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The must-see attractions in Malmö include the iconic Turning Torso tower, the historic Malmöhus Castle, and the picturesque Kungsparken. Stroll through the old town squares of Stortorget and Lilla Torg or marvel at the modern structures while experiencing Malmö excursions complete with engaging audio guides that provide rich historical and cultural context.
For families, Malmö offers the Technology and Maritime Museum, full of hands-on exhibits, the Folkets Park with its playgrounds and mini-zoo, and the Aq-va-kul water park for indoor aquatic adventures. These sites offer dynamic Malmö activities that keep children entertained and educated during your visit.
The best outdoor activities in Malmö include relaxing on Ribersborgsstranden beach, exploring the many cycling paths, or enjoying the natural splendor of the city's numerous parks, such as Pildammsparken. The vast green spaces are ideal for picnics, outdoor sports, and leisurely walks, providing insight into the city's dedication to outdoor living.
Indoor enthusiasts can relish the Malmö Art Museum, descend into the city's history at the Malmö Museer or enjoy a theatrical performance at the Malmö Opera. Engage with bespoke audio narratives that complement the experience of uncovering Malmö's rich cultural tapestry.
The best Malmö tours include exploring the city with audio-guided walks through historical streets, such as the "Malmö Old Town Walk," the "Modern Malmö Marvels" tour showcasing contemporary architecture, and the "Malmö Food Culture" tour for the gastronomically inclined. Each offers a uniquely curated experience with fascinating insights provided through your personal audio guide.
Popular museums in Malmö that delight visitors are the Moderna Museet Malmö for contemporary art, the Malmö Museum for natural and cultural history, and the Disgusting Food Museum, which offers an unusual culinary journey. The diversity of museums caters to a broad array of interests, enriching the experience of all who visit.
On rainy days, take advantage of Malmö's indoor guided tours, including the fascinating exhibits at the Malmö Museer or explore the city's extensive library. Audio tours tailor the indoor experience, ensuring the weather won't dampen the spirit of discovery.
Short but enriching tours in Malmö lasting 1 hour or less include a quick-paced tour of St. Petri Church, a concise exploration of Malmö's public art installations, or an insightful, quick stop at the Malmö Chocolate Factory. These expeditions are perfect for visitors looking to infuse their trip with culture and history in a limited timeframe.

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Best Things to Do In Malmö

Discover the vibrant culture of Malmö as you explore its top landmarks and hidden gems through our self-guided audio tours.

Malmö: St. Petri Church

What is it?
A striking example of Gothic architecture, St. Petri Church is Malmö's oldest church.
Why you should go?
As part of the "Sacred Malmö" audio tour, St. Petri Church provides an immersive look into the city's spiritual heritage. Its vaulted ceilings and dramatic stained glass tell stories of faith through the centuries. Visitors can delve into its rich history, art, and architectural splendor narrated by expert commentary. This religious edifice is not just a place of worship but also a repository of art, history, and a serene space for contemplation within the bustle of urban life.

Malmö: Malmö Art Museum

What is it?
A vibrant cultural institution housing an extensive collection of Swedish and Nordic art.
Why you should go?
The Malmö Art Museum warrants a visit for its impressive assemblage of works that span various periods and styles. In the "Artistic Malmö" audio tour, art lovers will appreciate the detailed curation and context provided for each piece. Exhibitions range from classical to contemporary art, all housed in an architectural gem within the Malmöhus Castle. It's a cultural journey revealing the artistic expressions and influences that have shaped the region's visual arts scene.

Malmö: Ribersborgsstranden

What is it?
A popular sandy beach known for its picturesque views and recreational options.
Why you should go?
The "Malmö's Seaside Charms" audio tour brings visitors to Ribersborgsstranden, a local haven for swimmers, sunbathers, and joggers alike. The guide details the beach's transformation from a shipping port to a leisure destination. With the Øresund Bridge on the horizon, this expansive shore offers a delightful respite, and its open-air bath, known as "Kallis," is famed for a traditional Swedish sauna experience against the backdrop of Nordic seas.

Malmö: Mollevangstorget

What is it?
A bustling marketplace and multicultural neighborhood, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere.
Why you should go?
Dubbed as "Malmö's Melting Pot" in the audio tour, Mollevangstorget stands out for its diversity. The market square is a mosaic of foods, goods, and cultures, capturing the essence of the city's international influence. As one wanders, the guide unveils stories of immigrant communities that shape the local fabric. From exotic eateries to eclectic shops, this locale offers an authentic glimpse into Malmö's cosmopolitan character.

