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The must-see attractions in Figueres include the iconic Dalí Theatre-Museum, where the works and essence of artist Salvador Dalí are on full display. The imposing Sant Ferran Castle and the streets of the charming historic center also top the list of what to see in Figueres.
With kids, visiting the Toy Museum of Catalonia is a highlight, along with exploring the interactive exhibits at the Dalí Theatre-Museum. The Rambla area and Sant Ferran Castle are also great for family-friendly walks and picnics.
The best outdoor activities in Figueres include taking a leisurely stroll through the La Rambla promenade, exploring the vast ramparts of the Sant Ferran Castle, and enjoying the many public parks and playgrounds found throughout the city.
For indoor activities, Figueres offers the world-renowned Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Empordà Museum, and the Toy Museum of Catalonia, each offering a unique experience steeped in history and culture.
The best Figueres tours include guided visits to the Dalí Theatre-Museum, historic walks through the old town, gastronomic tours sampling local Catalan cuisine, and curated walks exploring the city's modernist architecture.
The most popular museums in Figueres are the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Empordà Museum with its mix of art and archeology, and the playful Toy Museum of Catalonia.
For rainy days, indoor tour options such as the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the Empordà Museum, and the Toy Museum offer insightful experiences that shield visitors from the weather while providing cultural enrichment.
Quick tours in Figueres that last 1 hour or less include self-guided audio tours of the Dalí Theatre-Museum and the historic city center, which provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of the city's principal attractions.

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Best Things to Do In Figueres

Explore the enchanting city of Figueres, a treasure trove of art, history, and Catalan culture waiting to be discovered.

Figueres: Jardí Theatre

What is it?
A vibrant cultural venue offering a variety of performances and artistic events.
Why you should go?
Jardí Theatre stands not merely as an entertainment venue but as a dynamic cultural hub that brings to life the city's performing arts scene. With a schedule packed with theatrical performances, concerts, and dance shows, this theatre presents a chance to engage with local talent and international acts alike. The charm of the modernist building, combined with the quality of the performances, makes Jardí Theatre a staple on the list of things to see in Figueres.

Figueres: Toy Museum of Catalonia

What is it?
An expansive museum displaying a vast collection of historical and modern toys.
Why you should go?
The Toy Museum of Catalonia is a portal into childhood memories, making it one of the places to visit in Figueres for an enchanting trip down memory lane. Housing an impressive assortment of toys from various generations, this museum captures the evolution of play and the creativity invested in toy design. The fascinating display appeals to all generations, making it a wonderful experience for family visits.

Figueres: La Rambla

What is it?
The central pedestrian avenue in Figueres lined with shops, cafes, and significant buildings.
Why you should go?
La Rambla in Figueres serves as the city's beating heart and a lively canvas for public life. This tree-lined boulevard beckons visitors with its array of cafes and shops, tranquil benches, and frequent open-air markets. It's a place where the pulse of the city can be felt alongside historic sights and modernist facades, making La Rambla a must for anyone keen to experience the authentic local ambience.

Figueres: Empordà Museum

What is it?
A museum dedicated to the art and archeology of the Empordà region.
Why you should go?
The Empordà Museum presents a compelling narrative of the region's art and history, housing artifacts that span the Paleolithic era to contemporary art. The comprehensive collections housed here provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the local heritage and the creative spirit that has long thrived in this part of Catalonia. The museum's carefully curated exhibitions are among the top educational Figueres activities available.

Figueres: Avenida Salvador Dalí

What is it?
A major thoroughfare named after the famous surrealist artist, featuring a variety of attractions.
Why you should go?
Avenida Salvador Dalí is not just a primary transport artery; it's a destination in itself, connecting several key points of interest in Figueres. Wander down this bustling avenue to find shopping, dining, and glimpses of everyday Catalan life. This avenue also offers convenient access to notable attractions, including the Dalí Theatre-Museum. For those exploring the best Figueres tours, Avenida Salvador Dalí is a stretch that delivers a full spectrum of local experiences.

