Travel Tips: Paris in September

Paris is a dream destination for many travelers. But when is the best time to visit this enchanting metropolis? While there is no definitive answer, many experts and locals agree that September is a great month to experience the charm and beauty of the city. In this article, we will explore some of the advantages of visiting Paris in September. Whether you are looking for romance, culture, or adventure, you will find something to suit your taste and budget.

Why should you visit Paris in September?

Ideal weather: September is one of the best months to experience pleasant weather in Paris. The scorching summer heat starts to subside, and you can expect mild temperatures ranging from 59°F to 77°F. This comfortable climate allows you to explore the city without the discomfort of extreme heat or cold.

Fewer crowds: September is considered a shoulder season, meaning there are fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months of July and August. You can enjoy popular attractions with shorter queues, making your visit more enjoyable and less hectic.

Cultural events: Paris comes alive in September with a plethora of cultural events and festivals. The "Fête de l'Huma," a music and arts festival, takes place early in the month, attracting international and local artists. The "Journées du Patrimoine" (Heritage Days) allows you to visit usually restricted sites, like government buildings and historical monuments, for free.

Harvest season: September marks the beginning of the grape harvest in the nearby wine regions, such as Burgundy and Bordeaux. Consider taking a day trip to one of these regions for wine tasting and vineyard tours, as it's an excellent time to experience French viticulture.

Autumn foliage: While Paris is not renowned for its fall foliage like some other regions, you can still witness beautiful autumn colors in the city's parks and gardens. The Luxembourg Gardens and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont are particularly lovely during this time.

Fashion week: Paris Fashion Week typically occurs in September, attracting fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Even if you're not attending the shows, you can experience the city's unique sense of style and perhaps do some window shopping in the world-famous boutiques.

Top 10 unique and non-trivial things to do in Paris in September

Paris Catacombs

What's interesting in September?
The Paris Catacombs, a labyrinthine underground ossuary, are an intriguing attraction year-round, but September offers a unique experience. During this month, the Catacombs provide a respite from the warmer surface temperatures. As you descend into the cool, dimly lit underground tunnels, you'll find yourself immersed in a hauntingly beautiful world of history and mystery.

Ideal for: Families, children over 10, couples. While the Catacombs are a captivating experience, they may not be suitable for very young children due to their eerie ambiance and the extensive amount of walking involved. However, families with older children, couples, and history enthusiasts will find this attraction particularly engaging.

Jardin des Plantes

What's interesting in September?
In September, Jardin des Plantes transforms into a botanical paradise with the lingering warmth of summer. The meticulously curated gardens burst with a riot of colors as late-blooming flowers reach their peak. The tranquil atmosphere allows you to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the changing seasons.

Ideal for: Families, children, couples. This attraction caters to a wide range of visitors. Families with children can enjoy a leisurely walk, exploring the various themed gardens, while couples can find romantic spots to relax amidst the serene beauty. The Jardin des Plantes offers a unique blend of education and recreation, making it an excellent choice for all.

Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

What's interesting in September?
September offers a fantastic opportunity to delve into France's architectural heritage. The Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine showcases scale models, original drawings, and fascinating exhibitions that provide a deeper understanding of France's iconic buildings. In September, the museum often hosts special events and temporary exhibitions, making it even more engaging.

Ideal for: Couples, architecture enthusiasts, history buffs. This museum is a haven for those passionate about architecture and history. Couples can appreciate the artistic side of France, while architecture enthusiasts and history buffs will find a treasure trove of knowledge. It's a serene and thought-provoking place to explore together.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

What's interesting in September?
September is an idyllic month to visit Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The park's lush greenery remains vibrant, and the artificial lake glistens under the gentle autumn sun. You can enjoy a leisurely picnic by the water, take a serene stroll through the landscaped gardens, or simply relax in this oasis of calm away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Ideal for: Families, couples, nature enthusiasts. Families can have a delightful day out, with ample space for children to play and explore. Couples can savor a romantic picnic by the lake, while nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the park's diverse plant life and picturesque settings.

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

What's interesting in September?
The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature is a captivating museum that focuses on the art of hunting and the natural world. In September, it offers a unique opportunity to explore its eclectic collection, which includes hunting-related artifacts, taxidermy specimens, and intriguing artworks. The atmosphere is both educational and thought-provoking.

Ideal for: Couples, art connoisseurs, curious minds. This museum provides an unconventional yet fascinating experience for couples seeking a different type of cultural excursion. Art connoisseurs will appreciate the collection's artistic value, and curious minds will find themselves immersed in the history of hunting and wildlife conservation.

Canal Saint-Martin

What's interesting in September?
September offers a picturesque time to explore the Canal Saint-Martin. The pleasant weather encourages leisurely walks along its tree-lined banks. One of the unique features of this canal is the series of locks and tunnels that boats navigate. You can witness the mechanical wonder of these locks in action and even take a boat tour through the underground tunnels, providing a novel perspective of Paris.

