WeGoTrip provides a digital and innovative solution
to self-guided tours
It is an extremely accessible alternative since it works with the user's smartphone and has a wide range of interactive options depending on the situation. Quizzes for children may be incorporated, or more informative academic content may be included for adults.
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The format of such a product allows the guest to walk along a pre-planned route and get maximum information about the collection. In addition, the ticket is already included in the price, and the guest can immediately start visiting. This is a new way to attract self-guided travelers by providing them with a relevant and convenient product
Faberge Museum
Tours created: "Diamond Street: Stories of Jewelry Houses of St. Petersburg" and "Faberge Museum: Easter Masterpieces and History of the Life and Work of a Jeweler"
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One of the problems of museums is the provision of guided tours and tickets in different languages for different target groups.
We didn't just solve the problem but made it an advantage. No more maintenance, device updates for audio guides, or technical knowledge required.
Why do museums choose WeGoTrip?
Physical equipment no needed
Producing and transporting the equipment is no longer necessary. Losing or damaging the equipment is no longer an issue. Employers are given more time to interact with visitors effectively
Increasing audience
It makes museums more appealing to younger generations. Accessibility and inclusivity are enhanced. Visual aids accompanying the audio contents enhance the entire experience and allow visitors to experience all the museum has to offer in a new and exciting way
Each day, countless museum visitors handle audio guides, causing germ cross contamination to be a major issue, especially during peak visiting hours. With WeGoTrip.com, visitors simply use their smartphones to solve this issue. In addition, electronic means of payment are used for ticketing, which limits the use of cash
Sales growing
Set ticket rules yourself by customizing citizen categories, prices, dates, visit intervals, and other useful flow control features
Rapid modifications
Audio guides are not updated as frequently as exhibits, which means they are constantly behind. With WeGoTrip.com, audio guides can be easily updated
How to start
We create high-quality audio tours in different languages based on your content and agree on the result with you. We assume all costs for creating and updating content in the audio tour, while the intellectual property for the content always belongs to you.
We create in-app audio tour
If you have already connected to the ticket system we will set up the integration for purchasing tickets. If you do not have any ticket system, then we will provide ours for free. You will receive 100% of the ticket price. Bank fees for Internet acquiring and online fiscalization are paid by us.
Setting up the purchase of e-tickets
We publish the audio tour with e-tickets on the WeGoTrip website and mobile app, as well as promote it on other platforms with over 30 million users.
We promote an in-app audio tour with an e-ticket
In your personal account on the WeGoTrip website, reports on sold tickets and audio tours are generated in real-time, which can be checked against the reports of your ticket system for perfect accuracy. Once every two weeks, a month or a quarter, we pay under the contract the entire amount for the tickets sold and your remuneration for intellectual property on the content of the audio tours.
We provide statistics on sales and make payments
We provide:
After your tour is created
and published, we handle the rest.
We publish and promote your
self-guided audio tours with an e-ticket via different marketing channels
Tech updates
We improve the app and add new features that will positively affect your tours and travelers
24/7 real-time assistance
We kindly help tourists find answers to all of their questions and solve any issue
Assistance to improve your tours
We continually collect and share customer feedback with you to help you keep the quality high