Things to do in Denver

About Denver

Must-see attractions in Denver include the Denver Art Museum, known for its impressive Native American art collection; Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, offering remarkable natural scenery and concerts; and the historic Union Station, a bustling hub for dining and shopping. Each landmark embodies the spirit of Denver, providing visitors with a rich cultural and historical experience.
Denver provides plenty of kid-friendly attractions such as the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with its interactive displays and planetarium; the Denver Zoo, home to a wide array of wildlife; and the Children's Museum of Denver, offering hands-on learning through play. These destinations are perfect for sparking creativity and wonder in young visitors.
Denver's best outdoor activities include hiking at the scenic Denver Mountain Parks, biking along the extensive trails like Cherry Creek Trail, and enjoying the city's numerous green spaces, such as City Park. For a unique outdoor experience, consider kayaking or paddleboarding on the South Platte River, which meanders through the city.
Top indoor activities range from exploring the diverse Denver Art Museum and discovering science at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, to experiencing the thriving craft brewery scene, or catching a performance at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. For shoppers, Denver boasts indoor markets like the Denver Central Market, offering an array of local goods and cuisine.
The best tours in Denver include guided historical walks through Larimer Square, art district explorations, visiting breweries on a craft beer tour, or engaging with nature on a botanic garden tour. Audio-guided tours offer a flexible, in-depth look at Denver's landmarks and hidden gems.
Popular museums in Denver include the Denver Art Museum for its expansive art collections, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for its engaging scientific exhibits, and the History Colorado Center for its immersive look into the state's past. Each museum offers unique insights into different facets of art, science, and history.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy indoor audio tours of the Denver Art Museum, the Molly Brown House Museum for a dose of local history, or the interactive exhibits at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. These indoor tours provide enriching cultural experiences away from the weather.
Short tours in Denver that last an hour or less include the guided State Capitol tour, showcasing the political heritage of Colorado, quick visits to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank, or a brief exploration of Union Station with its rich history and architecture.

Best Things to Do In Denver

Discover a vibrant cultural scene and explore the best things to do in Denver with our curated audio tours.

Denver: Larimer Square

What is it?
Denver's most historic block, offering a charming mix of shopping, dining, and nightlife.
Why you should go?
Larimer Square stands as a testament to Denver's vibrant past and present. This enchanting locale is the cornerstone of what to do in Denver, featuring beautifully preserved buildings, twinkling lights, and an atmosphere bursting with energy. Visitors can peruse boutique shops, savor culinary delights, or simply soak in the ambiance of the city's most historic block. With its frequent events, Larimer Square secures its status as a hub of urban charisma and one of the fun things to do in Denver after dusk.

Denver: The Mile High Trail

What is it?
A scenic urban trail that gives walkers, joggers, and cyclists unparalleled city views.
Why you should go?
For those looking for an active venture in the city, The Mile High Trail is an essential Denver activity. Offering more than just exercise, this popular urban trail provides breathtaking perspectives of the metropolitan skyline against the Rocky Mountains. Visitors can immerse themselves in the energizing outdoor lifestyle Denver is known for, making it a standout among the things to do in Denver for health-conscious travelers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Denver: Coors Field

What is it?
A major league ballpark that's a home run for sports fans with stunning mountain views.
Why you should go?
At Coors Field, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd come alive for fans of America's pastime. Sports enthusiasts exploring the best Denver tours shouldn't miss the chance to attend a Colorado Rockies game or take a behind-the-scenes stadium tour. The ballpark's atmosphere is electric, and the view of the sunset over the mountains from the stands is a cherished memory many take from their time in Denver.

Denver: Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

What is it?
A thrilling amusement park that provides a dose of adrenaline alongside family-friendly entertainment.
Why you should go?
Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park is where the thrills of towering roller coasters and the chills of a wave pool converge. As one of the top places to visit in Denver for families and thrill-seekers, the park promises a day of entertainment with rides, shows, and attractions to suit every member of your travel party. For fun things to do in Denver, this legendary amusement park is a sure bet.

