Things to do in Chios

About Chios

The must-see attractions in Chios include the Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site with stunning mosaics, and the medieval mastic villages of Pyrgi and Mesta, known for their unique architecture. The Castle of Chios and the Anavatos Village also offer historical insights, while the beautiful beaches like Mavra Volia provide natural splendor.
Chios offers family-friendly activities such as visiting the Chios Maritime Museum, exploring the Mastichochoria region to learn about mastic gum, and enjoying the sandy beaches like Komi. For a more interactive experience, families can take part in local workshops creating traditional crafts or products with mastic.
Best outdoor activities in Chios include hiking the mastic trails, exploring remote beaches for swimming and snorkeling like Agia Dynami, and biking through the Kampos area with its citrus orchards. Nature walks in Aipos Mountains, and windsurfing or kitesurfing at the breezy beaches are also popular among visitors.
For indoor activities, Chios offers a range of museums such as the Chios Mastic Museum and the Byzantine Museum of Chios. Another option is enjoying the island's culinary delights at local mezedopoleio (Greek tapas bars) or participating in a mastic cooking class.
The best tours in Chios would include a Mastic Villages Tour, highlighting the history of mastic gum in the region, a Chios Town Walking Tour to explore the historic streets and landmarks, and a Food and Wine Tasting Tour showcasing the island's gastronomic offerings. For nature enthusiasts, a guided botanical tour or a boat excursion to nearby islets are must-dos.
The most popular museums in Chios are the Chios Mastic Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Chios, and the Chios Maritime Museum, each offering a deep dive into different aspects of the island's diverse history and culture.
On rainy days in Chios, covered or indoor tours such as a visit to the Chios Mastic Museum, the Byzantine Museum, or the local wineries for wine tasting tours remain the top choices for visitors looking to explore the island's heritage and flavors while staying dry.
Short tours in Chios that last 1 hour or less include a quick guided visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chios, a brief walking tour around Chios town's main historic sights, or a concise educational tour at the Citrus Estate with a focus on the citrus production heritage of Kampos.

Best Things to Do In Chios

Discover Chios’ hidden gems and historic wonders with our curated selection of must-visit attractions.

Chios: Mastichochoria

What is it?
A cluster of medieval villages in Southern Chios, distinguished by their mastic cultivation.
Why you should go?
Mastichochoria, or the 'Mastic Villages', stand as a testament to Chios' unique contribution to the world: the cultivation of mastic. These villages, with their fortified architecture and labyrinthine streets, offer an authentic step back into the island's history. Visiting Mastichochoria is not only about the scenic beauty of these well-preserved settlements but also a chance to delve into the cultural importance of mastic as a trade commodity throughout the ages. The experience is both educational and immersive, making it one of the best Chios tours for those looking to understand the island's heritage.

Chios: Homer’s Rock

What is it?
An ancient site believed to be where the epic poet Homer once taught.
Why you should go?
Perched by the sea, Homer's Rock is a beacon for literature aficionados and history buffs. This legendary stone exudes the essence of the ancient world where it's believed Homer recited his epic tales. Today, visitors can envelop themselves in the rhapsodic energy of the past, gaze upon the Aegean Sea, and revel in the historical and literary significance of this spot. It's a serene locale that connects the physical realm with the mythic, creating an unforgettable experience in Chios.

Chios: The Corais Library and Museum

What is it?
A cultural hub preserving a vast collection of books, manuscripts, and artwork related to Chios’ history.
Why you should go?
The Corais Library and Museum is a wellspring of knowledge, offering a glimpse into the rich intellectual and cultural heritage of Chios. Visitors can browse through centuries-old documents and admire artworks that together narrate the island’s story. Beyond its archival significance, the library fosters a connection to great thinkers and events that shaped Chiotan and Greek culture. Engaging with this institution is one of the more thought-provoking things to do in Chios, ideal for those seeking deeper insight into the region's legacy.

