Things to do in Eau Claire

About Eau Claire

Visitors should not miss Phoenix Park for its natural beauty and community events, the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire for family fun, and the Sculpture Tour for an artistic stroll downtown.
The Children's Museum of Eau Claire, action-packed Chaos Water Park, and educational expeditions at the Chippewa Valley Museum are top picks for young explorers.
Enjoy biking or walking the Chippewa River State Trail, picnicking at Carson Park, and exploring the natural wonders at Dells of the Eau Claire Park.
Indulge in the arts at The State Theatre, discover learning at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, and enjoy shopping and dining at Oakwood Mall.
The best Eau Claire tours include the Historic Downtown Eau Claire Tour, the Riverside Harmony Tour, and the Chippewa Valley Museums Circuit.
The Chippewa Valley Museum and the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire are amongst the most visited for their interactive displays and connection to local heritage.
For rainy days, consider the Brewery Tour exploring local craft beers, the Artistic Pulse of the City Walk featuring indoor galleries, and visiting Banbury Place for its unique offerings.
Short tours in Eau Claire include various Sculpture Tour segments, self-guided historic building tours downtown, and quick visits to local art galleries.

Best Things to Do In Eau Claire

Embark on a journey through Eau Claire's rich tapestry of cultural heritage and natural beauty with these curated experiences.

Eau Claire: The Sculpture Tour

What is it?
An outdoor gallery featuring sculptures from artists around the world.
Why you should go?
Strolling through the Sculpture Tour in Eau Claire is akin to wandering an open-air museum. Each year, a new selection of artistic creations enhances the city's streets, offering an ever-changing visual feast. This tour is a standout option for those who marvel at artistic ingenuity and prefer leisurely Eau Claire activities that combine cultural enrichment with fresh air. It's a unique way to witness the city's commitment to the arts.

Eau Claire: L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library

What is it?
A cornerstone of literary and educational resources in the heart of Eau Claire.
Why you should go?
For a quiet respite from the buzz of the city, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library offers a tranquil environment filled with books and local history. Those seeking things to do in Eau Claire that stimulate the mind will find an oasis within its walls. Attend informative events or simply enjoy the pleasure of a good book in one of its many cozy corners. The library is an intellectual haven for visitors and residents alike.

Eau Claire: Carson Park

What is it?
A large city park set on a peninsula in Half Moon Lake.
Why you should go?
Carson Park holds a special place in the list of Eau Claire excursions, featuring a variety of recreational offerings from baseball games to scenic trails. Its serene setting provides a picturesque backdrop for enjoying natural splendor or indulging in a family picnic. Encompassing historical sites such as the Chippewa Valley Museum, it's a location where entertainment, education, and the simple pleasures of outdoor activities merge seamlessly.

Eau Claire: Oakwood Mall

What is it?
A premier shopping destination with a wide selection of stores and eateries.
Why you should go?
Shoppers and fashion enthusiasts looking for things to do in Eau Claire will delight in the offerings of Oakwood Mall. The sprawling complex caters to every taste and budget, housing both well-known brands and unique local boutiques. Amidst an array of shopping opportunities, visitors can also enjoy culinary experiences, making it a comprehensive excursion for those wishing to experience the city's commercial dynamism.

Eau Claire: Dells of the Eau Claire Park

What is it?
A natural park featuring striking geological formations and water features.
Why you should go?
The Dells of the Eau Claire Park is a geological wonder, offering visitors a glimpse into nature's artistic hand. With dramatic rock formations and gentle cascades, it stands out among the things to see in Eau Claire. Ideal for photographers, hikers, and those seeking a contemplative spot, the park is a reminder of the area’s glacial history and a treasure trove for nature lovers drawn to the allure of the outdoors.

Eau Claire: Phoenix Park

What is it?
A vibrant public space situated at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers.
Why you should go?
Phoenix Park is the epicenter of community life, offering picturesque riverfront walking trails, a delightful farmers market, and seasonal outdoor concerts. With its abundant green spaces and art installations, the park epitomizes the charming convergence of natural beauty and cultural vibrance in Eau Claire. Accessible year-round, it's a cornerstone among places to visit in Eau Claire, inviting solace-seekers, picnickers, and festival-goers alike.