Denver: Denver Central Market

What is it?
A gourmet marketplace showcasing local artisans, chefs, and purveyors in a historic setting.
Why you should go?
For foodies wondering what to do in Denver, a visit to the Denver Central Market is a must. This culinary hub in the trendy RiNo district offers a taste of Colorado's vibrant food scene. From handcrafted chocolates to freshly baked bread, artisanal eats meet the discerning tastes of visitors at this bustling locale. It's also a social space, blending the city's historic charm with a contemporary approach to community and cuisine.

Denver: Denver Art Museum

What is it?
An impressive fortress of culture showcasing an extensive art collection from around the globe.
Why you should go?
The Denver Art Museum is a beacon for art lovers, flaunting a diverse array of permanent and temporary exhibits that span centuries and continents. Marvel at the indigenous works or ponder contemporary art masterpieces. The museum's unique architecture is an additional draw, offering a visually stunning backdrop for the creative explorations within. Engaging programs and interactive installations make it one of the must-visit Denver activities, inviting visitors of all ages to embrace their artistic side.

Denver: Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

What is it?
A natural wonder and music venue providing an acoustic experience like no other.
Why you should go?
Nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre promises unforgettable Denver excursions. Whether it’s for a concert framed by dramatic geological formations or a day spent hiking the scenic trails, this iconic venue captivates with both its beauty and its unique, natural acoustics. Exploring Red Rocks offers a blend of cultural enrichment and the tranquility of nature, solidifying its place as one of the fun things to do in Denver.

Denver: Denver Botanic Gardens

What is it?
A lush oasis in the heart of the city presenting a diverse array of plants and themed gardens.
Why you should go?
In a city that celebrates the great outdoors, the Denver Botanic Gardens stand out as a serene refuge. What to see in Denver transforms here through the lens of horticulture, cultivating an environment where visitors can learn about plant species from all corners of the world. Seasonally themed events and art installations interspersed among the greenery add to the reasons why the gardens are revered as one of the things to see in Denver.

Denver: Union Station

What is it?
A bustling hub of transportation, dining, and shopping housed in a historic landmark.
Why you should go?
Denver's Union Station goes beyond being a mere transit center—it's a vibrant public space filled with top-tier restaurants, shops, and bars. Journey through this emblematic building via audio tour to comprehend its revamped splendor and historical significance. When pondering what to do in Denver, consider stopping by Union Station, not just for travel but for an authentic slice of the city's pulse and personality.

Denver: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

What is it?
A treasure trove of scientific wonders, boasting exhibits ranging from dinosaur fossils to space odysseys.
Why you should go?
The pursuit of knowledge and adventure leads to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, a must for any list of things to do in Denver. Families and curious minds will relish the opportunity to engage with the interactive displays and to gaze upon the stars at the planetarium. For journeys combining education with entertainment, this institution ranks among the places to visit in Denver that truly have it all.

TOP-5 tours in Denver for first-time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through Denver's historical heart and uncover the rich tales behind the iconic landmarks, making it one of the top things to do in Denver.
  • Experience the cultural tapestry of the city with an audio exploration of Denver's renowned art districts, a highlight for those pondering what to see in Denver.
  • Be intrigued by Denver excursions that take you to the lush landscapes and famed outdoor spaces, presenting fun things to do in Denver for all ages.
  • Indulge in a gastronomic tour as you wander through local markets and trendy eateries, an essential addition to places to visit in Denver for food enthusiasts.
  • Engage with Denver activities through a narrative of its vibrant music and entertainment scene, perfect for visitors seeking the best Denver tours with a lively twist.

Fun things to do in Denver with kids

Denver is a treasure trove of excitement for families, offering a plethora of kid-friendly attractions. Immerse in the wonders of science and nature at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where interactive exhibits, from dinosaur fossils to outer space journeys, spark curiosity in young minds. Adventure awaits at the Denver Zoo, an enchanting world of wildlife and conservation where kids can come face-to-face with their favorite animals, enjoy educational demonstrations, and playful encounters. For a splash of creativity and hands-on fun, the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus is the perfect place. With exhibits designed to ignite imagination and learning through play, it stands out as one of the most delightful Denver activities for the little ones. Each of these destinations provides an exceptional experience on your audio-guided explorations of the city's child-friendly offerings.

