Things to do in Auburn

About Auburn

Auburn's must-see attractions include the iconic Toomer's Corner, the expansive Chewacla State Park, and the prestigious Auburn University campus. For arts and culture, a visit to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is essential, and sports fans should not miss exploring Jordan-Hare Stadium.
The best things to do in Auburn with kids involve outdoor adventures and educational experiences such as visiting the Southeastern Raptor Center, enjoying the interactive exhibits at the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve & Nature Center, and spending an activity-filled day at Chewacla State Park.
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or picnicking at Chewacla State Park, bird watching at the Southeastern Raptor Center, and botanical explorations at the Donald E. Davis Arboretum.
Auburn offers a range of indoor activities including exploring the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, catching a theatrical production at the Telfair Peet Theatre, or experiencing the interactive educational programs at Auburn University's museums and centers.
The best Auburn tours capitalize on the city's rich culture and beauty, offering options like the "Historic Auburn" walking tour, the "Auburn University Campus" tour, and the "Culinary Highlights" tour for those interested in local flavors.
The museums topping Auburn's popularity charts are the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art for its remarkable art collections and the Southeastern Raptor Center, providing an up-close look at birds of prey.
For rainy days, enjoy the sheltered "Auburn's Historic Sites" audio tour, explore the indoor "Auburn University Heritage" tour, or engage with the "Arts and Culture" audio tour, featuring various museums and galleries within the city.
Brief yet enriching tours in Auburn that last an hour or less include the focused "Auburn University Campus" highlights tour, the inspiring "Public Art Walk," and the charming "Downtown Landmarks" self-guided tour.

Best Things to Do In Auburn

Delight in the vibrant array of attractions Auburn offers through our comprehensive selection of self-guided audio tours.

Auburn: The Auburn War Eagle

What is it?
An emblematic symbol of Auburn University's spirit and its storied athletic traditions.
Why you should go?
Visiting the Auburn University campus is incomplete without witnessing the flight of the War Eagle, a pre-game tradition that ignites the spirit of competition and camaraderie. The War Eagle's majestic soar over Jordan-Hare Stadium encapsulates the pride and honor of Auburn's athletes and students, making it a stirring spectacle for all attendees. The War Eagle is not just a mascot; it’s a cherished emblem that forges a lifetime connection among the Auburn family.

Auburn: Auburn University Arboretum

What is it?
A vast collection of native and exotic plants showcased in a tranquil arboretum setting.
Why you should go?
The Auburn University Arboretum is a natural sanctuary that provides an educational and picturesque landscape for visitors. It features a variety of plant species meticulously curated to foster a learning environment for students and a peaceful retreat for guests. The walking trails, thematic gardens, and the opportunity to bask in the unspoiled beauty of botanical treasures make this arboretum a must-visit for nature lovers and those seeking a serene escape.

Auburn: Donald E. Davis Arboretum

What is it?
A haven for regional plants and wildlife, featuring educational programs and serene pathways.
Why you should go?
The Donald E. Davis Arboretum showcases the rich flora of the Southeastern United States, with an emphasis on Alabama's native species. As a living museum, it offers educational programs that encourage ecological awareness and appreciation. The arboretum is perfect for botany enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a peaceful stroll amidst thriving ecosystems, charming ponds, and the soothing sounds of nature's orchestra.

Auburn: Telfair Peet Theatre

What is it?
A center stage for Auburn University's theatre productions and a hub for performing arts.
Why you should go?
The Telfair Peet Theatre stands as a beacon of the performing arts within the Auburn community. It offers patrons the chance to experience compelling storytelling through student and faculty theatrical productions. With a calendar packed with plays, musicals, and various performances, this venue is a cultural hot spot where visitors can witness the imaginative talents of upcoming artists and the creative pulse of the city.

