Things to do in Konstanz

About Konstanz

Must-see attractions in Konstanz include the striking Imperia Statue by the harbor, the historical Konstanz Münster with its impressive tower, and the picturesque Niederburg district with its medieval architecture. Additionally, the tranquil Mainau Island and the ancient ruins of the Roman fort at the Archaeological Museum are not to be missed.
For kids, visiting Sea Life Konstanz, exploring Mainau Island with its butterfly house and playgrounds, and adventuring through the Archaeological Museum with interactive exhibits are top choices. These attractions offer educational and engaging activities suitable for children.
Outdoor enthusiasts can relish in hiking around the Bodanrück region, cycling along the lake promenade, and enjoying water activities on Lake Constance. Visiting the Lorettowald forest for a scenic picnic is another favorite outdoor activity.
Indoor activities include exploring the city’s rich history at the Rosgartenmuseum, enjoying the hot baths and saunas at Bodensee-Therme Konstanz, or catching a performance at the Stadttheater Konstanz. There's ample variety for an entertaining day indoors.
The best tours in Konstanz are the self-guided audio tours which include a historical walk through the Old Town, a cultural tour of the Konstanz Münster, and a scenic exploration of Mainau Island. These tours combine rich narratives with the freedom to explore at one’s own pace.
The most popular museums in Konstanz are the Sea Life Konstanz, the Archaeological Museum, and the Rosgartenmuseum. These establishments offer a blend of natural history, ancient artifacts, and regional culture.
On rainy days, the preferred tours in Konstanz are indoor audio-guided tours of museums like the Rosgartenmuseum, SEA LIFE Konstanz, or the Archaeological Museum. These venues offer sheltered, informative experiences regardless of the weather.
Short tours in Konstanz suitable for those pressed for time include a quick guided stroll through the historic harbor, a brief exploration of the Konstanz Cathedral, or a succinct visit to the Konzilgebäude, where one can soak in history in under an hour.

Best Things to Do In Konstanz

Discover Konstanz's delights, from historic sites and scenic views to vibrant cultural offerings and lakeside charm.

Konstanz: Hafen Konstanz

What is it?
A bustling harbor area showcasing stunning views, the Imperia Statue, and historical charm.
Why you should go?
The Hafen Konstanz (Konstanz Harbor) is the lifeblood of the city where past and present converge, offering delightful waterfront promenades and the majestic sight of the Alps. As the home of the iconic Imperia Statue, the harbor is steeped in history connected to the Council of Constance. Visitors can enjoy flavorsome local cuisine at waterfront dining spots, observe the comings and goings of boats or relax in the serene atmosphere. A self-guided audio tour enhances the experience with narratives of maritime history and lore.

Konstanz: Klosterinsel Reichenau

What is it?
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Reichenau Island is replete with historical monasteries and lush gardens.
Why you should go?
Roaming the grounds of Klosterinsel Reichenau transports visitors to an era where monastic life thrived amidst the natural beauty of Lake Constance. The island's rich ecclesiastical history, ancient churches, and art treasures, including beautifully preserved frescoes, present a compelling glimpse into early medieval Christianity in Germany. Audio tours recount tales of the island's monastic culture, its pivotal role in religious scholarship, and the cultivation of the picturesque vegetable and herb gardens that adorn the landscape.

Konstanz: Niederburg Konstanz

What is it?
The oldest neighborhood in Konstanz, filled with historic buildings and cobblestone streets.
Why you should go?
Wandering the narrow, winding pathways of Niederburg Konstanz, travelers are enveloped by an air of medieval romance. The district reveals diverse architectural styles, from colorful half-timbered homes to grand patrician houses, echoing tales of bygone eras. Quaint cafes and boutiques pepper the area, encouraging leisurely explorations. An evening walk becomes a memorable journey as the neighborhood lights cast a warm glow on ancient stones, and the accompanying audio guide whispers stories of the city's storied past into your ear.

Konstanz: Münster Unserer Lieben Frau

What is it?
A stunning example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, this cathedral dominates the city skyline.
Why you should go?
Münster Unserer Lieben Frau, the imposing Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, calls to those drawn to spiritual and architectural magnificence. This historical edifice is not just a place of worship but also a beacon of cultural identity that has stood the test of time. Visitors can ascend to the viewing platform for an aerial spectacle of the city and lake. Fascinating audio tours reveal the cathedral's storied history, from its foundation to its role during the Reformation and beyond.

