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Losone's must-see attractions include the picturesque Parrocchia San Lorenzo, a historic church with stunning frescoes, the serene walking paths along the Maggia River, and the engaging Museo Onsernonese, which brings the history and culture of the valley to life. For a blend of leisure and discovery, the Centro Dannemann provides a unique look into the world of tobacco and cigar manufacturing.
For visiting families, Parco Avventura offers invigorating outdoor activities, the Lido Ascona guarantees a fun-filled day at the beach, and Falconeria Locarno, a short distance from Losone, provides educational bird of prey shows that are sure to captivate children and adults alike.
Among the best outdoor activities in Losone are hiking through the scenic trails in the area, enjoying a relaxing day by the Maggia River, and taking part in a golf game at Golf Losone, with its breathtaking views and environmentally-conscious design.
Indoor enthusiasts can revel in the rich artistic exhibitions at Pinacoteca Casa Rusca, engage with the creative theater performances at Teatro Dimitri or discover the wide array of workshops and events at Centro Dannemann, each providing a unique cultural experience.
The best Losone tours range from cultural and historical explorations of the town's heritage to nature excursions along the river and through the vineyards, as well as culinary journeys that celebrate local flavors and traditional Swiss-Italian cuisine.
The Museo Onsernonese and Museo Etnografico e della Valle Maggia are among the most popular museums in Losone, each providing visitors with a deep dive into the local customs, history, and art.
On rainy days, visitors can partake in the best Losone tours that are indoors, such as those offered by Centro Dannemann, or enjoy the sheltered art spaces like Pinacoteca Casa Rusca and the intimate setting of Teatro Dimitri for a live performance.
Brief tours in Losone that last 1 hour or less include guided audio walks through the old town's historic center, quick and informative visits to local artisan workshops, or even a swift tour of Museo Onsernonese, ensuring a well-rounded experience despite time constraints.

Best Things to Do In Losone

Discover the enchanting town of Losone with its rich culture and stunning landscapes through engaging self-guided tours.

Losone: Terreni alla Maggia

What is it?
An expansive agricultural estate known for its unique products and serene landscape.
Why you should go?
Nestled among the lush landscapes of Losone, Terreni alla Maggia offers a pastoral escape where visitors can explore a vibrant farm that cultivates a variety of crops, including rice and wine. A visit to this splendid estate not only promises the chance to learn about sustainable agriculture in Switzerland but also to taste the fruits of this fertile region. The audio guide tells of the innovative farming techniques and the rich history behind this picturesque destination, making it a unique addition to the things to do in Losone.

Losone: Patriziato di Losone

What is it?
A historical institution that preserves the cultural and natural heritage of Losone.
Why you should go?
Discover the essence of local governance and community spirit at the Patriziato di Losone. This institution embodies the town's commitment to heritage, overseeing communal assets and traditions. Visitors can engage with the cultural fabric of the town while enjoying the carefully maintained public spaces under the Patriziato's stewardship. The audio guide brings to light the historical significance and the role the Patriziato plays in maintaining the identity and cohesion of this beautiful Swiss commune.

Losone: Pinacoteca Casa Rusca

What is it?
A delightful art museum showcasing a rich collection of modern and contemporary pieces.
Why you should go?
Art enthusiasts will find solace in the Pinacoteca Casa Rusca, where the creative expressions of various artists are exhibited. The museum, housed in a beautifully restored historical building, is a testament to the dynamic art scene of Losone and beyond. With a focus on 19th and 20th-century art, its galleries are a trove of artistic discovery. Audio guides offer in-depth discussions on the artworks and their creators, making the Pinacoteca a central point of interest for what to see in Losone.

Losone: Teatro Dimitri

What is it?
A charming theater dedicated to the performing arts and the legacy of clown Dimitri.
Why you should go?
As a cultural landmark, Teatro Dimitri offers a vibrant performance space that reflects the whimsical spirit of its namesake, the renowned clown Dimitri. The theater hosts a wide array of shows, from comedy to drama, celebrating the art of live performance. Audiences are treated to an intimate experience that captivates and delights. The theater's story is a captivating highlight in the collection of Losone tours, imparting the joy and magic of theatrical arts to each visitor.