Ideal for: Couples, families, leisurely explorers. Couples can enjoy a romantic stroll along the canal, with plenty of charming cafes and restaurants lining the route. Families can bring a picnic and watch boats pass through the locks, providing an educational and entertaining experience. For leisurely explorers, the canal's tranquil ambiance is a perfect escape from the bustling city.

Shakespeare and Company

What's interesting in September?
Shakespeare and Company, an iconic English-language bookstore near Notre Dame, is a literary haven year-round. However, in September, it takes on a unique charm as the fall season inspires cozy reading and exploration. The shop often hosts book readings, author events, and workshops, making it an ideal time for book enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of literature.

Ideal for: Bookworms, intellectuals, couples. The bookstore is perfect for a romantic date —couple can enjoy browsing together, discovering rare finds, and sharing their literary interests. Bookworms will be in heaven, surrounded by thousands of books from various genres. Intellectuals can engage in stimulating discussions during the store's events, fostering a sense of literary community.


Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

What's interesting in September?
September is a fantastic time to visit the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, especially for families and science enthusiasts. The museum often hosts special exhibitions and interactive displays that make learning about science and technology engaging and fun. It's an educational experience that doesn't feel like school.

Ideal for: Families, children, science buffs. Families can spend quality time together exploring hands-on exhibits and sparking children's curiosity about science. Children will have a blast while learning, and science buffs can delve into cutting-edge innovations and discoveries.

Palais Garnier night tour

What's interesting in September?
The Palais Garnier, home to the Paris Opera, takes on a mesmerizing ambiance in the evening, especially in September. The night tour allows you to explore this architectural masterpiece after dark, when its grand chandeliers, ornate decorations, and the rich history of the opera house come to life. It's a magical and immersive experience.

Ideal for: Culture enthusiasts, history lovers, couples. Culture enthusiasts will be captivated by the stories and legends surrounding the Palais Garnier, and history lovers can explore the historical significance of this iconic venue. Couples can enjoy a romantic evening out, reveling in the opulence of the opera house.

More things to do in Paris

Paris weather in September

September is a lovely time to visit Paris, as the weather is generally mild and pleasant, transitioning from summer to early autumn. Here's what you can expect in terms of temperature, rain, wind, and sunshine:

Temperature in September: Paris in September typically experiences daytime temperatures ranging from 60°F to 77°F. It's a comfortable and enjoyable climate for outdoor activities, and the evenings are cooler but not excessively cold.

Rainfall: September in Paris is relatively dry compared to earlier in the summer. On average, the city receives around 2-2.4 inches of rainfall during the month. Rain showers are usually brief and infrequent, but it's a good idea to carry a compact umbrella just in case.

Wind: Wind in Paris during September is generally mild and not a significant factor. Average wind speeds range from 6 to 12 miles per hour. You won't encounter strong or gusty winds that affect your outdoor plans.

Sun and clouds: September offers a mix of sun and clouds. You can expect a fair amount of sunshine, with an average of about 6 hours of daylight per day. Cloud cover varies, but you'll often enjoy clear and pleasant days, making it perfect for outdoor sightseeing.

September is a delightful time to explore Paris, with comfortable temperatures, limited rainfall, and pleasant conditions for outdoor activities. It's a popular month for tourists, so consider booking accommodations and activities in advance to make the most of your trip.

What to eat in Paris in September?

In September, Paris boasts an array of delightful seasonal dishes that capture the essence of late summer transitioning into autumn. Here are some must-try options:

Figs: Fresh figs are in abundance in September. Look for them in salads, served with prosciutto, or as a sweet addition to desserts.

Mushrooms: As the weather cools down, mushrooms take center stage. You'll find them in dishes like mushroom risotto, creamy mushroom sauces served with meat, or in quiches.

Cassoulet: A hearty and comforting dish, cassoulet is a slow-cooked casserole made with white beans, sausages, and duck or lamb. It's the perfect dish to warm up with in early autumn.

Grapes: September is the grape harvest season in France. While not a dish per se, it's an excellent time to enjoy fresh grapes or indulge in grape-based desserts and wines.

Beaujolais Nouveau: Speaking of grapes — while officially released in November, you can often find early tastings of Beaujolais Nouveau in September. This young, fruity red wine is a seasonal delight and pairs wonderfully with many dishes.

Roasted vegetables: Fall vegetables like pumpkin, butternut squash, and Brussels sprouts start making appearances in September. They are often roasted to bring out their sweet and earthy flavors.

Chestnuts: Roasted chestnuts are a beloved street food snack in Paris. The aroma of chestnuts being roasted in vendors' carts is a quintessential part of the city's autumn experience.

Tarte tatin: A classic French dessert, tarte Tatin is typically made with caramelized apples baked under a flaky pastry crust. It's a delicious way to end a meal.

Exploring these seasonal dishes in Paris during September will give you a taste of the city's culinary traditions as it transitions from summer to autumn. Enjoy the flavors of this vibrant season!

What to wear in Paris in September?

