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The Santa Barbara Church, with its beautiful Spanish-era architecture, is a must-visit. Explorers should not miss the historic Santa Barbara Plaza and the scenic Iloilo Golf & Country Club, considered to be one of the oldest in the nation. Each location offers its unique glimpse into the rich history and captivating beauty of Santa Barbara.
Families with children can enjoy a thrilling day at the GarinFarm Pilgrimage Resort, which combines agriculture, leisure, and spirituality. The Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School Eco-Park is also a hit with its environmental focus and interactive activities. Additionally, the Public Market offers a fun opportunity to sample local treats and learn about the town's culture.
Outdoor enthusiasts should explore the Santa Barbara Rice Terraces, perfect for hiking and appreciating local agricultural practices. Another outdoor favorite is the Iloilo River Esplanade, ideal for jogging or a leisurely walk. For aquatic adventure, Santa Barbara's coastal areas and the nearby Agnaga Mini Falls and Eco Park offer refreshing swimming opportunities.
For indoor entertainment, visit the Santa Barbara Centennial Museum or catch a live performance at the local community theater. Those interested in arts and crafts can participate in pottery workshops or explore the galleries showcasing work by local artists.
The best tours in Santa Barbara often encompass the town's rich tapestry of heritage and natural beauty. Historical walking tours, eco-park explorations, and audio-guided museum visits are among the top-rated experiences. These tours provide insightful narratives about Santa Barbara's past and present.
The Santa Barbara Museum, known for its extensive historical collections, is popular among visitors. Another is the Santa Barbara Centennial Museum, which offers a deep dive into the town's 100-year history through varied exhibits and artifacts.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy the sheltered environments offered by the town's museums. Audio-guided tours through the Santa Barbara Centennial Museum provide a captivating indoor experience. Enriching pottery and handicraft workshops also offer a creative retreat from the weather.
Short tours that offer a quick and informative experience include condensed walking tours of the town plaza and its historical landmarks. Quick yet enriching visits to local art exhibits and galleries are also available for those pressed for time.

Best Things to Do In Santa Barbara

Embark on a journey to discover the top attractions and hidden gems of Santa Barbara with self-guided audio tours.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Golf Course

What is it?
An expansive and historic golf course offering picturesque greens and leisurely sport.
Why you should go?
The Santa Barbara Golf Course is not just for golfing aficionados but is also a cultural landmark, reflecting over a century of history. Engage with the tales of its founding and evolution through an immersive audio tour, while also perhaps playing a few holes. With its manicured fairways and a sense of tranquility, it's a staple among the best Santa Barbara tours for visitors seeking a blend of sport and heritage.

Santa Barbara: The Revolutionary Capital Monument

What is it?
A historical monument commemorating Santa Barbara's role in the Philippine Revolution.
Why you should go?
This monument stands as a poignant tribute to the region's revolutionary history and its crucial role in the Philippines' struggle for independence. A visit here, enhanced by a detailed audio guide, offers a reflective journey into the nation's past and the sacrifices made for freedom. It's a significant addition to any Santa Barbara excursions, especially for those keen on understanding the nation's path to sovereignty.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Museum

What is it?
A cultural institution preserving and displaying the rich history of Santa Barbara.
Why you should go?
The Santa Barbara Museum is a treasure trove of knowledge with displays ranging from ethnographic collections to wartime relics. The carefully curated audio tours provide a deeper understanding of the artifacts on display, connecting them to the broader historical and cultural narrative of the Philippines. It's a must-see for those compiling a list of educational and enlightening things to do in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara: Magsaysay Bridge

What is it?
A striking bridge offering scenic views of the Aganan River and surrounding landscapes.
Why you should go?
Magsaysay Bridge serves not just as a connection between two riverbanks but as a vantage point for breathtaking sights. As visitors learn about the bridge's construction and significance through their audio guide, they also get to photograph one of the picturesque places to visit in Santa Barbara. The bridge provides a peaceful escape and a moment to appreciate the harmony of engineering and nature.

