Things to do in Bogotá

About Bogotá

The must-see attractions in Bogotá include the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro), showcasing pre-Colombian artifacts, and Monserrate, offering panoramic views of the city. The historic neighborhood of La Candelaria, Botero Museum, and the vibrant Plaza de Bolívar are also essential stops for any itinerary.
The best things to do in Bogotá with kids involve interactive experiences like the Maloka Museum, the amusement rides at Salitre Mágico, and exploring the biodiverse Bogotá Botanical Garden, with activities and workshops for the whole family.
The best outdoor activities in Bogotá include hiking or cable car rides to Monserrate, biking along the Ciclovía routes on Sundays, and enjoying the vast Simón Bolívar Park for picnics, boating, and open-air concerts.
For indoor fun, Bogotá boasts the Gold Museum, Botero Museum, and the immersive Planetarium. The city also features a variety of cultural performances at the Colon Theater and numerous artisan markets for shopping and cultural appreciation.
The best Bogotá tours include guided walks through La Candelaria, food tours sampling traditional Colombian cuisine, and street art tours that showcase the city’s dynamic art scene. Excursions to nearby salt mines and coffee plantations are also highly recommended.
The most popular museums in Bogotá are the Gold Museum, Botero Museum, National Museum of Colombia, and the interactive Maloka Museum. Each provides a unique look into the art, history, and science of Colombia.
On rainy days, visitors can enjoy indoor tours such as those offered at the Gold Museum, exploring the exhibits of the Botero Museum, or experiencing the culturally rich performances at the Colon Theater.
For quick explorations, consider an audio-guided tour of the Museo del Oro, or enjoy a short street food tasting tour in central market areas. Alternatively, a visit to the Bogotá Planetarium can offer a succinct yet engaging experience.

Best Things to Do In Bogotá

Discover a city brimming with culture and history as you explore the top attractions in Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá: Ciclovía

What is it?
A city-wide initiative that closes off streets to cars, turning them into pathways for cyclists and pedestrians.
Why you should go?
Every Sunday and on public holidays, Bogotá becomes a bicycler's paradise. The Ciclovía is one of the most fun things to do in Bogotá, allowing both locals and tourists to explore the city in a unique, active way. Over 120 km of roads are closed to vehicles from 7 am to 2 pm, making it possible to safely cycle, walk, run, and skate through various neighborhoods. This initiative, beyond promoting health and environmental-friendly transport, is a lively event where street performers, food vendors, and artisans converge to create a festive atmosphere.

Bogotá: The Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden

What is it?
Bogotá's largest botanical garden, dedicated to the preservation of Colombian flora and fauna.
Why you should go?
Lush and tranquil, the Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden is a natural haven within the urban landscape. Visiting this location ranks high among the best things to do in Bogotá for nature lovers. The garden showcases a stunning variety of Colombian plant life, including rare orchids and towering Andean trees. A walk through the different thematic gardens invites introspection and learning, creating a bridge between the natural wonders of Colombia and the energy of its capital city. Educational programs and scientific research projects also unfold here, spreading the importance of biodiversity and conservation.

Bogotá: The National Museum of Colombia (Museo Nacional de Colombia)

What is it?
Colombia's oldest and largest museum, encapsulating the country's history from ancient times to the present day.
Why you should go?
For those wondering what to do in Bogotá with a penchant for history, the National Museum of Colombia is an absolute must-visit. The museum's collection spans over 20,000 pieces including art, historical artifacts, and archaeological finds. Housed in a former prison, its exhibits traverse epochs, from indigenous societies through the colonial period and into the complexities of modern Colombia. Frequent temporary exhibitions also highlight contemporary issues and artists, enhancing the narrative of Colombia's evolving identity. Engaging and thought-provoking, the museum paves a path through the nation's soul for its visitors.

Bogotá: Plaza de Bolívar

What is it?
The main public square in the historic center, surrounded by significant government buildings and the Primatial Cathedral.
Why you should go?
Plaza de Bolívar sits at the core of the city's political and historical landscape. It is a focal point for both things to see in Bogotá and events that have shaped the nation. The plaza is flanked by majestic buildings, including the Palace of Justice, City Hall, the National Capitol, and the Cathedral. Visitors can feel the weight of history and the vibrant current of daily life converge in this square. The frequent presence of pigeons, street vendors, and impromptu performances adds to the lively tapestry that weaves together the city's cultural and communal spirit.

