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The Tribune Tower is a 470 feet (140 m) tall, 36 floor neo-Gothic skyscraper located at 435 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Built between 1923 and 1925, the international design competition for the tower became a historic...

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4 days ago
Замечательный аудиогид. Можно повторить, если что-то прослушал. Очень интересно рассказывает!!!!
10 months ago
I liked the interactive aspect, and how the path took you through nice parts of town. It was interesting, but it might be nice to focus on lesser known bands too. Although, I can see why this might be less interesting to others. Thanks
11 months ago
My family and I went to the Sagrada just after we arrived to Barcelona. It was amazing decision to choose this bundle instead of live guide or onsite audio, this app works in interactive way and it don’t took too much time (I hate these 4-hour tours). Stained-glasses, they are brilliant, go on sunset and you will be surprised by the effect and photos, also tour have explanation so you will know why they look so
over 1 year ago
It was a fun experience to both get to know Topkapı Palace and solve a crime interactively. I enjoyed playing it very much!
over 1 year ago
A quest game makes the museum visit more enjoyable. We enjoyed and advice it.