Things to do in Victoria

About Victoria

The must-see attractions include the historical Clock Tower, the colorful Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market, and the panoramic Mission Lodge Lookout. Discovering the vibrant local culture at the traditional markets and enjoying the natural beauty from the lookout are unforgettable experiences.
Beau Vallon Beach with its gentle waves is perfect for kids, along with the interactive and educational displays at the Seychelles National Museum. The Botanical Gardens also offer a great opportunity for children to see giant tortoises up close.
Exploring the Morne Seychellois National Park offers adventurous hikes while the crystal-clear waters around Beau Vallon are ideal for snorkeling. Enjoying the scenic beach walks or island-hopping are also highly recommended outdoor activities.
Delve into the country's history at the Seychelles National Museum of History or discover local marine life at the Natural History Museum. Art enthusiasts can visit galleries showcasing work by Seychellois artists for a taste of local creativity.
The best Victoria tours include guided walking tours of the city's historic district, audio-guided tours that offer insights into the local heritage, and culinary tours for those interested in the flavors of Creole cuisine.
The most visited museums are the Seychelles National Museum of History and the Natural History Museum, which provide deep dives into the cultural and natural history of the islands.
On rainy days, indoor museum tours and gallery visits are excellent options. Culinary tours also provide sheltered opportunities to enjoy Victoria's rich flavors while exploring the city's eateries and markets.
Quick tours involve a visit to the iconic Clock Tower area, a short walk through the Botanical Gardens, or a succinct exploration of the city’s historic core, all ideally suited for those with limited time to spare.

Best Things to Do In Victoria

Embark on a journey through Victoria, where cultural treasures and scenic delights await your discovery on each self-guided tour.

Victoria: Mission Lodge Lookout

What is it?
A historic site offering panoramic views of Mahe's verdant west coast.
Why you should go?
Once a school for liberated slaves, Mission Lodge now stands amidst lush mountains as a silent observer of extraordinary vistas. Visitors to this lookout are treated to sweeping views that encompass the mountainous terrain and the azure ocean beyond. The serenity and majestic beauty make it one of the most contemplative places to visit in Victoria. Enrich your understanding of the island's past while being captivated by the present moment at this unparalleled scenic spot.

Victoria: Domaine de Val des Près - Craft Village

What is it?
A vibrant hub showcasing the work of Seychellois artisans and Creole architecture.
Why you should go?
Domaine de Val des Près is a celebration of Creole culture and creativity. This quaint village consists of traditional-style houses that have been transformed into workshops and galleries where local artists and crafters exhibit their talent. Exploring the Craft Village is one of the best things to do in Victoria to appreciate the handmade textiles, paintings, and crafts that are as unique and diverse as the islands themselves. It's an ideal place to find that special souvenir that carries the spirit of Seychelles.

Victoria: Eden Island

What is it?
A luxurious man-made island with marinas, beaches, and upscale facilities.
Why you should go?
Eden Island is a testament to modern luxury and design, featuring a marina for elegant yachts, exclusive residences, and a variety of retail outlets and restaurants. Visitors can explore the palm-lined promenades, dine at waterfront cafés, and enjoy the accessible beaches. Offering a different flavor of Victoria, it's a top destination for those looking to combine relaxation and sophistication in their Seychelles itinerary.

Victoria: Trois Freres Trail

What is it?
An invigorating hiking trail leading to one of Mahe's most breathtaking overlooks.
Why you should go?
For adventure seekers and nature lovers, the Trois Freres Trail is a way to get your heart pumping and reward you with stunning views. As part of the best Victoria activities for the physically active, this hike takes you through the lush vegetation, offering a chance to encounter the rich biodiversity of Mahe. Reaching the summit provides a snapshot of Victoria's spectacular natural layout, making it clear why this is a must-do excursion.

Victoria: The Hindu Temple - Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar

What is it?
The only Hindu temple in Seychelles, known for its colorful and intricate design.
Why you should go?
The Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple is a beacon of multiculturalism and spiritual harmony in Victoria. Dedicated to Lord Vinayagar, the deity of safety and prosperity, this temple stands out with its vibrant façade and provides a peaceful sanctuary for reflection. Exploring the ornate details and embracing the welcoming atmosphere highlights the diverse cultural tapestry of Seychelles and is among the enlightening things to see in Victoria for travelers of all backgrounds.