Chios: The Chios Byzantine Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the island's Byzantine history, showcasing various religious relics and artifacts.
Why you should go?
Located in the heart of Chios Town, the Byzantine Museum offers a sanctuary full of ecclesiastical treasures, including rare icons, intricate textiles, and sacred manuscripts. The museum’s intimate setting and exceptional collection afford visitors a profound appreciation for the island's religious and artistic achievements during the Byzantine era. For culture-seekers, this museum is a jewel among the things to see in Chios, reflecting the depth and spirituality of Byzantine influence on the island.

Chios: Emporios Lava Beach

What is it?
A striking volcanic beach featuring dark pebbles and clear turquoise waters.
Why you should go?
Emporios Lava Beach stands out as a natural wonder of Chios with its unique black sands forged by volcanic activity. The contrast between the dark shore and bright aquatic hues creates a visually stunning setting for both relaxation and photography. The calm waters also make for excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions. Visiting this geological marvel is undeniably among the must-do Chios activities for nature enthusiasts and those seeking picturesque seaside moments.

Chios: Citrus Estate

What is it?
A historic farm and museum dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits on Chios.
Why you should go?
Exploring the Citrus Estate offers a journey through the lush groves of Chios, rich with the intoxicating scent of oranges and lemons. Here, visitors can appreciate the agricultural heritage that has given the island its sweet, tangy character. The estate's museum tells a vibrant story of local farming practices, trade, and family life. Tasting sessions and the chance to purchase homemade marmalades and liquors add a delightful sensory dimension to the visit, making it a top pick among Chios activities.

Chios: Olympi Cave

What is it?
A captivating natural cave system known for its intricate rock formations and underground beauty.
Why you should go?
Olympi Cave is a subterranean wonder that calls to the adventurous spirit. A tour here reveals otherworldly stalactites and stalagmites sculpted over millennia. The ethereal atmosphere within these cool caverns offers a striking contrast to the Mediterranean warmth, while the play of light upon the rocks ignites the imagination. For those who enjoy merging exploration with natural history, Olympi Cave ranks high on the list of best things to do in Chios.

Chios: Chios Maritime Museum

What is it?
A museum showcasing Chios’ deep maritime traditions and nautical history.
Why you should go?
The Chios Maritime Museum is an anchor of cultural identity, with exhibits that navigate through the island's shipbuilding and sailing legacy. Aspiring sailors and historians will find model ships, nautical instruments, and maritime artifacts that trace the island's role in seafaring trade and navigation. The museum not only educates but also pays homage to the sailors' bravery and the shipowners' ingenuity, making it a worthwhile stop in Chios tours.

Chios: Daskalopetra

What is it?
Also known as "Teacher's Rock," this is a legendary spot associated with the ancient poet Homer.
Why you should go?
Daskalopetra's blend of myth and history offers an unrivaled cultural legacy, drawing visitors to stand where the father of Western literature allegedly taught. Perched above the sea, this landmark exudes inspiration and offers stunning views, making it a coveted spot for literary enthusiasts and lovers of lore alike. The chance to connect with a pivotal figure in literature is among the most unique things to see in Chios.

Chios: Agios Minas Monastery

What is it?
An active monastic community with a beautifully adorned church and peaceful grounds.
Why you should go?
Visiting Agios Minas Monastery, you can experience living history and spiritual serenity amid exquisite frescoes and religious art. The monastery is a haven for reflection and historic exploration, attracting those who wish to discover Chios's spiritual side. Engaging with the monks, exploring the onsite museum, and strolling through the tranquil gardens contribute to a peaceful yet captivating experience, adding to the variety of Chios excursions available.

TOP-5 tours in Chios for first time visitors

  • Dive into the island’s famed mastic culture with the Mastic Villages Tour, revealing the history behind the sap that shaped Chios.
  • Step back in time with the Medieval Chios Tour, where castle walls and ancient streets tell tales of bygone eras.
  • The Nea Moni Monastery Tour offers serene insights into Byzantine spirituality and unparalleled mosaic artistry.
  • Uncover the flavors of the region on the Chios Gastronomy Tour, a feast for the senses and a treat for foodies.
  • Embrace the natural splendor of the island with our Chios Beaches Tour, showcasing the best spots for sun, sea, and sand.

