Things to do in Piraeus

About Piraeus

The must-see attractions to visit in Piraeus include the bustling Port of Piraeus, the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, the historic Maritime Museum, and the picturesque Mikrolimano Harbor. Visitors should also not miss the panoramic views from Kastella Hill and the grandeur of the Piraeus Municipal Theater.
For families with kids, the Allou! Fun Park offers thrilling rides and entertainment, while the Piraeus Planetarium engages young minds. The Pirates Ship Playground and public beaches such as Votsalakia Beach are ideal for outdoor fun.
Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy walking tours along the marinas, hiking up Kastella Hill for breathtaking views, or relaxing at Marina Zeas. Swimming and sunbathing at public beaches and visiting the numerous parks also rank highly.
Indoor activities in Piraeus feature exploring the city's museums, enjoying performances at the Piraeus Municipal Theater, or indulging in the culinary delights at the harbor's waterfront restaurants.
The best tours in Piraeus include guided walks through historical neighborhoods, audio-guided museum tours, and cultural excursions to city landmarks. Harbor cruises offer a unique perspective of the city's coastline.
The most popular museums in Piraeus are the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, the Hellenic Maritime Museum, and the Electric Railway Museum, each offering a unique glimpse into the city's rich history.
On rainy days, indoor audio-guided tours of the Piraeus Archaeological Museum or the Hellenic Maritime Museum provide insightful experiences, while the Piraeus Municipal Theater often hosts performances worth attending.
Quick tours in Piraeus include a 1-hour harbor cruise highlighting key coastal landmarks or a self-guided audio tour of the city's historical sites and museums designed for those with limited time.

Best Things to Do In Piraeus

Discover the vibrant city of Piraeus, Greece, with its rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored.

Piraeus: Kastella

What is it?
A picturesque hilltop neighborhood known for its charming houses and stunning panoramic views.
Why you should go?
Perched above the city, Kastella is one of Piraeus's most enchanting neighborhoods, offering breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf and the Athens Riviera. As visitors wander through the winding streets lined with neoclassical mansions and quaint homes, they are transported to a less-traveled, tranquil side of the city. Kastella's summit, crowned by the Prophet Elijah Church, is the perfect spot for photographers and romantics alike. Exploring Kastella is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Piraeus for those seeking a blend of idyllic scenery and serenity.

Piraeus: Votsalakia Beach

What is it?
An urban getaway offering a sandy stretch of shoreline and clear waters within the city's reach.
Why you should go?
Votsalakia Beach is a refreshing escape from the city's hustle without venturing too far from its center. As a popular beach among locals and visitors, it provides a chance to bask in the Mediterranean sun, enjoy a swim, or partake in beach volleyball. Nearby cafes and restaurants allow beachgoers to sample local treats or sip on a cool drink while enjoying the seaside ambiance. Including Votsalakia Beach in the best Piraeus excursions means combining relaxation with the convenience of urban proximity for a delightful day by the sea.

Piraeus: The Ship of Liberty - Georgios Averof

What is it?
A legendary warship turned museum, epitomizing Greece's naval power and maritime legacy.
Why you should go?
Resting in Trocadero Marina, the armored cruiser Georgios Averof is now a floating museum, inviting visitors to step aboard history. As the flagship of the Hellenic Navy fleet in the Balkan Wars and WWII, this vessel is a living legend. Exploring its decks and interior offers an in-depth look at naval warfare and life at sea during tumultuous times. It's one of the most unique things to see in Piraeus, combining a hands-on historical experience with the awe of a beautifully preserved naval vessel. Visiting Georgios Averof is a journey through military heritage and an insight into Greece's proud nautical roots.

Piraeus: The Tzaneio Park

What is it?
A verdant oasis in the city, offering a tranquil retreat with lush greenery and recreational facilities.
Why you should go?
Tzaneio Park provides a much-needed green space for relaxation and leisure. With its picturesque pathways, shaded picnic areas, and well-maintained playgrounds, this park is a favorite among families and those seeking a respite from urban buzz. It's a gem among the Piraeus activities where one can enjoy jogging, casual strolls, or simply soaking up the peaceful environment. Tzaneio Park reflects the community's commitment to nature and leisure, making it a worthwhile visit for anyone wanting to experience the city's quieter, greener side.

Piraeus: The Panos Aravantinos Decor Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to set and costume design, celebrating the visual artistry behind stage productions.
Why you should go?
Lovers of theater and design will find the Panos Aravantinos Decor Museum a unique and fascinating stop on their Piraeus tour. The museum honors the acclaimed Greek set designer Panos Aravantinos and displays a collection of original sketches, models, and costumes that highlight the creative process behind stagecraft. It's an intimate space that provides an unusual perspective on the performing arts, from concept to curtain call. Whether a theater aficionate or simply curious, the museum presents a different angle to the cultural fiber of Piraeus and enriches the narrative of what the city has to offer.