Santa Barbara: Bulosan Falls

What is it?
A natural waterfall oasis surrounded by lush vegetation and serene landscapes.
Why you should go?
For those seeking solace in nature, Bulosan Falls is a refreshing retreat. A self-guided audio tour explains the local ecology and the significance of waterfalls to the area while visitors are lulled by the soothing sounds of cascading water. It stands as one of the more tranquil and rejuvenating Santa Barbara activities, perfect for picnics, photography, and simply unwinding in the beauty of the natural world.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Church

What is it?
A revered historical church renowned for its Spanish colonial architecture.
Why you should go?
Step into a piece of living history at the Santa Barbara Church. With roots stretching back to the Spanish colonial era, this stunning place of worship is not only a testament to the town's cultural heritage but also a beacon of religious significance. Audio tours here provide compelling narratives about the church's role in the community, its architectural marvels, and the many ceremonies it has housed, making it a pivotal part of understanding what to do in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara: The Ancestral Houses

What is it?
Time-honored residential homes displaying Spanish-influenced Filipino architecture.
Why you should go?
In the heart of Santa Barbara lie the Ancestral Houses, where history reverberates through their well-preserved structures and intricate designs. They offer an intimate glimpse into the lifestyles of bygone eras. Audio tours bring to life the tales of the families who built these homes and their significance to the cultural identity of the town. These houses rank highly among things to see in Santa Barbara, offering a journey back in time to every visitor.

Santa Barbara: GarinFarm Pilgrimage Resort

What is it?
A unique agri-tourism site combining spirituality, leisure, and agriculture.
Why you should go?
GarinFarm Pilgrimage Resort is a multifaceted destination that goes beyond just being one of the fun things to do in Santa Barbara. It's a place where spirituality, nature's bounty, and relaxation converge. Visitors can engage with the agricultural practices, embark on a spiritual pilgrimage, and enjoy recreational activities, all while learning about the site's philosophy and mission through an insightful audio tour.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Public Market

What is it?
A bustling marketplace offering a taste of local produce and vibrant community life.
Why you should go?
When pondering places to visit in Santa Barbara, the Public Market is an unmissable destination for those looking to delve into the local flavor. Here, you can wander through stalls teeming with fresh produce, regional delicacies, and artisanal goods. Self-guided audio tours contextualize the importance of the market to Santa Barbara's cultural fabric while tempting your taste buds with the area's culinary offerings.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School Eco Park

What is it?
An educational park offering ecological awareness and leisure activities amidst nature.
Why you should go?
The Eco Park at Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School serves as a living classroom, providing valuable environmental education interwoven with a natural park setting. The facility encourages sustainable practices while also providing a serene environment for relaxation. Engage with the eco-friendly initiatives through your audio guide, making this one of the more enlightening Santa Barbara activities, especially for families and eco-conscious travelers.

TOP-5 Tours in Santa Barbara for First Time Visitors

  • Explore the historic heart of Santa Barbara and uncover the stories behind its well-preserved architecture while enjoying one of the best Santa Barbara tours through the city's vibrant streets.
  • Delve into the cultural fabric with an audio guide that showcases the best things to do in Santa Barbara, including museums, galleries, and iconic landmarks.
  • Immerse yourself in coastal splendor with a Santa Barbara excursion that presents fun things to do in Santa Barbara, from beach walks to panoramic ocean views.
  • Discover the unique Santa Barbara activities through an audio exploration of local markets, gardens, and spots that reveal what to see in Santa Barbara.
  • Experience the rich tapestry of local tales and legends as you traverse places to visit in Santa Barbara, listening to narratives that bring the city's history to life.

Fun things to do in Santa Barbara with kids

Exploring Santa Barbara with children opens doors to a world of fun and education. First, the Santa Barbara Soccer Field provides families with an ample green space to not only enjoy a game of soccer but also to fly kites or have a pleasant picnic. The field is a great place to let kids run free and breathe fresh air. Next, the Santa Barbara Zoo offers a chance to learn and interact with a variety of animal species. Engaging self-guided audio tours explain the habitats and behaviors of the residents, ensuring an educational visit packed with excitement for the little ones. Lastly, Agnaga Mini Falls and Eco Park is perfect for adventure-seekers. With natural pools, hiking opportunities, and the chance to explore local flora and fauna, the park’s audio-guided tours will capture the curiosity of children and adults alike, making Santa Barbara a delightful family-friendly destination.

