Jerusalem: Mount of Olives

What is it?
A mountain ridge east of the Old City, steeped in religious and historical significance.
Why you should go?
The Mount of Olives is not only a location with stunning vistas of Jerusalem but also a place imbued with deep spiritual resonance for various faiths. Key biblical events are believed to have taken place here, and it's dotted with significant churches and ancient cemeteries. Participating in Jerusalem excursions to this sacred space allows visitors to reflect on the city's religious importance and enjoy the tranquil beauty, making it one of the most profound fun things to do in Jerusalem.

TOP-5 tours in Jerusalem for first-time visitors

  • Embark on the "Historic Trail" tour to immerse in the things to see in Jerusalem, from the Western Wall to the intricate pathways of the old city.
  • Explore the "Cultural Tapestry" route for an encounter with places to visit in Jerusalem, highlighting the blend of traditions this city nurtures.
  • Delve into "Culinary Delights" to experience fun things to do in Jerusalem, including tastings at bustling markets and famed eateries.
  • "Sacred Sites" offers a reflective journey into what to see in Jerusalem, with visits to revered temples and ancient monuments.
  • The "Modern Jerusalem" audio guide complements what to do in Jerusalem, showcasing contemporary art scenes and neighborhoods.

Fun things to do in Jerusalem with kids

Embarking on family adventures in the ancient city reveals many fun things to do in Jerusalem with kids. The Time Elevator Jerusalem is a hit among families, offering a 3D movie experience that takes viewers on a historical journey led by none other than King Solomon himself. It's both entertaining and educative, making history accessible to the younger audience. Next on the list is the Biblical Zoo, where children can see a variety of animals mentioned in the Bible in well-constructed habitats and learn about conservation efforts. The zoo's layout is stroller-friendly and perfect for a relaxing day out. Lastly, the Bloomfield Science Museum presents interactive exhibits that spark the curiosity of young minds. Children can engage in hands-on activities, and live demonstrations making science both fun and fascinating. These venues cater to creating priceless family memories and are thoroughly enjoyable additions to Jerusalem activities for those travelling with children.

Things to do in Jerusalem with family

Jerusalem, steeped in history and rich in culture, also offers a wealth of family-friendly attractions. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo stands out as a delightful place to visit in Jerusalem with the family, showcasing animals from around the world and those mentioned in biblical tales. It's a perfect spot for a day of discovery and fun in nature. Another great venue is the Bloomfield Science Museum, where interactive exhibits bring the wonders of science to life, igniting the imagination of both kids and adults alike. It's an opportunity for families to engage in educational activities that are as entertaining as they are informative. For a truly unique experience, the Time Elevator Jerusalem combines motion seats with a special film to take visitors on a captivating historical journey through the city's 3,000-year-old legacy, making it an exciting and memorable educational experience for all ages. These Jerusalem activities are just a few examples of the diverse options available to families seeking to explore this ancient city.

Free things to do in Jerusalem

Exploring Jerusalem doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Among the best free things to do in Jerusalem is a visit to the iconic Old City, where one can wander through the ancient, winding alleyways, take in the vibrant marketplaces, and experience the rich tapestry of cultures. Here you'll find the Western Wall, where visitors are welcome to observe or partake in the timeless tradition of slipping a prayer note into the crevices of the wall. Another must-see is the Haas Promenade, offering panoramic views of the city's skyline — it’s particularly stunning during sunset. For those interested in art and history, the Jerusalem Railway Station offers not only a glimpse into the rail history but also hosts a variety of free cultural events, performances, and art exhibitions. These places to visit in Jerusalem provide educational and memorable experiences that are both enriching and cost-free, perfect for travelers on any budget.

Cheap things to do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem's enchanting history and vibrant culture offer an array of affordable experiences. Start with the Museum on the Seam, a unique spot that delves into socio-political issues through contemporary art, with a modest entry fee. The museum is a thought-provoking place to visit in Jerusalem, prompting deep discussions within its dynamic exhibitions. Enjoying the beauty of the Garden Tomb is another economical option. This serene garden setting, believed by some to be the burial place of Jesus, offers a tranquil respite from the bustling city streets and welcomes visitors for a small suggested donation. Lastly, a tour at the Mount Olives provides spectacular views for minimal costs. Whether taking a self-guided tour or opting for a budget-friendly guided experience, the sights from this historic hill are unforgettable and include several key religious sites. These cost-conscious Jerusalem activities not only save on expenses but also provide deeply enriching experiences that reflect the city's diverse heritage.

Things to do in Jerusalem for couples

Jerusalem sets the scene for romance with its historic charm and beautiful landscapes, perfect for couples to explore together. A mesmerizing place to visit in Jerusalem is the Mount of Olives, which affords couples panoramic views of the city's ancient architecture and sacred sites — a breathtaking backdrop for a shared moment at dusk. Another intimate experience is a stroll through the Yemin Moshe neighborhood, with its quaint streets, lovely gardens, and the iconic windmill, offering a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle. For a touch of Jerusalem’s vibrant culture, couples can visit the First Station, Jerusalem's old railway station turned entertainment hub. Here they can enjoy live music, art exhibits, and delightful eateries, making it a lively spot for Jerusalem activities that are best enjoyed hand in hand. These attractions offer a blend of serene beauty, historical resonance, and cultural experiences for couples seeking to create memorable moments together.

Things to do in Jerusalem at night

When the sun sets, Jerusalem unveils a different kind of magic, with attractions that glow with nighttime allure. A must-see is the spectacular Sound and Light show at the Tower of David. Projected onto the ancient stones, this show brings to life the rich history of Jerusalem, making for a mesmerizing evening experience. Another one of the best things to do in Jerusalem at night is to explore the Mahane Yehuda Market. By day a bustling marketplace, at night it transforms into a lively social scene with bars, music, and street food that cater to every taste. Lastly, take a night stroll along the walls of the Old City. The illuminated paths offer a peaceful and romantic ambiance, allowing couples and friends to witness the historic architecture under the stars. These should top your list of Jerusalem activities after dark, providing captivating experiences that are as educational as they are entertaining.