Losone: Lido Ascona

What is it?
A scenic lakeside beach offering relaxation and a variety of water-based Losone activities.
Why you should go?
Lido Ascona is an idyllic spot where the splendor of Lake Maggiore can be fully appreciated. This lakeside haven provides a space for swimming, sunbathing, and engaging in watersports. With majestic views and tranquil waters, it's a favorite among locals and visitors searching for both leisure and excitement. Through the accompaniment of an audio guide, guests can learn about local ecology and the lido's role in community life, marking it as one of the best Losone excursions for those looking to unwind and connect with nature.

Losone: Parrocchia San Lorenzo

What is it?
An ancient church steeped in architectural beauty and spiritual tradition.
Why you should go?
Parrocchia San Lorenzo stands as a beacon of Losone's religious heritage, with its impressive frescoes and ornate interiors. This historic church is not only a place of worship but also a testament to the town's artistic legacy. Visitors are captivated by its tranquility and the intricate works of art that adorn its walls, making it a must-visit for those seeking peace and inspiration amidst their travels. The audio guide enriches the experience, providing context to each element that makes this church a special place to visit in Losone.

Losone: Maggia River

What is it?
A picturesque river offering natural beauty and recreational activities.
Why you should go?
The Maggia River is a shimmering gem of Losone, perfect for those looking to connect with nature. As you follow the audio guide along its banks, you'll learn about the local ecosystem and the river's role in shaping the landscape. The area offers a peaceful retreat where one can enjoy swimming, hiking, or simply relaxing by the water. It is an outdoor enthusiast's haven and represents some of the best Losone excursions for visitors wanting a mix of adventure and serenity during their stay.

Losone: Museo Onsernonese

What is it?
A devoted museum chronicling the cultural and historical narratives of the Onsernone Valley.
Why you should go?
Located within a traditional, elegantly preserved house, Museo Onsernonese offers insights into the past lifestyles, practices, and crafts of the region. The collections are a cultural journey through time, showcasing artifacts, photographs, and documents detailing rural life and the resilience of local communities. Ideal for history buffs and the culturally curious, this museum provides an immersive, educational, and enlightening experience, easily ranking among the best things to do in Losone for those intrigued by the area's heritage.

Losone: Golf Losone

What is it?
An impeccably designed golf course, merging sport with stunning scenery.
Why you should go?
Golf Losone is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, boasting a course that gracefully integrates the region's natural contours and fauna. As users engage with commentary from the audio guide, they learn about the design philosophy and the environmental considerations that make this course unique. Playing a round here is not just about the game; it's an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking landscape, making Golf Losone an essential entry when planning Losone activities.

Losone: Centro Dannemann

What is it?
An iconic center celebrating the historical and contemporary significance of the tobacco industry.
Why you should go?
Centro Dannemann is the cultural heart of the tobacco heritage that has shaped Losone's industrial story. The center hosts exhibitions, events, and workshops, allowing visitors to dive into the world of cigar-making and tobacco cultivation. Its historical significance and interactive displays create a compelling narrative that enriches the understanding of Losone's past and present. Ideal for those eager to explore unique aspects of local traditions, a visit to Centro Dannemann is undeniably among the top places to visit in Losone.

TOP-5 tours in Losone for first-time visitors

  • Explore the historical heart on a stroll that highlights the things to see in Losone. Uncover the stories behind ancient buildings and serene squares as the audio guide immerses you in local history.
  • Embark on a quest for culture and find out what to do in Losone by visiting its charming art galleries and museums, accompanied by anecdotes and facts accessible at the touch of a button.
  • Delve into the aroma of Italian cuisine with a food-centric tour spotlighting fun things to do in Losone. Sample local treats while learning about traditional Swiss-Italian confluence.
  • Unveil the serenity of nature with a leisurely Losone excursion through the town's scenic footpaths, complemented by an audio narrative of flora, fauna, and local environmental efforts.
  • For the adventurous, discover the list of Losone activities by following the audio guide to hidden trails and the best vistas, ensuring you experience the best things to do in Losone.

