Things to do in Verona

About Verona

Verona is renowned for its stunning attractions such as the ancient Verona Arena, the picturesque Juliet's House, and the historic Piazza delle Erbe. Exploring the imposing Castelvecchio and its bridge, as well as taking in the panoramic views from the Torre dei Lamberti, should also be on every visitor's list.
Families with kids can enjoy the Parco Natura Viva for wildlife adventure, time travel at the Verona Arena with gladiator stories, or explore the interactive exhibits of the Science Museum (Museo della Scienza).
Outdoor activities in Verona include wandering through the serene Giardino Giusti, taking a leisurely walk along the river at Lungadige, and enjoying the hustle and bustle of Piazza delle Erbe's market.
For indoor exploration, visiting the Castelvecchio Museum, admiring Renaissance art in the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, and enjoying a wine tasting tour through the historic cellars of Verona are top choices.
The best tours in Verona include a guided walk through the city's historical center, an immersive experience at Juliet's House, and a gourmet excursion sampling Veronese wine and cuisine.
The most popular museums in Verona are the Castelvecchio Museum with its extensive art collection, the frescoes in the Museo di Castelvecchio, and the natural history exhibits in the Verona Science Museum.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy indoor tours such as the Verona Cathedral complex, featuring beautiful chapels and artwork, or the evocative tunnels of the ancient Roman Theater Archaeological Museum.
Short tours under an hour in Verona include a quick visit to Juliet's House and the arena's interior or a brief guided history tour of Piazza dei Signori.

Best Things to Do In Verona

Embark on a journey through Verona, where historic splendor and cultural delights await at every turn.

Verona: Casa di Romeo

What is it?
The storied 14th-century structure claimed to be the home of Shakespeare's Romeo.
Why you should go?
Shrouded in the legend of literature's most famous star-crossed lovers, Casa di Romeo is a destination that evokes the drama of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Although the home is not open to the public as it is a private residence, viewing the exterior offers a sense of connection to the centuries-old story that still resonates today. It is a poignant stop for literary enthusiasts and those intrigued by the romance of the past.

Verona: Arche Scaligere

What is it?
Striking gothic funerary monuments commemorating the Scaliger family, rulers of Verona in the Middle Ages.
Why you should go?
Located near the Santa Maria Antica church, the Arche Scaligere serves as an open-air museum displaying the ornate sarcophagi of the Scaligeri dynasty. These elaborate Gothic structures are artistic masterpieces in their own right. Visitors are charmed by the intricate details and the importance of the tombs in Verona's history. The combination of art history and medieval architecture offers an enlightening glimpse into the city's noble past.

Verona: Cattedrale di Santa Maria Matricolare (Verona Cathedral)

What is it?
A stunning cathedral that is a pinnacle of Veronese religious architecture, showcasing a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles.
Why you should go?
Verona Cathedral stands as a majestic testament to the city's religious heritage and architectural prowess. Visitors can admire the Romanesque façade and Gothic additions, explore the peaceful cloisters, and view art pieces by titans such as Titian. Within its walls, the cathedral not only offers solace and reflection but also a rich tapestry of art, making it a key site for cultural and spiritual immersion in Verona.

Verona: Castel San Pietro

What is it?
A historical castle offering the most breathtaking panoramic views of Verona's cityscape and the meandering Adige River.
Why you should go?
Accessible by a hike or funicular ride, Castel San Pietro stands atop a hill and is the ideal locale for sweeping city views, especially at dusk. Although the interior of the castle is not open to visitors, the terraced outlook affords picturesque scenes that are profoundly striking in the glow of the setting sun. It's a favorite spot for photographers and those seeking a memorable visual feast of Verona's beauty.

Verona: Osteria Sottoriva

What is it?
An age-old ostería nestled beneath historic arches, offering an authentic Veronese dining experience.
Why you should go?
For a taste of traditional Veronese cuisine, visit Osteria Sottoriva, where local flavors and history are served side by side. Tucked away beneath the arches near the Adige River, this eatery provides a unique atmosphere that transports diners to a bygone era. It's a place to savor local dishes, sip on regional wines, and indulge in an authentic atmosphere that can only be found in the historic heart of Verona.

Verona: Piazza delle Erbe

What is it?
The lively former Roman forum is now a bustling marketplace surrounded by historic buildings.
Why you should go?
Piazza delle Erbe is the pulsating heart of Verona where past and present converge. With a history that reaches back to the Roman era, today’s visitors can enjoy vibrant market stalls, stunning frescoed buildings, and the omnipresent Italian café culture. It's a social hub where sightseeing, shopping, and sipping on an aperitivo blend seamlessly, offering a quintessential Italian piazza experience.

Verona: Ponte Pietra

What is it?
An ancient Roman arch bridge offering picturesque views of the Adige River and Verona’s historic center.
Why you should go?
The stone-laden Ponte Pietra, gracefully arching over the Adige, is a masterpiece of longevity and beauty. It's the perfect place for a stroll with a loved one or a solo walk to ponder the past. From atop, viewers are granted spectacular vistas at any time of day, but it's the golden hour that casts an unforgettable glow on this romantic city, painting memories that last a lifetime.

Verona: San Zeno Maggiore Basilica

What is it?
A prime example of Romanesque architecture in Italy, famous for its stunning facade and bronze doors.
Why you should go?
San Zeno Maggiore Basilica is an architectural wonder that captures the spiritual and cultural essence of Verona. The austere beauty of its striped stone walls, magnificent doors, and the serenity within, make it an oasis for art lovers and history aficionados. The tranquility of its cloisters and the grandeur of its nave offer visitors a profound sense of the city's rich past.