Figueres: Dalí Theatre-Museum

What is it?
An iconic museum dedicated to the life and art of Salvador Dalí.
Why you should go?
As the final resting place and largest surrealistic object in the world designed by Dalí himself, the Dalí Theatre-Museum is a must-see for art enthusiasts and curious minds. Visitors are treated to a surreal exploration of Dalí’s imaginative works, including paintings, sculptures, and three-dimensional room installations. This centerpiece of Figueres activities provides a deep, interactive dive into the eccentric and genius world of one of the most notable surrealist artists in history.

Figueres: Sant Ferran Castle

What is it?
A massive 18th-century fortress with expansive views and rich history.
Why you should go?
Offering more than just military architecture, Sant Ferran Castle commands the landscape around Figueres. As one of the largest fortresses in Europe, it provides visitors a glimpse into Spanish military history, with opportunities to explore its underground cisterns, barracks, and vast parade ground. Whether on a self-guided tour or taking part in Figueres tours, history buffs will appreciate the expansive views and the strategic significance of this bastion.

Figueres: Museu del Joguet de Catalunya

What is it?
A delightful museum showcasing toys from different eras and cultures.
Why you should go?
Catering to the young and young at heart, the Museu del Joguet de Catalunya is one of the fun things to do in Figueres for families and collectors. Exhibiting over 4,000 toys, it features vintage treasures dating back to the 19th century as well tours in Figueres that illustrate the social and cultural history of playtime. From classic train sets to antique dolls, revel in nostalgia and the joy of play in this unique museum.

Figueres: Church of Saint Peter

What is it?
A historic church displaying a blend of architectural styles in Figueres' old town.
Why you should go?
Nestled at the heart of Figueres, the Church of Saint Peter stands as a witness to the city's evolving narrative. What to do in Figueres often includes a visit to this religious site, which not only offers spiritual solace but also architectural intrigue, from its Gothic nave to Baroque altarpieces. Embedding rich histories within its walls, it draws those seeking a moment of reflection amid their cultural vacations.

Figueres: Rambla de Figueres

What is it?
The bustling main promenade of Figueres, teeming with shops, cafes, and life.
Why you should go?
The Rambla, a vibrant artery of Figueres, offers a slice of local life paired with urban charisma. Here, the best things to do in Figueres collide, from enjoying a leisurely café terrace experience to admiring the modernist facades. The Rambla, bounded by the city's two iconic ‘giants,’ is a perfect place to absorb the atmosphere during Figueres excursions, offering shopping, dining, and people-watching opportunities in abundance.

TOP-5 tours in Figueres for first time visitors

  • Embark on a journey through the surreal world of Salvador Dalí with the "Dalí Theatre-Museum Tour". Uncover the eccentric masterpieces and gain insights into his imaginative mind.
  • Stroll through the charming streets with the "Historic Figueres Walk", where architectural gems and local lore bring the past to life, making it one of the best things to do in Figueres.
  • "The Fortresses of Figueres" tour leads you to the imposing Castell de Sant Ferran. Absorb the military history and panoramic views, quintessential for what to see in Figueres.
  • For fun things to do in Figueres, the "Culinary Delights Tour" indulges your senses. Savor the flavors of Catalan cuisine and discover the city's vibrant market and food culture.
  • The "Art and Nature Trail" merges the allure of creativity with the serenity of landscapes, showcasing the places to visit in Figueres that inspired many artists.

Fun things to do in Figueres with kids

The vibrant city of Figueres beckons families with its array of child-friendly attractions that promise to captivate the imagination of young travelers. At the Toy Museum of Catalonia, children are whisked away on a magical journey through time with a collection that includes everything from miniature trains to vintage dolls. Interactive displays and games from different eras encourage playful learning and nostalgia that transcends generations. Next, the "Exploring the Sant Ferran Castle" experience is perfect for young adventurers who dream of knights and grand quests. As one of the largest fortresses in Europe, it offers vast grounds to explore and hidden nooks to discover. Finally, the "Dalí Theatre-Museum Tour" caters to creative minds eager to delve into the whimsical world of Salvador Dalí. With its fascinatingly bizarre sculptures and art pieces that defy convention, the museum sparks curiosity and wonder, making it a firm favourite among the things to do in Figueres.

