Cancellation and Refund Policy
WeGoTrip Cancellation and Refund Policy
We appreciate your time and commit ourselves to deliver the most user-friendly conditions when you use our services. Below, we present our cancellation and refund terms designed to meet the needs of every customer.
1. Canceling Self-guided audio tours

1.1 It's possible to cancel your tour prior to its download in the application. Once it is downloaded, the cost is non-refundable, while you retain the opportunity to use the audio tour at any time convenient to you.

1.2 If your tour purchase included a museum ticket and you wish to request a refund, we will return the cost of the audio tour after deducting the ticket price. Please reach out to the WeGoTrip Support Team.
2. Cancellation and Refund of Museum Tickets

2.1 You can initiate a ticket refund before you receive the booking confirmation and tickets via email or in the app. To cancel a ticket, please contact our Support Team.

2.2 The refund will include the full ticket cost if the booking was not registered in the museum's ticketing system. If the booking was registered in the ticketing system, the refund policy follows the museum’s rules.
3. Changing the Museum Visit Date

3.1 If you need to change the museum visit date, reach out to us via the Support page.

3.2 Kindly note that changing the visit date and time depends on ticket availability on the museum's website. We will strive to secure a new ticket for you at your preferred time.
4. Valid Reason and Unforeseen Circumstance Cancellations

Refunds of the full cost for audio tour and tickets, as well as visit date changes, are possible under the following circumstances:

  • Your trip is canceled due to illness or injury.
  • New travel requirements in the tour region prevent you from taking the tour.
  • Flight cancellation or delay makes it impossible to attend the tour (confirmation from the airport or a photograph/screenshot of the departure board is required).
  • A force majeure event occurs at the museum, such as restoration, a strike, or evacuation.

WeGoTrip Support Team will consider other unforeseen circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
5. Cancellation due to WeGoTrip Circumstances
We commit to a 100% refund in cases where the company cannot provide the service in full. Examples of such instances include:
  • Failure to use the audio tour/ticket due to technical reasons.
  • The company's inability to issue a ticket for your chosen visit date and time.
  • Discovery of a defective audio tour (interference, sound interruption, automated narration).
6. If You Dislike the Tour
If the audio tour didn't meet your expectations, please fill out our feedback form detailing your experience. We'll investigate the matter. Please include your current phone number, email, tour name, and if possible, your order number — this will help us to get back to you faster.
7. Refund Conditions
The refund will be returned to the original payment account within 14 days after confirming the refund.

We are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing WeGoTrip!