Eau Claire: Children's Museum of Eau Claire

What is it?
An interactive, educational space designed to ignite a love of learning in children.
Why you should go?
Hands-on exhibits and endless opportunities for creative play make the Children's Museum of Eau Claire a treasure-trove of discovery. This family-friendly spot is essential when considering what to do in Eau Claire with youngsters. From water activities to mock construction sites, it's designed to stimulate young minds and provide a unique educational experience that's as entertaining as it is enlightening, cementing it as one of the best things to do in Eau Claire.

Eau Claire: The State Theatre

What is it?
A historic venue providing an intimate atmosphere for live performances and events.
Why you should go?
As a beacon of the arts in Eau Claire, The State Theatre hosts a range of performances from local theatre productions to visiting musicians. The theatre's ornate architecture and rich history make it a must-see destination. Watching a show here is more than just an evening's entertainment—it's a way to connect with the thriving heartbeat of the city's creative community and is undoubtedly among the top Eau Claire activities.

Eau Claire: Chippewa River State Trail

What is it?
A serene trailway offering biking, running, and nature walks alongside the Chippewa River.
Why you should go?
For the active and outdoorsy, the Chippewa River State Trail is a highlight of things to see in Eau Claire. It provides a peaceful escape into nature alongside the flowing waters, with ample opportunities for wildlife sightings and photo moments. Suitable for all ages and experience levels, the trail is a cornerstone for Eau Claire excursions that emphasize natural beauty and wellness—perfect for a rejuvenating day out.

Eau Claire: Banbury Place

What is it?
A multi-purpose facility housing artists' studios, galleries, and unique commercial spaces.
Why you should go?
Banbury Place stands as a testament to Eau Claire's reinvigorated industrial spaces turned cultural hubs. With a visit here, one can explore the eclectic mix of artists at work, shop for one-of-a-kind crafts, and catch a glimpse of the dynamic fusion of past and present that characterizes the area. This repurposed factory is an essential component of what to do in Eau Claire for those seeking a blend of commerce, artistry, and historical ambiance.

TOP-5 Tours in Eau Claire for First Time Visitors

  • Discover the heart of the city with the 'Historic Downtown Eau Claire Tour', unveiling the best things to do in Eau Claire through its vibrant streets and architectural gems.
  • 'Riverside Harmony Tour' presents a melodic stroll along the Chippewa River featuring what to see in Eau Claire with serene nature spots and cultural landmarks.
  • Explore the 'Artistic Pulse of the City Walk', a blend of modern installations and historic artistry, highlighting the fun things to do in Eau Claire for culture enthusiasts.
  • Indulge in the 'Eau Claire Brewery Tour', sampling some of the finest local brews as part of the essential Eau Claire activities for craft beer aficionados.
  • The 'Chippewa Valley Museums Circuit' offers a deep dive into local history and traditions, ranking among the best Eau Claire tours for history buffs.

Fun things to do in Eau Claire with kids

Venture into the heart of Eau Claire for family-friendly delights sure to capture the imaginations of both young and old. First on the list, the Children's Museum of Eau Claire is a hub of creativity and learning where interactive exhibits encourage kids to express their innate curiosity through play. Climb through a giant digestive system or splash in water tables for an educational and entertaining visit. Next, immerse in the great outdoors at the enchanting Carson Park. With its fascinating train rides, playgrounds, and sports fields, it's an ideal setting for energy-burning activities and picnics by the lake. Finally, embrace your wild side with a journey to the Chippewa Valley Museum, located within Carson Park. Here, families can delve into the region's history through engrossing displays and a vintage schoolroom. The museum's engaging storytelling captures the spirit of Eau Claire's past, making for an experience as enriching as it is fun.