Victoria: Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

What is it?
A verdant oasis showcasing the Seychelles’ endemic flora and fauna.
Why you should go?
Immerse yourself in the tranquil Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, a botanical wonderland spanning over 15 acres. This serene sanctuary offers a respite from the bustling city, where visitors can stroll along shaded pathways, marvel at the vibrant orchids, meet ancient Aldabra giant tortoises, and spot fruit bats among the treetops. It's a living exhibition of the islands' natural heritage and one of the essential things to do in Victoria for an authentic experience of the archipelago's diverse ecosystems.

Victoria: Clock Tower

What is it?
An historical monument, often considered as Victoria’s most iconic landmark.
Why you should go?
The Clock Tower, affectionately referred to as 'Lorloz' by locals, is an elegant replica of London's Little Ben, and stands as a proud symbol of Seychelles' colonial ties. This century-old timepiece is not just a popular meeting point but also a tangible link to the past, making it a significant point of interest for those wanting to learn about the city's history. Its central location makes it a perfect start or end to any Victoria tours, acting as a gateway to the city's charm.

Victoria: Beau Vallon Beach

What is it?
A picturesque beach known for its calm waters and lively beachfront activities.
Why you should go?
Beau Vallon Beach is the quintessential tropical retreat, celebrated for its long stretch of silver-white sands and clear, calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is the backdrop for a variety of water sports and the lively Beau Vallon Bazar, where locals and tourists alike explore beachfront stalls selling souvenirs, crafts, and delicious Creole food. For a day of sun, sand, and sea, Beau Vallon is among the fun things to do in Victoria, offering entertainment for all ages.

Victoria: Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

What is it?
An authentic marketplace bustling with local produce, crafts, and vibrant energy.
Why you should go?
Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is the focal point of local life in Victoria, presenting an eclectic mix of sights, sounds, and smells. It's a place where visitors can mingle with the locals, sample exotic spices, and purchase fresh, tropical fruits or artisanal souvenirs. The market encapsulates the soul of Seychelles, making it an essential stop to truly grasp what to do in Victoria when seeking a colorful and authentic cultural immersion.

Victoria: Morne Seychellois National Park

What is it?
A majestic national park that dominates the island’s landscape with lush forests and mountain trails.
Why you should go?
Morne Seychellois National Park offers an adventure into the wild heart of the Seychelles, featuring hiking paths that lead to breathtaking panoramas of the archipelago. Visitors can journey through dense mangrove forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and reach lookouts offering spectacular views of Victoria and the Indian Ocean. The park is an optimal choice for travelers looking to experience the natural beauty of the islands and engage in Victoria activities that inspire and rejuvenate the spirit.

TOP-5 tours in Victoria for first time visitors

  • Dive into the heart of Victoria with an audio tour that showcases the best Victoria tours, highlighting historical landmarks and cultural sites.
  • Revel in the botanical beauty with a garden-centric excursion among the top things to do in Victoria, featuring lush flora and tranquil landscapes.
  • Enjoy a maritime-themed Victoria excursion, sailing through tales of the sea, and explore the unique coastal heritage that defines the island.
  • Uncover the vibrant arts scene with a tour centered on what to do in Victoria for creative spirits, from local galleries to street art explorations.
  • Experience the soul of the city through Victoria activities that introduce you to local traditions, music, and the lively pulse of its community life.

Fun things to do in Victoria with kids

Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, is not just a paradise for adults; it's also a treasure trove of experiences for young explorers. One of the must-visit family-friendly attractions is the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. This lush, verdant space invites families to meander through tropical foliage and witness a variety of plants and animals, including giant tortoises and fruit bats. It's both educational and entertaining. Next, Adventure Cove offers an exhilarating experience for kids with activities that challenge them physically and mentally, all within the safety of a well-designed park. Here kids can engage in obstacle courses, rope swings, and slides, providing hours of fun. Lastly, Victoria's beaches, such as Beau Vallon, are perfect for a day of sandcastle building, gentle swimming, and snorkeling, allowing kids to interact with the calm marine life in shallow waters. Each of these Victoria excursions brings together the elements of play, learning, and natural beauty, ensuring that families have a memorable time in this enchanting city.

