Things to do in Yazd

About Yazd

Visitors to Yazd should not miss the Old City with its captivating alleyways, Jameh Mosque with its magnificent minarets, the ancient Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and the serene Dowlat Abad Garden.
Great activities for kids include exploring the Yazd Water Park, learning at the Yazd Doll and Cultural Art Museum, and the interactive tours at the Water Museum.
Outdoor lovers can enjoy camel-riding excursions, a hike to the Towers of Silence, or wandering through the Fahadan Neighborhood and Dowlat Abad Garden.
Indoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Yazd Art House, the Water Museum for its qanat displays, and the exquisite Jameh Mosque, with its intricate indoor tile work.
The most highly recommended tours cover the historical city walk, the Amir Chakhmaq Complex, traditional workshops in the Old City, and the Zoroastrian sites.
The Water Museum, the Yazd Doll and Cultural Art Museum, and the Coin and Anthropology Museum draw interested visitors from all over the globe.
During rain, the indoor guided tours of museums and ancient houses offer respite and the chance to admire Yazd's rich heritage up close.
Short excursions can include audio-guided tours of the Jameh Mosque, the Yazd Art House, or a fast-paced visit to the marketplace for local flavors and crafts.

Best Things to Do In Yazd

Discover the heart of ancient Persia. Immerse in the architectural wonders and vibrant culture that make Yazd a treasure trove of experiences.

Yazd: Fahadan Neighborhood

What is it?
A historic district with a rich tapestry of culture and architecture.
Why you should go?
Fahadan Neighborhood is the soul of Yazd's history, an eclectic mix of beautifully restored adobe homes and public buildings turned art galleries and cafés. Wandering the district is one of the best things to do in Yazd for those seeking an authentic glimpse into the city's past. Visitors will enjoy the stunning array of traditional doors and the ornate plasterwork that adorns the structures, all while reveling in the unique ambiance that defines Yazd.

Yazd: Alexander's Prison

What is it?
A formidable, historic building steeped in legend and mystery.
Why you should go?
Despite its misnomer, Alexander's Prison is no ordinary penitentiary but a 15th-century school with a fascinating backstory. This intriguing piece of architecture is named for its association with Alexander the Great, and ranks among the fun things to do in Yazd for the mythically minded traveler. The towering brick dome and the subterranean chambers beneath create an atmosphere that carries visitors through stories of antiquity and conquest.

Yazd: Amir Chakhmaq Complex

What is it?
An iconic religious and social complex known for its striking façade.
Why you should go?
The Amir Chakhmaq Complex offers a spectacular view, especially when illuminated at night, and is considered a hallmark among the places to visit in Yazd. The symmetrical alcoves create a dramatic play of light and shadow, casting the expansive square into a realm of historical grandeur. A hub for community gatherings and Yazd activities, the complex includes a mosque, bazaar, and a series of fountains, encapsulating the city's vibrant heartbeat.

Yazd: The Yazd Atash Behram

What is it?
A Zoroastrian Fire Temple housing a sacred flame burning since 470 AD.
Why you should go?
Yazd Atash Behram is not just one of the things to see in Yazd; it's a profound experience into spiritual continuity. Protecting a flame that has not been extinguished for over a millennium, the temple is a testament to religious dedication and one of the most venerated sites in Zoroastrianism. Visitors will be embarked on a meditative journey and gain deeper appreciation for the ancient culture that still flickers within Yazd's heart.

Yazd: Bazaar of Yazd

What is it?
A bustling marketplace offering an authentic taste of local life and commerce.
Why you should go?
For the sensory-seeking traveler, the Bazaar of Yazd offers an onslaught of sights, sounds, and smells. With vendors selling everything from spices to silk, the bazaar encapsulates the best aspects of what to do in Yazd for those interested in traditional trade and craftsmanship. Its historical architecture, with vaulted ceilings and ornamented chambers, adds to the allure, making it a delightful immersion into the city's living culture.

Yazd: The Old City

What is it?
An enthralling labyrinth of lanes in a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Why you should go?
With its network of winding passages, Yazd's Old City invites visitors to step back in time. The narrow alleys, flanked by high mud-brick walls, lead to hidden mosques and public squares. Exploring this living museum is among the best things to do in Yazd, providing a unique insight into the city's ancient urban planning and the rich lifestyle that prospered within these walls. The experience is both magical and illuminating for all who traverse its historic pathways.

Yazd: The Zoroastrian Towers of Silence

What is it?
An evocative Zoroastrian burial site on the outskirts of Yazd.
Why you should go?
The Towers of Silence are one of the most compelling things to see in Yazd, showcasing Zoroastrian funeral practices. Visitors learn the significance of these ancient structures where the dead were once left to return to the elements. The panoramic views of the surrounding landscape add to the serene yet poignant atmosphere, making the excursion a reflective journey into faith, tradition, and nature unique to Yazd excursions.

Yazd: Jameh Mosque of Yazd

What is it?
A stunning 14th-century mosque dominating the Yazd skyline.
Why you should go?
The Jameh Mosque stands as an architectural masterpiece, featuring the highest minarets in Iran. Explorers of this mosque can expect to witness exquisite tile work and a grand portal that epitomizes Islamic architecture. The mosque's prayer hall, crowned with a splendid dome, bathes visitors in celestial blue light, marking it as one of the premiere things to do in Yazd, and a sight that remains etched in the memory of its beholders.

Yazd: The Water Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the traditional water supply system of qanats.
Why you should go?
The Water Museum of Yazd offers a fascinating glimpse into the qanat system which has underpinned life in the desert for centuries. This museum, set within a historic mansion, provides an understanding of how these underground channels brought water from the mountains to the city—vital for survival in the arid climate. Tours in Yaz, which explore this engineering marvel, are enlightening for both history enthusiasts and those intrigued by sustainable practices of the past.