Things to do in Eau Claire with family

Eau Claire is a splendid locale where families can revel in an array of activities geared toward all ages. For an educational adventure, the Children's Museum of Eau Claire leads the charge, offering hands-on exhibits that captivate curious minds. Little ones can explore a plethora of themes from science to the arts, ensuring a day filled with discovery and joy. Outdoors, families can absorb the natural beauty at Phoenix Park, where riverfront trails provide majestic views and open space for playful frolicking. The park often hosts community events that add to the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Another treasured destination is the Eau Claire County Fair at the Expo Center, an event that brims with traditional fair fun. Agricultural exhibits, carnival rides, and local treats create memories to last a lifetime. These attractions showcase the essence of Eau Claire, making it an ideal place for family bonding and exploration.

Free things to do in Eau Claire

Eau Claire brims with complimentary attractions perfect for those seeking adventure without a price tag. Begin at the city's artistic heart, the Sculpture Tour. This outdoor exhibit features creations from local and international artists, transforming downtown into a public gallery. The rotating sculptures offer an annual refresh to the cityscape, inspiring return visits. Next, nature enthusiasts can flock to the expansive trails of the Chippewa River State Trail. This picturesque route, ideal for walking, cycling, or simply absorbing the scenic beauty, invites visitors to experience Eau Claire’s natural grandeur. Lastly, no cost entertainment abounds at Phoenix Park, especially during the summer's Music in the Park series. Attendees are treated to performances ranging from local bands to classical ensembles against the backdrop of sunset-lit landscapes. These attractions exemplify the wealth of experiences readily available in Eau Claire, celebrating the community spirit and natural allure of the area.

Cheap things to do in Eau Claire

Eau Claire offers a treasure trove of affordable adventures that promise to enrich your visit without draining your wallet. An absolute must is a visit to the celebrated local farmers market held at Phoenix Park. Savor the chance to browse through fresh produce and artisanal goods, where the joy is in the vibrant atmosphere and the free samples, making it ideal for the budget-conscious traveler. For a dose of natural beauty and recreation, the Chippewa River State Trail awaits. With minimal fees for bike passes, this picturesque trail provides miles of exploration and the opportunity to witness the splendor of Eau Claire's landscapes. Finally, history buffs can revel in a low-cost educational experience at the Chippewa Valley Museum. With a nominal entrance fee, guests can immerse in the rich tapestry of the area’s heritage. These attractions highlight the best of Eau Claire, offering experiences that are both economical and unforgettable.

Things to do in Eau Claire for couples

Couples will find Eau Claire ripe with opportunities for romance and shared experiences. Begin your journey hand-in-hand along the scenic pathways of the Chippewa River State Trail. This tranquil setting allows for intimate conversations and moments of connection amidst nature's backdrop. Afterward, indulge in the local flavors of the artisanal breweries and vineyards that dot the region. Tours are available, offering a glimpse into the craft behind the brews and the chance to savor tastings that delight the palate. To elevate a date night, the State Theatre presents the perfect outing. With its ornate interiors and rich cultural offerings—from plays to concerts—couples can immerse themselves in the arts and create lasting memories. Each of these destinations has been carefully selected to craft an idyllic ambiance, ensuring that time spent in Eau Claire deepens bonds and sparks joy between partners.

Things to do in Eau Claire at night

As the sun dips below the horizon, Eau Claire illuminates with a host of nighttime attractions. The city's local music scene thrives at venues like The Plus, where live bands and open mic nights offer a symphony of sounds to enjoy alongside a delectable menu of pub fare and craft beers. For a more serene evening, a moonlit walk through Phoenix Park provides a romantic and peaceful setting, with the Chippewa River's gentle currents setting the tone. The park frequently hosts outdoor movie screenings as well, blending cinematic magic with starlit skies. Lastly, imbibe in a night of spirits and stories on an Eau Claire ghost tour. These guided excursions uncover the spooky history hidden within the city's charming streets, giving visitors a glimpse into the past with a thrilling twist. Each activity introduces a unique perspective of Eau Claire, ensuring nights here are as enlivening as they are memorable.