Auburn: Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve & Nature Center

What is it?
A rich ecological preserve offering interactive experiences with nature and wildlife.
Why you should go?
The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve & Nature Center provides a hands-on encounter with Alabama's biodiversity. This sprawling haven of flora and fauna allows visitors to explore diverse habitats through its nature walks and environmental education programs. Whether it's bird-watching, hiking, or participating in a workshop, this preserve invites guests of all ages to learn about and engage with the natural world in an accessible and meaningful way.

Auburn: Toomer's Corner

What is it?
A historic and social hub known for the iconic Toomer's Drugs and Auburn spirit.
Why you should go?
Step into the heart of Auburn's fervor at Toomer's Corner, renowned for the celebratory rolling of the oak trees by Auburn University fans after sports victories. This storied intersection is not just a meeting place; it's a symbol of community unity deeply entwined with local traditions. Toomer's Drugs, standing since 1896, offers a chance to savor the famous fresh-squeezed lemonade and absorb the rich college town culture.

Auburn: Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

What is it?
An impressive museum offering a diverse collection of fine art in a serene setting.
Why you should go?
The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art is a haven for art lovers and a proud cultural beacon of Auburn. With six galleries that exhibit a range of artwork from traditional to contemporary, visitors can embark on an aesthetic journey. The museum also features a picturesque sculpture garden, educational programs, and special exhibitions, making it a stimulating destination for both reflective observation and active engagement.

Auburn: Chewacla State Park

What is it?
A recreational haven featuring waterfalls, trails, and a tranquil lake within lush surroundings.
Why you should go?
Chewacla State Park offers a natural escape with its 696 acres of scenery perfect for outdoor activities. Trails cater to both casual walkers and avid mountain bikers, while the 26-acre lake provides a serene spot for fishing and swimming. With its waterfalls, camping areas, and picnic facilities, the park is ideal for a day trip or a weekend of unwinding in the lap of nature.

Auburn: Jordan-Hare Stadium

What is it?
The epicenter of excitement for Auburn University football and monumental athletic events.
Why you should go?
Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Jordan-Hare Stadium, one of the country's most prominent college football venues. As the home ground for the Auburn Tigers, the stadium is pulsating with energy on game days, making it a must-experience for sports enthusiasts. Tour the facility to witness the sheer scale and get a behind-the-scenes look at where legends of the field are made.

Auburn: Southeastern Raptor Center

What is it?
A fascinating wildlife center specializing in the rehabilitation of birds of prey.
Why you should go?
The Southeastern Raptor Center is an enlightening experience that offers insight into the world of raptors through education and rehabilitation practices. Visitors have the rare chance to observe eagles, hawks, and falcons up close and learn about the importance of conservation. The center's Flight Demonstration programs provide a unique opportunity to see these majestic birds in action, making it a memorable visit for wildlife aficionados.

TOP-5 tours in Auburn for first time visitors

  • Explore the heart of the city with the "Historic Auburn" tour, unveiling the rich tapestry of local history and iconic landmarks.
  • Indulge in the "Cultural Corners" walking tour that guides you to famed galleries, theaters, and Auburn's unique artisan spaces.
  • Embrace nature with the "Outdoor Trails" tour, featuring serene parks and the natural beauty spots that are a must-see in Auburn.
  • Delve into the "Culinary Highlights" tour, tempting food enthusiasts to discover Auburn's most beloved eateries and food markets.
  • Take the family on the "Auburn Adventures" tour, which encapsulates fun things to do in Auburn and engaging activities for all ages.

Fun things to do in Auburn with kids

For families venturing to Auburn with children in tow, the city abounds with kid-friendly attractions that promise both fun and educational experiences. The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve & Nature Center is a natural playground where kids can explore, learn, and engage with interactive trails, outdoor classrooms, and wildlife programs. Hands-on activities and guided walks here stimulate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the natural world. Another gem is the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, which offers a culturally enriching outing with its family-friendly art programs and interactive exhibits that inspire creativity in young minds. Lastly, the Chewacla State Park's sprawling landscapes provide the perfect setting for youngsters to burn off energy. With its hiking trails, playground, and opportunities to splash around by the waterfall, Chewacla is ideal for a day of adventure and making treasured family memories.

