Things to do in Monaco

About Monaco

Monaco's must-see attractions include the opulent Monte Carlo Casino, the Prince's Palace with its change of guard ceremony, and the panoramic vistas from the Exotic Garden. The Oceanographic Museum offers fascinating marine explorations, while the Circuit de Monaco invites Formula 1 fans to walk the legendary track. These highlights not only exemplify Monaco's luxury and history but also its connection to nature and sport.
Families with kids will revel in the interactive displays at the Oceanographic Museum, enjoy time outdoors at the Princess Antoinette Park, and discover marine life at Larvotto Beach. These child-friendly activities in Monaco are both entertaining and educational, ensuring that visitors of all ages have an enjoyable experience.
Monaco's best outdoor activities include strolling the cliffs and gardens of Monaco-Ville, relaxing in the Japanese Gardens, and sunbathing at Larvotto Beach. Yacht watching at Port Hercules or hiking the coastal trails also provides unique ways to appreciate Monaco's beautiful outdoor settings.
For indoor entertainment, visitors can tour the grandeur of the Monte Carlo Casino, explore the extensive displays at the Oceanographic Museum, or enjoy the art within the New National Museum of Monaco. The cultural and leisure spaces offer a year-round sheltered experience regardless of the weather.
The best Monaco tours provide a well-rounded view of the principality, like walking tours through historic Monaco-Ville, audio-guided excursions of the Monte Carlo Casino, and the Monaco Grand Tour sightseeing on an open-top bus. Not to forget are themed tours which might focus on film, celebrities, or even culinary explorations.
Monaco's most popular museums include the Oceanographic Museum, renowned for its marine studies and stunning aquarium, the New National Museum of Monaco, which showcases contemporary visual arts, and the private collection of antique cars of Prince Rainier III, a paradise for car enthusiasts.
On rainy days, indoor Monaco tours such as those offered by the Oceanographic Museum, the New National Museum of Monaco, and the incredible collection of vintage cars at the Top Cars Collection can provide delightful escapades that are both sheltered and engaging.
Short tours in Monaco that last for an hour or less include a quick walk around the Formula 1 Grand Prix track, a self-led audio tour of the Monte Carlo Casino's public areas, or a visit to the Saint Martin Gardens, offering an invigorating experience for those with limited time.

Best Things to Do In Monaco

Explore the glamor and glitz of Monaco with our comprehensive audio tours that ensure you don't miss any of the principality's highlights.

Monaco: Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

What is it?
An iconic marine sciences museum perched on the cliffside of Monaco’s rugged coast.
Why you should go?
Immerse in the underwater world at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, where history meets marine biology. The museum, more than a century old, houses a wealth of marine artifacts and its aquarium contains a rich diversity of marine life. Audio guides offer insights into the museum's founding by Prince Albert I, the nautical exploration history, and the importance of ocean conservation. It's a must-do for any educational trip and ranks on top of the list of things to do in Monaco.

Monaco: Japanese Garden

What is it?
A peaceful garden oasis in the heart of Monaco, inspired by Japanese design.
Why you should go?
Step into a scene of Zen tranquility within the Japanese Garden of Monaco. Designed by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu, this garden provides a picturesque setting for relaxation and reflection. With audio commentary detailing each aspect from the koi ponds to the teahouse, visitors can fully appreciate this melding of Monaco sophistication and traditional Japanese aesthetics. It's a serene escape from the city's glamor and a unique inclusion among Monaco activities.

Monaco: Monaco Top Cars Collection

What is it?
An exquisite collection of over 100 classic and modern vehicles owned by Monaco's royal family.
Why you should go?
Fascination with cars goes beyond the Formula One in Monaco, as reflected in the Top Cars Collection. Here, automotive enthusiasts can indulge in audio-narrated walks among vintage vehicles, racing cars, and royal limousines. Learning about the history of each model and their significance to H.S.H. Prince Rainier III, car collectors, and the principality itself makes this one of the most enticing Monaco tours.