Malmö: Slottsträdgården

What is it?
An enchanting urban garden oasis situated near Malmöhus Castle, boasting organic gardens and workshops.
Why you should go?
Included in the "Green Retreats of Malmö" audio tour, Slottsträdgården is a paradise for gardening aficionados and eco-conscious visitors. The guide highlights sustainable practices and plant varieties found within this tranquil setting. Volunteers run the gardens, illustrating a community's commitment to environmental stewardship. This verdant space, with its flower beds, vegetable plots, and café, offers an organic and educational experience in the heart of the city.

Malmö: Turning Torso

What is it?
An architectural marvel and Sweden's tallest skyscraper, designed by Santiago Calatrava.
Why you should go?
The Turning Torso is not just a building—it's an emblem of Malmö's innovation and design prowess. As you gaze upon this twisting tower, your audio tour will provide an in-depth narrative of its conception and construction, detailing the challenge of creating a skyscraper that combines both residential and office spaces while symbolizing the city's dynamic growth. Though the interior is not open to the public, the tour around its exterior is a captivating experience for fans of avant-garde architecture.

Malmö: Malmöhus Castle

What is it?
A historic fortress and castle, Malmöhus is a window into the city's rich past.
Why you should go?
With a history that dates back to the 15th century, Malmöhus Castle stands as a testament to the city's medieval heritage. The audio tour will guide you around its moat and through its halls, where tales of royalty, prisoners, and historical events unfold. As a visitor, you'll explore museum exhibits housed within its walls, providing insights into Swedish art, natural history, and the castle's significant role in Malmö's defense throughout the centuries.

Malmö: Kungsparken

What is it?
A lush central park featuring scenic walking paths, a variety of plants, and a serene atmosphere.
Why you should go?
Strolling through Kungsparken, one of the foremost places to visit in Malmö, is like wandering through a living gallery of natural beauty. The self-guided audio tour enriches this green sanctuary's experience by sharing stories about its creation in the 19th century and its evolution. The park presents an idyllic setting where majestic trees stand along carefully manicured gardens. It's a perfect spot for relaxation, a picnic, or simply enjoying a break amidst nature whilst soaking up information about local flora and historical features.

Malmö: Lilla Torg

What is it?
A picturesque public square surrounded by historic buildings and lively cafes.
Why you should go?
Lilla Torg's enchanting atmosphere captures the essence of Malmö's social life. As one of the top Malmö activities showcased in our audio tour, the square's cobblestone streets, framed by charming old facades, invite exploration of the city's culinary offerings and boutique shops. It is not only a hub for fun things to do in Malmö but also plays host to numerous cultural events, making it a vibrant spot day or night and a prime location to immerse in the local culture and history.

Malmö: Øresund Bridge

What is it?

An engineering marvel, the Øresond Bridge is the world's longest cable-tied road and rail bridge.
Why you should go?
The Øresund Bridge stands as a monumental link between Sweden and Denmark, offering breathtaking views of the strait that separates the two nations. The audio tour weaves together stories of its construction and the impact on connectivity within the region. The guided experience provides a unique perspective on this architectural feat, making it clear why the bridge is listed among the best things to see in Malmö. It symbolizes a gateway to Scandinavian exploration, leaving an indelible mark on all who witness it.

TOP-5 tours in Malmö for first time visitors

  • Explore the city's heart with the "Historic Malmö" audio tour, highlighting must-see architecture and storied cobbled streets.
  • "Modern Malmö Marvels" offers insights into cutting-edge buildings and art installations that shape the city's contemporary scene.
  • Dive into "Malmö's Green Spaces" tour to experience serene parks and gardens that provide a tranquil escape from the urban hustle.
  • "Malmö by Night" reveals the allure of the city after dark, focusing on vibrant nightspots and evening cultural activities.
  • The "Malmö Culinary Journey" audio tour tantalizes the taste buds, guiding you through the city's best gastronomy hotspots.

Fun things to do in Malmö with kids

Malmö, with its wealth of family-friendly attractions, offers an array of fun things to do that cater to the interests of children. Engage the young ones with a visit to the "Malmö Children's Museum" where interactive exhibits allow kids to learn through play. An audio tour will guide the family through a world of imaginative adventures and educational activities designed to stimulate young minds. Next, "Folkets Park" is not to be missed; this is the oldest public park in Sweden and today brims with play areas, a terrarium, and even a mini-zoo, making it ideal for a joyous family outing. Each corner of the park has a story to tell, enhancing the experience with rich local history. Then, take the adventure indoors at "Leo's Lekland," Malmö's largest indoor playground, offering climbing structures, ball pits, and slides for endless energy-burning fun. Throughout every visit, enriching audio narratives provide context and entertainment, ensuring an immersive experience for the entire family.