Verona: Lamberti Tower

What is it?
Verona's tallest tower, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city's red rooftops and meandering river.
Why you should go?
Climbing the Lamberti Tower's 368 steps (or taking the elevator) rewards visitors with a bird's-eye perspective of Verona's splendor. From the top, one can gaze upon the symphony of terracotta roofs, intertwined with the city's historic streets and lush riverbanks. This vantage point is especially compelling as sunsets bathe the city in a warm, golden light, magnifying the romantic and timeless atmosphere of Verona.

Verona: Giardino Giusti

What is it?
A spectacular Renaissance garden, renowned for its manicured landscapes, ancient sculptures, and misty grottoes.
Why you should go?
Giardino Giusti is a verdant getaway from the bustling city streets, where one can wander through precisely cut hedge mazes and elegant garden paths. The immaculate lawns and bedazzling fountains are surrounded by whispering cypress trees, offering a serene environment for reflection or romantic interludes. This hidden gem encapsulates the opulence of Renaissance garden design and is a peaceful retreat for all who visit.

TOP-5 tours in Verona for first time visitors

  • Explore Verona’s heart in Piazza Bra audio tour, unveiling the stories behind the majestic Arena and the lively surrounding cafés and opera buzz.
  • Discover Juliet's House on the romance-laden tour that takes you through the tale of Romeo and Juliet and the city’s medieval streets.
  • Delight in a walk through Verona’s renaissance art on a curated tour featuring the Castelvecchio Museum and its remarkable collection of masterpieces.
  • Indulge in the flavors of Verona with a gourmet audio tour, guiding you through traditional osterias and the famed local wine culture.
  • Experience the tranquility of Verona's churches in a sacred arts tour that covers the serene sanctuaries and stunning art they house.

Fun things to do in Verona with kids

Verona charms families with a plethora of child-friendly activities that blend entertainment with a sense of history and culture. At the Verona Arena, little ones are captivated by the immense scale of this ancient Roman amphitheater; its atmosphere comes alive during family-friendly open-air performances. For a whimsical outing, the Parco Natura Viva, a short drive from the city center, is an adventure in wildlife discovery, with its engaging safari park and endangered species conservation. Meanwhile, back in the heart of Verona, the Giardino Giusti offers a chance for families to wander through enchanting Renaissance gardens, complete with a maze that's perfect for an afternoon of exploration. These experiences offer not only memorable moments but also enriching encounters that kids and parents alike will treasure.

Things to do in Verona with family

Verona is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities set against a backdrop of historical wonder. For a start, the awe-inspiring Verona Arena ignites imaginations with its gladiatorial history, where families can take a step back in time or enjoy a vibrant opera performance. The city's numerous piazzas, particularly Piazza delle Erbe, offer a perfect locale for families to absorb the Italian culture, with street performers, colorful markets, and historic architecture. A stroll along the river at Lungadige provides families with scenic paths flanked by age-old buildings, leading to Castelvecchio, where children can explore an ancient castle and its bridge. Educational, engaging, and picturesque, these attractions in Verona promise a family vacation rich with discovery and enjoyment.

Free things to do in Verona

Discovering Verona doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag; the city is brimming with attractions that won't cost a thing. A visit to Piazza Bra allows visitors to marvel at the majestic Verona Arena from the outside and bask in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's largest piazza. Literature lovers can stroll to Via Cappello to view the romantic exterior of Juliet's House and the famed balcony for free, capturing the essence of Shakespeare's tale. Completing a day of exploration, a walk along the riverbanks of the Adige reveals the city's ancient history and offers stunning views, especially as dusk falls and the city lights begin to twinkle. Verona's rich tapestry of culture, history, and endearing romance is readily accessible in these wonderful experiences that require no admission fee.

Cheap things to do in Verona

Exploring the enchanting city of Verona on a budget is easy with a host of low-cost attractions. For a few euros, visitors can ascend the Torre dei Lamberti to witness breathtaking panoramas of the city’s historical landscape from above. Literary enthusiasts can visit Juliet's House, where for a small fee, they can stand on the famous balcony and immerse themselves in the romantic lore of Shakespeare’s Juliet. Additionally, the tranquil gardens surrounding the Basilica di San Zeno provide a perfect and inexpensive opportunity to enjoy Verona's artistic heritage and stunning Romanesque architecture up close. Verona’s allure can be experienced without lavish spending, as these economical options richly showcase the city's charm and culture.

Things to do in Verona for couples

Couples will find Verona's romantic ambiance and picturesque settings perfect for creating memorable moments together. A quintessential experience is walking hand in hand through the ancient streets to Juliet's Balcony, where romance fills the air and love locks adorn the walls. For a scenic retreat, the panoramic views from the verdant terraces of Castel San Pietra at sunset offer a tranquil space with a stunning backdrop of the city. Artistic duos can take in the splendid Renaissance artworks at Castelvecchio Museum, where the collection and the robust medieval architecture add a touch of historical charm to their visit. Verona's blend of romantic sites and cultural treasures makes it an idyllic destination for couples looking to explore and cherish their time together.

Things to do in Verona at night

As twilight descends on Verona, the city takes on a new life with attractions that glitter under the starry Italian sky. Couples and friends alike can savor the electric atmosphere of a live opera at the Verona Arena, an ancient Roman amphitheater known for its incomparable acoustics and open-air performances. For a peaceful evening, a moonlit stroll along the Adige River offers serene views of the city's historic bridges and buildings illuminated by gentle lights. The vibrant nightlife scene in Piazza delle Erbe provides a lively backdrop for an evening out, with bustling bars and open-air cafes serving local wines and delicacies. Verona at night is a feast for the senses, combining cultural splendor with relaxed and romantic vibes, ensuring visitors leave with lasting memories.