Fun things to to in Losone with kids

Venturing to Losone proves a delightful treat for families, where engaging attractions await visitors of all ages. The Falconeria Locarno, a short journey from Losone, mesmerizes with spectacular bird of prey shows where eagles, owls, and falcons soar overhead, a thrilling educational experience that youngsters adore. Equally compelling, the Lido Ascona offers a day of fun under the sun, its sandy beaches and gentle lake waters provide safe swimming opportunities and ample space for sandcastles and picnics. For a dash of creativity, families can head to Pinacoteca Comunale Casa Rusca in nearby Locarno, where regular workshops inspire young minds through hands-on art activities aligned with its notable art collections. Each attraction is family-friendly and ideal for an enriching, enjoyable day out with children, promising to be the highlight of your trip to Losone.

Things to do in Losone with family

Losone boasts a variety of family-friendly attractions that meld cultural fascination with outdoor excitement. Begin at the Parco Avventura, where elevated obstacle courses and ziplines promise exhilarating fun amid the trees, suitable for all ages. Then, immerse in a historical adventure with a trip to Castello Visconteo in nearby Locarno, a medieval castle that captivates with its ancient walls and museum showcasing artifacts from the region's rich past. Afterwards, unwind at the tranquil riverside area by the Maggia River, ideal for a leisurely picnic or a refreshing dip in the water on a warm day. Each location offers the opportunity for families to connect and create lasting memories, while the self-guided audio tours available strengthen the experience with fascinating stories and local knowledge, further positioning Losone as an exceptional family destination.

Free things to do in Losone

Losone's charm lies not only in its picturesque landscapes but also in its array of free attractions, perfect for the cost-conscious traveler. Walk through the peaceful, narrow streets of Losone's old town, taking in the character and architecture that tell tales of centuries past. This is perfect for history enthusiasts and those interested in witnessing the traditional Ticino style. Another must-visit is the Maggia River, where the natural beauty of the region unfolds. Families, photographers, and solo adventurers can all indulge in the serene environment, enjoying walks along the riverbanks and potential dips in the cool, clear waters. Lastly, the nearby Ghisla Art Collection in Locarno offers free admission on certain days, presenting a medley of contemporary art pieces in a modern setting. Explorers can savor the cultural richness without spending a single franc, further enriching their experience of what to do in Losone.

Cheap things to do in Losone

Frugal travelers rejoice in the affordable pleasures found in Losone, where budget-friendly activities abound. First on the list is exploring the outdoor market in the town center, where visitors can meander through local vendors offering an array of artisanal goods and fresh produce—a delightful way to experience local life without a hefty price tag. For a small fee, adventurers can also rent bicycles to tour the idyllic paths surrounding Losone, winding through picturesque vineyards and alongside the Maggia River, which itself is a treasure trove of natural splendor that can be enjoyed without cost. Additionally, history and culture seekers will appreciate a visit to the heritage-rich museums of Losone, such as the Museo Etnografico e della Valle Maggia, which often offer low admission prices or donation-based entry. These cost-effective Losone activities ensure a fulfilling excursion that marries the allure of discovery with the joy of savings.

Things to do in Losone for couples

Losone serves as a romantic backdrop for couples looking to forge unforgettable memories. Begin with a serene walk through the verdant trails leading to the Maggia River, where secluded spots offer a picturesque setting for a lovely picnic or a quiet moment together. Next, indulge in an intimate wine-tasting experience at one of the local vineyards. Savor the flavors of the regional vintages as you learn about the winemaking process, all while nestled in the scenic Swiss-Italian countryside. For an evening filled with charm, attend a performance at Teatro Dimitri in the nearby village of Verscio. This small, enchanting theater specializes in clowning and physical theater, providing a unique form of entertainment that's sure to inspire laughter and joy. Each of these activities not only highlights the beauty of Losone but also caters to the spirit of romance, making them top attractions for couples.

Things to do in Losone at night

As dusk falls over Losone, the town reveals a tranquil yet engaging night-time atmosphere ideal for explorers. Nightly entertainment begins with a visit to Grotto Broggini, a traditional restaurant where couples and friends can enjoy a candle-lit dinner featuring exquisite local cuisine, accompanied by the melodious sounds of nature in a rustic setting. Following dinner, a leisurely stroll along the well-lit promenades of the Maggia River provides an enchantingly peaceful experience, where the stars reflect on the water's surface. Finally, embrace the town's vibrant arts scene with a show at the nearby Teatro del Gatto in Ascona, which presents a variety of live performances ranging from music to theater, rounding off the evening with a flourish of cultural splendor. Each activity is tailored to create an unforgettable nocturnal experience in the heart of Losone.