Bogotá: The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

What is it?
An underground Roman Catholic church built within the tunnels of a salt mine, 200 meters beneath the earth's surface.
Why you should go?
While technically located outside the city, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is among the most unique Bogotá excursions. This architectural marvel represents both a place of worship and an impressive feat of engineering. Carved from salt deposits, the cathedral's intricate iconography and lighting effects create a mystical environment. Visitors can explore the naves and chapels, each adorned with carved sculptures and illuminated by dramatic lighting. The cathedral is also a place for cultural events like concerts, enhancing its allure as a destination where spirituality and art coalesce in the depths of the earth.

Bogotá: Gold Museum (Museo del Oro)

What is it?
A preeminent museum displaying the largest collection of pre-Colombian gold artifacts.
Why you should go?
As one of the most beloved places to visit in Bogotá, the Gold Museum offers a glittering perspective on pre-Hispanic cultures. With exhibits featuring over 55,000 pieces, including the famed El Dorado raft, the museum provides a narrative of social structure, metallurgy, and artistic achievement. Wandering through the museum's corridors, visitors encounter a staggering array of golden figurines and ceremonial items that bring ancient civilizations to life - a must-see for anyone fascinated by history or art.

Bogotá: Mount Monserrate

What is it?
A towering mountain providing panoramic views of the city and a religious pilgrimage site.
Why you should go?
Mount Monserrate stands over 3,150 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking vistas of Bogotá. Choose between a hike, funicular, or cable car to reach the summit where you'll find the historic Monserrate Sanctuary. This peaceful retreat from city chaos is not only for devout pilgrims but also for travelers seeking to capture the city's landscape from above. With a restaurant and market stalls, it’s an optimum place to enjoy Bogotá's skyline while experiencing local cuisine and handicrafts.

Bogotá: Botero Museum (Museo Botero)

What is it?
An art museum featuring a broad collection of works by Fernando Botero and other renowned artists.
Why you should go?
Fernando Botero's voluptuous figures are recognized worldwide, and the Botero Museum allows an encounter with the largest collection of his works. Nestled in the historic La Candelaria neighborhood, the museum also boasts pieces by Picasso, Monet, and Dalí, among others. The tranquil courtyards interspersed among the galleries offer a serene setting. As part of Bogotá's cultural narrative, this institution stands as a celebration of Latino art, inviting an appreciation of form, proportion, and whimsy.

Bogotá: La Candelaria

What is it?
Bogotá's historic heart, full of colonial architecture, quaint cobblestone streets, and vibrant cultural venues.
Why you should go?
La Candelaria is an essential experience on any Bogotá itinerary. This celebrated district is known for its well-preserved colonial buildings that house museums, theaters, and libraries. Strolling through the streets, visitors uncover murals and street art that tell stories of the city's past and present. Cozy cafes and lively restaurants provide ample opportunity to sample Colombian flavors while absorbing the bohemian atmosphere. La Candelaria is a must-visit for history aficionados and urban explorers alike, offering a deeply enriching cultural walk.

Bogotá: Simon Bolivar Park (Parque Simón Bolívar)

What is it?
An extensive urban park often referred to as the 'lungs of Bogotá,' ideal for recreational activities.
Why you should go?
Simon Bolivar Park presents a verdant escape in the midst of Bogotá's urban grid. This expansive green space is perfect for those looking to engage in outdoor Bogotá activities ranging from jogging to paddle boating on the lake. The park also hosts concerts and cultural events, contributing to its status as a social hub. With play areas for children and plenty of picnic spots, it's a natural choice for a family-friendly excursion or a leisurely afternoon soaking up the sun amidst locals.

TOP-5 tours in Bogotá for first time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through the vibrant heart of the city, exploring major landmarks and uncovering the best things to do in Bogotá.
  • Delve into the rich history and witness the iconic places to visit in Bogotá, from colonial architecture to modern street art displays.
  • Experience the local flavor with fun things to do in Bogotá, including culinary adventures and bustling market visits.
  • Take part in Bogotá activities that highlight the city's unique character, from its lush green spaces to its lively neighborhoods.
  • Capture the essence of Colombia's capital through a curated selection of things to see in Bogotá, each with its own story to tell.

Explore Bogotá's Rich Tapestry of Culture

For an immersive experience, consider taking one of the many Bogotá tours available. Ranging from historical excursions to art-focused wanders, these tours in Bogotá offer a deep dive into the city's soul. The best Bogotá tours are designed to provide an enriching exploration of what to see in Bogotá, guiding visitors through its storied streets and dynamic cultural scene.

For an adventure outside the city's confines, Bogotá excursions offer a chance to witness the breathtaking landscapes and local traditions that shape the region's identity. Whether seeking adventure or tranquility, the myriad activities promise to leave an indelible mark on all who partake in them.

