Things to do in Brasov

About Brasov

Travelers to Braşov should not miss the chance to visit the Black Church, Council Square, and the First Romanian School Museum for a taste of the city’s rich history. The iconic Tampa Mountain offers panoramic views and the narrow corridors of Rope Street present a charming walk. Catherine's Gate and the surrounding medieval walls echo the city’s legacy as a fortress city.
The Adventure Park offers fun ropes courses ideal for families, while the Brașov Zoo captivates with its wildlife. Kids will also delight in exploring Bran Castle, with its fairy-tale atmosphere and fascinating history.
Outdoor lovers can hike Mount Tampa or explore the many trails within the surrounding Carpathian Mountains. Paragliding provides an adrenaline rush with unmatched views, and in winter, skiing in Poiana Braşov is a must-try activity.
For indoor fun, the Astra Traditional Folk Civilization Museum offers deep cultural insights, as does the Braşov History Museum. Art galleries like the Art Museum in the Reduta Building provide a dive into the local creative scene.
Braşov’s best tours include the Braşov Old Town Tour, the Braşov Under the Stars Night Tour, and the Piatra Craiului National Park Day Tour for nature enthusiasts. Each offers unique insights and perspectives on the local culture and landscapes.
The most visited museums include the Braşov History Museum, the Art Museum, and the Ethnographic Museum of Brașov, each providing distinct exhibitions that paint a fascinating picture of Transylvanian life and history.
For rainy days, the Braşov Old Town Tour remains a perfect option as many sites are indoors. The Bran Castle Tour and The First Romanian School Museum Tour also provide educational and engaging sheltered activities.
Quick tours in Braşov include the concise yet informative Council Square Tour, a short exploration of Sforii Street, and the Tampa Cable Car Ride, each offering a snapshot of the city's highlights fitting within an hour.

Best Things to Do In Braşov

Embark on a journey through Braşov, a treasure trove of medieval charm, vibrant culture, and scenic beauty waiting to be explored.

Braşov: Saint Nicholas Church

What is it?
An architectural masterpiece blending Gothic and Byzantine styles, steeped in history.
Why you should go?
Saint Nicholas Church is not just a place of worship but also a symbol of the Romanian spirit in Transylvania. Established in the 14th century, it stands out for its intricate murals and the First Romanian School museum located onsite. Exploring the church's courtyards and interiors offers a profound insight into the area's religious and cultural evolution. With its serene atmosphere and rich educational value, this attraction is a peaceful retreat for the spiritually minded and history buffs alike.

Braşov: The White Tower

What is it?
A historical defensive tower offering panoramic views of the old town.
Why you should go?
Situated on a hill near Graft Bastion, the White Tower is one of the key fortifications that once protected the city. Earning its name from the white limestone used in construction, it provides visitors with one of the best vantage points for scenic views over Braşov. The climb to the summit is a rewarding experience, revealing not only the old town's layout but also a deeper understanding of medieval defensive architectures. It is an ideal spot for photographers and sightseers alike.

Braşov: The First Romanian School

What is it?
A cradle of Romanian literacy and education, now serving as a museum.
Why you should go?
Located next to Saint Nicholas Church, the First Romanian School is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the early days of Romanian education. The museum houses a valuable collection of old Cyrillic manuscripts and the first Romanian Bible, shedding light on the scholarly pursuits and cultural advancements of the region. Its rich collection of artifacts and stories makes it one of the best things to do in Braşov for those who cherish historical knowledge and the evolution of education.

Braşov: The City Walls and Bastions

What is it?
Historic ramparts that have safeguarded the city through ages, now fascinating ruins to explore.
Why you should go?
Braşov's City Walls and Bastions are emblematic of its Saxon heritage, showcasing the might and ingenuity of medieval fortifications. As integral parts of the city's defense mechanism, several towers and bastions are well-preserved, allowing visitors to traverse the past physically. Exploring these remnants offers a unique perspective on the city's strategic importance and the evolution of military architecture. It's a journey back in time that historical adventurers and architecture aficionados would not want to miss.

