Things to do in Tulum

About Tulum

The iconic Tulum Ruins, perched atop a cliff with stunning sea views, are unmissable. Cenote Dos Ojos and Gran Cenote beckon with their crystal-clear waters. Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a natural spectacle for unparalleled wildlife observation.
Exploring the ruins can be both a fun and educational experience for kids. The beaches offer endless sandcastle building, while Xel-Há Park provides snorkeling and eco-friendly attractions catering to young explorers.
Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy snorkeling in cenotes, beach yoga, visiting the Tulum Ruins, kayaking in Sian Ka'an, and cycling around the town and beach areas.
Although Tulum shines outdoors, indoor activities include visiting art galleries, experiencing the holistic therapies at wellness centers, and enjoying the vibrant Tulum Art Club.
The best Tulum tours offer experiences like guided visits to Maya ruins, cenote diving tours, eco-tours in Sian Ka'an, and culinary tours through Tulum's local cuisine.
Tulum doesn't have traditional museums, but the eco-archaeological park of Xcaret and the community-driven SFER IK Museion provide culture-seeking visitors with a museum-like experience.
On rainy days, consider booking a spa day, a cooking class, or a visit to chocolate-making workshops, which are excellent indoor alternatives offering sheltered activities.
Brief tours in Tulum include art gallery walks, market tours for local artisanal goods, and quick guided tours of nearby Maya ruins for history buffs on a tight schedule.

Best Things to Do In Tulum

Explore the enchanting town of Tulum, where historical treasures and natural wonders await to provide an unforgettable experience.

Tulum: Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

What is it?
A natural habitat famous for its spider monkey population and serene lagoon.
Why you should go?
Punta Laguna Nature Reserve offers a remarkable opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural environment. As part of the larger Yucatan Peninsula's diverse ecological system, visitors can explore trails leading to beautiful lagoons with opportunities for kayaking and zip-lining. Birdwatchers will delight in the variety of species found here. The reserve's commitment to conservation makes it an ethical place to witness spider monkeys and other wildlife up close while ensuring minimal impact on their habitat.

Tulum: Temple of the Frescoes

What is it?
An ancient Mayan temple adorned with well-preserved frescoes depicting Mayan cosmology.
Why you should go?
The Temple of the Frescoes serves as a window into the artistic and spiritual world of the ancient Maya. Its intricate frescoes, still vibrant in color, offer insight into the Mayan's complex religious beliefs and mastery in arts. This smaller, yet impressively detailed, structure allows for an intimate look at pre-Columbian art, adding a cultural depth to the Tulum ruins experience. It's a must-visit for those with a penchant for art history and ancient civilizations.

Tulum: Yal-Ku Lagoon

What is it?
A tranquil lagoon where fresh and salt water meet, creating a unique snorkeling environment.
Why you should go?
Yal-Ku Lagoon offers a tranquil escape from Tulum's more crowded attractions, providing a serene snorkeling experience. Here, visitors can glide over a stunning underwater landscape where freshwater springs mix with the sea, creating an ecosystem rich with marine life. The clear and calm waters are perfect for spotting tropical fish and other marine species, making Yal-Ku Lagoon an ideal spot for families and first-time snorkelers keen on underwater adventure.

Tulum: Tulum Art Club

What is it?
A cultural hub combining an art gallery, café, and community workspace.
Why you should go?
For a change of pace, the Tulum Art Club offers a vibrant and creative environment that brings travelers and local artists together. This art space showcases contemporary works from a diverse array of artists, fostering a cultural dialogue. A visit here lends an opportunity to enjoy local artwork, partake in a creative workshop, or simply relax with a coffee while absorbing the creative atmosphere. It's ideal for art enthusiasts and those seeking a local community experience.

Tulum: Kaan Luum Lagoon

What is it?
A secluded lagoon known for its distinctive central cenote and striking turquoise waters.
Why you should go?
Kaan Luum Lagoon is a hidden gem away from the busier tourist spots. This natural wonder boasts remarkably clear waters perfect for swimming and paddleboarding, with its central cenote forming a stunning contrast of deep blue hues. The lagoon's shallow areas make it safe for swimmers of all levels. Its off-the-beaten-path nature provides a peaceful atmosphere for those looking to relax in a natural setting, away from the crowds.