Fun things to do in Chios with kids

Chios is a destination with boundless charm for young visitors. The Chios Maritime Museum ignites young imaginations with its vivid tales of seafaring adventures and the island's rich nautical past. Miniature ships and interactive displays make history sail into the present. Journeying through the mastic groves provides a natural playground where families can learn about the famous mastic gum, unique to Chios, in an informative and interactive way. For a mix of learning and play, the Chios Planetarium offers a night under the stars anytime, introducing the wonders of space to the curious minds of all ages. Each of these attractions captures the essence of family fun in Chios, ensuring that young and old alike can create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Things to do in Chios with family

Chios beckons families with its versatile options for enjoyment and education. One of the highlights is the Maze of Chios, a labyrinthine adventure park that challenges and delights with its complex paths and puzzles — a perfect way for families to bond and work together. Those seeking cultural enrichment will find the Nea Moni Monastery an intriguing destination, with its ancient mosaics and historic aura offering a silent lesson in Byzantine art and architecture. Families can combine leisure with learning amidst this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s majestic backdrop. For a day by the sea, Komi Beach presents an immaculate shore with shallow waters ideal for young swimmers. With beachside cafes and ample space, it's the perfect setting for a family picnic or a soothing day under the Chios sun. Each attraction enriches the family holiday experience, ensuring that Chios remains a cherished destination for all age groups.

Free things to do in Chios

From picturesque landscapes to cultural treasures, Chios offers a variety of experiences that require no admission fee. The intricate mosaics and historic architecture of Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provide a glimpse into the island's rich Byzantine past, making for an enriching and cost-free cultural outing. For nature enthusiasts, a hike through the fragrant mastic forests not only educates about the unique mastic resin production but also dazzles with the natural beauty of Chios, all at no cost. Additionally, the scenic waterfront of Chios town is the perfect setting for a leisurely walk, especially during sunset, offering expansive views of the Aegean Sea and a chance to soak in the local ambiance. These top free attractions embrace the spirit of Chios and are ideal for travelers looking to explore without spending a euro.

Cheap things to do in Chios

Discovering Chios on a budget is effortless, with plenty of affordable attractions. A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Chios provides a wealth of knowledge with minimal entry fee, where ancient finds tell the story of the island's past civilizations. Sampling the island's street food, particularly the specialties offered in local bakeries, offers culinary delights such as the famous Chios mastic-flavored treats without straining the wallet. Moreover, lounging on Vrontados Beach, watching the fishermen bring in their catch, and the children playing by the seaside offers a simple yet profound experience of daily life on Chios. These low-cost activities not only ensure an economically savvy journey but also a richer understanding and enjoyment of Chios’ authentic local vibe.

Things to do in Chios for couples

Chios exudes romance, offering couples intimate escapes into both nature and culture. Begin with a visit to the secluded and enchanting beach of Mavra Volia, where the black pebbles gleam under the Grecian sun, offering a private piece of paradise ideal for a romantic stroll or a sunset viewing. Embrace the past with a walk through the medieval streets of Mesta, a village that resonates with history. Its ancient stone walls and narrow pathways are perfect for lovers to wander hand-in-hand, discovering secret corners and cozy tavernas. For an idyllic end to the day, a wine tasting experience at one of Chios’ local vineyards allows couples to indulge in the flavors of the island while toasting to their journey amidst picturesque vine-covered landscapes. These attractions provide couples with enchanting memories and a sense of shared adventure as they explore Chios together.

Things to do in Chios at night

Chios after dusk offers a variety of experiences that cater to night owls and romantic souls alike. The bustling Aplotaria Street in Chios Town transforms into a vibrant hub where couples and groups can relish in alfresco dining, savoring local cuisine under the stars at traditional tavernas and modern eateries. For those who enjoy a more lively evening, various waterfront bars and clubs along the coast pulse with music, offering a chance to dance and delight in the island's nightlife. Stargazing becomes a magical activity at quieter spots along the island’s beaches, where the clear night skies reveal constellations and shooting stars — a tranquil yet awe-inspiring experience. These attractions highlight the diverse offerings of Chios at night, ensuring memorable moments whether you seek tranquility by the sea or the exhilarating pulse of Greek nightlife.