Fun things to do in Bogotá with kids

Families visiting Colombia's capital will find an array of fun things to do in Bogotá with kids, ensuring a trip filled with education and entertainment. The interactive Maloka Museum stands out, offering a hands-on experience with science and technology. Children can engage in various experiments and explore thematic rooms that stimulate curiosity and discovery. Another great family-friendly attraction is the Mundo Aventura Amusement Park, where a selection of rides, games, and attractions cater to both younger children and thrill-seeking teenagers. Lastly, the Bogotá Botanical Garden provides a tranquil setting for educational walks and picnics among a diverse collection of plant species and beautifully designed gardens. These three attractions, each with their own unique offering, guarantee a memorable day out for the entire family, and are highlights when considering what to do in Bogotá.

Things to do in Bogotá with family

When considering things to do in Bogotá with family, the city offers a variety of experiences sure to delight visitors of all ages. Parque 93 provides a delightful urban oasis with ample green spaces for picnicking, playgrounds for kids, and a vast selection of eateries that cater to every taste. As one of the top Bogotá activities, the park often hosts family-friendly events and live music, creating a vibrant atmosphere. For a fun educational twist, the Children's Museum of Bogotá captures young minds with interactive displays that are both informative and entertaining. Additionally, families can explore the wonders of the natural world at the Bogotá Planetarium. Offering star-gazing sessions and interactive exhibits about space and astronomy, it's a place where education meets fascination. These three attractions are tailored to offer enjoyable and enriching experiences that families can share and remember for years to come.

Free things to do in Bogotá

Bogotá, a city known for its rich culture and history, also offers a variety of free attractions perfect for travelers on a budget. One of the most popular is visiting the iconic Simón Bolívar Park, a vast green heart in the city where locals and tourists alike can jog, cycle, or simply enjoy a leisurely day. Another must-visit is the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria, where cobbled streets lead to vibrant murals and colonial architecture, providing a free open-air gallery experience. Every Sunday, the city embraces Ciclovía, turning many streets into car-free zones for cyclists and pedestrians – a unique way to explore the city while staying active. Each of these free things to do in Bogotá allows visitors to experience the true spirit of the city without spending a peso, making them ideal for budget-friendly adventurers and cultural enthusiasts.

Cheap things to do in Bogotá

Budget-conscious travelers will delight in the array of cheap things to do in Bogotá that don't compromise on experience. First on the list is a visit to the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), which offers an affordable ticket price and showcases the world's largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts. A walk through the museum offers a glimpse into Colombia's rich ancestral heritage. The second attraction is the bustling Mercado de Pulgas de Usaquén, an open-air flea market where visitors can browse through handcrafted goods, antiques, and local foods; it's free to explore and perfect for scoring unique, inexpensive finds. Lastly, taking a leisurely stroll up the Quebrada La Vieja hiking path rewards visitors with stunning views of the city. With its welcoming price tag of zero pesos, it’s an opportunity for adventurers to experience Bogotá's natural beauty on a dime.

Things to do in Bogotá for couples

Couples will find that Bogotá's romantic ambiance and diverse attractions create the perfect backdrop for love. Enjoying the panoramic view of the city from Monserrate's mountaintop is one of the best things to do in Bogotá. The ascent, whether by cable car, funicular, or a hike, offers a chance to bond, culminating in a breathtaking sight that is best appreciated at sunset. For a cozy afternoon, the city's numerous coffee shops in the quaint La Candelaria district provide a snug setting for enjoying Colombia's famed coffee and warm conversation. Additionally, a visit to the Botanical Garden of Bogotá, with its vibrant displays of flowers and serene pathways, offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle. Couples can wander through themed gardens, enjoying the colors, scents, and sounds that make this city oasis a haven for sweethearts.

Things to do in Bogotá at night

Bogotá comes alive after dark, offering a plethora of nighttime activities that cater to all interests. The city's vibrant nightlife can be best experienced in the Zona T and Parque 93 areas, where an array of clubs and bars welcome locals and tourists alike to salsa the night away to the rhythms of Latin America. For a more relaxed evening, couples and friends can visit the Usaquén district, hosting charming restaurants and cozy cafes that offer intimate settings for dining and conversation. Additionally, the historical district of La Candelaria offers nighttime tours, which provide a different perspective on the city's colonial architecture, with the added allure of tales and mysteries under the moonlit sky. With these after-hours offerings, night owls will discover that things to do in Bogotá at night are as diverse and captivating as the city itself.