Things to do in Rostock

About Rostock

Rostock Zoo offers a fun and educational day out, while the nearby IGA Park and Warnemünde Beach provide ample space for play and relaxation, perfect for families with children.
Visitors should not miss the historic St. Mary's Church, the bustling Neuer Markt, and the seaside charm of Warnemünde Beach. The cultural tapestry of Rostock is also evident in the Old Town's architecture and the scenic IGA Park.
Enjoy cycling or leisurely walks along the Warnow River, visit the expansive Rostock Zoo grounds, and indulge in beach activities at Warnemünde for the best of Rostock's outdoor offerings.
For indoor fun, explore the fascinating exhibits at the Rostock Cultural History Museum, experience the aquatic world at Ozeaneum, or catch a performance at the Volkstheater Rostock.
Among the best Rostock tours are guided explorations of the city's maritime history, audio walks through the Old Town, and excursions to the picturesque surroundings of Warnemünde.
The most popular museums include the Rostock Cultural History Museum, the Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum, and the Kunsthalle Rostock, each providing a unique glimpse into different facets of the city's rich heritage and contemporary culture.
On rainy days, indoor guided tours of historical sites like the Stasi Pretrial Prison, the Rostock Cultural History Museum, and the interactive exhibits at the 'Darwineum' in Rostock Zoo are excellent choices.
Short tours in Rostock include a brisk walkthrough of the Old Town, a visit to the Warnemünde Lighthouse, or a quick and informative stop at the St. Mary's Church to view its ancient astronomical clock.

Best Things to Do In Rostock

Discover the top activities and attractions with our guide to the best things to see and do in the vibrant city of Rostock.

Rostock: Neuer Markt

What is it?
Neuer Markt is Rostock's historical market square surrounded by gabled houses and the Town Hall.
Why you should go?
The Neuer Markt is the pulsating heart of Rostock, oozing centuries of history through its vibrant atmosphere. This picturesque square is lined with colorful Hanseatic buildings and bustling cafes, making it an ideal stop for those seeking insight into the local lifestyle. A visit to this square offers a chance to witness the daily rhythms of the city while engaging with the unique architectural styles that have shaped Rostock's identity over the ages.

Rostock: Gehlsdorf Waterfront

What is it?
The Gehlsdorf waterfront offers stunning vistas of the Warnow River and the city skyline.
Why you should go?
For a serene escape, the Gehlsdorf Waterfront is a must-visit. This tranquil spot offers panoramic views of the Warnow River, providing a picturesque setting for a leisurely walk or bike ride. With its lush greenery and peaceful ambiance, it serves as the perfect counterpoint to the bustling city center, inviting visitors to relax and soak in the natural beauty of Rostock away from the crowds.

Rostock: Cultural History Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the diverse cultural history and archeology of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region.
Why you should go?
As one of the key Rostock activities for history buffs, the Cultural History Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits detailing the region's past. Set within a former convent with striking architecture, visitors can explore fascinating collections that span from prehistoric times to the present day, offering a profound understanding of the city and surrounding area’s rich narrative.

Rostock: Warnow Tunnel

What is it?
An underwater road tunnel connecting different parts of Rostock under the Warnow River.
Why you should go?
While infrastructure may seem an unlikely tourist attraction, the Warnow Tunnel is an engineering marvel well worth experiencing. One of the notable Rostock excursions includes a trip through this tunnel, demonstrating the innovative spirit of the city. It's not just a quick route from one side of the river to the other, but also a symbol of Rostock's modern advancements, seamlessly blending into its historical context.

Rostock: Botanical Garden Rostock

What is it?
A lush garden showcasing plant species from around the world, including several themed sections.
Why you should go?
The Botanical Garden Rostock is an idyllic sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation. Spanning various climates and geographies, it educates visitors on global biodiversity. Here, one can leisurely navigate through tropical greenhouses, alpine gardens, and medicinal plant exhibits – a perfect example of the best Rostock tours for those wanting to combine education with an appreciation of nature's splendor.