Things to do in Figueres with family

Visiting Figueres with family unfolds a host of memorable activities suitable for all ages. Begin with the universally intriguing Dalí Theatre-Museum, where Salvador Dalí’s fantastical works ignite the imagination. This iconic museum, with its distinctive architecture and interactive exhibits, is a thrilling encounter with art that will leave both adults and children in awe. Next on the list of family-friendly Figueres activities is the enchanting Toy Museum of Catalonia. Its impressive display of toys from various periods captivates children, while offering adults a nostalgic glimpse into the past. Additionally, families can embark on a historical adventure at the Sant Ferran Castle. This monumental fortess, one of the largest in Europe, presents a maze of ramparts and tunnels that are perfect for exploration. An educational escapade awaits, as children learn about the fortress's strategic significance while admiring panoramic views of Figueres and beyond.

Free things to do in Figueres

Figueres offers a myriad of free attractions that are perfect for travelers on a budget. A stroll along La Rambla de Figueres is an experience in itself, providing a lens into local life amid the backdrop of modernist buildings and charming shops. Meanwhile, the Church of Saint Peter, an architectural marvel, invites visitors to admire its Gothic nave and baroque altarpieces at no cost. This church not only offers spiritual enrichment but also a chance to witness a piece of Figueres' historical and cultural tapestry. For those with artistic inclinations, the city often hosts public art installations and street performances, particularly near major landmarks and in bustling plazas where the vibrancy of local culture truly shines. These free activities do not only entertain but also educate, offering insights into the rich heritage that shapes Figueres into the alluring destination it is today.

Cheap things to do in Figueres

Travelers seeking budget-friendly options will find Figueres a delightful destination with several inexpensive attractions. The city's picturesque pathways and squares invite explorers to take a self-guided walking tour, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and historical charm at little to no cost. For an affordable entry fee, visitors can immerse themselves in the art world at the Empordà Museum, which showcases a rich collection of regional art and archeological findings, offering a window into the cultural soul of Catalonia. Another economical choice is the bustling weekly market, where locals and visitors alike can browse through a colorful array of goods, from fresh produce to handcrafted items. It's not only an opportunity to find unique souvenirs but also to engage with the community and experience everyday Catalan life. These cost-effective Figueres activities prove that enriching travel experiences don't have to break the bank.

Things to do in Figueres for couples

Couples looking for a romantic escapade will find Figueres brimming with opportunities for memorable experiences. Start by wandering the idyllic avenues of the city's old town, where hidden courtyards and quaint cafes set the stage for intimate moments. For a touch of culture, the Dalí Theatre-Museum offers a uniquely surrealistic environment that's bound to spark conversations and shared wonder. Art-loving duos can delve deep into the enthralling works of Salvador Dalí, an artist who celebrated love and passion through his masterpieces. As the day fades, a walk to the Castell de Sant Ferran provides stunning panoramic views during sunset, offering the perfect backdrop for an evening to remember. This ancient fortress' expansive grounds present a quiet retreat from the day's hustle, allowing couples to savor each other's company against the canvas of Figueres' historical grandeur.

Things to do in Figueres at night

As the sun sets, Figueres transforms, offering a variety of nocturnal activities. The city's local theaters, including the revered Jardí Theatre, often showcase evening performances ranging from drama to music and dance. These cultural events provide an elegant night out for visitors seeking entertainment infused with local flair. Wine aficionados can delight in a tasting experience at one of the many bodegas or wine bars that dot the city, where the rich bouquet of Empordà wines can be savored in a cozy, romantic setting. For a more lively evening, the nightlife of Figueres does not disappoint, with various bars and pubs presenting the chance to mingle with locals and fellow travelers alike. Whether it’s enjoying a live music session or simply relaxing with a cocktail, the city's after-dark offerings cater to all tastes, ensuring that nighttime in Figueres is as enriching as its daytime allure.