Things to do in Malmö with family

Malmö, a city with picturesque parks and innovative museums, provides an abundance of family-friendly activities. Begin with the "Technology and Maritime Museum," where interactive exhibits captivate curious minds of all ages. Families can delve into the wonders of science, explore submarine and airplane models, and engage in hands-on activities—all explained through a comprehensive audio guide. For outdoor enthusiasts, "Adventure Park Malmö" is a treasure, offering exhilarating zip lines and high-rope courses set in a lush forest environment, perfect for adventure seekers and team building. Finally, "Malmö’s Natural History Museum" invites you to embark on a voyage of discovery. With displays ranging from Swedish wildlife to dinosaur fossils, the museum is a thrilling educational spot that sparks the imagination, with narratives available through the audio tour providing insights into natural wonders. Each of these attractions is tailored to create memorable experiences, ensuring a day out in Malmö is both enjoyable and enlightening for the entire family.

Free things to do in Malmö

Enjoying Malmö doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag, as the city hosts an array of free attractions perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. Immerse yourself in the local history and architecture with a visit to the "Stortorget" and "Lilla Torg" squares, the staples of Malmö's urban landscape. The squares, rich in stories and lined with impressive buildings, set the stage for our enlightening audio guides. For nature enthusiasts, "Slottsträdgården" provides a serene escape where visitors can explore diverse plant life, unwind by the pond, and marvel at the views of Malmöhus Castle—all accompanied by an audio narrative of the garden’s history and landscapes. Art lovers will find their haven at "Malmö Konsthall," one of Europe's largest exhibition halls for contemporary art. With its changing exhibitions and installations, the hall is a hub of creativity, with audio tours available to offer deeper understanding and context to the artworks on display.

Cheap things to do in Malmö

Malmö offers numerous cost-effective opportunities for visitors to experience its culture and beauty. One of the best Malmö activities for travelers on a budget is to explore the cityscape through a self-guided tour of its iconic public art displays, such as the whimsical "Optical Illusion" trompe-l'œil paintings scattered throughout the city. Affordable Malmö excursions continue with a visit to the "Malmö Museum of Modern Art" (Moderna Museet Malmö), where you can discover contemporary art pieces for a minimal fee, accompanied by insightful audio commentary. Additionally, absorbing the lively atmosphere of "Möllevångstorget," a bustling market square during the day that transforms into a vibrant dining scene at night, represents one of the fun things to do in Malmö that won't break the bank. Each location is rich with stories, and with your self-guided audio tour, the cultural tapestry of Malmö unfolds in an engaging and budget-friendly manner.

Things to do in Malmö for couples

Malmö presents a charming selection of activities perfect for couples seeking to create memorable moments together. Embark on a romantic stroll down the picturesque beachside promenade of "Ribersborgsstranden," also known affectionally as 'Ribban' by locals. Here, couples can enjoy the sweeping views of the Øresund Bridge and the soothing sounds of the sea, with the option to unwind in a traditional Swedish sauna by the water's edge. For art enthusiasts, the "Malmö Art Museum" offers a cultural experience, featuring an extensive collection of Nordic art, with audio narratives to enlighten and inspire passionate discussions between art-loving pairs. As evening approaches, couples can explore the vine-covered alleyways and ambient lighting of "Malmö’s Lilla Torg," crowning the day with a cozy meal at one of the many intimate restaurants surrounding the square, all while engaging with a guide detailing the square’s historical significance. These locations provide an idyllic backdrop for romance, culture, and connection.

Things to do in Malmö at night

The nocturnal charm of Malmö brings with it an array of delightful experiences for night owls. Begin the evening with the mesmerizing "Twilight Walks" along the waterfront, where the city's illuminated skyline and tranquil sea create the perfect ambiance for a peaceful escape—enhanced by the rich tapestry of historical and modern tales from your audio guide. As the night deepens, head to the vibrant "Möllevången" district, known affectionately as 'Möllan' by the locals. This area becomes a cultural melting pot after dark, offering an eclectic mix of bars, nightclubs, and late-night eateries, all narrated with cultural anecdotes via your audio tour. For a truly unique nighttime excursion, "Malmö by Night" audio tours showcase the city’s architectural landmarks bathed in light, such as the Turning Torso, casting an enchanting glow that captivates and intrigues. These attractions promise an evening rich with culture, entertainment, and the unique nocturnal pulse of Malmö.