Things to do in Auburn with family

Auburn brims with family-oriented activities that are both entertaining and educational, making it the perfect destination for creating lasting memories. One can't-miss attraction is the Southeastern Raptor Center, where families can marvel at birds of prey and learn about rehabilitation efforts through thrilling flight demonstrations. Auburn's Parks and Recreation offers a variety of parks, including Town Creek Park, that feature playgrounds, picnic areas, and ample green space for a leisurely day outdoors playing frisbee or catching. For those looking for a dash of culture and history, the Auburn University campus is an iconic spot for a self-guided stroll, and visitors often revel in the spirit of Toomer's Corner. Whether seeking a hands-on wildlife encounter, a day of relaxation and play, or a walk through the hallowed grounds of an esteemed institution, Auburn presents an array of wholesome and delightful options for families.

Free things to do in Auburn

Auburn offers a wealth of attractions that are as kind to your wallet as they are engaging. For no cost at all, visitors can delve into the city's history and university pride at Toomer's Corner, a renowned gathering spot famed for its festive atmosphere, especially after a Tigers win. Another free delight is the Donald E. Davis Arboretum, where families, nature lovers, and peace seekers can ramble through a collection of native plants and experience the changing Alabama landscapes. For art aficionados, the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art provides free admission to its permanent collection exhibits, displaying works from renowned artists and sculptures set amidst its luscious grounds. These three attractions showcase the diversity of Auburn's offerings, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the cultural, natural, and historical wealth of the city without spending a dime.

Cheap things to do in Auburn

Those exploring Auburn on a budget will be pleased to find an abundance of affordable experiences. The city's grandeur can be embraced at the Auburn University Arboretum, offering a low-cost, educational stroll amidst an array of flora representing the southeastern landscape, perfect for budding botanists and those fond of picturesque settings. For a nominal fee, sports enthusiasts can tour the legendary Jordan-Hare Stadium, getting an up-close look at the home of the Auburn Tigers football team and an insight into the university's athletic heritage. Another economical venture is taking part in Auburn's public art walk - a self-conducted tour that invites visitors to admire outdoor sculptures and murals that color the city's cultural fabric. These attractions not only promise enjoyment and enrichment but also provide a wallet-friendly way to experience the heart and soul of Auburn.

Things to do in Auburn for couples

Auburn sets the scene for romance and adventure for couples looking to indulge in shared experiences. A top attraction is the idyllic stroll through the Donald E. Davis Arboretum, where pairs can wander through beautifully organized plant collections and enjoy the serenity of nature together. For those who appreciate the arts, a visit to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art provides an opportunity to enjoy a cultural outing, offering a lineup of impressive exhibitions and artworks that spark conversation and inspiration. As dusk descends, couples can cap their day with an enchanting evening walk around the Auburn University campus, highlighted by the historic Samford Hall's striking and picturesque clock tower, which itself has borne witness to countless tales of budding romance. Each of these attractions offers a memorable setting for couples to connect and create new memories in the heart of Auburn.

Things to do in Auburn at night

Once the sun sets, Auburn comes alive with a variety of nighttime activities perfect for visitors and locals alike. Start the evening with a performance at the Telfair Peet Theatre, where couples and friends can enjoy a brilliant showcase of plays and concerts that light up the night with creativity. For those interested in the spirited nightlife, The Hound is a favored local haunt offering a cozy ambiance, live music, and a selection of craft beers and cocktails—ideal for unwinding after a day of exploration. If stargazing beckons, the Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve often hosts after-dark events, where the wonders of the cosmos are on full display through their stargazing nights. These destinations provide an exciting glimpse into Auburn's after-hours offerings, ensuring that the adventures don't have to end just because the day does.