Royal Palace, Budapest

Buda Castle, also known as the Royal Palace or the Castle of Budapest, is a magnificent historical ensemble located on Castle Hill in Budapest, Hungary. It has a long and captivating history that spans from the 13th century to the present day, witnessing many important events and rulers in Hungarian history.

Nowadays, it is a major cultural and tourist destination, hosting two museums: the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum. It also offers stunning views of the city from its elevated position.

The current palace complex is mainly a result of a 20th-century reconstruction in the Baroque Revival style. However, some remnants of the previous Gothic and Renaissance styles can be seen in the museum exhibits. The palace impresses with its large domes, turrets, and elaborate details that invite admiration and curiosity.

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Why should you go?

  1. Historical significance. Explore centuries of Hungarian history within the walls of the Royal Palace. Learn about the kings, queens, and rulers who once resided here and the events that shaped the nation.
  2. Museums and galleries. The palace hosts two museums: the Hungarian National Gallery, which showcases Hungarian art from the Middle Ages to the present day, and the Budapest History Museum, which reveals the city's history, archaeology, and medieval artifacts.
  3. Breathtaking views. From the palace terraces and courtyards, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Danube River, the Chain Bridge, and the Pest side of Budapest.
  4. Changing of the guard. Watch the ceremonial Changing of the Guard at the palace, which takes place at regular intervals. This captivating event displays the precision and elegance of the Hungarian guards in their traditional uniforms.
  5. Festivals and events. The palace hosts various cultural events, concerts, and festivals throughout the year. From music performances to art exhibitions, these events offer an opportunity to experience Hungarian culture and entertainment in a majestic setting.
  6. Gardens and courtyards. Take a leisurely stroll through the palace gardens and courtyards, where you can admire beautiful sculptures, well-manicured landscapes, and peaceful fountains. These serene spaces offer a tranquil escape from the bustling city below.

Best places to visit near Royal Palace, Budapest

  • Matthias Church. Adjacent to the Royal Palace, Matthias Church is a stunning example of Gothic architecture. Explore its intricate interior adorned with colorful frescoes and marvel at its iconic spires. Climb the bell tower for panoramic views of the city.

  • Hungarian National Gallery. Situated within the Royal Palace complex, the Hungarian National Gallery showcases a vast collection of Hungarian art spanning from the Middle Ages to contemporary works. Admire masterpieces by renowned Hungarian artists and immerse yourself in the country's artistic heritage.

  • Budapest Historical Museum. Located at Buda Castle, the museum has four floors that show Budapest's history from the Middle Ages to now. You can see the medieval palace ruins, the Gothic Hall, the paintings and sculptures of Hungarian artists, and the changes that Budapest faced under different rulers and wars.

  • Fisherman's Bastion. Just a short walk from the Royal Palace, the bastion is a fairytale-like terrace offering panoramic views of Budapest. With its enchanting turrets and archways, Fisherman's Bastion is a must-visit spot.

  • Castle District. Explore the charming Castle District surrounding the Royal Palace. Walk along the cobblestone streets and discover historic buildings, charming cafes, and souvenir shops. The district has a captivating medieval atmosphere.