Rostock: St. Mary's Church

What is it?
An iconic Gothic church renowned for its astronomical clock and historic architecture.
Why you should go?
Nestled in the heart of the city, St. Mary's Church stands as a beacon of Rostock's rich heritage. Tourists are drawn to its magnificent astronomical clock, still operational since the 15th century. With intricate designs and a solemn, awe-inspiring atmosphere, it represents a pivotal Rostock activity that combines history, art, and spirituality, promising a memorable experience for culture enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Rostock: Rostock Zoo

What is it?
One of the most visited zoos in Germany, featuring a diverse array of wildlife in naturalistic habitats.
Why you should go?
Boasting an impressive display of flora and fauna, the Rostock Zoo offers a unique adventure into the animal kingdom. Engaging exhibits like the 'Darwineum' provide insights into evolutionary biology, while extensive playgrounds make it one of the fun things to do in Rostock for families. It's a perfect blend of educational outreach and recreational activity, set amidst beautiful, expansive landscapes.

Rostock: Warnemünde Beach

What is it?
A picturesque, sandy beach located in Rostock's seaside resort Warnemünde.
Why you should go?
Warnemünde Beach is a sublime stretch of golden sands fringed by the Baltic Sea. As one of the prime places to visit in Rostock, the beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and engaging in a variety of water sports. The nearby promenade offers culinary delights and shopping, encapsulating the beach's reputation as a locale for leisure and pleasure against the serene backdrop of the ocean.

Rostock: Old Town

What is it?
The historical center of Rostock, boasting a blend of medieval and Hanseatic architecture.
Why you should go?
Rostock's Old Town reveals layers of the past through its cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Visitors can delve into the essence of things to see in Rostock by exploring landmarks such as the Kröpeliner Tor, enjoying the town's lively markets, or simply absorbing the ambiance of its charming squares. The Old Town's blend of culture, history, and architecture offers a deeply enriching urban exploration.

Rostock: IGA Park

What is it?
An expansive parkland, site of the 2003 International Garden Exhibition, featuring a variety of themed gardens.
Why you should go?
IGA Park is an oasis of greenery and a testament to Rostock's commitment to natural beauty and botanical diversity. With themed gardens, art installations, and the scenic backdrop of the Warnow river, it's one of the best things to do in Rostock for nature lovers and those seeking tranquility. The park's expansive grounds encourage leisurely strolls, family picnics, and provide a sanctuary for over 50 acres of wildlife.

TOP-5 tours in Rostoyock for first time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through Rostock's maritime heritage with a visit to the Shipbuilding and Maritime Museum, encapsulating the city's connection to the sea.
  • Stroll through the historic streets with our audio guide, featuring the essential places to visit in Rostock, including the iconic Town Hall and St. Mary's Church.
  • Experience the fun things to do in Rostock with a tour of the vibrant Warnemünde district, known for its scenic beachfront and lively promenade.
  • Uncover the cultural gems with a tour highlighting what to see in Rostock, from the Art Gallery to the many monuments dotting the cityscape.
  • Delve into the best Rostock tours with an exploration of the IGA Park, a testament to Rostock's horticultural splendor and contemporary art installations.

Fun things to do in Rostock with kids

Exploring Rostock with young adventurers in tow is an exciting affair, with a trove of fun, interactive attractions suitable for the whole family. First, the Rostock Zoo stands out as a leading destination, where kids can marvel at over 4,000 animals and immersive exhibits like the 'Darwineum,' perfect for inquisitive minds keen on learning about evolution and biodiversity. Next, the serene IGA Park, with its sprawling playgrounds, mini-golf course, and the opportunity to ride the cable car, provides a wealth of activities to expend youthful energy while parents enjoy the picturesque settings. Finally, a stone's throw away in Warnemünde, the long, sandy beaches offer the perfect playground for sandcastle architects and budding swimmers, with sea breezes and the sound of waves providing a natural soundtrack to a family beach day. Each of these attractions melds entertainment with education, ensuring that 'what to do in Rostock' becomes a question of what to explore next.

