Turn your Guided Tour into Self-Guided Audio Tour

Unlock new audience by providing audio tour using WeGoTrip
Commission fees are paid for successful bookings only
No upfront costs or subscriptions
Design your self-guided tour in under 3 hours

Why Tour Operators and Tour Guides use the WeGoTrip Audio Tour Platform

Generate Passive Income
Say goodbye to the constraints of live guided tours. With WeGoTrip, tour operators and guides earn revenue effortlessly as travelers embark on self-guided tours without their participation.
Use Missed Opportunities
Don't lose travelers who couldn't find suitable time slots for live guided tours. Audio tour are available instantly, anytime.
Expand Your Audience
Reach new travelers who prefer independent journeys and desire a personal guide experience at their own pace without much breaking the bank.
  • Self-guided walking tour
  • Nightlife and bar self-guided tour
  • Hop-on hop-off Audio Tour
  • Car, bike and boat audio tour with included ticket
  • Museum audio guides with included ticket
  • National parks self-guided tour
  • Day self-guided trip with transportation services
Museums and attractions
Instant availability at any time with offline access
Affordability, safety, personality
Experinces at own pace without groups of tourists

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Turn your guided activity into a self-guided
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Start selling self-guided tours with automatic confirmation and activation through your OTA supply accounts such as Viator, GetYourGuide, etc. Support of travelers on our side
Turn your Guided Tour into Self-Guided Audio Tour