September is a transitional month in Paris, with mild and comfortable weather as the city transitions from summer to autumn. Here's what to pack to stay stylish and comfortable during your visit:

Light layers: Pack a variety of tops like T-shirts, blouses, and lightweight sweaters. Layering is key, as temperatures can vary throughout the day.

Jeans and pants: Bring comfortable, stylish jeans or lightweight pants for exploring the city. They're versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Light jacket or cardigan: Evenings can be cooler, so having a light jacket or cardigan is advisable. It's also handy in case of unexpected rain.

Comfortable shoes: Paris is a walking city, so bring comfortable and supportive walking shoes or sneakers. Make sure they're well broken in to avoid blisters.

 Stylish scarf: A stylish scarf not only adds a fashionable touch to your outfit but can also keep you warm on cooler evenings.

Sunglasses: The city is known for its fashion, and a good pair of sunglasses adds style while protecting your eyes from the sun.

Daypack or crossbody bag: A small daypack or a crossbody bag is essential for carrying your essentials while exploring the city. It's also a great way to deter pickpockets.

Umbrella: While September is relatively dry, there can still be occasional rain showers. A compact travel umbrella is a handy addition to your luggage.

Parisians have a reputation for their sense of style, so feel free to bring your fashionable attire. However, comfort is key for exploring the city's attractions, so focus on practical yet stylish clothing choices. Layering allows you to adapt to changing temperatures and weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit to the City of Light.

Top 5 tips for visiting Paris in September

  • 1
    Arrive early at popular attractions
    Many tourists flock to popular attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame. To beat the crowds, arrive early in the morning when these sites open. You'll have a more peaceful experience and better photo opportunities. Plus, you can maximize your visit before it gets too busy.
  • 2
    Explore local markets
    September is a fantastic time to explore Parisian markets. In addition to the well-known Marché aux Puces (flea market) and Marché d'Aligre, consider visiting smaller neighborhood markets. You'll find fresh produce, gourmet foods, antiques, and unique souvenirs. It's a great way to experience local culture and pick up some one-of-a-kind items.
  • 3
    Dine like a local
    Avoid tourist traps and experience authentic Parisian cuisine by dining at bistros and cafés frequented by locals. Ask for recommendations from residents or use food apps like Yelp or TripAdvisor to find hidden gems. Venturing slightly off the beaten path can lead to delightful culinary discoveries.
  • 4
    Attend outdoor events
    Paris comes alive with outdoor events and festivals in September. Check local event listings for concerts, open-air cinema screenings, and street fairs. Parc de la Villette, for instance, often hosts outdoor cultural events during this month. Attending these events can provide a unique and memorable cultural experience.
  • 5
    Enjoy canal cruises
    While the Seine River cruises are popular, consider taking a canal cruise in September. Canal Saint-Martin and Canal de l'Ourcq offer scenic routes with charming locks and bridges. It's a more intimate and less crowded way to see the city's waterways while experiencing a side of Paris that many tourists miss.

More things to do in Paris

  • 1
    Is September the best time to visit Paris?
    September is one of the best times to visit Paris for several reasons. The weather is mild and pleasant, ideal for outdoor exploration. Tourist crowds diminish, allowing for a more relaxed experience at iconic attractions. Additionally, the city comes alive with cultural events, and the harvest season offers unique culinary experiences. The combination of comfortable weather, fewer crowds, and vibrant cultural offerings makes September an appealing time to savor the beauty and charm of the French capital.
  • 2
    Is it a good idea to visit Paris in September with kids?
    Visiting Paris in September with kids can be an excellent idea. The weather is generally pleasant, and with fewer crowds than the peak summer season, you'll have a more enjoyable and family-friendly experience.
  • 3
    Where to stay in Paris in September?
    In September, tourists often choose to stay in these popular areas in Paris:

    • Le Marais: Known for its historic charm, Le Marais offers a range of accommodation options, from boutique hotels to apartments. It's centrally located, rich in culture, and well-connected to the city's attractions.
    • Saint-Germain-des-Prés: This upscale neighborhood is favored for its elegant hotels, proximity to famous landmarks like the Louvre, and vibrant café culture.
    • Montmartre: Famous for its artistic heritage, Montmartre has boutique hotels with a bohemian vibe. It's known for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and stunning views of the city.
    • Champs-Élysées: Ideal for luxury shoppers, this area boasts upscale hotels, designer boutiques, and iconic sites like the Arc de Triomphe.
    • Latin Quarter: Budget-conscious travelers appreciate the Latin Quarter for its affordable hotels, historic charm, and proximity to attractions like Notre Dame and the Panthéon.
    • Canal Saint-Martin: A trendy and less touristy neighborhood, it offers chic boutique hotels, artistic flair, and waterside dining options. It provides a unique, local experience.
  • 4
    Top 5 attractions to visit in Paris in September
    • Disneyland Paris
    • Jardin des Plantes
    • Parc de la Villette
    • Boat Ride on the Seine
    • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont