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Uruguay's must-see attractions span from the cobbled streets of Colonia del Sacramento, the picturesque beaches of Punta del Este, to the cultural vibrancy of Montevideo's Ciudad Vieja. Add the tranquil allure of Piriápolis and the rugged landscapes of Cabo Polonio to complete your Uruguay tourist attractions list.
Thrilling activities for children include the Punta del Este Aquarium, interactive displays at the Montevideo Science Museum, and the adventure-packed Parque Lecocq. The beaches offer endless fun with their ample spaces for play, while Montevideo's Planetarium provides an educational and entertaining experience.
Uruguay activities for nature aficionados include exploring the dunes of Valizas, wildlife spotting in Santa Teresa National Park, and sailing along the serene Rio de la Plata. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy surfing in La Paloma or paragliding over the stunning coastline.
Explore imaginative exhibits at the Espacio Ciencia or take in a show at the Teatro Solís. Wine connoisseurs can savor tastings at renowned Montevideo wineries, while history lovers can uncover the past at the Museo Historico Nacional.
Choose from culinary tours savoring traditional Uruguayan barbecue, architectural tours admiring art deco masterpieces, or tango experiences stepping into the dance's history. Wine tasting tours through Uruguay's vineyards are a top choice for enthusiasts.
The Museo Torres García in Montevideo captivates with modernist pieces, while the MAPI Museum offers insight into Indigenous art. Punta del Este's Ralli Museum is another favorite, showcasing surrealism and Latin American art.
For rainy days, indoor tour options include exploring Montevideo's theaters and museums, such as the Carnaval Museum, or joining a chocolate tasting adventure. You may also consider a historical self-guided audio tour through the landmarks of Montevideo's old city.