Braşov: The Brasov Citadel (Cetățuia Brașovului)

What is it?
A strategic fortification, now a historical monument offering extraordinary views of the city.
Why you should go?
Perched atop a hill overlooking Brașov, the Brasov Citadel is a testament to Transylvanian defense strategies throughout centuries. Once a guardian against invasions, the citadel today stands as an inviting location for those seeking to explore Brașov's martial past. The hilltop also offers some of the best panoramic views of Brașov and its surroundings. Visiting the citadel is a must-do for its historical significance and the captivating perspectives it offers.

Braşov: Council Square (Piața Sfatului)

What is it?
The vibrant heart of Braşov and a hub of historical significance.
Why you should go?
Surrounded by colorful baroque buildings, Council Square is the ideal starting point for any journey into Braşov's past. As the main locale for Braşov activities, this bustling plaza hosts markets, festivals, and provides a gateway to many other must-see attractions. The former Council House, now a history museum, stands as a testament to the city's rich cultural tapestry. It's a sanctuary for both relaxation and exploration amidst the city's dynamic pulse.

Braşov: The Black Church (Biserica Neagră)

What is it?
An iconic gothic structure and a dominant landmark in the city's skyline.
Why you should go?
Standing as a premier place to visit in Brașov, The Black Church boasts a storied past and architectural grandeur. It’s named for its blackened walls following a great fire in the 17th century. The church houses a legendary organ and a collection of oriental rugs, offering visitors a glimpse into medieval Transylvanian spirituality and art. Often hosting classical music concerts, this place merges historical ambiance with soul-stirring acoustics.

Brașov: The Rope Street (Strada Sforii)

What is it?
One of the narrowest streets in Europe, offering a unique architectural experience.
Why you should go?
A visit here ranks high on the list of what to do in Braşov for a reason. Strada Sforii was originally constructed as a corridor for firefighters but is now an enchanting walkway for travelers seeking hidden gems. This quirky, narrow stretch provides picturesque views perfect for photography enthusiasts and is a testament to Brașov's charming medieval character.

Brașov: Tâmpa Mountain

What is it?
A natural backdrop to the city, offering panoramic views and outdoor adventures.
Why you should go?
Essential for nature lovers looking for things to do in Brașov, Tâmpa Mountain is accessible via hiking trails or a cable car. The summit provides spectacular views of the old town and is home to the iconic 'Brașov' sign, reminiscent of Hollywood. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lush Carpathian fauna and breathe the fresh mountain air while enjoying a refreshing escape from the urban environment.

Brașov: Catherine's Gate (Poarta Ecaterinei)

What is it?
The only remaining original city gate, embodying the rich history of Saxon settlers.
Why you should go?
Brașov excursions are incomplete without visiting Catherine's Gate, which stands as a monument to the Saxon heritage of the city. Built in the 16th century, the gate is a fine example of medieval fortification with its fairy tale-like turrets and defensive moat-turned-garden. It offers insight into the city’s defense strategies and the evolution of European city borders. A definite inclusion for the culturally curious visiting Brașov.

TOP-5 tours in Braşov for first time visitors

  • Discover the heart of Transylvania with the 'Historic Braşov Tour,' highlighting the best things to do in Braşov through its ancient streets and architectural wonders.
  • Delight in the 'Medieval Sights Excursion,' a guide through time showcasing what to see in Braşov's remarkable landmarks including the Black Church and Sforii Street.
  • Revel in the 'Braşov Cultural Trail,' one of the fun things to do in Braşov, exploring arts, the First Romanian School, and the vibrant local life.
  • Embrace nature on the 'Mount Tampa Adventure,' offering breathtaking views and serenity, a top recommendation for things to see in Braşov's natural landscape.
  • 'Braşov Food & Traditions Experience' satisfies your senses with culinary delights, showcasing some of the best Braşov tours for food lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

Fun things to do in Braşov with kids

When traveling with the family, discovering activities that delight the little ones is key to a memorable vacation. Braşov, cherished for its medieval charisma, also offers ample joy for children. Parc Aventura Braşov is an adventure park that invites families to navigate rope courses nestled amidst the lush forestry, perfect for a day of active fun and bonding. Next on the list is the Braşov Zoo, a haven of wildlife that fascinates children with its assortment of animals, providing educational encounters with nature’s finest. For a more relaxed experience, the Leisure Park (Parcul de Agrement Brașov) by Noua Lake hosts playgrounds and boat rides, allowing families to enjoy leisurely afternoons in picturesque settings. Each attraction plays its part in crafting a visit that is both thrilling for children and relaxing for adults, making Brașov an ideal destination for family-oriented escapades.

