Become a self-guided audio tour creator and
Independent travelers will take your tours in the app, and you will make money. Сalculate the potential earnings from your tour
Create, make money, and build your personal brand
Your tours will be sold on WeGoTrip and in our apps, as well as on 15+ affiliate websites with over 40 million users
earn passive income
A platform for creating and hosting self-guided audio tours
Create audio tours in a convenient online-studio. No special technical skills are required — complete freedom of creation. The only thing that matters is your personal experience.

Tourists will take your tours through WeGoTrip app. The app works offline and tour route is shown on the map.
Self-guided audio tours on WeGoTrip
Users of WeGoTrip
and our affiliate websites
30 million
The amount of income depends on the sales channel. You can increase your revenue by promoting your tours on social media. Or you can receive a one-time payment for a published tour.
How much can you earn?
  • Free access to the studio
  • Support at all steps
  • Promotion through the WeGoTrip apps and website, as well as through partners such as GetYourGuide, Viator, Musement, Expedia and others
  • Access to analytics on popular tour concepts in your personal account
30% of our income through WeGoTrip channels
We are ready to purchase your tour on demanded topic. After the tour is published, you will get an instant one-time payment. Additionally, we will pay 10% for maintaining the relevance of the content. You will find a list of popular concepts in your personal account
$300 flat payment
+10% long-term revenue share
This option includes the same benefits as the first one + an additional 30% from each sale through your affiliate links on websites or social media
60% from purchases through your channels
our creators earned for the Q1 of 2022
Describe your tour concept, and our team of producers will calculate the amount of your fee. If you don't have a tour topic yet, leave your contacts, and we will get in touch and help to choose a demanded concept.
Calculate the potential earnings from your tour
We are your partners
Sometimes guides and tour operators say we are competitors. But this is not the case. We are not competitors, but partners. Our audience is experienced and beginner travelers who don't use the services of guides.
Here is what tour creators say about us
We share our secrets of creating high-quality audio tours, hold webinars, give recommendations on improving the route, and help with sound design
We will help you
Fast online chat support
We will help with any questions regarding tours creation
There is a guide for creating audio tours
We also provide a demo tour as an example
Detailed sales statistics
We give recommendations on how to increase sales of your audio tours
The content
is yours
Content intellectual property always belongs to you
Use the QR-code and download the demo tour in the WeGoTrip app
How will the tour look like in the app?
Become a part of the digital tourism industry
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