Monaco: Casino Square

What is it?
The beating heart of Monaco's entertainment district, surrounded by iconic buildings.
Why you should go?
Against a backdrop of stunning architecture, Casino Square pulsates with excitement. Visitors can explore around the square with an audio guide detailing the history of Monte Carlo's gaming culture, upscale hotels, and celebrated Café de Paris. It's central to the Monaco experience, capturing the essence of what to see in Monaco, and is alive with the buzz of tourists and locals enjoying this vibrant public space.

Monaco: Saint Nicholas Cathedral

What is it?
Also known as Monaco Cathedral, it is an archetypal landmark with royal grace and religious reverence.
Why you should go?
A cornerstone of Monaco's cultural heritage, Saint Nicholas Cathedral stands as a sanctuary of spirituality and history. Audio-guided visits allow tourists to pay respects to the tombs of Monaco's princes and Princess Grace, explore the magnificent white-stoned architecture, and hear harmonious music from the grand organ. It’s a site that enriches the list of places to visit in Monaco, offering peace amidst splendor.

Monaco: Prince's Palace of Monaco

What is it?
The official residence of the ruling Prince of Monaco, epitomizing regal splendor.
Why you should go?
Visiting the Prince's Palace provides a rare glimpse into the royal history of this microstate. The audio guide offers an intimate tour of its opulent state rooms and the story of the Grimaldi dynasty that has reigned here for centuries. With breathtaking views of the harbor and a ceremonious changing of the guard, it is a captivating experience for Monaco excursions, combining culture with enchanting visual delights.

Monaco: Larvotto Beach

What is it?
A pebble-lined coastal stretch, famed as Monaco's go-to public beach.
Why you should go?
Larvotto Beach offers a chance to relax alongside Mediterranean waters amidst Monaco's bustling setting. The audio accompaniment reveals insights about nearby sculptures, the beach's creation, and Monaco’s efforts in ecological preservation. It's a perfect Monaco activity for those looking to combine leisure with learning, and the restaurants nearby provide a taste of the local gastronomy. The beach is a truly refreshing stop among the many fun things to do in Monaco.

Monaco: Monaco Grand Prix Circuit

What is it?
A legendary Formula One race track that winds through Monaco’s streets.
Why you should go?
This audio tour places you right at the heart of the action where the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix takes place. The tour not only covers the circuit but also delves into the history of this high-profile race, the technicalities that drivers face, and the glamour that surrounds this international event. It's an exhilarating Monaco tour for motorsport fans and those curious about one of Monaco's most famed events.

Monaco: Exotic Garden of Monaco

What is it?
A spectacular botanical garden with a diverse collection of exotic plants.
Why you should go?
The Exotic Garden of Monaco is a botanist's paradise with sprawling terraces of succulents and cacti. An audio exploration of this attraction provides a calming retreat from the city's hustle and insight into the dedication involved in maintaining this environmental wonder. It offers panoramic views of Monaco and unique photo opportunities, making it one of the best things to do in Monaco for nature and garden enthusiasts.

Monaco: The Monaco Cathedral

What is it?
Historic cathedral and the burial place of Monaco's royalty, including Grace Kelly.
Why you should go?
Known for its Romanesque-Byzantine architecture, the Monaco Cathedral stands as a monument of faith and history. Through the audio guide, visitors learn about its architectural significance, religious artifacts, and the royal weddings and funerals that have taken place within its hallowed walls. Its serene ambiance offers a contemplative environment and a deepened appreciation for Monaco's heritage, making it a key place of interest in things to see in Monaco.

TOP-5 tours in Monaco for first time visitors

  • Discover the opulence of the Monte Carlo Casino with an audio journey that delves into its history and grand architecture, one of the premier things to see in Monaco.
  • Stroll through the picturesque Monaco-Ville, learning about the Prince's Palace and ancient fortifications, making sure you know exactly what to do in Monaco.
  • Experience the luxury of the Monaco Harbour on an insightful tour that guides you through the world of yachting and provides context on the best things to do in Monaco.
  • Uncover the secrets of the Oceanographic Museum with a narrative that immerses you in marine science and exploration, an essential part of Monaco activities.
  • Take in the serene beauty of the Exotic Garden as you listen to tales and facts that reveal why it is one of the top places to visit in Monaco.