Things to do in Braşov with family

Family trips to Braşov unveil the perfect blend of educational experiences and leisurely fun, catering to all ages. At the top of family-friendly Braşov activities is a visit to Libearty Bear Sanctuary, an ethical wildlife haven where children can learn about bear conservation in Romania. Nature and animal lovers are enraptured by seeing these majestic creatures in a natural and compassionate setting. For a touch of medieval exploration, Bran Castle, often associated with the Dracula legend, offers a historical adventure that sparks the imagination and brings folklore to life. Lastly, for those seeking to combine learning with entertainment, the Brașov Science Adventure Park presents interactive exhibits in physics and astronomy, igniting curiosity in young minds about the world around them. These attractions ensure a rich itinerary that is both informative and enjoyable, leaving lasting impressions on the whole family.

Free things to do in Braşov

Travelers to Braşov can enjoy a wealth of experiences without spending a lei. Walking through the charming Brasov Old Town, one can savor the Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture, with the Council Square as a focal point, bustling with history and surrounded by majestic buildings. Another must-visit is the serene Saint Nicholas Church, which stands as an emblem of historical and architectural beauty, offering a peaceful retreat within its walls. For a picturesque view of Braşov and the surrounding landscapes, a hike up Mount Tâmpa is an excellent free activity that rewards hikers with breathtaking vistas from the famous 'Brașov' sign. Each of these attractions presents an opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that makes Braşov a memorable destination, all at no cost.

Cheap things to do in Braşov

Visiting Braşov on a budget is a delightful experience, with an array of affordable attractions. The city's iconic Tampa Cable Car offers an economical way to admire the city from above, granting thrilling views for a modest ticket price. History enthusiasts will appreciate the affordability of exploring the Weavers' Bastion, part of the city's fortification system, which now serves as a museum displaying the region's craft and defensive tactics. Lastly, the picturesque stroll through Strada Sforii, one of Europe's narrowest streets, costs nothing but offers a unique, photographic journey through the city's rich historic alleyways. Each of these recommended activities in Brașov deliver cultural richness and scenic beauty, promising budget-friendly adventures for visitors.

Things to do in Braşov for couples

Brașov sets the scene for romance with its mix of historical ambiance and natural elegance. Couples can wander hand in hand down the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, exploring charming boutiques and cozy cafes. A must-do is visiting the intimate Rope Street, where whispers carry and stolen kisses are hidden within shadows of the narrow pathway. A ride up the Tampa Mountain via cable car will not only spark adrenaline but also provide an idyllic backdrop for shared moments gazing upon the sprawling cityscape at sunset. For those seeking a taste of culture, attending a performance at the Brașov Opera offers a sophisticated night out, complete with the powerful emotion of live music and drama. Each of these attractions presents an opportunity for couples to connect and create memories in the heart of Transylvania.

Things to do in Braşov at night

As the sun sets, Brașov’s nightscape offers distinct experiences that cater to diverse tastes. Enthusiasts of nightlife can start by exploring the vibrant array of bars and pubs located in the Old Town, where the blend of historical edifices and modern entertainment creates an unforgettable ambiance. The Council Square, known for its daytime charm, transforms into an enchanting setting at night, ideal for leisurely strolls, with the illuminated Black Church providing a gothic backdrop. For an atmospheric experience, a night tour of Brașov's medieval landmarks under the cloak of darkness comes to life, allowing adventurers to delve into the city’s mysteries and legends. Whether seeking social interaction, a romantic walk, or the thrill of history after dusk, Brașov at night offers a trove of activities bound to enhance the traveler's experience.