Tulum: El Castillo

What is it?
A dominating ancient Mayan fortress atop a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
Why you should go?
El Castillo stands as a quintessential emblem of Tulum's rich past. Ascending upon the cliffside ruins, one can't help but marvel at the panoramic ocean views that greet every visitor. A symbol of ingenuity and mystery, this relic allows a glimpse into the Mayan civilization's architectural prowess. Its precise construction aligns with astronomical events, making El Castillo not just an architectural marvel but also an ancient cosmic observatory, perfect for those interested in history and archaeology.

Tulum: Gran Cenote

What is it?
A stunning open-air cenote surrounded by lush vegetation and clear, inviting waters.
Why you should go?
The Gran Cenote is a portal to an underwater world rich in geological and cultural significance. Snorkel or dive through its crystalline waters to witness rock formations that tell tales of the earth's history. This natural pit showcases a serene environment, perfect for a refreshing plunge. With well-maintained facilities and easy access, it's a must-visit for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle of modern life, providing a unique opportunity for relaxation and exploration.

Tulum: Tulum National Park

What is it?
A protected area offering a mix of well-preserved ruins, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife.
Why you should go?
Tulum National Park is where nature and history intertwine. Visitors can immerse in the dual experience of exploring ancient Mayan structures and enjoying the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. Walk among the remnants of this once-thriving city, then relax on its adjacent white sand beaches. The park is a sanctuary for local fauna, making it a prime spot for eco-friendly tourism and wildlife observation. Ideal for adventurers and families alike, the park's blend of culture and nature presents a comprehensive snapshot of Tulum's treasures.

Tulum: Coba Ruins

What is it?
An ancient Mayan city featuring the Yucatan's tallest pyramid, surrounded by jungle.
Why you should go?
Discover the grandeur of Coba, a majestic city of the Mayan civilization hidden deep within the Mexican jungle. Scaling the Nohoch Mul pyramid, adventurers are greeted with a breathtaking vista of the surrounding forest—an experience that captivates both the heart and spirit of explorers. The network of sacbeob (white stone roads) invites curiosity and discovery, leading to various structures silent yet eloquently telling the stories of their creators. Visiting Coba offers an adventure back in time, perfect for those who cherish historical depth and natural beauty.

Tulum: Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

What is it?
A UNESCO World Heritage site that is a vast nature reserve with rich biodiversity.
Why you should go?
Experiencing Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a foray into one of the planet's most diverse ecosystems. This sprawling nature sanctuary is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, some endangered and found only in this part of the world. With its mesmerizing mangroves, lagoons, and sections of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the reserve is an ecological treasure trove ideal for eco-tours, bird watching, and serene contemplation. Its untouched landscapes offer an awe-inspiring adventure for those eager to connect with nature's unadulterated beauty.

TOP-5 tours in Tulum for first-time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through the majestic ruins with a guide that uncovers the things to see in Tulum, delving into the Mayan civilization's secrets.
  • Dive into crystal-clear cenotes, where the best Tulum tours offer insights into geological formations and the significance of these sinkholes in Mayan culture.
  • Uncover fun things to do in Tulum with a vibrant street art tour showcasing local artists' contributions, adding color and life to this historic town.
  • Experience the serenity of Tulum's beaches with an audio expedition that highlights the best spots for relaxation and the multifaceted blue hues of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Navigate through lush jungles on Tulum excursions; listen to tales of the flora and fauna that make this ecosystem a biodiverse wonderland.

Fun things to do in Tulum with kids

Immersing your family in the breathtaking sights and engaging activities Tulum has to offer promises a treasure trove of memories. First, the Cenote Azul provides a natural aquatic playground, where children can safely snorkel in the clear, shallow waters amidst the small fish that call these waters home. Its open-air setting is perfect for kids to splash around and explore. Next, head over to the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary, where meeting and learning about the rescued primates is not only fun but also educational. Guided tours stress the importance of conservation as children marvel at these playful creatures in a safe, responsible environment. Lastly, Tulum's beaches are a paradise for young sandcastle architects and budding marine biologists, with soft sands and gentle waves making it an ideal spot for the whole family to relax or engage in beachfront activities. Together, these attractions form a trifecta of experiences sure to delight every young traveler.