Piraeus: Port of Piraeus

What is it?
The beating heart of maritime transport in Greece, and a hub of activity and history.
Why you should go?
As the primary port of Athens, the Port of Piraeus is a fascinating blend of continuous movement, cultural significance, and economic importance. From the ancient triremes to today's colossal cruise ships and ferries, visitors can experience a living history of seafaring that is essential to the Greek identity. Beyond its functional aspects, the port area buzzes with a variety of eateries, shops, and sights that capture the essence of Piraeus. Whether taking in the views of anchored ships or enjoying fresh seafood, the Port of Piraeus ranks high on the list of what to do in Piraeus.

Piraeus: Piraeus Archaeological Museum

What is it?
A treasure trove of ancient Greek artifacts and an ode to the city's rich past.
Why you should go?
The Piraeus Archaeological Museum is not only a journey into the distant past but also a celebration of the maritime prowess that defined ancient Piraeus. Housing a fascinating collection, including the famous bronze statues of Apollo, Artemis, and Athena, it offers an immersive experience for those wanting to delve deep into the roots of Western civilization. Additionally, the museum's architectural design and well-curated exhibitions provide a serene and educational environment. It's a distinct highlight among the best Piraeus tours for history buffs and culture-seekers alike.

Piraeus: Mikrolimano Harbor

What is it?
A charming fishing harbor replete with postcard-perfect views and ambient eateries.
Why you should go?
Quaint and vibrant, Mikrolimano Harbor is a delightful mix of leisure and local life, offering visitors a glimpse into the Mediterranean lifestyle. With yachts gently bobbing on the water and fishermen going about their daily routines, it's an idyllic spot for those pondering what to do in Piraeus for relaxation and discovery. The harbor is ringed with some of the city's best seafood restaurants, each providing a culinary journey that complements the scenic beauty. Mikrolimano promises a break from the bustle, perfect for a tranquil afternoon or evening stroll.

Piraeus: Piraeus Municipal Theater

What is it?
An architectural gem and cultural landmark, hosting a variety of performances and events.
Why you should go?
Stunning both in its neoclassical facade and its rich cultural program, the Piraeus Municipal Theater is a beacon of arts and performances in the city. It has been the cornerstone of culture in Piraeus since the early 20th century, attracting theater enthusiasts and general visitors alike. The theater's audio tours offer insights into its history and artistic contributions, making it one of the essential places to visit in Piraeus for anyone with a penchant for the performing arts. Engaging and enlightening, it narrates a story that elegantly intertwines with the history of the city itself.

Piraeus: Peace and Friendship Stadium

What is it?
A revered sporting venue known for hosting international events, concerts, and more.
Why you should go?
The Peace and Friendship Stadium stands as a monument to sportsmanship and unity, hosting a variety of major sporting events, including basketball games and volleyball matches. It forms a significant part of Piraeus activities for sports enthusiasts and concertgoers. Exploring the stadium through an audio tour offers an intimate look behind the scenes of a world-class facility, which played a significant role during the Athens 2004 Olympics. Both a sports complex and a symbol of international goodwill, the stadium is a must-visit for those seeking fun things to do in Piraeus.

TOP-5 tours in Piraeus for first time visitors

  • Embark on a journey to the bustling Piraeus Port, where the fusion of history and modernity creates a must-see spectacle. Explore this gateway to the Aegean, one of the quintessential things to do in Piraeus.
  • Dive into the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus tour, featuring artifacts that narrate the city’s ancient maritime glory. It's a cultural what to see in Piraeus staple.
  • Stroll through the Mikrolimano Harbor, enjoying the serene waterside ambiance. It's among the best things to do in Piraeus for a blend of scenery and dining.
  • Discover the grandeur of the Piraeus Municipal Theater with an enlightening audio guide, highlighting historical significance. A perfect blend of places to visit in Piraeus and cultural enrichment.
  • Relax in the green expanse of the Peace and Friendship Stadium, turning a regular visit into fun things to do in Piraeus while learning its Olympic legacy.

Fun things to do in Piraeus with kids

Set against the backdrop of the Aegean sea, Piraeus offers myriad adventures for families traveling with children. The city's rich history echoes through child-friendly attractions and activities. First on the list is a visit to the Hellenic Maritime Museum, where interactive exhibits bring the maritime adventures to life, perfect for sparking a young one's fascination with the sea. For those eager to enjoy the Mediterranean climate, the Allou! Fun Park adds a thrilling twist to Piraeus excursions with its collection of rides and games, providing entertainment for both toddlers and teens. Wrap up the day at the enchanting Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation. Kids can explore the wonders of the universe with immersive displays and shows designed to educate and entertain. The Planetarium stands as a beacon of learning and makes for a memorable experience among the things to do in Piraeus. Together, these attractions deliver laughter and knowledge, ensuring that every family leaves Piraeus with cherished memories.

