Natural History Museum in London: Explore our Beautiful Planet

Audio tour with tickets
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
In English language


  • Gaze in wonder at a 128-year-old skeleton of a young blue whale soaring in the museum’s hall
  • Discover some of the marvels of evolution, like a giant moa bird and a colossal mastodon
  • Examine the skeleton of an extinct dodo bird, reconstructed from bones over 1,000 years old
  • Get to know the mysterious fallen angel - Archaeopteryx
  • Count the circles of a 1,300-year-old giant sequoia cross-section


This tour will introduce you to the central part of the Natural History Museum, to the specimens summarize the essence of this unique institution that in the best possible way. Explore the wonders of biodiversity viewing amazing collections of dinosaur skeletons, plants, insects, and much more. Feel like an archaeologist...

What’s included

  • Timed entry ticket to the Natural History Museum: No standing in lines!
  • Recommendations for your further exploration of London
  • Earphones – please bring your own
from $21.10per person
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Places you will visit

Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road (Stop H)
Natural History Museum / Cromwell Road (Stop H)

Attractions on the route

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19 days ago
Really enjoyable covered key aspects of the museum

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Natural History Museum in London: Explore our Beautiful Planet
$21.10per person