Things to do in Tumlah with family

Tulum is an enchanting destination that families will find filled with activities catering to both relaxation and adventure. Start with the Tulum Ruins, where history comes alive amid towering pyramids and ancient frescoes. As you traverse this iconic site with a self-guided audio tour, the stories of the Mayan civilization will captivate both adults and children alike. For a blend of excitement and natural beauty, Xel-Há Park offers a dazzling array of Tulum activities, from snorkeling in a vibrant inlet to scenic jungle trails. The park's all-inclusive approach means families can enjoy a full day of entertainment and dining. Lastly, a visit to Tulum's beaches is a must-do, featuring powdary white sands and crystal-clear waters ideal for building sandcastles, wading, and savoring the warmth of the Mexican sun. These places to visit in Tulum create a family-friendly itinerary that balances leisure with interactive fun.

Free things to do in Tulum

Embark on a cost-free adventure in Tulum, a locale that offers enriching experiences without the need for tickets or fees. Begin with a visit to the pristine public beaches, such as Playa Paraíso, known for their soft sands and turquoise waters, where sunbathing, swimming, and spectacular sunsets are everyday luxuries at no cost. Venturing to the vibrant Tulum Town, the heart of local life, provides a chance to explore colorful street art murals that encapsulate the spirit of the region, perfect for a culturally immersive self-guided walking tour. For nature enthusiasts, the self-directed paths of the Tulum National Park await, where you can wander through lush landscapes, catch glimpses of local wildlife, and marvel at the views of ancient ruins from afar. These free activities in Tulum not only offer savings but also a rich sense of place and a deeper connection to this beloved Mexican gem.

Cheap things to do in Tulum

Discovering the thrills of Tulum doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Indulge in the natural splendor of the cenotes, such as Cenote Calavera, where a small entrance fee opens the door to a world of crystalline waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling amidst the Mayan underworld. Engage with Tulum's vibrant history by visiting the local ruins where, for a nominal admission fee, ancient architecture and breathtaking ocean views provide a backdrop for a day of exploration. Tulum's pueblo, or downtown area, offers an authentic glimpse into local life with budget-friendly eateries serving up delicious Mexican street food. Stroll through the markets where browsing is free and souvenirs are affordable. Each of these options presents a chance to delve into Tulum's charms while conserving your travel funds for adventures yet to come.

Things to do in Tulum for couples

Tulum serves as a romantic backdrop for couples seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. Begin with a stroll along the secluded white sands of Playa Ruinas, where the ancient Mayan ruins meet the sea, providing a breathtaking setting for a sunrise or sunset walk. For an immersive experience into the natural beauty of Tulum, couples can visit Cenote Dos Ojos, where the surreal clear waters offer a serene snorkeling or diving experience. Embrace the opportunity to explore these underwater caverns hand in hand. To add a touch of cultural intimacy, enjoy a bicycle tour around the bohemian town, stopping for a casual bite at one of the many local taquerias or cafes. As the day unwinds, couples can find a cozy rooftop bar to sip on cocktails and absorb the panoramic views as the sky transitions through its evening hues. These attractions in Tulum are sure to kindle romance and create cherished memories.

Things to do in Tulum at night

When the sun sets, Tulum transforms into a nocturnal playground with a variety of attractions for nighttime enjoyment. Start with the beach clubs that line the coast, where you can dance or lounge to the beats of international DJs with the ocean as your backdrop. Candlelit tables and the sound of the waves create an unmatched ambiance for a night out. For a more laid-back evening, Tulum's town center buzzes with life, offering a plethora of bars and restaurants that blend local flavors with inventive mixology. Here, live bands and street performers add to the vibrant scene. Cultural enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity for a moonlit tour of the Tulum Ruins — available on select nights — offering a unique perspective of the ancient structures under the stars. Whether seeking lively entertainment or a quiet moment under the night sky, Tulum's nocturnal offerings are as captivating as its daytime adventures.