Things to do in Rostortock with family

When families journey to Rostock, they encounter a myriad of activities that promise both enjoyment and enriching experiences. Prime among them is the Rostock Zoo, lauded for its vast range of species and the engaging 'Darwineum' exhibit — a delight for young and seasoned minds alike. Visitors can continue their outdoor adventures at the picturesque IGA Park, where children have ample room to play, while adults luxuriate in the soothing environs or engage in a friendly mini-golf challenge. Further family fun awaits at Warnemünde Beach, where the soft sands and gentle waves beckon for sunbathing, sand castles, and family picnics. Warnemünde's promenade also offers a host of cafes and shops, perfect for a leisurely family stroll. Each of these family-friendly destinations spotlights the diversity of Rostock excursions and encapsulates the essence of the storied city — from natural wonders to cultural riches.

Free things to do in Rostock

Visitors to Rostock can enjoy a variety of experiences without spending a single euro, making the city a delightful destination for budget-conscious travelers. The Rostock Cultural History Museum offers free admission on the first Wednesday of every month, allowing visitors to delve into the region's rich past at no cost. Another must-see is Rostock's Old Town, where travelers can meander through historic streets, marveling at the blending of Gothic and Hanseatic architecture and absorbing the city's vibrant atmosphere without any tickets required. Additionally, the serene Kröpeliner Tor and the surrounding park offer a peaceful retreat. For a dose of nature, the serene Warnow River provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing stroll or a leisurely bike ride along its banks, with picturesque views that can be enjoyed year-round. These attractions, among others, provide enriching experiences that showcase the beauty and culture of Rostock without impacting your travel budget.

Cheap things to do in Rostock

Exploring Rostock on a budget is easily achievable with an array of affordable attractions. Dive into the city's history with a self-guided tour of the Stasi Pretrial Prison, offering a deeply educational experience for a minimal entry fee. You can learn about the complexities of East German history and the stories of former inmates, making for a poignant and thought-provoking visit. For those who enjoy the tranquility of botanical settings, the Rostock Botanical Garden presents a variety of plant species from around the world. With a small entrance fee, this attraction is a pocket-friendly way to spend a relaxing day admiring nature's wonders. Lastly, soak up local culture at the vibrant fish market in Warnemünde, where you can sample freshly caught fish without splurging. It's not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the senses with the harbor's bustling atmosphere, and it perfectly encapsulates Rostock's maritime essence.

Things to do in Rostock for couples

Couples seeking romance in Rostock will find an array of enchanting activities. A leisurely stroll along the scenic waterfronts of the Warnow River offers tranquil views, ideal for a peaceful afternoon wrapped in the embrace of nature. This picturesque setting creates the perfect backdrop for a memorable walk hand in hand. For an encounter with Rostock's historical charm, couples can venture to the Old Town, where cobblestone streets and breathtaking architecture provide an intimate journey through time. Exploring the boutiques, cafes, and hidden alleys in this area can cultivate an atmosphere of discovery and connection. As dusk arrives, a visit to the Warnemünde Lighthouse is a must. Climbing to the top allows couples to witness stunning sunsets, casting a golden hue over the Baltic Sea — truly one of the quintessential Rostock activities for those in love. These experiences not only highlight things to see in Rostock but also offer moments of connection woven through the city's unique tapestry.

Things to do in Rostock at night

Rostock's evening charm offers a different perspective on the city's vibrant character, presenting couples with memorable nocturnal experiences. Enticing theater enthusiasts, the Volkstheater Rostock showcases a variety of performances from plays to operas, with its stunning architecture serving as a cultural backdrop to a night out. As stars blanket the sky, the city's marina becomes a serene haven – an ideal spot for couples to admire luxury yachts while enjoying a waterfront dinner at one of the many fine restaurants. Conclude the nocturnal exploration with a tranquil walk along the beach in Warnemünde, where the soft lapping of waves orchestrates a soothing atmosphere. The pier also offers a romantic interlude, as couples can revel in the gentle sea breeze and the sound of the Baltic Sea as it meets the night sky. These activities highlight the essence of Rostock after dark, ensuring a blend of cultural and romantic escapades for visiting couples.