Konstanz: Bismarck Tower

What is it?
An historical lookout tower offering sweeping vistas of Konstanz and the surrounding region.
Why you should go?
The Bismarck Tower stands as a silent sentinel over Konstanz, offering some of the most breathtaking views available. Named after the renowned German statesman Otto von Bismarck, the tower is not only a monument but also a vantage point that showcases the city, lake, and even the distant Swiss Alps. An ascent of this historical tower is accompanied by an engaging audio guide, which provides context and color to the visual panorama laid out before you.

Konstanz: Rheintorturm

What is it?
The historical gateway into the Old Town, adorned with a distinctive clock tower.
Why you should go?
Standing as a testament to Konstanz's medieval roots, the Rheintorturm adds a touch of historical splendor to the city's skyline. Ascend this iconic tower for a picturesque overview of Konstanz and Lake Constance. A visit to this landmark is complemented by insightful audio commentary that transports visitors back to times when watchmen guarded the city's gate, making it an essential experience for history enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Konstanz: Rosgartenmuseum

What is it?
A local history museum presenting the urban and cultural evolution of Konstanz.
Why you should go?
Curious minds are drawn to the Rosgartenmuseum, a repository of Konstanz heritage housed in a former guild house. The audio-guided tour elucidates the intriguing timelines of the region, with exhibits spanning from the Stone Age to modern times. Diverse collections from art to artifacts and interactive displays offer a deep dive into the city fabric and its interwoven tales of yore, making the museum a key narrative on Konstanz tours.

Konstanz: Konzilgebäude

What is it?
A significant historical edifice that once played host to the Council of Constance.
Why you should go?
Step inside the Konzilgebäude, and you step into the heart of European history. Acting now as a museum and sometimes as an event hall, the Konzilgebäude’s environmental audio storytelling brings to life the atmospheric meetings of old where major ecclesiastical decisions were made. Today, it stands as an emblematic place for functions, reflecting on its legacy in a modern context, adding another layer of fascination for visitors interested in the historical evolution of civic spaces.

Konstanz: Mainau Island

What is it?
An island in Lake Constance known for its stunning gardens and butterfly house.
Why you should go?
Mainau Island is a botanical paradise accessible from Konstanz by a short boat trip. Ideal for nature lovers and romantics, the island spans an array of garden landscapes bursting with colorful blooms year-round. The self-guided audio tour provides rich botanical knowledge, deepening the sensory pleasure as visitors explore this bountiful and serene garden haven, often dubbed a floral wonder of the region.

Konstanz: Bodensee-Therme Konstanz

What is it?
A thermal bath offering relaxation with sprawling views of Lake Constance.
Why you should go?
For those seeking relaxation after a day of exploration, Bodensee-Therme Konstanz provides the perfect respite. Overlooking serene waters, the thermal baths promise rejuvenation for the body and soul. Along with a wellness area and saunas, the facility includes indoor and outdoor pools. The soothing ambiance is enhanced by a backdrop of the Alps, creating an environment of deep relaxation and well-being—an indulgence not to be missed during Konstanz escapades.

TOP-5 Tours in Konstanz for First Time Visitors

  • Stroll along Konstanz Harbor as an audio narrative recounts the city's maritime history and guides you past the iconic Imperia statue.
  • Dive into the architectural grandeur of Konstanz Cathedral, where audio tales explore its Gothic features and panoramic tower views.
  • Meander through the Niederburg district, with its Old Town insights and stories enriching charming streets and heritage landmarks.
  • Experience the serenity of the lakeside promenade in a tour that highlights the natural beauty and cultural rhythms beside Lake Constance.
  • Unearth the past at the Archaeological Museum, where an extensive collection spanning ages comes alive with engaging historical commentary.

