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Stanislav Petriakov
WeGoTrip Founder
and Chief Techniсal Officer
  • Started coding at the age of 12
  • Full-stack developer since 18 years old
  • Launches the MVP in a short time
Alexander Golovaty
WeGoTrip Founder
and Chief Executive Officer
  • Serial entrepreneur: 1 failed business, 2 exits
  • GSEA Award finalist
  • Graduate of 500 Startups

The WeGoTrip Story

  • In 2016, Stanislav and Alexander met at the university to launch a city quest platform together.
  • After things didn't go as planned, the founders shifted their focus to the travel market.
  • On December 10, 2019, they launched the WeGoTrip — a marketplace to book self-guided audio tours and skip-the-line tickets, with 56 museum tours in 15 European cities.
  • WeGoTrip started providing travelers with audio tours with museum tickets in one app.
  • The pandemic came, and the company lost all sales in a week.
  • Wasting no time, the team started finalizing the WeGoTrip app and the audio tour studio and passed the 500 startups acceleration program.
  • As the year progressed, sales began to grow again as WeGoTrip expanded into new markets.
  • At the beginning of 2021, the team formed new quality standards for tours and launched the WeGoTrip Content Management System prototype.
  • WeGoTrip launched 352 tours in 75 cities around the world.
  • The company raised pre-seed investments of $220K to enter new markets and refine the product.
  • WeGoTrip launched 650+ tours in 200+ cities around the world in two languages.
  • 34,000+ travelers bought WeGoTrip audio tours.
  • The company began partnerships with 20+ partners, including, Tripadvisor, and Airbnb.
  • The company raised a seed round of $900K.
  • 100000+ travelers have joined audio tours
  • Published 1000+ audio tours in 300+ cities in 50+ countries
  • Launched AI tool to create audio tours in any language for any destination
  • Improved audio tour experience in WeGoTrip apps
  • Keep building the world's best self-travel assistant

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