Things to do in Victoria with family

For families venturing to Victoria, the city presents a world of activities that both children and adults will love. The Seychelles National Botanical Gardens serve as an enchanting starting point where you can stroll among lush plant life and encounter giant land tortoises, making it an educational and delightful visit for all ages. For an experience infused with culture and charm, take the family to the vibrant Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. The cacophony of sounds, the array of colors, and the smell of exotic spices provide a sensory feast, perfect for families to explore and find unique local souvenirs. If your family enjoys the sun and sea, embrace the welcoming waters of Beau Vallon Beach. This idyllic setting is ideal for a day of snorkeling, swimming, and beach sports, guaranteeing a fun-filled day that encapsulates the joyful essence of seaside Victoria excursions. These spots are cornerstones for creating treasured family memories in the heart of Seychelles.

Free things to do in Victoria

Exploring the charming city of Victoria doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag, as there are numerous free activities to enjoy. One of the most cherished free things to do in Victoria is visiting the picturesque Beau Vallon Beach. With its warm sands and crystal-clear waters, it's the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and witnessing stunning sunsets. For art enthusiasts, strolling through Victoria's streets to admire the vibrant street art and Creole architecture offers a feast for the eyes and an insight into the island's culture - no ticket required. Lastly, the bustling local markets like the Bazar Labrin are an experience in themselves. These open-air markets come to life with hawkers selling an array of wares, from fresh fruit to hand-crafted jewelry, providing a flavor of the local life without spending a cent. Each of these attractions presents an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Victoria's sights, sounds, and tastes for free.

Cheap things to do in Victoria

Savoring the essence of Victoria need not break the bank, as the city offers a plethora of affordable activities that promise memorable experiences. A visit to the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is not only easy on the wallet but also rich in culture. Here, you can absorb the vibrant atmosphere, sample exotic spices, and purchase budget-friendly, fresh local produce. Exploring Victoria on foot is another economical way to appreciate the city's rich colonial history and architecture, taking in sights such as the iconic Clock Tower without spending a penny. Additionally, the city's many public parks and gardens provide a scenic and tranquil getaway for picnics and relaxation amid tropical beauty. These destinations are among the best things to do in Victoria for visitors looking to enjoy the island's charm while keeping their spending to a minimum.

Things to do in Victoria for couples

Victoria provides the perfect romantic escape for couples, combining natural beauty with intimate experiences. Begin with a tranquil retreat to the picturesque Seychelles National Botanical Gardens. Meandering through the verdant foliage and exotic blooms creates an idyllic backdrop for romantic strolls. For an evocative sunset experience, take to the soft sands of Beau Vallon Beach where couples can bask in the glow of the setting sun and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves. A waterfront dinner at one of the local restaurants allows for savory delights to be shared against the canvas of a starlit sky, rounding off a day of togetherness. Lastly, partake in a tour of the local art scene by visiting galleries that showcase Seychellois art and creativity. These moments spent in Victoria's artistic enclaves offer couples a chance to absorb the cultural heartbeat of this unique destination while creating lasting memories.

Things to do in Victoria at night

As the sun sets over Victoria, the city reveals a nocturnal charm, offering visitors an array of evening activities. A popular night-time indulgence is a stroll along the illuminated streets, taking in the vibrant nightlife and perhaps enjoying an al fresco dining experience at one of the many seafood restaurants that reflect the island's rich culinary traditions. For those looking for entertainment, the local night markets are a bustling affair, with Bazar Labrin being a prominent weekly highlight, where live music and dance performances infuse the market air, creating a festive ambiance. Further, Victoria's bars and clubs come to life at dusk, presenting an opportunity for visitors to unwind and sample local brews and cocktails while mingling with both locals and travelers. These attractions offer a taste of the dynamic and diverse things to do in Victoria at night, perfect for those eager to embrace the island's spirited after-dark culture.