Yazd: Dowlat Abad Garden

What is it?
A historical Persian garden with an impressive windcatcher.
Why you should go?
Dowlat Abad Garden offers a serene escape from Yazd's earthen tones with its lush greenery and calming water features. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its towering windcatcher, an ancient form of air-conditioning. Walking among the pomegranate trees and admiring the intricate architecture, visitors can savor peaceful moments, making it one of the fun things to do in Yazd. The garden is a testament to the adaptability and ingenuity of desert-dwelling civilizations.

TOP-5 tours in Yazd for first time visitors

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  • Dive deep into tradition with "Yazd Activities," exploring workshops where skilled artisans craft beautiful textiles and pottery.
  • "Places to Visit in Yazd" spotlights the iconic windcatchers and the mesmerizing Amir Chakhmaq Complex, a marvel of Islamic architecture.
  • "What to See in Yazd" illuminates the mysterious Zoroastrian heritage sites, including the eternal flames of the Fire Temple.
  • Find tranquility amidst the narrow alleyways with "Best Yazd Tours," featuring serene gardens and the historic Fahadan neighborhood.

Fun things to do in Yazd with kids

For a family-friendly adventure in an ancient city, Yazd brims with exciting experiences that cater to the curiosity of younger travelers. Let imaginations soar at the Yazd Doll and Cultural Art Museum, where kids can see an array of dolls dressed in traditional attire, providing both fun and a valuable peek into Iranian culture. A visit to the Yazd Water Park offers a refreshing respite from the desert heat and is a perfect spot for kids to splash around and have a joyful day. The Yazd Zoo, though modest in size, is another attraction that resonates with children, featuring a variety of animals and offering a pleasant environment to learn about wildlife. Fun things to do in Yazd with kids often blend educational aspects with an engaging atmosphere, ensuring a trip filled with laughter and learning.

Things to do in Yazd with family

Yazd is an enchanting city that offers a multitude of activities suitable for family members of all ages. One can delve into history at the Yazd Atash Behram, also known as Fire Temple, where families can witness the sacred flame that has been burning for centuries, igniting curiosity about ancient religions and Persian culture. Another must-visit is the Yazd Khan Complex, where a collection of lovely gardens, reflecting pools, and elegant architecture provide a picturesque backdrop for a family picnic or leisurely stroll. For a blend of fun and learning, the Camel-riding tours on the outskirts of Yazd present an unforgettable experience through the desert landscape, giving both adults and children a glimpse of traditional modes of transport, while bonding with these gentle creatures. These experiences highlight the variety of things to do in Yazd with family, each offering a unique way to forge lasting memories.

Free things to do in Yazd

Travelers seeking experiences that delight without a price tag will find Yazd a treasure chest of free attractions. Beginning with the city's crown jewel, the Old City of Yazd, families can amble through ancient lanes, taking in sights of the iconic windcatchers and adobe buildings that define the city's skyline without spending a dime. The entrancing Jameh Mosque, renowned for its tall minarets and exquisite tile work, is open to the public, offering not just a spiritual sanctuary but also a peek into the grandiose Islamic architecture. For a touch of serenity amid the hustle and bustle, the lush Bagh-e-Iran Garden is the ideal spot for quiet reflection or a family picnic, surrounded by historic buildings and shaded pathways. These free things to do in Yazd allow visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage and culture of this ancient Persian city, making unforgettable memories without the concern of costs.

Cheap things to do in Yazd

Yazd presents an impressive array of cost-effective attractions, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the city's enchantments on a budget. First, the Yazd Art House offers guests a budget-friendly opportunity to appreciate local artistry within a beautifully restored traditional house. Here, one can view and purchase affordable handicrafts, sip on Persian tea, and glimpse the city from the rooftop. The Amir Chakhmaq Complex, a stunning historical edifice with no entrance fee, provides a central spot to observe the hustle of daily life and the symmetrical beauty of Yazd's architectural splendor. Lastly, the exploration of the city's bazaars is not only free but allows budget travelers to haggle for unique souvenirs and taste local treats at minimal expense. These cheap things to do in Yazd provide an authentic and accessible experience for those keen on discovering the city's heritage and lifestyle while keeping expenditures low.

Things to do in Yazd for couples

Amidst the winding alleys and mud-brick homes, Yazd serenades couples with romantic and memorable activities. The Dowlat Abad Garden, with its tall windcatchers and lush greenery, offers an intimate retreat where lovebirds can revel in the splendor of Persian landscape design and share quiet moments by the reflective pools. For those charmed by history and culture, a sunset stroll atop the city walls provides a breathtaking spectacle, the golden sun casting a warm glow over the city's timeless silhouette. Adventure-seeking couples can embark on a picturesque journey to the nearby sand dunes, riding side by side on camels and watching the stars emerge in the vast desert sky. These things to do in Yazd for couples promise a sensual blend of adventure, tranquility, and a deep dive into the heart of Persian heritage.

Things to do in Yazd at night

Yazd transforms as the sun sets, offering visitors a unique nocturnal experience in its timeless surroundings. One of the most magical places to visit in Yazd after dark is the Amir Chakhmaq Complex; the lights illuminate the alcoves and arches of this grand structure, creating an unforgettable visual feast for couples and solo travelers alike. The Tepe Sialk - Yazd City Side Walk provides a safe and ambient environment for an evening stroll, lined with shops and cafés where one can sample local desserts or sip on Iranian tea. Finally, the night markets come to life with a throng of local life, reminiscent of scenes from a bygone era, where visitors can practice their haggling skills and find beautifully crafted souvenirs. Indeed, the things to do in Yazd at night are just as rich and inviting as the more sunlit hours.