Things to do in Piraeus with family

Piraeus extends a warm welcome to families with a host of enjoyable and educational attractions. Begin your journey at the captivating Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, where history comes alive through its remarkable collection of statues and artifacts from Ancient Greece. It's an insightful peek into the region's glorious past that will enchant both adults and children alike. For a breath of fresh air, venture to the spacious Pirates Ship Playground, an impressive playground structure that encourages imaginative play and physical activity among the younger visitors. It's one of the most enjoyable Piraeus activities for energetic kids. To experience the local maritime lifestyle, a leisurely day by the Pasalimani Promenade offers picturesque views and a plethora of cozy cafes and eateries, ideal for a family-friendly stroll and meal by the water. Engaging for all ages, these attractions highlight the best of what to do in Piraeus, perfectly blending cultural exploration with leisure time.

Free things to do in Piraeus

The energetic city of Piraeus, known for its historic harbor, also boasts a variety of experiences that don’t cost a thing. A walk through the Marina Zeas is a must, where one can soak in the ambiance of luxury yachts and the sweeping views of the Saronic Gulf, framing the unique maritime culture of Piraeus. Exploring this district reveals the charming blend of its nautical spirit and urban verve, making it a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts and casual strollers. The picturesque Castella neighborhood, perched atop a hill overlooking the city, invites visitors to navigate its winding streets adorned with lovely houses and panoramic vistas of the sea, encapsulating the true essence of what to see in Piraeus. Additionally, the city's ample public parks, such as the verdant Korydallos Park, offer tranquil green spaces for families to enjoy picnics, playgrounds, and a moment of relaxation amidst nature. These attractions exemplify the plethora of enjoyable things to do in Piraeus that require nothing but time and a sense of adventure.

Cheap things to do in Piraeus

Encounter the allure of Piraeus, a destination that proves enjoying Greece’s charm doesn't have to be expensive. Stroll along the bustling port area, a central pivot for travelers and locals alike, to witness the larger-than-life ships setting sail—a prime example of what to do in Piraeus at no cost. For a small fee, relish the rich historical narrative by visiting the illustrious Maritime Museum, offering a deep dive into Greece's seafaring legacy, presenting an affordable educational outing that appeals to all ages. Lastly, savor the lively atmosphere of the Kastella neighborhood, where wandering through its sloping streets to reach the top provides not only a good workout but also rewards you with stunning vistas of the harbor and beyond, encapsulating the joy of things to see in Piraeus. Each of these experiences offers visitors the opportunity to indulge in the cultural fabric of this historic port town without straining the travel budget, making for an enriching Greek adventure.

Things to do in Piraeus for couples

The romantic allure of Piraeus makes it a charming destination for couples seeking to create unforgettable memories. Wander hand-in-hand along the scenic harbor promenades, such as Mikrolimano, where the seductive beauty of the seafront and cozy tavernas provide a romantic backdrop for a leisurely stroll or dining al fresco. Indulge in the nostalgia and elegance on offer at the Hellenic Railway Museum, where couples can explore Greece’s locomotive history, including vintage trains—a delightful experience for those intrigued by the romance of rail travel. As the day draws to a close, venture to the top of Kastella Hill. It's here, amid the idyllic neighborhood streets, that couples are rewarded with a sunset vista overlooking the city and sea—without question, one of the best things to do in Piraeus. Each of these attractions offers a blend of intimacy, adventure, and beauty, perfect for couples to discover the love-infused ambiance of Piraeus.

Things to do in Piraeus at night

When the sun sets, Piraeus transforms into a hub of nocturnal excitement, offering a variety of experiences for night owls. Immerse in the vibrant nightlife by visiting the lively Pasalimani promenade, which is aglow with the lights of bustling cafes and bars, perfect for couples and groups seeking a night of Greek hospitality along the waterfront. For those who revel in cultural experiences, the Piraeus Municipal Theatre frequently hosts evening performances, turning a night out into an event of elegance and artistic indulgence—it's one of the premier things to do in Piraeus for drama and music lovers. Alternatively, the Marina Zeas comes alive after dark with its luxurious yachts and sleek sailing vessels set against a backdrop of chic eateries, making it an impeccable choice for an evening stroll under the stars. Each venue in Piraeus presents a unique atmosphere, ensuring a memorable nocturnal adventure in this historic Greek port city.