Fun Things to Do in Konstanz with Kids

Konstanz is a playground of adventures for families, offering a myriad of activities that will delight children and parents alike. At the top of the list is Sea Life Konstanz, an interactive aquarium where kids can get up close with the wonders of aquatic life, from colorful fish to graceful jellyfish, and learn about conservation. For an outdoor escapade, the Mainau Island is perfect. Known as the 'Flower Island,' it not only features stunning gardens but is also equipped with playgrounds and a petting zoo, ensuring that the little ones have ample fun in a natural setting. A visit to the Archäologisches Landesmuseum provides a fascinating journey through time. This archaeological museum boasts engaging exhibits that bring the region’s history to life, from prehistoric times to the present, making for an educational and entertaining experience for curious young minds.

Things to Do in Konstanz with Family

Families visiting Konstanz are in for a treat with a selection of attractions that promise shared enjoyment and lasting memories. Set sail on a scenic boat tour of Lake Constance where azure waters and picturesque landscapes provide a serene backdrop for a family outing. Audio guides available on board enrich the experience with local history and tales of the lake. Adventure awaits at the Mainau Island, reachable by a short ferry ride. The floral paradise, butterfly house, and the imaginative playgrounds are a wonderland for children and a peaceful retreat for adults, ensuring a delightful day for all. At the heart of the city, the Konstanz Münster, with its impressive architecture and the option of climbing to its tower, offers an educational history lesson accentuated by panoramic views, making educational family excursions both fun and informative.

Free Things to Do in Konstanz

Konstanz brims with captivating sights and activities that come without a price tag, perfect for explorers on a budget. Take a historical walk through the Old Town, a maze of quaint alleyways and vibrant plazas that echo the city’s past. The rich architecture and bustling market squares offer an immersive experience, heightened by the stories and insights from an audio guide. The Stadtgarten, a lush public park, invites families to relax amongst flowerbeds and fountains with views of the lake. Concerts and outdoor exhibitions often animate this green space, providing free cultural entertainment. For avid hikers and nature lovers, the nearby Lorettowald offers scenic trails through the forest. This natural sanctuary on the outskirts of Konstanz is ideal for picnics, wildlife spotting, and enjoying panoramic views over Lake Constance, illustrating that some of the best things in life, and in Konstanz, really are free.

Cheap Things to Do in Konstanz

Enjoying the charm of Konstanz doesn't have to mean extravagant spending. Take a budget-friendly journey back in time by visiting the Konstanz Cathedral, where a minimal fee allows entry to its tower, offering a spectacular view over the city and lake. Accompany your ascent with an enriching audio guide, deepening the historical context of your visit. For those who savor literary and educational excursions, the City Library offers a tranquil space filled with knowledge. Occasionally, it hosts free events and exhibitions that are conducive to cultural immersion. Indulge in the local atmosphere by exploring the weekly farmers' market where vibrant stalls brim with fresh produce and regional specialties. While the delicious samples are free, you may find yourself tempted to purchase a few budget-friendly treats to enjoy by the glistening lakeside.

Things to Do in Konstanz for Couples

Couples will find that Konstanz sets the scene for romance with a variety of charming activities. A sunset walk along the serene Lake Constance promenade provides a picturesque end to the day, with the colors of the dusk sky reflecting on the tranquil waters. The ambient sounds of the lake and the intimate atmosphere make for a deeply romantic experience. Indulge in a taste of culture by attending a show at the Southwestern German Philharmonic Orchestra of Constance. The melodies of classical music in the elegant setting of the concert hall create a sophisticated night out that enriches the soul. For a leisurely day, couples can explore the island of Mainau, also known as the Island of Flowers. The sprawling gardens and orchid-filled greenhouses offer an enchanting backdrop to a day spent together, while themed garden shows change with the seasons, providing diverse experiences throughout the year.

Things to Do in Konstanz at Night

When the sun sets, Konstanz transforms with a selection of attractions that offer memorable nocturnal experiences. Couples, friends, and night owls can enjoy a new perspective of the city with a moonlit stroll along the Harbor, where the lights from boats and the cityscape reflect beautifully on the water's surface, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The cultural heart beats strong at the Stadttheater Konstanz, where night-time performances range from contemporary plays to classic operas. The theater’s vibrant program caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a sophisticated and entertaining evening out. For a casual and convivial night, sample the local nightlife at the many bars and pubs found in Konstanz's Old Town. Here, a mix of traditional German taverns and modern lounges provide the perfect setting for enjoying craft beers, regional wines, and engaging conversations in a historical backdrop enriched by a lively local and student population.