Best Travel Apps
You Should Try in 2023

When it comes to getting ready for your next trip or workation, there might be some not-so-obvious moments to keep in mind in addition to booking plane tickets and accommodation. What about creating an itinerary that pleases everyone in your group or finding a seamless travel route to that attraction you've dreamed of visiting? If these thoughts make you feel uneasy, scroll down to find the best travel apps that will shoulder the burden of planning.

For planning the vacation of your dreams — Freeform

Want to go on a trip with your friends but can't go from talking to doing? The new Apple app saves the day. Freeform is a whiteboard for brainstorming and collaboration. There are many creative ways to use this app, and designing a trip is one of them. You can doodle and add handwritten notes and media like photos, links, and audio. FaceTime your long-distance friends or family and gather your ideas to design the trip of your dreams. You can add up to 99 people, and each of them will be able to share their thoughts on hotels, things to do, or even create a mood board.

If you're an Android user, check out Miro, another easy-to-use app with over 300 templates that you can use for planning your dream vacation.

For finding the best places around the world — Step Your World

Another travel planning app on our list is Step Your World, a social media that provides an innovative way to discover new places and experiences through the community that you create. Map out your favorite spots, leave reviews, or follow your friends and the app's Culture Creators to find new places that people you trust recommend — around the world. Step Your World is easy to use and is especially handy when you're in a new neighborhood or city and don't know where to eat or go: filter the map to find what you need quickly.

For planning an ultimate workation — Citizen Remote

If you're a remote worker and consider yourself a digital nomad, consider installing the Citizen Remote app that launched at the end of 2022. Called "the home for digital nomads," the app is the ultimate resource for remote workers who embrace their lifestyles and explore the world while working. Find new places to discover, helpful tips on visas and insurance, travel and relocation programs, and a community of peers ready to help. If you're only considering moving somewhere, this is one of the best places to start your research.

For finding partners in crime — Nomad Soulmates

Another app for digital nomads is even more about a community — this is a dating service with a mission of bringing together remote workers and online entrepreneurs, whether they are looking for a romantic partner or a friend. Nomadic life can feel lonely, and dating when on workation can be challenging, so why not find like-minded people who share your lifestyle? By simply creating a profile and undergoing a brief review process, you can join a community of fellow digital nomads. Although the app is currently in its launch phase and may have a few bugs, it holds the promise of becoming a compelling alternative to mainstream dating apps.

For networking abroad — InterNations

Are you an expat living abroad and looking for a way to connect with other like-minded people? Do you want to discover new places, events, and activities in your host country? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the InterNations app, the world's largest community for expats and global minds. With the app, you can join local groups and events based on your interests and hobbies, chat with other expats and locals in your area or around the world, and find helpful information and resources on topics such as housing, health, education, culture, and more.

For protecting your devices — Prey

Traveling is a great way to reduce stress of everyday life. Still, some unpredictable situations can happen, so it's crucial to protect yourself. One of the best travel apps that can help is Prey, powerful anti-theft software that allows you to track, locate, and secure your devices remotely. If you misplace your smartphone in a public place or suspect it has been stolen, you can activate the alarm and find the phone thanks to a loud siren-like sound. Moreover, you can access precise location data, receive screenshots of the device's activity and even take photos, potentially identifying the perpetrator or gathering valuable evidence.

For seamless travel routes — Sojo

Planning a trip to the UK this season? Download the Sojo GB app that helps create routes in seconds and rewards you for choosing more sustainable options, like public transport. Navigating an unfamiliar city can be challenging for a tourist — let the free app plan your journey from door to door, buy tickets and get vouchers for a free coffee or special deals, like tickets for events and attractions at a lower price, from the Sojo GB partners.

For experiencing new destinations — WeGoTrip

Let's go from planning to exploring, shall we? WeGoTrip is a travel app that lets you explore the world at your own pace with high-quality audio tours and tickets to the best museums and attractions. Whether you want to learn about the history of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, skip the line to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, or discover the secrets of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, WeGoTrip has you covered. You can choose from hundreds of audio tours created by certified guides, book them instantly with confirmation, and enjoy them offline with easy navigation. WeGoTrip is the ultimate app for independent travelers who want to experience more and worry less.

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