Things to do in Santa Barbara with family

When it comes to family adventures in Santa Barbara, there is no shortage of activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. The GarinFarm Pilgrimage Resort is a standout attraction offering a blend of recreational, agricultural, and spiritual experiences set within a breathtaking landscape. Here, families can partake in farming activities, enjoy leisurely walks, and capture memorable photos. Another highlight is the Santa Barbara Public Market where families can indulge in the local culinary scene and shop for authentic crafts, all while soaking up the bustling atmosphere. Engaging audio guides provide context to the regional specialties on offer, adding an educational touch to the outing. Lastly, the Santa Barbara Eco-Park is a hit among nature lovers, with walking trails, picnic spots, and interactive exhibits on local ecology. This scenic park offers a relaxing yet informative day out for families looking to connect with nature and each other.

Free things to do in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, Philippines, offers a variety of attractions that require no admission fee, ensuring an enjoyable experience without the extra cost. First on the list is the scenic Iloilo River Esplanade, a perfect spot for families, friends, and solo travelers to take a leisurely stroll, jog, or simply unwind by the picturesque river. It’s also a great location for viewing the sunrise or sunset. Another free attraction is the Santa Barbara town plaza, which is rich in history and buzzing with local life. Here, one can admire the Spanish-era public buildings, engage with the local community, and immerse in the festive atmosphere during town celebrations. Lastly, the Jaro Cathedral is a must-visit for its historical and architectural significance. Visitors can take self-guided tours to appreciate its majestic structures and learn about its storied past. These attractions emphasize Santa Barbara's charm and are ideal for those looking to explore on a budget.

Cheap things to do in Santa Barbara

For those on a budget, Santa Barbara still offers an array of affordable attractions. The Santa Barbara Museum presents a cost-effective option for a cultural deep-dive. With minimal entry fees, visitors can explore historical exhibits and gain valuable insights into the town's past through engaging audio narratives. The sprawling Santa Barbara Rice Terraces also provide a picturesque and low-cost day out. Take a self-guided walking tour along the terraces to witness the ingenuity of local agriculture. Lastly, a visit to the bustling Santa Barbara Public Market is an economical and immersive way to experience local life. Savor inexpensive street food, admire handcrafted goods, and absorb the lively atmosphere. With these economical choices, Santa Barbara activities prove to be accessible and enriching for travelers mindful of their spending.

Things to do in Santa Barbara for couples

Santa Barbara's romantic charm offers couples a variety of enchanting experiences. Begin with a stroll through the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, where loving pairs can wander amidst vibrant flora and captivating landscapes. The tranquility of this setting provides a perfect backdrop for memorable moments together. Continuing the theme of nature, couples can visit the serene Agnaga Falls, where the symphony of cascading waters creates an intimate ambiance ideal for shared contemplation or a delightful picnic. Lastly, for culturally inclined duos, embarking on a self-guided tour of the historic Santa Barbara Church allows for a peaceful reflection on architecture and history, all while strengthening the bond with your partner. Each site offers its own unique allure, making Santa Barbara a delightful destination for those looking to create special memories with their significant other.

Things to do in Santa Barbara at night

As the sun sets, the vibrant town of Santa Barbara, Philippines, reveals a different side that offers nocturnal delights for night owls. Start with an evening walk along the Iloilo River Esplanade, where the pathway lights up, creating a magical atmosphere perfect for leisurely strolls and intimate conversations. Nearby, the plaza comes alive at night with locals and visitors converging to enjoy cooler temperatures and street food delicacies, making it a lively spot for those seeking to indulge in local flavors and community camaraderie. For a relaxed end to the evening, the Santa Barbara Town Square offers a tranquil setting to wind down. Here, couples, friends, and families gather to admire the heritage structures bathed in soft light, listen to the sounds of the town, and perhaps catch a local performance or simply savor the starlit sky. These attractions make Santa Barbara a charming and safe destination to explore after dark.