Things to do in Denver with family

When visiting Denver with family, the city unfolds as a playground of cultural, educational, and outdoor activities. Begin with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, a beacon for curious minds. Families can travel through time, from the prehistoric era to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, with hands-on exhibits and awe-inspiring planetarium shows. For zoological wonders, the Denver Zoo is a must-see, featuring exotic animals in meticulously recreated habitats, conservation programs, and engaging animal encounters that delight visitors of all ages. Not to be overlooked, the Denver Botanic Gardens offer a tranquil retreat from urban life, presenting a variety of themed gardens where families can connect with nature and learn about plant conservation. Each venue is a highlight among family-friendly Denver activities, enriching your self-guided audio tour experience with a blend of learning and leisure.

Free things to do in Denver

Denver delights visitors with a selection of free attractions that blend cultural experiences with the city's natural beauty. First on the list is the Colorado State Capitol, where families can delve into the state's political history and marvel at the architecture during a free tour. Then, there's the spirited atmosphere of the 16th Street Mall, a mile-long pedestrian promenade teeming with street performers, public art, and historical landmarks, all ripe for exploration. Lastly, nature enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit the expansive City Park. It serves as an urban sanctuary with picturesque lakes, vibrant flower gardens, and panoramic views of the Denver skyline set against the Rocky Mountains. Each of these attractions provides a unique perspective on Denver, enriching your self-guided audio exploration without a dent in your travel budget.

Cheap things to do in Denver

Experience the allure of Denver without spending a fortune with a selection of affordable attractions. Take a journey to the past at the History Colorado Center, where a nominal admission fee allows visitors to uncover the rich tapestry of the region's heritage through immersive exhibits and educational programs. Engage with the thriving art scene by visiting the Art District on Santa Fe; on the first Friday of each month, the district buzzes with Art Walks featuring local galleries and studios; an economical way to take in Denver's creative flair. For outdoor adventures, explore the vast network of bike trails throughout the city, such as the Cherry Creek Trail, which provides a scenic route accessible for a trivial bike rental fee. These wallet-friendly activities offer an enriching glimpse into what to do in Denver, ensuring memorable experiences that are accessible to all travelers.

Things to do in Denver for couples

Denver offers an enchanting backdrop for romance, with a myriad of experiences for couples to enjoy together. Enjoy a serene moment at Denver Botanic Gardens, where intertwined pathways lead through stunning floral displays and serene water features, an idyllic setting for a leisurely stroll hand in hand. For couples keen on cultural experiences, the Denver Art Museum becomes a canvas of shared discoveries, boasting an extensive collection that inspires conversations and artistic appreciation. As the sun sets, head to Larimer Square, the city’s historic and ambient heart, where twinkling lights set the mood for an intimate dinner at a cozy restaurant or a delightful evening exploring chic boutiques. Each of these activities adds a touch of magic and connection to a couple's itinerary, embodying the essence of what to do in Denver to foster cherished memories.

Things to do in Denver at night

As the sun dips below the Rocky Mountains, Denver comes alive with nocturnal attractions offering memorable experiences. Delight in the vibrant nightlife of LoDo (Lower Downtown), where historic warehouses have been transformed into lively breweries, bars, and nightclubs, perfect for an evening of entertainment and socializing. For a more relaxed night out, take in a performance at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, one of the nation's largest multi-venue theaters, where ballet, opera, and Broadway shows illuminate the stage. Alternatively, satisfy your star-gazing curiosity at the Gates Planetarium, part of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where dazzling shows about the cosmos and beyond provide a stellar end to the day. Each venue shines as a beacon among Denver activities after dark, ensuring visitors ample options for nocturnal adventures.