Fun things to do in Monaco with kids

While Monaco is known for its luxurious ambiance, it also offers delightful attractions for families traveling with kids. The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is a must-visit, featuring a mesmerizing aquarium where children can come face-to-face with colorful marine life and engaging exhibits. For a thrilling outdoor adventure, the Princess Antoinette Park, with its lush greenery, provides a spacious playground, mini-golf, and opportunities to feed friendly goats, ensuring hours of laughter and joy. Lastly, exploring the public sculptures in the Monte Carlo Gardens presents a relaxing yet entertaining stroll, where playful artworks capture the imagination of the young (and the young at heart). Each activity is a wonderful addition to the Monaco experiences for families, making every moment spent in the city memorable for visitors of all ages.

Things to do in Monaco with family

Monaco welcomes family visitors with a variety of attractions suited for all ages. Embark on a journey through the marine wonders at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, where engaging exhibits and an awe-inspiring aquarium captivate the curiosity of children and adults alike. Thrill-seekers can head to the Monte Carlo Circus, where spectacular performances and acrobatic feats will leave you with lasting memories. For those looking to enjoy Monaco's natural beauty, the Princess Antoinette Park stands out as an oasis of greenery, complete with a dedicated playground, mini-golf course, and placid garden spaces ideal for picnics and leisurely strolls. These family-friendly offerings provide a mix of education, entertainment, and relaxation, ensuring that a visit to Monaco can be as dynamic or as serene as one desires.

Free things to do in Monaco

Monaco may be synonymous with luxury, but it also offers several free attractions that promise rich experiences without a price tag. Visitors can start with a leisurely walk around the Port Hercules, observing the impressive yachts and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. This is a favorite Monaco activity that combines relaxation with spectacular scenery. For a dose of culture, the changing of the guard ceremony at the Prince's Palace provides a glimpse into Monaco's traditions and is particularly exciting for history enthusiasts. Lastly, nature lovers can delight in the magnificent panoramic views and Mediterranean flora at the Exotic Garden's observation deck, which is accessible for free outside of the garden's paid areas. These attractions highlight that experiencing the charm of Monaco doesn't always come at a high cost and can be just as enjoyable.

Cheap things to do in Monaco

Monaco dazzles with an aura of wealth, yet offers thrifty travelers a treasure trove of experiences. Indulge in the fascinating world of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, where ticket prices are reasonable and the marine exhibits are world-class. Wander through the St. Martin Gardens, a sanctuary of free, lush landscapes teeming with Mediterranean beauty and serenity, perfect for those seeking respite from the bustling streets. Additionally, art aficionados will appreciate the open-air sculpture path that presents an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art pieces for public viewing, blending Monaco's cultural appeal with outdoor enjoyment. Each of these economical Monaco tours and activities proves that the Principality caters to visitors of all budgets, ensuring everyone can partake in its unique charm.

Things to do in Monaco for couples

Romance is always in the air in Monaco, and couples can find an array of enchanting activities to enjoy together. Stroll hand-in-hand through the Princess Grace Rose Garden, where the scent of thousands of roses creates a sublime setting for lovebirds. Sitting by the shimmering sea, this garden offers a moment of tranquility and connection. For an evening of elegance, visit the Monte Carlo Casino, where the allure of old-world glamour and the thrill of games enrich the night with a sense of adventure and sophistication. To cap off the romantic experiences, couples can embark on a moonlit walk along the Larvotto Beach, listening to the lapping waves while the city lights twinkle in the distance. Each of these attractions defines what to do in Monaco for couples looking to nurture their bond amidst the beauty of the Riviera.

Things to do in Monaco at night

As dusk falls, Monaco transforms into a nocturnal playground with a myriad of activities for night owls. The iconic Monte Carlo Casino beckons with its sumptuous decor and exciting gaming atmosphere, offering a chic night out for those trying their luck or simply taking in the opulent scene. For those preferring a relaxed vibe, the seaside lounges along the Larvotto Beach provide a perfect backdrop for sipping cocktails and enjoying the gentle sea breeze. Music and live entertainment thrive in Monaco, where intimate jazz clubs and vibrant music venues present an array of performances that resonate into the late hours. These attractions make for memorable Monte Carlo nights, each leaving visitors with a taste of the principality's diverse after-dark offerings.